Action and the Law of Attraction

From "The Interview with Spirit Show"on Blog Talk radio

One of the questions Ken is often asked is: is it possible to manifest through thought only, without taking action?

Well, let us first say that the universe is a sea of vibration that responds instantly to any change in your thoughts and in your vibration. When we say your vibration, we simply mean the total content of your thoughts, beliefs, postulates and feelings about everything in life.

When you tune the dial on the radio, you pick up different stations and different programs. There are not programs associated with EVERY frequency in the FM radio dial, however! If you are able to tune into a frequency that is broadcasting a program, you will get it! In that sense, if you were able to broadcast a strong, clear, unsullied signal, you would experience an appropriate manifestation. In other words, if you really wanted a new Porsche and you were somehow able to send out a perfectly clear signal to the universe, you might find someone driving up to your house in a Porsche asking for directions! If your signal was very strong and pure indeed, you might find a long lost uncle who leaves you sixty thousand dollars. Who knows how it might work out!

Manifesting a Porsche in this way is possible, of course, because someone else has already created Porsches, so they already exist.

However, if you are someone who really wants a Porsche but is pretty sure you cant have it, you might find yourself driving by the Porsche dealer one day, looking at that beautiful automobile and feeling sad because you know youll never get one.

If you want to create a painting or start a new business, that is much different than the Porsche, because this is something that does not yet exist. To create it, you have to use the tools of the physical universe in order to accomplish your goal. Thought alone will not create your business or your painting!

If you have a strong desire for world peace and broadcast that to the universe, that is again much different than the Porsche. Although there are a lot of people who wish for world peace, there are also many who do not. Therefore, even though your individual vibrational signal will always result in a response from the universe, you must take action! Getting many people together to vibrate in harmony with world peace is much more effective than yourself alone. So let us say that thought is the very most important ingredient in manifestation, but action is always involved.

This brings up an important point. You have heard, we are sure, the idea that you must pay attention to what you want and ignore that which is not wanted. What happens when you place your attention on something that has not yet manifested? You create templates of thought within the species consciousness, associated with your desire. This allows others to pick up on them, when they twiddle their radio dials, looking for something. The more sophisticated your thought forms are, and the more they are accompanied by a strong desire, the stronger they are and the more likely others are to receive them. Therefore, the more you pay attention to wanted things, even if you take no action regarding them, you create conditions for others to act upon them! That is why ranting and railing against things you dislike is very counterproductive.

Here is the most important part of our message: An interesting thing happens when you get excited about something, as we are sure you have noticed: there is the desire to get into action! We explain this simply by saying that when you connect with a desire, you connect to creative energy. Creative energy is so powerful it can change the world. It is Source energy, the energy that keeps the universe in balance, and continually growing. You are all creators, do you understand that? By creators, we mean that when you become focused upon something, your thoughts become directed and you literally create new energy that adds to the whole. The Earth, with its contrasting environments, is literally a thought amplifier that results in very, very powerful thought streams.

So getting excited about something is very important. Not only does it make you feel wonderful, but it is the first and most powerful step on the way to manifestation. The cycle goes: desire, excitement, action. Action is an integral component in the creative process, which leads to manifestation. Action is a natural outgrowth of thought that is in alignment with desire. Action is, then, inevitable in the creative process, and in manifestation. The desire for action is an indication that you are lined up with what you want! When you feel like DOING, when you are eager and excited, you have engaged not just your mind, but also your heart, your emotions, and your entire being.

This is very important, so we will restate the above. If you have identified a desire and have aligned your thoughts toward it, you will feel excited and eager to DO. So if you are ready to begin a project but do not feel positive emotion, you are not yet completely aligned to it. You see, spiritual wisdom is not just esoteric! The laws of the universe have practical application in every area of life. In future messages, we will delve into practical metaphysics in greater detail.

The creative process is designed to get you feeling wonderful. It is designed to get you connected with source energy. And when that happens, you begin to connect with your Higher Self, and with perceptions, feelings and intuition that you didnt know you even had! It leads, in other words, into the unknown, to higher vibrations, to new discoveries, new insights, and the creation of new worlds!!!

We do not exaggerate. As Ken sits here trying to type this out, he is literally coming out of his chair! That is what connection to creative energy does.

The Law of Attraction is part and parcel of the fabric of existence. Like attracts like is something you can observe in your own life, and in the lives of others. In order to do so, you must live mindfully, otherwise you never notice the correspondence between your thoughts and desires and what you get. It is very instructive to write down all of your thoughts, and then examine your life in relationship to them. If you are honest you will discover complete correspondence!

We will conclude by saying that the universe has been designed to support your choices, and the Law of Attraction helps you to do that. It is entirely logical and fair in its operation, never favoring one over another. You live in a universe that loves you and wants to help you achieve everything you desire! Why not get started now and discover what it is that you really want from life? That first step has to come from YOU. Dont wait another second to connect with the awesome and magnificent creative energy of the universe, for it is literally who you are!

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