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March 2022
Vol 17, #32

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The Last Stand
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The Last Stand

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I have noticed the development of a curious social phenomenon: society is self-organizing into two camps: a balanced, well-adjusted part and an unhinged, fearful part. No one is forcing this action: events themselves are causing it. Therefore, there is no one to “blame.”  This is, I believe, a positive development.

The unhinged camp is led by the folks and their minions in the World Economic Forum (Transhumanism, authoritarianism, and medical malpractice) and their allies in Big Pharma, the Chinese Communist Party (economic and political slavery for all those unfortunate enough to be in their sphere of influence) and, of course, the Great American Empire with its endless wars across the globe.

The Pandemic of 2020 was (is) a manifestation of the unhinged camp. Gain-of-function research began in the GAE’s NIH and at Fort Detrick, was transferred to the Wuhan lab in the CCP for final development, and the lockdowns and vaccine mandates were promoted by Big Pharma. This created an entire class  of people who are mired in fear, aided and abetted by mass media and social media.

The bad actors are being identified. They are self-organizing because they have to. Big Pharma, Big Tech, the CCP, the WEF, and the crazies in the U.S. national security state are aligning around their own destructive impulses. This process of self-organizing will continue. The names of those involved will become known, and the Dark Army on earth will eventually collapse.

When Pfizer, Moderna, and the CDC are forced to release the data they have been hiding about the COVID vaccines, the corruption in the pharmaceutical companies will be revealed. It won’t be pretty.

For the Dark Army, the Pandemic was supposed to be the beginning of a worldwide, authoritarian surveillance state complete with smart cities, the Internet of Things (every Smart object in the world connected together) and the Internet of Bodies (Brain-Computer-Interfaces in the brain that connect to the Smart Grid). But in fact, it is the beginning of the end. There will always be those who want to give up their power. But the overwhelming majority of human beings on this planet won’t accept a chipped human society. I’m not saying that a chipped society won’t be formed, I’m saying that if it does form it will self-organize and self-isolate. That’s because human beings are divine creations of the Creative Source, of God. Most people recognize this at some level. Only those who turn away from the light will embrace a chipped, Transhumanist society. The others will self-organize around human dignity, human rights, and community.

Divine Providence works in strange ways. That which appears to be horrible may be necessary in this low-consciousness environment. The rise of the dark forces on earth may be essential to wake the sleeping populations of the world.

We can look to Canada and the Trucker Freedom Movement to understand this. Over half of the cabinet of the Trudeau government are members of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. When the truckers came to Ottawa, the government sent jackbooted UN troops onto the streets to beat and tear gas the peaceful protesters. RCMP officers on horses ran into the crowd, trampling people. This is the mindset of the Dark Army. This is what they understand: force, violence, and intimidation. It’s their modus operandi, and it cannot succeed within an awakening population. This was manifested when the Trudeau government cancelled the Emergency Powers Act, which in effect gave the PM and the government the power of a dictator.

The Minister of Finance began seizing funds from GoFundMe and GiveSendGo, seizing private bank accounts, and jailing journalists. What happened shortly after that? The Canadian government cancelled the Emergency Act. Although the vaccine mandates are still in place at the federal level, most of the provinces have canceled them. The peaceful protest was a resounding success!

Here in the US, Biden extended the emergency powers of the president. However, a massive trucker movement is on its way to the DC area, inspired by the Canadian truckers.
Both trucker movements are entirely self-organizing. The people – the working class – organized a populist movement, motivated entirely by actions of the Dark. No one is really in charge!

What are the goals of the Dark Army? Power and territorial domination. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are followers of Putin’s saying about diplomacy: “Politeness and weapons are far more effective than politeness alone.” The goal of Vladimir Putin in his conflict with the Ukraine (according to one narrative) is part of a twenty-year-old plan to annex former Soviet Republics like Ukraine (some analysts say that he only wants the Crimea. OK, that’s better!). These are the goals of a psychopath. The goals of the CCP and the Belt and Road initiative is not to annex just a paltry few former Soviet Republics. The CCP wants to establish a worldwide slave/surveillance society ruled by Beijing (now that’s a goal worthy of a real psychopath!). What has been the goal of the Global American Empire for the past fifty years? The very same: global economic and political hegemony. (Want to find out what’s really happening in the Ukraine? This article, written in 2014, precisely explains the history of Russia and Ukraine and NATO’s involvement: Here’s a short vid that explains the situation in 2022:

That is how the darkness rolls.

Because weapons of mass destruction have the capability to obliterate large portions of humanity and the planet, modern warfare tries to avoid the violence and destruction of kinetic warfare. The “new” (and better!) way to make war not love was outlined by two PLA colonels in their 1999 book “Unrestricted Warfare.” Information and psychological operations are the pillars of the new warfare. Cyber attacks, hacking, censorship, Transhumanism, and fake “science” are the tools of modern warfare.

Humanity is working through thousands of years of karma and low-consciousness beliefs. In order to have peace on earth we unfortunately have to work through the dark ideas we have accepted for millennia, and their accumulated karma. That’s because our institutions have accepted these ideas. The bureaucracies who run our institutions have accepted them, especially the people at the top. Even so, entrenched bureaucracies are not immovable objects when the irresistible force of the Light is strengthening throughout the world.

Consciousness is the key variable in the success or failure of any society. In the past, the balance of light and dark was in favor of the dark, and so societies throughout history rose and then fell again.

It’s different now. The balance has shifted in favor of the light. Humanity is awakening. The darkness will lose because it has a degraded and incorrect definition for consciousness. Consciousness is non-physical, an aspect of the Creative Source that created and maintains the universe. The pathetic idea embraced by the Dark is that consciousness is dependent on meat, and when your meat dies you’re dead.

Is it any wonder that these people embrace Transhumanism? Transhumanism is a degraded materialist program to eliminate biology (along with the “woke” program, it particularly targets women). This is madness. Associated with our biology is the esoteric gateway to the One. Of course materialists scoff at this idea. Because their awareness is so low they cannot understand or accept their own divine nature.

This is why the dark must self-organize and self-isolate. Their ideas about life contain within them the seeds of failure, of de-evolution, of ethical and spiritual self-destruction. This means that the vast majority of people will reject them.    

How do I know this? Because this isn’t my first rodeo. What humanity on this planet is going through has been experienced on planets throughout this galaxy. Many of these civilizations didn’t make it, but some of them did.

I am certain now that the earth will make it. I have no “scientific proof” of course, just a knowing that comes from, I don’t know, soul experience I guess. Many of those reading this have the same confidence. It’s a soul confidence. There probably aren’t a lot of us on the planet, but there are enough. Just having the confidence and certainty that we’ll make it puts a powerful, powerful intention, and light, on the future timeline.   

The real action is on the plane of thought. Action follows thought. Thought influences everything from cellular structure to world events. Certainty, or “knowingness” is even more effective. The certainty that something will occur, without any counter-intention, means that the desired thing will manifest. The key variable is “no counter-intention.” When there is nothing in the way of a thought/intention it allows manifestation.

Life is full of uncertainties because 8 billion people are jostling around on this planet. How many people in life have ZERO counter-intention about events in their lives, or their goals? Hardly any, or the world wouldn’t be in the shape it’s in. However, old souls can have certainty on metaphysical subjects like “peace on earth.” So many of us do! It may not occur in our lifetimes, but that’s not important. What’s important is that the human race has planted its feet firmly and surely on the road that inevitably leads to world peace.

That’s the signal.

The noise is the pandemic, the invasion of Ukraine, the vaccine mandates, political corruption, Big Pharma, Big Tech, media propaganda and fear porn, blah blah blah. It’s not noise to the people experiencing hardship. But from 80,000 feet old souls can see the Big Picture.

No matter what happens, no matter how many people die, the human race is going to make it.

What is death? A going Home to the Creative Source, and then a return to the planet to make things better. It’s the wheel of life and the wheel of karma. What we are seeing in the world today is a resolution of karma. Everyone who has ever been on earth for the past 200,000 years of human history is here now. Imagine working through 200,000 years of karma all at once! It’s going to take some time for things to work out.

But they will.

In these crazy times of official narratives and media propaganda there is one fundamental bedrock principle: THINK FOR YOURSELF.

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