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The Law of Attraction and War


For the past 5,000 years mankind has divided himself into competing camps. If you read history books, they’re largely composed of who fought what war where and over what.

Historically when a lord had a dispute with another, he mobilized his serfs, gave them weapons and sent them off to fight against his enemies’ serfs. Modernly, wars are fought between governments. When the United States declared war on Germany during World War II, it was in fact the government of the United States that declared war on the government of Germany. The number of policy makers in each government was very small. Nowadays, we make war on countries with a minimum of effort  The current war in Iraq was begun in 2002, after a handful of policy makers in the U.S. government thought it would be a good idea, even though the claimed basis for the war (discovery of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and the linkage of Saddam Hussein to Al–Queda and 9/11) had no basis in fact!

It would appear that, throughout history, wars are fought by a small group of elites against another small group of elites, with the populations of combatant countries in the middle, helpless to do anything about it.

An understanding of the Law of Attraction and the Law of vibration, however, tells us otherwise.

There’s an old saying in politics that a country gets the government it deserves. The Law of Attraction says that it is impossible for anything to manifest in the physical universe without a co–incident matching of vibrational frequencies. Therefore, the war in Iraq is not the sole responsibility of George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and Condi Rice.  The vibrational proclivity for war within the consciousness of the population is mainly responsible. For it is undeniable that if the people of the United States abhorred war, there would not arise such an aggressive policy. And if such a policy was forwarded, it would die a quick death. That is because it is not possible for a seed to grow in unfertile ground. Just as a tomato requires a certain soil, temperature and growing conditions in order to bear fruit, so too do governmental policies and those who advance them. Mr. Bush, it seems, is a perfect reflection of the vibrational resonance within the country.

Those who wish to put a halt to the war in Iraq have already missed the train, because the tracks have already been built, the coalhouse stoked, the wheels greased, and the engine started.  Once that locomotive gets moving, standing in front of it is futile.

In order to prevent future wars, the consciousness of the population must change. One cannot do that by fighting, resisting, or protesting. The usual strategy is to protest the war, to stir up opposition and make it impossible for policy makers to continue its prosecution. However, by protesting war, you place your attention on war. Vibrationally, opposing war is a perfect vibrational match to those who wish to prosecute war. That’s because the common denominator of both sides is war! This was nowhere more evident in the election of 2004. Republicans and conservatives sang the praises of George Bush, while liberals and Democrats did…what? Did they promote the sterling qualities of their candidate, or work for peace? Well, a few did. But the vast majority spent their efforts opposing George Bush! Michael Moore’s movie was a (well–intentioned) polemic against Bush, focusing attention even more on W. In my personal circle of friends and acquaintances, the talk was all about the evils of Bush. Because  the focus of most of the country was on Bush, his election was inevitable. Vibrationally speaking, it was a no–brainer.

Opposition seems rooted in the consciousness of mankind. On NPR today, my local station broadcast a spot by the ___ Trust, whose policy, I was told, was “discovering and fighting the causes of homelessness.” A second spot extolled the virtues of the ___ Foundation, which promises to “fight for equal opportunities in housing.” It seems  that we have lost the ability to create in a positive way, preferring instead to fight the thing we dislike. Such a course of action, however, is doomed to failure, for whatever you resist, persists. When you resist something, you feed energy to it, and make it bigger!

The War on Terrorism is a perfect example of a misguided policy.  “War” and “terrorism” are perfectly matched, vibrationally speaking. The Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction assure us that each will act to reinforce the other.

The point is, once a vibration has become established, activated, and agreed upon by many, it tends to entrain other, weaker, vibrations to it. However, the higher the vibration, the more powerful it is! Like an old junker car in constant need of repair, the tired old memes of competition, conflict, and war must be continually promoted and kept alive within the consciousness of individuals. That’s because the natural, inherent state of consciousness is a feeling of joy, harmony and abundance. If you don’t believe this, look into the face of a baby, or a puppy, or a kitten. That look of pure joy and well–being is the quintessential quality of consciousness. It is who you are at the very core of your being. Conflict is unnatural, something learned, a bad habit. It is NOT “human nature.” The higher vibrations are so powerful that in their presence even an angry, violent person will calm. When an individual understands this, he or she becomes a powerful vortex for positive change. When a person demonstrates these positive characteristics in life, they can have a profound effect on others. 

Only when enough individuals begin to resonate to war (or anything negative) can it become a group phenomenon! A group is just a collection of individuals resonating to the same thing. While it is true that a group vibration can be very powerful, it is always based upon individual vibrations. Therein lies the power of an individual to change the group consciousness!


What is the solution for those who do not want war, but can find no way to prevent it?

It is to focus on peace. Or prosperity. Or happiness. Or anything that is vibrationally above the level of war. This rule applies to anything not wanted, because the Law of Vibration tells us that focusing on A will activate A, even if you are working to change it. Try not to think of an elephant!

Raising the tone of our society as a whole can only be accomplished by individuals, one heart and mind at a time.

The best way to prevent war is to be, yourself, a beacon of light.  This may seem to be a complete non–sequitor, but it’s not. Your sphere of influence is incredibly powerful. By becoming a living example of someone who is appreciative of the life you are living, you become joyful and spread that joy to others.

Attaining and manifesting the higher vibrations do not require loud protests or incendiary speeches. A smile, a friendly greeting, or helpful assistance can remind others of their divine nature and, like a stone dropped into a pool of water, create positive ripple effects. Have you ever experienced (or seen) someone joyfully aid another? I remember seeing a man give up his cab to a harassed woman on a busy downtown street. The look of gratitude on her face is something I’ll never forget. I can imagine her talking about that to her friends. “Do you know what happened to me today? This guy let me have his cab so I could get to my interview on time. I was so grateful…” Stories like these spread like wildfire, by word of mouth.

Raising the consciousness of others is much easier than you think! You don’t have to give seminars or make million dollar movies to spread the word. In a vibrational universe, the spoken word is not as important as the intent and the vibration behind those words. Your positive intent sends strong signals into the thought–substance of the mass consciousness, enabling others to pick up on them, and neutralizing more negative vibrations. Especially if you act on those generous impulses! That feeling of wanting to give to another is an expression of your true, divine nature, and is always accompanied by a rush of well–being. Others pick up on that feeling instantly.

Therefore, if you want peace, study war no more. Instead, focus on the higher vibrations of peace and joy. In a vibrational universe, the only way to deactivate a vibration is to focus on something else. “Yes, but you’re ignoring all those who are suffering from war.” That is true. In order to make war (or anything undesirable) impossible, one must ignore it, and create positively!  That doesn’t mean you cannot help those suffering in war zones, if that is your wish. But the Law of Attraction demands that if you are to be successful, your help must be given freely and joyfully, without censure or judgment, and in the spirit of well–being for all.

 The Law of Attraction, like the other four universal principles, are woven into the very fabric of the universe. The laws of matter and energy reflect these universal laws, as do the complex pattern of human relationships. War and conflict are not inevitable, they are in fact a turning away from man’s basic nature. Begin today to do your part in establishing a more peaceful and prosperous world for all, and let yourself experience the well–being that is who you really are. It’s been there, right inside you all along. All you have to do is let it out!

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