What is Truth -- Part III

What do you consider valid? What is important to you? I ask these questions because so many people are concerned with the truth, even though attention to the truth is making their lives miserable.

In Part II of this series we described the difference between Truth and truth, and the difficulties a person can get into when he or she confuses the two. However, since Truth, or consciousness, is so ephemeral and matter is so ubiquitous, we simply lose sight of the relation between the two. We confuse cause and effect and place truth at sourcepoint and relegate Truth (our own consciousness) to the back of the bus.

The creative process involves making new truths. That can only occur if one breaks new ground. In other words, while one may like something and attempt to copy it, relying solely on the ideas and creations of others will never bring true satisfaction.

We all know that It takes a while for the new truth to manifest, because we do not live in a world where you can just wave a magic wand and have everything be better. However, we DO live in a world that DOES respond to our thoughts and our preferences.

There are literally trillions of truths out there. Anything that already exists is a truth: cars, houses, computers, wars, poverty and disease, beautiful art and beautiful sunsets all exist, are observable, and can be verified. The point is that It is up to us which of these truths we choose to place our attention on.

For some reason humanity has a bad habit of recognizing unwanted truths. If you are not up on the latest war or economic crisis or bombing you are considered just a little bit nutty. But it is so much more lifegiving to pay attention to those truths that make you feel good!

'Hey did you hear about the earthquake'?

'Yes. Boy I really feel good today!'

'Yeah, but did you see the murder last night on TV? And Joe got his hand stuck in the car door and had to go to the hospital today'.

'Uh huh. Did you see the beautiful sunrise this morning?'

'What's wrong with you? I'm serious here. You know, oil prices could go up if another war begins in the middle east.'

'That's nice. Last night I saw a cardinal on the bird feeder. He was really beautiful.'

Your friend shakes you. 'Wake up! You got your head in the sand. It's time to face reality Johnny boy'!

'I am facing reality'!

'Are you kidding me? We got another war, food and oil prices are going up, the stock market is crashing and you're talking about sunrises and cardinals'???

'It all depends on what reality you want to face'.

Your friend shakes his head and walks away. You notice him talking to the other office mates and they are all shaking their heads worriedly.

Many people like to focus on negative truths. While it may be true that a war in the middle east is imminent, or that food and oil prices might go up, or that there was a murder last night, or that an earthquake killed 5,000 people last week, that is no reason to focus on them. There are 1000 times as many positive truths as negative ones! We just don't notice them. This is called the 'can't see the forest for the trees' syndrome. The earth is a balanced place where wellbeing is everywhere. The planet spins on its axis, the sun shines every day, the weather distributes moisture, the apple seed grows to be an apple tree and not a tomato, the list is endless. The forces of nature that assure this well being are so enormous that the little pockets of disconnection man has created aren't even a pimple on a pickle in comparison.

But for some reason people think that ANYTHING true deserves attention. The majority of people think that out of all of the trillions of truths that exist upon our planet, only those that are negative are thought to have real value. If you do not place your attention on these 'important' events, you are considered just a little bit nuts.

Why is this? Because, I think, people believe that the negative stuff out there may eventually come up and bite them. If a murder was committed downtown, the reasoning goes, then maybe the next time I go downtown I will be killed. But this sort of thinking is muddle-headed. The only way you could be murdered downtown is if you had been focusing upon it long enough to set up a vibrational orientation to it. We don't live in a world of instant manifestation. It takes time for anything to unfold. We live in a world that has the property of 'like attracts like'. So the way to avoid being murdered is to not go there. Fix your attention on something that feels better. This isn't rocket science, anybody can understand it. But I guess it gets overlooked because it is so simple.

The principle of 'like attracts like' is very powerful. An observant person can see the truth of it merely by a casual observance of their own lives and the lives of others. So the only way you get something in your life is by focusing on it long enough for it to manifest in your experience.

Do you want to focus on murders, or beautiful sunsets? On war and rising oil prices, or cardinals?

'But', you say, 'if oil prices go up and you are ignorant of it, then you may go to the gas station one day and find it is empty. But I will have stockpiled gasoline.' Well, in the first place, if things got that bad everyone would know about it. In the second place, the price of oil is out of the hands of individuals. Your attention to the possibility of no oil will just make you feel crummy, and orient your thoughts and feelings around that possibility. Then, if you do this long enough, you may find yourself in an area that is short of gasoline! The guy who concentrates on the cardinal and the sunset is in perfect alignment with universal energy, and so will always find himself in a place of well-being.

Whatever you focus on comes more and more into your experience. So it is actually better to focus on 'irrelevant' truths like cardinals and sunsets than it is to focus on 'serious' and 'important' truths like wars and rising prices. It's up to you! Do you want to choose misery or joy? Pain or happiness?

The world is stuffed full of truths of every description. Choose those truths that make you feel good, and the world will slowly change around you in a positive direction.

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