Make up Your Own Mind

When making a tough decision, it's often difficult to trust one's instincts.

There are often many important variables to consider, especially if the decision involves a career choice, a relationship, or a large purchase. One often asks for advice from trusted friends, or perhaps a spouse or a parent, in order to help decision-making. But it is always best to make up one's own mind, without being swayed by advice from another.

Advice from another is basically a report of what that other person has experienced, and what that person has experienced is utterly dependent upon that person's vibrational makeup. "Well when I went in for my interview I only told them what they wanted to hear and I got the job" "Don't ever bring your car to Bozo's Repair. They messed up my transmission really bad "Don't tell the truth if it will hurt someone's feelings. I told my girlfriend I didn't like her new haircut and she got really mad at me "

All of these are true experiences, but are basically a summary on the status of someone else's vibration. A car repair shop that screwed up your friend Joe's car doesn't have to mess yours up as well. Joe's vibration was a match to a bollixed repair. Your vibrational offering can be for a perfect repair. If so, it wouldn't matter where you took your car, it would get fixed correctly! Of course, if you pick up on your friend's vibe and make it your own, then you will also have trouble.

Say you want to go white water canoeing. You can listen to your friends' description of their trip that included an overturned canoe, 2 broken ribs and a broken arm. Or, you can simply make up your own mind that your trip will be a blast.

Very often the advice we receive is heartfelt and sincere. But all advice is usually a prcis of someone else's vibrational offering and the universe's response to it. That doesn't apply to you!

People usually listen to the experience of others carefully, to learn how another person or organization responded to them. If a preponderance of the responses to Bozo's Repair Shop are negative, then we say Bozo's is a bad place to take our car and we go somewhere else. But the experience of another has absolutely nothing to do with the experience you might have. So the best advice for someone looking for advice, is to channel your thoughts and feelings in a positive direction before taking action. The universe will begin responding immediately to those thoughts and feelings, by Law Of Attraction. You will then be paving the way energetically for a good result.

People don't understand that their thoughts and beliefs about reality determine the conditions of their reality. And so, naturally, we seek advice about how to behave in order to get the result we want. An entire industry has developed around this idea. Consulting companies abound which seek to advise other people and organizations as to the best course of action. The subject of statistics is based around the (false) assumption that what comes to you is dependent upon the decisions of others.

What comes to you in any area of life is dependent only upon the choices you make regarding it. Conditions will change around you in direct response to your decisions. Your decisions determine all of your actions.

What is a decision? Is it a vaguely formulated wish that something might happen? Or is it a strong, carefully thought out plan that really gets you excited? The former is just an ephemeral hope. The latter is a powerful vibrational orientation that can start the ball rolling for you.

In the presence of Creative Will, statistics has little meaning. Statistics broadly assumes that human beings are equally weighted variables, a mere piece in the jigsaw puzzle of life. Probabilities of future behavior are generated based on past behavior (See "Cause and Effect"). It has gotten to the point where we will sometimes base our decisions based on a statistic! (e.g., Consumer Reports says 'an overwhelming 37% of drivers chose the ZXCar as their favorite mid-size sedan'. So that's the one we buy). But consciously deciding what is wanted and holding to it is the best way to guarantee a good result.

Every particle in the universe is part of a universe-wide field of consciousness that responds subtly, but powerfully, to thought. Interestingly, the universal field interfaces directly with every life form on the planet. Every time you make a decision, all of the energy in the universe begins to respond to it. The power or strength of your signal determines the strength of the responding signal. If your belief is strong enough, it will result in a coincident event in the physical universe (a manifestation). If your thoughts are vague and unformulated, your life appears to be a random collection of probabilistic occurrences.

Science types might scoff. ι–“There is no demonstrable or measurable evidence of any such subtle energy. Well, that is only half true. In our vibrational model of the universe, the universal field of consciousness is the creative, directing principle of the universe. Physical matter and energy is built up from the product of the creative principle, thought. Thought is clearly not measurable (at this time anyway). However, the power of the universal field may be demonstrated on a personal basis. It cannot be proven broadly. This is a logical result of a universe in which consciousness individually interfaces with the universal field. Individual consciousness is sovereign in its own experience.

If one does not understand the Law of Attraction, statistics can be helpful. Statistics, research and advice from others can help one to make choices and feel comfortable with them. But regardless how the choice is made, it is your vibrational mix which the universe will then respond to. In other words, it is YOU always causing the universe to respond to you, whether you take another's advice or not! You are always in control.

Some go through an awful lot of research and work, weighing the pros and cons of each aspect of the decision, before making up their minds. A lot of times the eventual choice is not the one they really wanted in the first place! Since the universe will always respond to your choices, no matter how they are made, you can avoid a lot of work by just figuring out what you really want and letting that decide your pattern of vibration. The universe is always responding to your vibrational signal, so why not get the universe to respond to something you like? It's sort of funny when you think about it! Watching another assiduously researching the purchase of a new car, for instance, visiting multiple dealerships, researching automotive reports, consulting friends, test driving vehicles, finally after 3 weeks of exhaustive effort, finally making a decision. Whew!!! Many people get themselves into such a state of uncertainty after all of this that the final choice often feels unsatisfactory. Ive often come home after a purchase and felt, Darn! I should have bought the other one.

So save yourself a lot of work. Figure out what you want, make a decision and align your energy to it. If you do this youll not only have a pleasant buying experience, but enjoy your purchase after you come home with it.

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