Traditionally, leadership is about motivating others for a good cause. A leader is usually defined as someone who can effectively organize groups of people to accomplish a worthwhile goal.

Being able to lead others is a great feeling, but often the underlying motive is: 'something is broken and it needs to be fixed'. This idea finds its ultimate expression in the military. We need to rid the world of (fill in the blank) or, We must establish (fill in the blank) or face unacceptable consequences. The idea is that conditions must change, and we will force them into being by smashing those who disagree. Such a philosophy only generates resentment, opposition, and eventually, revolution. Not only is it stupid, but it goes against universal principles and must always result in failure. The United States, for example, fought the tyranny of Nazi Germany in World War II. Sixty years later, it is destroying its own constitutional freedoms in an attempt to stamp out terrorism.

True leadership is not about motivating others to do something in a good cause (or forcing others to do your bidding), but the ability to inspire others to connect with their inner self and act joyfully in a manner which is fully compatible with their own dreams. A leader is not someone who struggles and sweats and organizes and pushes something through to completion. A true leader inspires, or attracts those who are already inspired to do something.

This idea is in accordance with the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction. When you begin to apply these universal laws in your own life, you understand that their operation is ubiquitous. You cant get around them no matter how much you struggle and strain. If you want to get something accomplished, the key is aligning your own vibration to what you want, and set an example for others. Then doors magically open, and the people and resources you need can be obtained with a lot less effort.

The fact is that nothing in our world is broken.

The universe is in perfect balance, and all beings in it are receiving precisely according to the desires that are resonating within them. As hard as it is to believe, there are no accidents. There are coincidences, but these events are orchestrated by the vibrational tendencies of individual sovereign beings. This is a good thing, for it means that the more conscious and mindful you can become, the more control you can have over every facet of your life.

Those things that appear to be broken, like poverty, disease and conflict, are simply individual beings focusing on them, and receiving them. You will notice that poor people don't associate with rich people. Is that because rich people hate poor people? Of course not. It is solely and only because abundant people are focused on abundance, and so attract to them people who are abundant. The same for poor people. The rich person who hates poor people will eventually have poor people in his life, for his attention is focused strongly there. If the rich guy continues his hatred of the poor, it is very likely he will lose his money. Like attracts like, that's just the way it is.

Lets take a look at leadership as defined by someone who thinks that something is wrong and is motivated to correct it. Let's say a person is horrified by pollution of the local river from a pulp mill. Protests and boycotts are organized, and legal action is taken against the pulp mill. But because the focus is on the broken thing (polluted river, evil corporation), there is a lot of conflict, but nothing positive happens.

A leader who understands that nothing is broken will approach the problem much differently. Such a person will see the positive aspects of everything. Such a leader will concentrate on only one thing: a clean river. The word pollution will hardly ever cross her lips. She will not criticize the company or the board of directors. She will inspire them, perhaps, with the idea of once again being able to swim and catch fish in the river. She will approach the company with the idea of a clean and pristine river and point out the benefits not just for citizens, but for the company as well. There are a couple of fisherman in management and the leader's vision inspires them. They look into more efficient methods of waste disposal and find one that will decrease emissions significantly at only marginal cost. The leader offers to promote the good efforts of the company to the local community. The board gets an idea for an advertising campaign, which is so successful that the company garners new business.

True leadership involves promoting a positive vision and watching people voluntarily line up with it.

True leadership is an alignment of energy towards a positive goal; not hard work, persuasion, and sweat.

True leadership is inspirational, not motivational, for motivation comes from the outside, and inspiration comes from within.

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