What are you passionate about?
Are you living your passion, or just dreaming about it?
How do you find something to get passionate about?
Have you ever felt passion?

If you dont know the answers to these questions, continue reading!

Passion is the strongest indicator of desire.

On planet earth, passion is often associated with destructive activities, i.e., "crimes of passion." This is just an inversion of a divine impulse, and involves resistance to something. All desires, no matter how twisted, have positive roots, because consciousness itself is a pure, positive creative potential.

Passion is often criticized because it is viewed as undisciplined; an overly emotional state which can be dangerous because the intellect is shortcircuited. However, true passion combines both intellect and feeling. True passion is always somewhere in the positive range of the emotional/vibrational scale (we might mistake an angry man for a passionate one, but the two are worlds apart). Because passion is very high on the scale of emotions, and intelligence is proportional to how good you feel, true passion is something very desirable! A truly passionate person is harnessing a ton of life force energy, and can sometimes seem overwhelming to those lower on the scale of vibration/emotion. But that is no reason to avoid that wonderful, powerful feeling!

Why is it that during most of our early years we are rarely, if ever, consulted about what we want to do in life? The socialization process (school) stuffs heads full of data and memes that encourage a person to "get an education" so he or she can "find a good job" or "get ahead." Now that's a pretty mundane existence!

I think passion is discouraged simply because it is such a high vibration/emotion relative to the society at large, and there is genuine fear that a passionate person is a dangerous person. There is concern that our society would be turned upside down if people were allowed to find their own way without direction from the authorities. I have noticed, however, that when I'm really passionate about something I get very creative. I'm quietly engrossed in my own creative process, not loud or obnoxious or destructive. A more demonstrative fellow might cause a few heads to turn, but so what? True passion is not threatening.

A sane society would encourage people to do what makes them feel good, but a fearful one insists upon regulated and standardized behavior. It seems that passing standardized tests is the raison d' etre of our educational system. However, the attempt to structure behavior goes against the Law of Free Will, and the inherent creative nature of consciousness itself. That's why all hierarchical systems eventually crumble.

In order to find your passion you just have to FEEL what really excites you and go with it. You have to be willing to share your life with others, even if it's embarrassing sometimes! You have to not care what others think, even if they disagree.

I have learned that someone who disagrees with you doesn't make you wrong, or the other misguided. It just means points of view are being expressed. I've also learned that when someone gets personally insulting, that person is giving you a report about THEM. The truly great creators in any field are fearless and confident, unafraid to state their opinions or practice their art even when those opinions are way out of the mainstream.

When you are passionate about something you are totally centered within your own life force and you feel good about your creative expression regardless of the response.

Passion doesn't have to be a serious undertaking (can you be "serious" and still feel passion?) It doesnt even have to be specific! In fact, it can be about something others would consider trivial. Probably most people would say my life is pretty boring. When I'm not writing or doing contracting work, I fart around on the piano, play a little table tennis, and go out running twice a week. I don't have a lot of interest in traveling, and so my life, from the outside, seems rather mundane. But on the inside, it's totally different. Every day I work on improving the way I feel, on moving my thoughts and beliefs more and more toward what feels good to me.

Some days I am flying so high, but on other days nothing much seems to happen. However, I have noticed an interesting pattern: my lows are getting higher and my highs are getting higher. I am passionate about trying to feel as good as I can as much as I can, and that has led me to conclude that what you DO is far less important than what you BE.

Making yourself wrong about ANYTHING is counterproductive, even if your thoughts or actions are out of the mainstream. You will notice that when you feel good about yourself you can do anything you want and have it accepted by others. That is what all successful and famous creators have discovered that when you are totally, completely being YOU, there is a deep connection with others who come in contact with you.

I recall hearing a performance by an old blues man at a jazz festival. He went up on the stage and played an out of tune guitar very badly, and his voice cracked. But there was something riveting about this recital. Despite his obvious failings, the man held his audience. You could hardly hear a sound as he croaked and twanged his way through the piece, and at the end, the audience broke into spontaneous applause. The man somehow connected very deeply with those he played for.

What is that connection?

Contact with the inner divine essence that is the common denominator of consciousness itself, the unifying, directing and animating principle of the universe. When you link with your own life force energy, you connect yourself with all life everywhere. And that is a wonderful feeling!

Passion is felt when you discover the beautiful you inside of you.

Others can see it and feel it as well. That's why setting an example is the hardest but most effective way to change the world. One heart at a time, all those who come into contact with you are enriched, not because you are some guru or saint, or because you're above it all, but simply because you remind others of who they are. A balanced, passionate person can evoke that feeling in others, and in himself or herself. You don't need any training or education; in fact, anyone can do it by just deciding to.

Sometimes you are nowhere near your passion, but that's no reason not to try again tomorrow, or an hour from now, or in the next minute, or maybe even right now!

Just focusing on fun can be deep and rewarding. All it takes is finding something to have fun about! And anyone can do that.

Passion essentially involves the focusing of your attention on something you like. The more you do this, the more ideas occur to you. It doesn't matter how much time you spend on it. If you work and have kids, you may only be able to find 15 minutes in the day to devote to your passion. But that is fine because 15 minutes a day will soon strengthen your vibration in that area more and more. You will find it easier and easier to find that 15 minutes, and you will notice that your quarterhour gradually becomes a little longer.

The more time you spend on something you like, the more time you will have for it.

Those who worry that wasting time on nonremunerative "feel good" activities will drain one's bank account, or cause one to abandon one's responsibilities, should have no fear. Raising your tone regarding anything will benefit every part of your life, as those good vibes spill over to other areas of your life. Feeling good is contagious!

Because the universes operating system has a function called Vibrational Matching, finding your passion sets you up to receive the things you want. Most important, it changes the way you feel about yourself. All personal physical manifestations must begin with a change in your personal state of being.

How do you find your passion?

By becoming aware of what you like, and what you don't like.

Many people know pretty clearly what is NOT wanted, but aren't so sure what IS wanted.

To help you find your passion, simply go through the day noticing what makes you feel good. This requires conscious attention, and also requires that you become aware of how you're feeling. (You can also meditate with this idea in mind). Becoming aware of your feelings is the most important thing you can do in finding your passion, for your feelings are your guidance system. Like one of those levels with air bubbles that carpenters use, your feelings tell you how close you are to aligning with your own life force. They can help you identify goals and establish a rewarding life path.

If you are a guy, you may have been taught that paying attention to your feelings makes you a sissy; but I can tell you from experience that you become more powerful and centered within yourself. Running a life without knowing how you feel is like trying to operate a computer without a monitor. By simply becoming more mindful during the day, you can, more quickly than you think, discover what floats your boat.

This process can be undertaken by anyone, at any time. You don't have to be someone "special." You don't even have to be smart, for the vibrational matching property of the universe does not reward a PhD more than a 5th grade dropout; it simply responds to your state of being and your thoughts.

Finding your passion uncovers more of the YOU in you. It is a very rewarding activity and does not require constant diligence; it only requires that you begin to become more mindful, a little bit more conscious, a little bit at a time.

The main rule is, If you're not feeling better, it's not working!

Passion and fun are intimately connected. So find something fun to be and do, and watch what happens!

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