To Hell in a Handbasket?

It certainly seems as though current events on the planet earth are a result of a lowering of human consciousness, does it not? The economic crisis, the worldwide financial crisis (see my blog at for more details), the lowering of educational standards, the government (in the United States) taking control of the auto industry, the banks, and now health care, which is transferring power in a huge way away from the grass roots and into the hands of a small elite. Congress, especially since 9/11, has passed draconian legislation that has essentially emasculated the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. People are struggling more than ever before. So the world is going down the tubes, right?

Not really!

I have asked my guidance about this and they have responded this way:

As we have said before, many of you came to earth at this time not only to experience a beautiful world – for the earth is one of the brightest and most beautiful planetary jewels in the universe – but to help the human race “get over the hump” and reach maturity as a species.

Humanity is an adolescent species, working its way toward a broader understanding. What is the first requisite of a civilized species? Cooperation. Intra-species cooperation is the first baby-step toward a true species consciousness.

Recognition that a species consciousness exists is a requisite for a civilized planetary society. Humanity thinks now in terms of nation-states, at the third level of consciousness. Becoming aware of the planetary consciousness and the human connection with it is the fourth level. As a race evolves, it gradually integrates awareness at the individual level, the level of the family, the tribe or the nation, and then the race as a whole. You have been gradually building toward that for the past several centuries.

Does a race consciousness mean that competition no longer exists and everyone is nicey-nicey? Of course not! You are all brilliant creators and would not stand for such a system. However, it does mean that individuals and groups can pursue their agendas within a consciousness of well-being, and not conflict, fear, and scarcity.

You cannot understand how wonderful this is until you actually make the leap.

A true species consciousness makes it impossible to destroy the species, and leads to an upward evolution. If you are Ken’s age you remember the age of MAD – Mutually Assured Destruction. If you remember this time, you recall that there was a great potential for the human race to extinguish itself and the planet as well. But now, a few short decades later, you can see that this is no longer even an issue. That is because at the grassroots level, more and more of you are becoming aware of who you are; you spirituality and your relationship to Source.

At the present time, the events on your planet perfectly reflect the consciousness of humanity. There is a growing awareness that the “system” has been rigged to benefit a few. Actually, the present hierarchical system of governance and control of resources reflects the picture humanity has of itself: unworthiness. When a person feels unworthy, he or she needs direction from above. And so that is how human societies have evolved.

However, when individuals begin to think for themselves and take control of their lives, the current structures will dissolve and your societies will undergo an evolution toward more cooperation, based upon individual sovereignty. This can only happen, however, when the consciousness of humanity rises out of the old paradigm of scarcity and unworthiness. This is happening as we speak!

Have you noticed that the old systems are breaking down? The advent of worldwide communications has made it more and more difficult to practice guile and secrecy. As we have told you before, those who follow the old order have concentrated themselves into the intelligence (national security) services of your various governments. These structures must operate separate from the law, because they cannot stand the light of truth. When individuals understand that many of your governments are actually run from these hidden compartments, they will demand the opening of these structures. And when that happens, there will be a very large exposure and cleansing of the old memes that have been predominant for the past several millennia.

The increasing vibrational energy on your planet has been created from the increase in human population. From our perspective, this is a decision made from the spiritual dimension as the increasing human biomass reflects a conscious decision to evolve out of the old, self-limiting paradigm of thought and into one that is more consonant with Source. We see 6.5 billion human bodies interacting in complex geometries, as each of you make individual decisions. When the overall geometry reaches a certain pattern, it will create a sort of spontaneous leap in thought. There are certain factions who are desperately attempting to stop the population increase, but we tell you that it is vital that the human population continue to grow at this time.

All life has surrounding it a field of subtle energy, which some of you have called Source energy. This is an apt description, for this energy is what fills the universe, and is the energy of consciousness itself. It composes all Form. Your energy fields extend beyond your bodies, and are connected to the planetary energy field, and to Source. Your energy fields interact with each other, causing an excitation within the planetary field, and causing the overall vibration and frequency of the field to increase.

However, as the population increases, it creates a polarization.
This is perfectly natural.  Many of you see polarization as a bad thing, as an increase in disharmony and conflict, but it can also occur as a result of increasing awareness! Polarization always occurs before a new union, or a synthesis. When your cells divide, they separate parts of themselves, and then come back together, in the process of mitosis, to create a brand new entity. And so it is for an evolution in consciousness. When change occurs, opinions at first polarize, as many reach out for new ways, and others, more fearful of change, hold on to the old ways.  This is necessary for a new synthesis to occur.
In order for that new synthesis to manifest at a higher level of consciousness, however, the old memes must first be brought forth for cleansing.

The primary memes of the old paradigm are scarcity and unworthiness. These two strongly held beliefs within the consciousness of humanity have created the conditions that have manifested for the past several thousand years within the human species. You are now working through these old beliefs and coming to a new awareness. Naturally this is taking some time, and is often very messy, as your old beliefs come up for inspection. As always, what you believe is manifested, and so you see quite a bit of chaos. Remember that when the muddy water is cleaned, the lumps of decaying matter will rise to the surface, and must be addressed. That is what is occurring right now in the consciousness of humanity. You are progressing nicely toward a new consciousness, albeit in fits and starts, but the end result will be a more benign way of organizing your societies and your individual lives. It is incredibly exciting!

What about the worldwide financial crisis? This again is a manifestation of humanity’s self-destruction meme, as was MAD. But you can see that a financial crisis is on a much higher vibrational level than a world war with nuclear weapons. From this perspective you can see how far you have come! The worldwide financial crisis has manifested from a positive development: humanity’s increasing but undirected desire for greater abundance. However, this desire for abundance has largely been created from a belief in scarcity, which is why you are experiencing difficulty.

What has occurred is a terrific but undirected expansion of money that bears no relationship to the actual amount of goods and services that money is supposed to represent, and so you are in trouble. The increase in money has occurred because of your strong desire for greater prosperity! Now your governments are forced to bail out the banks, which results in the creation of even more money! You have blamed the evil banks and bankers, and government, for this state of affairs, but the situation has manifested precisely according to the level of consciousness of all of you. What you have believed is that abundance = money, but this equation is false, as you are learning.

You cannot have true abundance from a belief in scarcity – eventually, the money bubble bursts and you are back in a depression, which is the perfect representation of scarcity.

We tell you that the players on the stage in positions of power – bankers, government officials, etc. – can only act within the constraints of humanity’s belief systems. What you are seeing on the world stage today is the manifestation of your own collective beliefs. When those beliefs change, the actors – those individuals in a position of leadership and power – will also have to change their actions. That is how it works dear ones – the universe simply gives you what you create in your thoughts, over and over again. A mature species recognizes this, whereas an adolescent one blames the players on the stage, thus creating more conflict. Remember that you are writing the play! The actors can only say the lines that you have written for them!

For several millennia you have been playing the game of “follow the leaders.” Unfortunately, your leaders have simply had their own agendas! You followed these leaders and fought for this cause or that, but never one that united all of humanity. But now you are waking up! More and more of you are relying on your own inner wisdom for guidance. This inner wisdom is what will unite you, for it is your connection to Source.

When humanity reaches that tipping point, the race will quickly evolve to a new set of memes based on cooperation and recognition of self worth. That is how it happens, dear ones: very suddenly. When something exciting happens in your community, it takes less than no time for everyone to hear about it! Even back in the “old days,” when people still traveled on horses and on foot, word would spread very fast. There is something in the ethers waiting for you to discover; something in the fabric of space and time that you cannot access until you have reached the proper vibrational level. And when you do, it will explode into your consciousness and you will see a new way of being and doing. That is why so many of you have come to earth at this time – to be a part of the celebration and to help bring it about.

What are the characteristics of a leap in consciousness?
Openness, transparency, honesty, integrity, compassion, cooperation and trust; a feeling of expansiveness accompanied by well-being, and a recognition that all life is divine and sacred. It is very simple: that which is oriented toward Spirit is rooted in positive emotion, and that which turns away from spirit is rooted in negative emotion. This equation is an infallible guide to happiness success and the truly “good things” in life. In the old attractor this was expressed as “good” versus “evil”, a polarized, black and white expression that itself was rooted in resistance, and invited discord.

Continue to reach for the Light, for the best in life. Keep to your dreams, create that beautiful life that you have always wanted. You may not see how this helps you, but it does. This reaching to spirit positively influences all life upon your planet. Carry on, dear ones, and experience a future that is so bright and wonderful. It is a future that you all came here to create, and you are doing so!

You are now living in the moment for which many of you signed up; the tipping point which will carry humanity to the next level of consciousness. You came to nudge the vibrational resonance of humanity upward, toward a more prosperous and cooperative future. You knew that it was possible to transform the belief systems of the race, and to re-create a heaven on earth. You have not forgotten!

Now is the time to continue on the higher path in your personal lives. Honesty, openness, and transparency, all based on the strength of personal integrity and love. That is the formula that will lift humanity into the new consciousness.


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