The Big Picture


The Keys to Deliberate Creation course has been designed by Kenneth James Michael MacLean to increase awareness and the conscious ability to create your life in the intended direction.

Do not attempt this course if you are suffering from mental instability, depression, or are emotionally fragile. This course is designed for normal, healthy people who are interested in and capable of delving into their psyche for the purpose of self–improvement.

Kenneth James Michael MacLean is not a licensed therapist or counselor. This course is not a substitute for counseling or therapy. 

The client understands and acknowledges that Kenneth James Michael MacLean holds no responsibility for the clients' actions, or for any perceived emotional distress while taking The Keys to Deliberate Creation course, or after.  The client takes full responsibility for the decisions and actions he or she makes during and after taking the course, as well as the consequences of those decisions and actions.

Your payment for this course indicates your agreement with the terms and policies described in this Disclaimer.