Right and Wrong

The concept of right and wrong has inspired philosophers for millennia. It has found its way into laws, cultures and religions throughout the world.

In Eastern religions, Right Action leads to a state of internal harmony. In Western religions, doing good works earns us a place in heaven, but evildoers go to hell.

Surely, killing someone against their will would be a wrong thing to do, and helping another would be considered right? In France some years ago, a law was passed making it a crime to walk away from an injured or helpless person without assisting.

I define wrong this way: that which is opposed or directly contradictory to one's own vibration.

Right is: that which is in agreement with one's vibration.

Right and wrong are, by these definitions, distinctly personal. We would be in error, however, if there exists a universal definition of right and wrong, as many philosophers and religious figures have asserted. If such a standard exists, then it behooves us all to strictly adhere to these precepts. In this discussion, well avoid religious arguments. A Christian might say that the Ten Commandments are Gods instruction to mankind, but if that is so, then why are there differing beliefs? If universal truth exists, it should be instantly recognizable to everyone.

Almost all schools of thought agree that God is unconditionally loving. If God loves us unconditionally, it means God loves us no matter what we do. If that were not true, then God would say, "I love you when you do THIS, but if you do THAT I will not love you as much." "If you murder someone I will not love you as much as if you help someone." That leads God to the slippery slope of judgment. If you take a knife and cut someone, but dont kill him, does God love you more than if he died? Or maybe its your intention that matters. After all, God is omniscient, so God knows everything. If your intention was to kill, then God would censure you even if your victim did not die. We can see where this is leading! Some sort of graduated scale of love. Based on "good" or "bad" action. But we already agree that God is all-loving, so there cannot be a favored mode of conduct (or thought) in the eyes of God. If there is no favored mode of thought and conduct, then all thought and action must be allowed by God. Therefore there is no universal standard of thought or conduct, only personal ones. Observation of affairs on planet earth today confirms this! We see the most horrible acts of cruelty and also the most loving acts of kindness and beauty.

The unconditional love of God translates to unconditional allowing. Unconditional allowing is just a restatement of the Law of Free Will. Therefore, the lack of restriction on thought and conduct means that we live in a universe of free will.

If all thought and action are allowed, there can be no "right" way or "wrong" way. There cannot be any judgment of thought or action, otherwise there are conditions placed on thought and action. If there are no conditions placed on thought and action by the Creator, then there is no right or wrong!

Right and wrong must then be a human concept, not a universal one.

(When one slightly redefines the definition of God (following the Law of Consciousness) from that of an individualized Supreme Being to the totality of consciousness everywhere in the universe, one understands that the decisions of God are the dynamic, aggregate sum of the choices made by all life everywhere. This idea may seem objectionable to some, but it is an inclusive definition that connects us to the world, instead of separating ourselves from it).

"That is all fine and theoretical," you say, "but what about when some guy puts a gun to YOUR head? Wouldnt you consider that a wrong action?" Well, the answer to that lies in the operation of the Universal Operating System. Briefly, if your fear of someone killing you is strong enough, you will coincidentally meet up with a killer. This occurrence doesnt make you or the killer wrong. The action of a killer finding a victim is simply vibrational matching, via the Law of Attraction. A person fearful of being killed is sending that message to everything in the universe. In other words, by your decision to focus on anything, you have given permission for a vibrational match to occur. Nobody is thinking and feeling for you, only you can do that! If this were not so, then anyone at all could intrude into your life based upon their decision, not yours. In that case, the world would exist in utter chaos. Under these conditions, life could not have evolved at all, and the material universe would demonstrate complete randomness, not the order we observe in nature.

Observation of how people get what they get always shows a direct match between a persons thoughts and feelings (not someone elses thoughts and feelings) and what manifests in their life. Therefore, if you live your life joyfully there is no possibility of meeting up with a killer, because both of these vibrations are opposed.

I want to distinguish between rightness, wrongness, and efficiency. An engineer might construct a strong bridge with a minimum of effort and materials, but this doesnt mean there could be other, more inefficient, ways to construct the same bridge! By "right" and "wrong" I mean in relation to universal law, to first causes. In other words, to consciousness.

Now I am going to say something that might offend people, but here goes: if there is no right or wrong, and all conduct is allowed in the eyes of the Creator, then nobody gets any brownie points for being kind, helpful, or generous. And nobody gets docked for being violent or sadistic. It means that Adolf Hitler is loved just as much as Mother Theresa. It means the mass murderer Joe Stalin is loved just as much as Princess Diana. If you ask me whether I would rather live in a world peopled by Joe Stalins or Princess Dis, Ill choose the latter, but that is because I have not yet allowed myself to love and allow unconditionally. But this is not true of God!

Even though it is EASIER to live in a world of harmony, there are less opportunities for growth in a world of harmony. In a world of perfect harmony, one is never challenged. One never need confront those inner demons. You can only begin to discover what kind of a person you are in a world of contrast that pushes your buttons from time to time. In other words, harmonious agreement cannot lead to growth.

Its easy to be a great person in the absence of conflict, but you find out what sort of a fellow you really are when you get in a jam!

A universe where all is allowed, where there is no right or wrong, means that there is no great 'yardstick in the sky' by which to measure thought or conduct.

Such a universe is a fearful thing to some. "What is to prevent someone," they would say, "from murdering, raping and robbing at will? What if everyone were allowed to think and act as they please? There would be blood running in the streets every day!" The answer is that the Law of Attraction guarantees that only vibrations that match up will result in a coincident event. All others are excluded. In our vibrational universe model, the terrible things occurring on our planet are just people offering vibrations and having them answered by others with matching vibrations. Vibrational keys fitting into vibrational locks. Vibrational handshakes, perhaps!

Ask yourself, 'when was the last time I experienced a murder? When was the last time someone stole my car'? For 99.9% of the persons who read this, nothing of the sort has ever happened to them. Yet, the 'news' tells us it happens every day. Yes, it certainly happens every day, but only to those who are choosing to focus there.

No one need experience murder, rape or robbery unless that is where their attention is. No one need experience ANYTHING that is not wanted. It's as simple as that if you don't believe it, try it! The universe is only too happy to comply with your every request as long as it is vibrationally offered. But remember that the universe doesn't respond to your words, it responds to the content of your thoughts and feelings.

Affirmations of abundance, for example, combined with a belief in scarcity, will not make you wealthy. A pure vibration about wealth is a strong belief, and an expectation, that wealth is yours. It isnt a random desire here or there of Wouldnt it be nice to be rich? A strong vibrational tendency toward a goal will result in a feeling of excitement and an eagerness to get into action. Thats because that feeling of eagerness is a true connection to the universal field of consciousness, the creative principle of the universe.

Let's consider what a world where all is allowed would look like, if it were peopled by those who did not think allowing all thought and conduct was a good idea.

Because a world where all is allowed is a dreadful state of affairs, it then becomes necessary to control the behavior of others. After all, one never knows what kind of rotten families those blokes over there have been brought up in! No one can tell what sort of malevolence is lurking in their minds. So in order to prevent behavior which is wrong, it is necessary to regulate thought and conduct in order to establish tolerable living conditions. A society of this sort cannot survive unless some order is established. And so we get a plethora of laws and regulations, a judicial system, and government to oversee the orderly functioning of the nation. Now we have a state of affairs where behavior needs to be controlled, so that everyone may feel secure. I assert, however, that it is only by attempting to control others that these very things (wrong things) occur. By pushing against that which is not wanted, it is drawn instead.

There are many who would like for God to say: "here is the proper way to behave. Act in this manner, obey these commandments, and you shall obtain freedom and happiness." But this cannot occur in a universe where all is allowed. And we can see that there are unhappy people in every religion or school of thought which attempts to limit thought or action (that percentage is probably right around 100%. Individual human beings are insistent on freedom for themselves, but no so great at allowing freedom of choice for others). The limitation of freedom goes against the inherent nature of consciousness itself. Consider: consciousness is unfettered; it exists independent of physical bodies. That is why the desire for freedom outweighs any other. All is allowed. Free choice reigns! Those who understand the Law of Attraction know that it is not necessary to control the actions of others, it is only necessary to control one's own thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.


As long as we are on the subject of right and wrong, let's look at the concept of evil.

Many people would agree that there must be some source of evil in the universe. Horrible murders, torture, betrayal, poverty and injustice exist everywhere it seems. Surely evil must exist, must it not?

If evil exists, then what is it?

I define evil thusly: that which is in intense and overwhelming opposition to one's own vibration. Evil is a very powerful contrasting vibration that, like something grotequely macabre, seems to draw one's attention to it.

People perceive evil as dangerous, even though we know that there is no chance of that which is in direct opposition to your vibration, no matter how powerful, being drawn into your experience unless you begin to resonate to it. If that is so, then why is there so much evil conduct?

Well, people feel the need to protect themselves from danger. Perceiving something in direct opposition to our beliefs, we make a decision that its bad. Then we try to get rid of the bad stuff so we can feel good again. We think, Joe Schmo drinks, and he lives right down the street. I dont want our kids to follow his example, so well tell our children about the evils of alcohol. Well tell them how alcohol can lead to liver disease, how drunken men beat their wives and their children, well educate them on the danger of alcohol you get the idea. After a time, those kids would probably say, "Alcohol! Sounds dangerous. Let's try it!" Resisting something just places your attention on it, makes it bigger in your awareness. What you resist persists.

Attention to what you dont want creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. Or, as I like to say, a selffulfilling idiocy. Its an idiocy because were doing it to ourselves. Only by not resisting something, can we be free of it. Christ said: "resist ye not evil." Christ understood universal law.

There is no evil, only resistance to contrast and diversity of thought and conduct. Evil, just like right and wrong, is a judgment, usually based in fear, placed upon the thoughts and actions of others. The more something is resisted, the more energy is supplied to it, and the larger and more powerful it becomes. Thus a mild insult escalates to verbal attack, then physical violence, then a feud which sustains itself for centuries evolves, bringing forth acts of unspeakable depravity. All because of resistance to contrasting vibration! Let me illustrate this point by using an example.

I went to Sears the other day to get a new battery for my car. At my local Sears, I have to walk through men's clothing, appliances and electronics before I can get to the auto supplies. I was getting a little irritated. Resisting the vibrations of another is like complaining about all of the other things I see in the store that I don't need.

"What are all of these clothes doing here?" I say.

The employee says "You are in the men's clothing section. What are you looking for?"

"I'm looking for a battery, but I just don't understand what clothes are doing at a Sears store."

"Sir, the batteries are down that corridor, take a left, go half a mile, and you're in the auto parts section."

"And by the way," I say, "what is all of this electronic equipment doing here? I can go to Radio Shack for that! And those appliances. All I need is a battery!"

"Don't buy the clothing or the appliances. They are for someone else."

"Yes, but I don't like them being here! Their clutter makes it much more difficult for me to find what I want!"

"Don't pay any attention to them if they bother you!"

You get the idea. The diversity around us is just like walking through the Sears store. Our fellow humans are busy creating lots of stuff. Some of it we like, some of it we don't like. Some of it might even be down- right offensive. But we are not obliged to pay attention to it. It's our choice.

The more something is resisted, the more energy is fed to it, the bigger it gets. That is why Jesus said: "turn the other cheek."

By not resisting, one lets the unwanted vibration pass harmlessly by. One does not contribute energy to making it larger, and so does a service for all mankind.


So in conclusion, we say that right or wrong is simply a personal decision or choice. God allows all thought and conduct, so there is no universal standard or rule book for behavior. Right, wrong, good and evil are personal, and not universal, concepts. That means we can all relax and get on with life, and allow others to do so as well.

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