What is Truth? Part II -- Prove It!

We said in Part I that trying to nail down a Universal Truth was too hard. We said that truth must be personal, and feel good.

Many practical people (and scientists) would say that truth is what can be observed. If someone asserts something as true, they will say 'prove it!' and what they mean by proof is, 'does it exist?', or 'can it be demonstrated?', which is the same thing. But this is the wrong question!

All material objects can be regarded, validly, as truth. All you have to do to verify this is touch it, or look at it, or hear it, or taste it. Case closed: truth is what can be observed and measured, right? Well, not so fast!

If we look a little deeper, we can see that what exists is the result of the decisions and conclusions of conscious beings. The house you live in, the car you drive, and the TV you watch were all constructed from blueprints of thought. Without those templates of thought, action is random and uncoordinated, like a childs drawing. We may say, well thats true, but the material for the house and the car and the TV already existed. Yes, but all we have to do is take our reasoning deeper still. If thought created the material objects and devices of our modern society, then what is thought? Thought is a biochemical reaction in the brain. No, that is a superficial definition as well. It is merely descriptive and doesnt tell us who or what created the energy that make up the quarks and the atoms that form the cellular structure of the body and the genetic material (DNA) that programmed the whole thing. Eventually we reach a point where we cannot define a small enough particle and we say, well, the energy in the universe came forth from a singularity or a quantum excitement, or something vague like that.

We know from the Law of Conservation of Energy that matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed. Therefore, all of the energy in the universe must have existed, in some form, without reduction or increase, since the beginning of time. But that is absurd, for it means that at time t= 0, all of the energy in the universe, even if it existed in a singularity, was created from nothing. But then of course where did the energy of the singularity (or the quantum excitement or whatever descriptive term is used) come from? Usually this leads to logically prior entities or energies, or parallel universes, but then we must ask how these were created as well. The fact is that this materialistic argument always breaks down, because something cannot come from nothing!

Or can it?

Ultimately, all questions about the origin of the universe and Truth with a capital T come back to a nonphysical, causative, creative principle, and so ultimately, Truth must be related or associated with that animating principle.

Although it is easy (and obvious) to say that truth (small t) is what can be observed, Ultimate Truth, or Truth with a capital T, must be something quite different.

Truth is not what manifests. Truth is not what exists. Truth is not an object.

Truth proceeds from the decisions and conclusions of conscious beings. Or even more precisely, Truth (capital T) is the creative principle of consciousness.

In other words, what we observe around us is not the truth. It is the result or end product of Truth.

Looking to matter and energy for proof that something is true is like saying the cart draws the horse! It is the consciousness of the horse (and human) that directs the cart. It is putting effect before cause. Cause is consciousness, effect is matter and energy. Those who are uncomfortable with these arguments may have to wait for the death process. Then, and only then, will the skeptics and the materialists be convinced. However, at that time it wont matter, for they will have returned to native state, and feel only wellbeing.

Relating Truth (capital T) to Manifestation

On planet earth, there is always a time lag between the desire for something and the manifestation of it. In order for something to manifest, one must follow ones creative process, first honing and clarifying your vision (thought template) and then taking the necessary actions to put your ideas workably into the physical universe. But to say, 'in order for something to be true it must be manifested, and if it has not manifested, it is not true' is to ignore the fact that it is the aligning of thought toward the goal that the cause of the manifestation. When people say 'prove it" they mean 'manifest your assertion instantly'. Unless you are a very advanced being indeed you will not be able to do this, but it is no reason to stop your creative process. To use the idea that 'it has not yet manifested' as a reason to give up on your dream is to cease the process by which that dream will come into existence. Such naysaying arguments focus on truth (small t) instead of Truth (capital T).

What has already manifested has no special meaning other than as a demonstration of how consciousness has thought and acted in the past. When Truth is regarded as matter and energy, then one always creates the future from the past. That is like driving your car backwards, always looking at where youve been.

As we said in Part I, Truth is personal. The cause point of all activity in the life of a conscious being is the consciousness of the being. The resulting conditions in which the life is lived, is the result. Philosophers of truth get confused because they believe that consciousness sallies forth from chemical reactions in the brain. This is a fundamental error and leads to perplexity.

If someone is telling you that your truth is invalid because it has yet to manifest, don't pay any attention to them! The only way you can manifest is to hold to your vision, which is the same thing as saying, aligning the frequencies of your vibration to that of your desire. This is easily done by imagining what it would FEEL like to live your dream. Since a feeling is nothing more than a vibrational pattern of energy, by finding the feeling you are vibrationally matching to your desire. This process, if done correctly, ALWAYS results in a feeling of inner excitement and eagerness, and It leads to a desire to get into action right away. Continuing to do this will eventually result in the manifestation.

Personal Truth is that which feels the best to you. It comes about from deciding something and then aligning your energies to it. People who demand proof are mixing up cause and effect. It is not necessary to prove anything to anyone. All that is necessary for manifestation is an understanding that a conscious being is the source point, and the manifestation is the receipt point. In other words, manifestation is caused by Truth (capital T) and results in truth (small t). Once this is understood, no one will be able to sway you from the realization of your desire.

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