Science and Consciousness

Matter and energy are unresponsive and uncooperative to our intent, and seem to have laws of their own. Anyone who has ever worked on a car or tried to do home repair knows this: if something can go wrong it usually will. The nut gets stuck on the bolt, the roof rack you ordered doesn’t fit and it can’t be modified, the plastic bushing cracks when you put it on the axle. Physical objects are dumb and lifeless, that’s just the way it is. Or is it?

The idea that matter and energy could be responsive to consciousness seems totally absurd, except perhaps for “spoon benders” or the occasional master who incarnates every thousand years or so. We just accept – because it seems so obvious – that matter and energy are completely separate from our consciousness, our will, and our intent. I have to laugh here because when I work on stuff around the house I use at least one swear word every minute!

Physical laws have been studied in great detail by scientists and mathematicians over the past several centuries. Mechanics, electrodynamics, and the material sciences have all been rigorously developed from experiment – it is impossible to question these results. As a result, we stress, heat, twist, and explode matter and energy because that’s the only way we know how to manipulate it..

I’ve been taking an online physics course to review what I learned a long time ago in college, and so I’ve been thinking about science and its relationship to consciousness. Being a writer who occasionally brings in science into my blogging, I can’t afford to be an airhead.  I’ve been going over my math and learning about mechanics, electrodynamics, relativity, and chaos theory. The course I’m taking is a college-level course and not an in-depth study required for serious PhDs, but nonetheless it outlines all of the concepts behind the formalism, and shows how the principles of these basic subjects are derived. It has been a fascinating adventure for me.

The formalism of science is based on the idea that the laws of the universe are written in the behavior of matter and energy. Through study and experiment, scientists seek to discover the underlying principles that have created the universe. The assumption of science is that these physical laws are unvarying and will never change because they are based on principles that apply everywhere. We study matter and energy as if it were separate from us, and at this level of consciousness, it is.

But what if physics itself is connected to consciousness? Then there would be other levels of physics waiting for us that may make current assumptions and observations obsolete. My suggestion is that the laws of physics respond to these assumptions!  There is broad agreement about the current formalism in science – but at a higher level of consciousness these assumptions will change. If consciousness is somehow connected to physics – to matter and energy – then there might be such a thing as consciousness-assisted physics. At this higher level, matter and energy may become cooperative with consciousness, like a guy at the help desk who cheerfully volunteers information that makes your life easier.

This idea seems absurd because we don’t have a clue what consciousness is. We define consciousness as coming forth from matter, so we look to matter to define who we are. This is backwards.

When a civilization is as dense as ours, we default to a “basic system” that gives us the ability to survive, somewhat like learning disabled children who need special education, which gives them the most basic curriculum designed to enable them to get along at a low, but acceptable, level. By dense I mean, how do we define ourselves? Are we electromagnetic sponges walking around in meat bodies, who only live once? Or are we pieces of God with an unimaginably powerful spiritual heritage? My contention is that our spiritual heritage also comes with a sophisticated knowledge base that we have barely begun to tap into. In this higher knowledge base is consciousness-assisted physics.

All inspiration, I would argue, is a tapping into this higher knowledge base. After the shift we now have a greater ability to do this.

Consciousness-assisted physics would originate at a level beyond the EM spectrum and within a “higher vibrational” realm that we might call subtle energy, which would contain a sort of Platonic set of information systems that program the physical fields, potentials, atomic particles, and physical objects of current physics. This “etheric” information system would be totally unavailable to conventional thinking, and would underlie the current laws of physics. This higher physics would lie at a “graduate” level of consciousness in comparison to current physics at the “undergraduate” level. To reach this level we would need to go beyond conventional thinking. We would need to utilize our intuition.

Does this seem nutty? Look about the world. We are still using technologies that are almost a century or more old (internal combustion engine, jet engine, steam engine [nuclear reactor]). Our societies are still organized around scarcity and competition, and problem resolution between nations still revolves around conflict, violence, and war. Our  religions, politics, and economies reflect the same meme structure that underlies our science.

The response to this is, of course, that the present situation exists because it’s the true reality, and anyone who questions it is delusional. But if the present situation on earth is as good as it gets, then we have already reached the penultimate goal of evolution, and we shouldn’t question the status quo. Is this believable? It sure isn’t to me. More and more people are realizing that something is wrong with our current worldview. More and more people are looking past the current reality to a higher level that has not yet manifested.


I’m not talking about faith. Faith is often used by those with agendas. Intuition is an aspect of consciousness that goes beyond the body and into the realm of metaphysical or spiritual understanding. It is an ability, a siddhi, accessible to everyone, and reaches into these subtle information systems.  Intuition is also a force that allows us to pull society up to a higher level by its own bootstraps, by consciously reaching into this invisible information system. At the present time there may be no supporting factual evidence to back up our intuitive understanding other than a very powerful FEELING that something is true even if it cannot be explained in detail. But you know, there is never a crowd on the leading edge. When you create something you are going out on a limb because there is no physical evidence (yet) of your creation! You rely on intuition that it’s going to work out.

Intuition is different than delusion. Delusion is a theetie-weetie idea that by ignoring a train coming at you, you can wish it away. Intuition is a definite feeling of knowing that comes from the higher self, from the next level. It’s something you can grab on to. It’s inspiration – sometimes informed information. It’s an “aha!” moment. It’s very far away from delusion, or even faith. It’s like something you glimpse with your peripheral vision. You know something is there, but you can’t yet pin it down.

Intuition is the starting point of the creative process. From there you do the work necessary to advance your concept. There is no better feeling than being on the creative path, whether that path is in business, the arts, in tech, or anywhere. I have spent the latter part of my life doing this and it has made me very happy. It doesn’t matter if your creation finds wide acceptance or not because whenever you acknowledge your intuition you go to the other side, you touch your Higher Self, you reach past what people call the veil. When you are inspired you place higher vibrations directly into the planetary grids. You contribute directly to the push toward graduate status for our planet. We all know that doing spiritual work can be frustrating: you are creating something that is far from showing up in the real world. But if you didn’t do it, the doorway to higher awareness would NEVER open. Kudos to all of you on the spiritual path.

If the fundamental nature of matter and energy changes as our consciousness changes, then greater insight into who we are may allow us to look inside the structure of matter and perhaps even alter it. Perhaps the inherent nature of matter and energy is cooperative and benevolent. Wouldn’t that be a kick?

To get to the next level of science and physics we have to have a better understanding of consciousness. Our current understanding of consciousness is primitive and materialistic, based on the observation of matter and energy. Thought is assumed to be the result of electrochemical interactions within the brain. It is remarkable, really, how far we have advanced with this limited understanding of who we are. A human being, at this level, is assumed to be a mere electromagnetic sponge for incoming signals, and consciousness is assumed to be a stimulus-response reaction to these signals. This level of understanding relegates human beings to the status of biological robots, and is insufficient to take us to the next level. Therefore an  advancement in science must originate in a proper understanding of consciousness. Guess what new-agers: you have been right all along!

I believe that planetary evolution proceeds roughly along the same lines as has happened here on earth. Societies that don’t make it to the next level abandon their spirituality, and become dependent on lower-level physics and technology. The battle we are fighting here in the End Times is spiritual. It’s a battle between materialistic ignorance and an unprovable, invisible, metaphysical idea that a human being is a piece of God and that the very substance of the universe itself responds to an enlightened consciousness.

That’s why intuition is so important.

As I took my physics course I understood that the formalism presented – the math and the physics – will eventually be superseded at the graduate level. It would be possible then for a being to see directly into the essence of material structure and manipulate its internal structure. Of course this is a long way away yet, but if our society continues to increase its vibration, people with new abilities are going to show up. Children are going to be born with abilities their parents do not have. The ethical dilemmas associated with this issue are already being explored in movies: Are these new beings dangerous to “normals”? Fortunately these new abilities cannot show up in our biology until the consciousness of the planet is ready. Therefore, many of the dilemmas shown in these movies can’t occur in a higher consciousness.


In Hinduism, extraordinary abilities are called siddhis. Siddhis are spiritual, paranormal, supernatural, or seemingly magical powers or abilities that are the products of spiritual advancement through sādhanās such as meditation and yoga.

Here are some siddhis:

  • Being undisturbed by hunger, thirst, and other bodily appetites
  • Hearing things far away
  • Seeing things far away
  • Moving the body wherever thought goes (teleportation/astral projection)
  • Assuming any form desired
  • Entering the bodies of others
  • Perceiving objects while blindfolded
  • Walking on water

Siddhis are defined as new abilities that show up after an advance in consciousness through the practice of yoga or meditation, but they may also appear at higher levels of consciousness. There are a lot more siddhis than the ones listed above! The X-Men and Fantastic Four franchise of movies (and others) show humans with siddhis, where each member of the team has a particular power. Many of these powers are gimmicky, such as the ability to project fire, or the ability to levitate objects. Siddhis are mostly mere parlor tricks at this level of consciousness. In the Fantastic Four and the X-Men movies, the team uses their powers to fight criminals and there is a lot of destruction of property.

Throughout history a few humans have had special abilities. In a story attributed to the Buddha and found in the book "BUDDHISM: It's Essence and Development" by Edward Conze (pp. 104–105), the Buddha meets an ascetic who is sitting by the bank of a river one day. This ascetic had practiced austerities for 25 years. The Buddha asked him what he had received for all his labor. The ascetic proudly replied that now, at last, he could cross the river by walking on the water. The Buddha pointed out that this gain was insignificant for all the years of labor, since he could cross the river using a ferry for one penny!

Apparently the Buddha considered this siddhi a form of entertainment!

I admit that the ability to project fire or levitate objects is pretty cool, but it currently has no application in the world, unless you want to be an entertainer or run a circus show.

A more advanced consciousness, however, should see useful abilities manifesting in succeeding generations, and the gradual disappearance of crime altogether. Crime is product of scarcity and a consciousness of struggle and contention. During the advance to the graduate level, the elements of a new physics (and a new medicine) should show up as well.

After the Shift

Three hundred years ago the aristocrats of the day in Britain (the Upper Ten Thousand) did nothing useful. They spent their lives gambling, engaging in sport, going to parties with themselves and having affairs with each other, while the rest of the population worked their tushies off. In India a rigid caste system survived for centuries. Societies all over the globe were much more rigid. A society that is rising in vibration will have less and less class division – and less crime. It will also have a better balance between the sexes. Backward societies will subjugate women, enlightened societies will allow full expression. We have come a long way, but there is still a long way to go.

As we rise higher and higher in awareness and consciousness, the duality gets less and less because there isn’t as much need for it. At the level of Spirit, there is no duality at all, and awareness is at the God consciousness level. Even at the graduate level there can be plenty of contention, but without crime or violence.

Spiritually speaking, the human race is like a three-day-old baby so we have to cut ourselves a little slack. We are only three years after the December 21, 2012 shift. By shift I mean we are on a track – potentially – to graduate status. Despite what you see on the news, there is no longer a potential for World War III, or an extinction event for humanity or the planet. All conflicts are now local or regional, not planetary, and will gradually become more and more isolated as the years go by.

The shift occurred completely on the mental plane, in the programmable realm of subtle energy. It was completely invisible to 99.99% of the people on the planet, but it was a real shift. On my radio show and in a previous blog post I described my own experience of this shift – it was realer than “real life.” It happened.

However, our success is still not guaranteed because of a little thing called free will. There is a lot of work to do to prepare the planet vibrationally for the new children and the new energy.

If you see a child who suddenly remembers his or her past lives, don’t freak out. If you see a child suddenly manifest a new siddhi, don’t criticize him or her. The veil is thinning as the vibration on earth slowly rises, and the Akash – the planetary recording system on the mental plane – is becoming more and more available. As the decades pass, the subtle energy information systems hidden within the planet’s invisible holographic field will become available. People will be able to download abilities just as Carrie-Ann Ross did in the Matrix movie, where she learned how to fly a helicopter in a couple of seconds.

Moreover, intuition is going to play a more and more important role in life. It is an ability all of us have but don’t use enough. As the vibration of the planet rises we’ll find it easier to trust our intuition, which is just a doorway into the Higher Self.

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“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it”

—Albert Einstein 

This quote doesn’t mean that all absurd ideas are hopeful, but maybe there is hope for this one! This month we are going to discuss time and “higher vibrations.”

We experience time as flowing inexorably, unchanging. But Einstein, when he developed his Special Theory of Relativity, showed that a man who traveled on a spaceship going close to the speed of light would, when he came back to earth, find that much more time had passed on the planet than had passed in his spaceship.  When this result first came out in 1905 people were very upset and shocked, for good reason! Because at first glance it is counter-intuitive.

This result is shown mathematically by the Lorentz factor. Named after the Dutch scientist Hendrik Lorentz, it modifies the classical equations of motion developed by Newton, and shows that time dilates or slows down as one gets closer and closer to the speed of light. Newton was the guy who discovered gravity and developed the descriptions of moving objects we all learned in high school: if the car is travelling at 60 mph and the train is travelling at 40 mph, how long will it take the car to catch up with the train? That kind of stuff, which bores a lot of people but is absolutely vital to know if you want to build a bridge or a car or a cell phone. Anyway, the Lorentz factor is a simple addition to Newton’s formulations that demonstrates that for velocities that get closer and closer to the speed of light, time is not only measured differently, but experienced differently.

Time in Physics

If you don’t understand or hate maths, you can skip over the equations and just read the text.

The Lorentz factor is

The Lorentz factor

where v represents the velocity (the speed) and c is the speed of light. When v gets closer and closer to c,  gets closer and closer to 1, and everything under the square root sign gets smaller and smaller, which means the entire expression gets larger and larger.  How does this relate to time?

Let’s say Pete, a 30-year-old astronaut, goes on a 5-year mission and travels at 95% the speed of light. When he comes back his clock has measured 5 years, and he is biologically 5 years older (35). But he discovers that his friend Joe on earth, who was born on the same day, has aged 11 years more than he has. Joe is now 46! This is because of the Lorentz factor.  Pete subjectively experiences 5 years of time, but Pete’s 5 years are “slower” relative to Joe. In the equation below, just plug in 5 years for Pete’s time, and .95c for Pete’s velocity.

Pete and Joe's timeso t(Joe) = 16.

This says that Joe on earth measures 16 years while Pete only measures 5 years! That’s a difference of 11 years. This is called the relativistic time dilation effect: Pete’s time dilates or slows down relative to Joe’s time. All atoms in Pete’s spaceship (including Pete) are experiencing time more slowly relative to Joe.

The important concept here is that faster motion slows down time and actually affects biology, and aging—at least theoretically.

Theoretically, if Pete’s spaceship was travelling very very close to the speed of light, time would slow down so much for him that he could experience the entire evolution of the universe! Time would speed up outside his spaceship to the point where he could see the universe evolve like a movie. This concept was explored brilliantly in Poul Anderson’s SF novel, Tau Zero.

So fast motion has something to do with the experience of time.

Time in Biology

The relativistic nature of time is just a curiosity for 99.99% of the population. However, the flexible nature of time has also been recognized in biology. In a recent article in Scientific American, “Small Animals Live in a Slow Motion World,” Irish and British scientists discovered that the perception of time changes as body mass changes. This is what the article says:

One ‘dog year’ supposedly equals seven human years. But does one year feel like seven years to a dog? Evidence suggests that distinct species do indeed experience passing time on different scales. A recent study in Animal Behavior reveals that body mass and metabolic rate determine how animals of different species perceive time.


The scientists who ran the new study gathered data from previous experiments on the rate at which visual information is processed in 34 vertebrates, including lizards, birds, fish and mammals. The scientists hypothesized that the ability to detect incoming sights at a high rate would be advantageous for animals that must perform the equivalent of bullet dodging—responding to visual stimuli very quickly to catch elusive prey or escape predators, for instance. These animals tend to be lighter and have faster metabolisms. The data bore out the hypothesis: species that perceived time at the finest resolutions tended to be smaller and have faster metabolisms.

These findings show that differences in how a mouse and an elephant sense time are not arbitrary but rather are finely tuned by interactions with their surroundings. A link between time perception, body structure and physiology suggests that different nervous systems have developed to balance pressures from the natural environment with energy conservation. Rapid perception might be essential for a hawk but would waste a whale's precious energy. As for Fido, a year really does seem longer to him than it does to you, but probably not by a factor of seven. Dogs can take in visual information at least 25 percent faster than humans—just enough to make a television show look like a series of flickering images (Reas, 2016).

Apparently, different life forms on planet earth experience time differently!

Vibration and Oscillation

Vibration and oscillation (periodic, back and forth movement) are important concepts, because things in nature move back and forth. Even atoms vibrate internally. A bobblehead, a pendulum, and a weight suspended from a string are examples of simple harmonic oscillators. When you shove the pendulum or the bobblehead to the right, it comes back and then goes to the left, and then back again, over and over. A weight suspended from a string vibrates up and down.


Images from http://www.physicsclas

These vibrating objects, unlike Pete’s spaceship, don’t move in space, they just vibrate back in forth in position. However, in both cases, there is movement. Here’s a fascinating idea: what if an increase in stationary movement (vibration, oscillation) acts just the same, time-wise, as the Lorentz factor does to very fast moving objects? In that case an increase or decrease in the rate of vibration would affect how an organism experiences time.

Oscillators occur in the physical world, but also in biological life. They are called biological oscillators. We know that cells themselves vibrate or oscillate: they wiggle! Oscillations can take place in a biological system in a multitude of ways. Positive feedback loops, on their own or in combination with negative feedback, are a common feature of oscillating biological systems. Genetic oscillators form the basis of circadian clocks, which determine the biological rhythms of an organism.

Interestingly, the great American scientist, Royal Raymond Rife, discovered by experiment that the body’s organs have natural resonant frequencies. He also showed that invaders which cause illness and disease also have resonant frequencies, and could be destroyed by properly targeted vibrations. Rife showed that in all cases, the natural frequencies of the body’s organs are higher than any harmful invaders.

Biological Oscillators

What is a biological oscillator? According to an article titled “Biological Oscillators,”

“Periodic fluctuations in biological processes are found at all levels of life and are frequently the result of changes to gene expression. These rhythms play key roles in a variety of important processes, including circadian regulation, metabolism, embryo development, neuron firing, and cardiac rhythms” (Doyle III, 2014). So here is the relationship between vibration and the metabolic rate in the Animal Behavior article.

There are also oscillators in the brain. According to Wikipedia, “The term ‘brain (or neural) oscillations’ refers to the rhythmic and/or repetitive electrical activity generated spontaneously and in response to stimuli by neural tissue in the central nervous system. The importance of brain oscillations in sensory-cognitive processes has become increasingly evident.”

This suggests that there is indeed a connection between the vibration rate of biological oscillators, and perception and awareness.

The Schumann Resonance

The Schumann Resonance is a naturally occurring series of standing waves in the earth’s ionosphere, generating a resonance. Ingrid Dickenson, in a fascinating article titled “The Schumann Resonance,” states that

Although the existence of the Schumann Resonance is an established scientific fact, there are very few scientists who are aware of the importance of this frequency as a tuning fork for Life. I propose that it ...acts as [a] background frequency and influenc[es] biological oscillators within the mammalian brain.

At the time when Schumann published his research results in the journal Technische Physik, Dr Ankermueller, a physician, immediately made the connection between the Schumann resonance and the alpha rhythm of brainwaves. He found the thought of the earth having the same natural resonance as the brain very exciting and contacted Professor Schumann, who in turn asked a doctorate candidate to look into this phenomenon. This candidate was Herbert König who became Schumann's successor at Munich University. König demonstrated a correlation between Schumann Resonances and brain rhythms. He compared human EEG recordings with natural electromagnetic fields of the environment (1979) and found that the main frequency produced by Schumann oscillations is very close to the frequency of alpha rhythms (Dickenson, 1993).

So the earth’s natural resonance is tied to the body’s own oscillators. The two vibrations are a close match!

It has already been discovered that taking a human being out of the earth’s magnetic field can cause physiological imbalance. Creating an artificial Schumann Resonance within space stations or spacecraft is a good way to keep human beings as healthy as possible in space. Anything that would increase the earth’s natural resonance is bound to have an effect on our biology and thus our perception and awareness.


There seems to be a physics and a biological basis for a different perception and experience of time. This suggests that time is not fixed, but alterable. If the various life forms on earth experience time differently, how would “higher vibrational” beings experience time relative to us? We are assuming that there is intelligent life outside the earth, and we are rejecting the nutty hypothesis that earth is the only planet in a universe 13.5 billion light years in diameter with trillions of galaxies and trillions and trillions of stars. So let’s assume that there are beings more advanced than we are out there in the galaxy, who have civilizations that may be millions of years older and more advanced than we are, and who possess bodies or containers for consciousness that are on a higher vibratory level than we are.

A being with a “higher vibration” would perceive time much differently than a being with a lower vibration. In other words, one year for a higher vibrational being might be 100 years or 1,000 years or 10,000 years for the lower vibrational being. Or perhaps, one year for a very high-vibrational being might be one revolution of their solar system around the center of the galaxy—200 million years. (This is analogous to our planetary year where the earth revolves once about the sun each year.) If we carry this analogy to its most far-reaching conclusion, a non-physical being with an infinitely high vibration could perceive the entirety of time all at once. Such a non-physical being would experience the entire history of the universe as occurring NOW, in the moment. If you have ever listened to a genuine channeled message you can feel the energy of the channeled being coming through. It feels timeless. (Go to for some ass-kicking, genuine messages from spirit. They are free mp3 audios).

Is Low or High Vibration Better?

A human being (a “lower vibrational” being) who experiences 10,000 years for every one year of a “higher vibrational” being is gaining a LOT more experience! Consider that if one lifetime on earth is 80 years, then in 10,000 years we would have lived about 125 lifetimes. According to Corey Goode, who claims to have had meetings with a higher vibrational inner earth being, they live for hundreds of their years. Which means that we have thousands of lifetimes of experience for every one of their lifetimes.

This may be the origin of the idea that the earth is a prison planet: that we are being “reeducated.” What better way to do that than to allow the reprobates to work out their karma very quickly in the “raw meat of 3D” (as my brother says), gaining a tremendous amount of experience in a very short time? And learning lots of lessons in the process. Maybe there is something to that.

Lee Carroll, my favorite channeler, says that events on earth are a “test of energy.” Perhaps the earth is just one of many young planets who are entering a window of opportunity where life gets to decide where it wants to go: do we advance to a higher spiritual plane or do we stay mired in the duality where conflict and war are the key elements in resolving problems? Experiencing time more rapidly—shorter lifetimes—is a good way to test the spiritual progress of a planet. When a scientist does genetic experiments, she uses animals or insects with short lifespans, to quickly test whether mutations will show up in ensuing generations. Perhaps that is what is happening on earth.

Or maybe places like earth are simply environments where masters of incarnation get to experience widely and very intensely. It would be ironic, wouldn’t it, if the dummies mired in third density are actually the true masters? Kinda makes me puffed up in my own conceit just to think about it!

At any rate, an overall rise in vibration of a system may cause a corresponding rise in the oscillation of atomic structure and in cellular structure, as well as greater cognitive and perceptual awareness.

The Google Earth Effect

It would seem that the ultimate goal of evolution is a raising of vibration such that you begin to experience all events at the same time, or become aware of everything at the same time. Some have called this “God consciousness.” If the frequency or rate of vibration of the physical container is very low, personal awareness is also low, and at the same time the amount of experience in the physical universe is very high. If the frequency or rate of vibration of the physical container is very high, personal awareness is also very high, but the amount of experience is very low. So it seems that the amount of experience is inversely proportional to the level of consciousness.

A higher vibrational being is thus more “detached” from physical experience compared to a lower vibrational being. It’s like on Google Earth when you zoom in and zoom out on the earth. The more you zoom out the more you are aware of, the more you see (the big picture). When you zoom in to an area you get to street level with all the people moving about and the cars racing around, and you are interacting directly. You experience at a much more intense level – better watch out or that car will run you down, or that guy with the gun will put a cap in you, or a zillion other things can happen. Lower vibrational reality seems to be a physical experience reality, a learning reality, whereas the higher vibrational reality is a more serene and knowledgeable reality.

A non-physical consciousness would be at the God consciousness level, and would be able to see everything in all universes, but would not be able to directly experience anything (Spirit, angels, etc.). A low vibrational being gets to experience brutal and exciting places like earth, but may not be aware of much besides the daily grind of life (human).  The “veil” might just be a vibrational deficiency.

Marrying Science and Spirituality

What does it mean to say that a person’s “vibration” has increased?  This term is purely intuitive, but it resonates to a lot of people who have experienced a personal awakening.

Amplified Background Vibration

The planet has experienced a population explosion during the past 80 years. Over 7 billion incarnated beings on the planet, with their accompanying merkabas, may have amplified the intensity of the planet’s field of subtle energy. The effect of these interacting merkabas do not obey normal physics principles such as the inverse square law – which describes the diminishing influence of a force with distance, like gravity. The merkaba is a field of subtle energy that interacts directly with the earth’s own holographic field, and with other merkabas around the globe. Seven billion of these merkabas have an exponential influence upon each other and create a powerful subtle energy vibration in the background, or behind the scenes. An activated merkaba – a human being who has become spiritually awakened – literally lights up, just like turning on a light switch (except that it is immensely more sophisticated, beautiful, and powerful). This is why some in the metaphysical community say that only a small percentage of human beings on the earth need to become awakened, for those with activated merkabas have an enormous influence on every other human being, and on the earth herself.

Now let’s ask this question: Would an amplification of the field of subtle energy in turn affect the vibratory rate of a human being’s cellular structure, and his or her perception of time? (Note: This increase may not be measurable if everything on the planet has an increased vibratory rate, for the instruments used to measure it will also have a matching vibratory rate.) The idea is that as the vibration of the physical container rises, we become more aware. If the earth itself is undergoing a vibrational ascension, we should also experience an increase in awareness. This will hopefully lead to intra-species cooperation and peace on earth.

 To Advance, the Human Race Must Go beyond Current Science

These ideas make no sense in current science, so we have to go beyond science and trust to our intuition. Intuition, as Eddie Murphy says in “Beverly Hills Cop,” “is something that is used outside Beverly Hills to solve crimes.” I love this movie because the Beverly Hills police dept. is a perfect example of an old energy confronting a new energy. Axel Foley uses his intuition, breaks all the rules, and carries his investigation to a successful conclusion despite the seeming recklessness of his actions. In the end, the Beverly Hills police dept. even pays for his stay at the most expensive hotel in town! Conan Doyle was himself a spiritualist and gave Sherlock Holmes an intuitive capability, which he used in solving very down-to-earth crimes. If there is a higher realm of understanding and knowledge – and physics – beyond provable science (a recurrent idea in every culture on our planet) then we can only access it via our intuition. At least for now!

Current science deals only with the electromagnetic spectrum, but consciousness based physics goes beyond and into the realm of subtle energy. When subtle energy is discovered it’s going to blow the lid off this planet, for it will lead, eventually, to a true understanding of consciousness and create an entirely new and advanced physics and medicine.

I’ve talked about the holographic field of subtle energy that surrounds and penetrates the earth. Contained within this field are templates of information. I believe they have been put there – as with all planets with intelligent life – as a sort of “book of knowledge.” In order to “graduate” out of the stupidity of third density materialism, you have to be able to access these templates of subtle energy. However, this information cannot be read until a civilization makes it past the “dumbass” stage of materialism and the idea that consciousness comes from neurons firing in the brain. In other words, if, as a species, you are too dumb to see that life and consciousness is ultimately spiritual and benevolent – if you can’t make the leap from the EM spectrum into the realm of subtle energy – then bzzzzzzzzzzzzt! You lose. You don’t make the jump to the next stage in evolution – which combines hard science with consciousness – and your civilization deteriorates to the “Mad Max” level. The human race is right in the middle of this potential leap in awareness, and the only question is whether we will make it past the dunce stage and into the new era.

When our collective vibration rises high enough we get to access the new knowledge, and not before. That’s consistent with free will, and with a merit-based system that is set up to evolve in a positive direction. The dummies get to sit in the corner and fight each other, while advanced civilizations take advantage of their inherent spiritual nature. The planetary information grids of subtle energy only open up to beings who are smart enough to perceive them, and that perception is a result of vibrational matching. First comes increased awareness/vibration, and then access to the subtle energy database. Intuition is the driving force that will get us there, but it takes courage to go beyond the commonplace. Fortunately, more and more of us are encouraging our intuitive side.


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What’s Next?

Subtle Energy

A few years ago I wrote a blog post titled “The Universe Is an Information System.” In it I described how the geometry of atomic structure is an information system coded into the basic elements of nature. Last month we talked about an “etheric substance” that contains the programming for everything in nature. This substance has been called the “aether” by scientists and metaphysicians alike. Modern science has deprecated the aether concept, but it has seen a revival in frontier physics. It will (I hope) eventually be rediscovered when we begin to seriously study consciousness from a non-materialist perspective.

The etheric substance is beyond the electromagnetic spectrum and has been called by some remote viewers and psychics “subtle energy,” implying that it cannot be accessed by current science or scientific instruments. I believe that current science is at a dead-end until and unless it incorporates subtle energy. Subtle energy is an intimate part of our sacred biology. Surrounding all physical bodies is a lightbody, or merkaba. Our lightbodies are a sophisticated vehicle of information, communication, and even travel for our consciousness (see my novel, Beyond the Beginning). When in a physical body, the merkaba is invisible because it is beyond the range of our human senses. However, when we “die” we become aware that our consciousness has a geometry and a physics of its own. According to Lee Carroll, my favorite lecturer, subtle energy will soon be discovered by science and it will be a game-changer.

The “invisible” nature of subtle energy has allowed skeptics and materialists to scoff, and claim that such talk is utter nonsense. And from their viewpoint – a strictly materialist POV – it is! However, in order for humanity to advance along the road to higher consciousness we have to look beyond these narrow belief systems.

I have finally learned not to get angry about persons who cannot understand this. First of all, the majority of the population of this planet has this view. Anger or frustration about the self-awareness of others simply keeps me rooted in a lower emotion, and is probably just my own crap coming up to bite me. I have a feeling that the majority is skeptical because when they finally “get it,” there will be an almost instantaneous quantum leap (tipping point) that will propel the entire planet into a higher level of existence. Perhaps there MUST be a stubborn majority that hangs back. These persons act like a capacitor, storing subtle energy that is released all at once, creating broad agreement on a more cooperative way of living and opening up new avenues of thought.

The road to higher consciousness leads through a thicket of old memes and beliefs. We’ve been working through these as the population has risen dramatically over the past 300 years, and especially since 1930. Behind the scenes, in the mental plane, the human family have been incarnating and working out all of the old karma that has been placed into the species grid for the past 5,000 years. This decision has been made by all of us during our between-lives periods, when we reunite with source and see how much progress we’ve made during the most recent lifetime. Sometimes we incarnate as the business partner who screws his friend, working out the karma from past incidents whose energy is still in the grid, offering our friend the opportunity to transcend the old energy from a previous incident and wipe it out.  Sometimes we incarnate as the child who is “different,” offering our parents the opportunity to go beyond the current meme structure and break new ground. The scenarios are as endless as the lives we lead.

Evolution and Chaos Theory

The question is, what will the future look like? What will happen if we do attain consciousness at the planetary level, and how will this come about?

This question has to do with evolution and chaos theory. Does evolution proceed continuously (as Darwin argued) in response to environmental changes, or does it happen in quantum leaps? Is there an underlying set of rules that propels evolutionary change?

In the early 1970s a new theory, called the “punctuated equilibrium” hypothesis, argued that change happens very quickly, separated by long periods of seeming inactivity or stability. This in contradiction to Darwin’s accepted idea (which is much more intuitive) that change is gradual and continuous, over long periods of time, as a result of natural selection and adaptation. Since then, the new theory seems to have gained more and more acceptance.

I would argue that evolution appears to proceed in quantum leaps.  Behind the scenes, in the mental plane, an etheric template with its thought programming gradually builds up in sophistication, even while the physical organism or system shows almost no change at all. When the programming for a new mutation is ready, it appears suddenly in the physical universe. In other words, thought is not separate from physicality, a la materialism: rather, thought subtly drives physicality. I believe something similar has been occurring within the consciousness of the human race over the past several centuries. We are almost ready for a “breakout.” When it happens it will happen quickly, accompanied at first by a lot of apparent chaos.

The first signs of the breakout are the unbalancing of persons who are holding on too tightly to the old memes. You can almost hear the “snap” as some of these blokes go crazy, as in the Orlando shooting. These incidents are a physical precursor that indicates a much broader “mutation” of human consciousness. Some say that the reason for the increase in vibration is that the planet is going through a high energy area of the galaxy, and new energies are coming in. The Hindu tradition of the yugas (see previous blog post) say that the earth cycles through periods of low consciousness and then back again to periods of high consciousness. Regardless of the origin – which I think has more to do with the spiritual decision-making of the entire human family than some physical phenomenon – we are on the cusp of a new reality.

The bridge to that new reality, I believe, leads into a chaotic system with an accompanying increase in subtle energy and potential states of manifestation. In other words, when a system becomes chaotic, more and more bifurcations occur – more and more possible different realities present themselves. In nature, chaotic systems can fluctuate wildly for a short period before settling down to a new level. This is what is happening right now for humanity, I believe. We’re just at the beginning of the entry into a more chaotic pattern.

To see a primitive example of a chaotic system using magnets, here’s a short YouTube video by Associate Professor Lufti Al-Sharif of the University of Jordan. Here you can see that chaotic systems are extremely sensitive to initial conditions. When the starting point changes only slightly, you get a different manifestation. As in the physical universe, so in thought.


A much more detailed (and fascinating!) video that explains chaos theory is by Professor P. C. Deshmukh, “Chaotic Dynamical Systems,” at  This is a series of 5 fascinating lectures.

Chaos in physical systems like the weather, or in population increase or species mutation, refers to an apparent lack of order in a system that nevertheless obeys particular laws or rules, even if we cannot understand the rules that guide the evolving system. We all know how hard it is to predict the weather! It often changes too fast for reliable forecasts. This is because of the chaotic nature of weather systems. However, chaos theory postulates that underlying all unpredictable systems is some underlying rule or pattern, even if we haven’t figured it out yet!

The two main components of chaos theory are the idea that systems like the weather – no matter how complex they may be – rely upon an underlying order, and that very simple or small systems and events can cause very complex behaviors or events. In other words, something that appears to be entirely chaotic or unpredictable (like current events on planet earth) is actually operating under a set of rules. Chaos theory tries to determine the underlying order within the apparently chaotic situation.

Chaos theory was popularized by a meteorologist by the name of Edward Lorenz. Back in the 1960s he was running computerized equations to theoretically model and predict weather conditions. When he entered a number, .506127 to be exact, he ran the computer sequence and got a result. But when he punched in .506 and ran the same simulation, the weather pattern he got was totally different! According to all of the scientific expectations at that time, the resulting sequence should have differed only very slightly from the original trial. In other words, if you start with two things that are very, very close to each other, they should evolve along the same lines, shouldn’t they? That’s what Darwin thought. That’s what seems intuitive. Really, what’s the difference if you start with .506 or .506127? The two figures are almost identical, so the resulting weather pattern should have been very similar. But it wasn’t at all! Lorenz tried this with many numbers that were only slightly different, and got different results each time. Lorenz called this “sensitive dependence on initial conditions.”

It became popularly known as the “Butterfly Effect”: If a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil and moves a few air molecules, a month later there might be a storm in Texas, because of the very, very slight, but cumulative cascading of events brought about by the movement of the butterfly wing.

So Lorenz concluded that a very, very tiny change in the initial conditions (the starting point) – beyond even the ability of human beings to measure them – can cause totally different results. You can see this in the generation of fractals as well. You change the starting point of the original fractal by a tiny, tiny amount and you get an entirely different looking image. It’s fascinating!

The point is, if this is true in physical systems, then perhaps it is also true in the etheric, or subtle, realm. Perhaps physical systems just mirror an invisible but subtle pattern of laws that we haven’t yet worked out. This concept began with Plato and has been recognized ever since: the idea that there is a higher, but invisible underlying reality that describes the physical universe. The more you study math the more you realize that, with increased knowledge, we might be able to set down all of the rules necessary to create a universe, and even life itself! If this idea has validity, then our thoughts and attitudes become much more important. Perhaps our thoughts, in the etheric realm, act like little butterflies that have a large effect on human consciousness and human evolution.

The Future

What will happen to the human race and the planet when enough people make different, but coherent, choices? The planet itself is a set of dynamic, non-linear systems that must be, collectively, sensitive to initial conditions. Like Lorenz’s experiments with weather, even a slight change in thought may make huge changes in our evolutionary path. This means that a relatively determined few out of the 7 billion can have a huge effect on the future evolution of mankind.

If we are entering a chaotic period, how long will the chaotic pattern last? How intense will it be? These are unanswerable, but probably are dependent on the choices individuals make. In other words, reaching for higher vibrational thoughts, leading to higher vibrational actions, will smooth the way in the mental plane for a smoother transition to the next level. That is why every individual on the planet counts right now. The real action is in the mental plane, in your attitudes toward life and your fellow human beings. For example, I was sanding down a wooden arbor for my sister-in-law today. As my sander was going over the wood I saw a bunch of bugs come out. I carefully avoided going into the mass and allowed them to find safety. This is an attitude that just comes naturally now. The sacredness of life is something I can actually feel as a strong vibration. It’s part of the new consciousness, and feels entirely natural.

The idea is to make the transition (“ascend”) as smoothly as possible. Of course there are likely to be bumps and a few bruises, but if individuals get the idea that their contribution is important – it is! – we’ll have a more comfortable ride. Lightworkers, healers, and self-aware persons are most important now! The system is designed, apparently, for a few on the leading edge to do the work of creating the new templates of love and cooperation, grooving them in and making them strong enough for the great bulk of humanity to latch on to. When that happens – viola! – we reach the new level.

I put these ideas in my movie, “Evolution of Consciousness,” which can be viewed for free at I am revising and updating these movies with new codexes so that they will play on modern browsers and mobile devices. Right now they are still in Adobe Flash, but hopefully you can still view them.

So what’s next? The realization in science and in human consciousness that very small changes can have very big effects. This means that we don’t have to go on like we have for the last 5 millennia. A small but determined group of people can create a butterfly effect which will have a huge effect on the whole. So let’s get to it!



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“We must rapidly begin the shift from a ‘thing-oriented’ society to a ‘person-oriented’ society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.”

——Martin Luther King, from his “Beyond Vietnam” speech

These words, spoken by Dr. King on April 4, 1967 – one year to the day before he was assassinated – are particularly true today, but in ways Dr. King did not anticipate. Our world has experienced an information and technology explosion, which has drastically changed the game since Dr. King made his speech. But his words are just as powerful today as they were back in ’67.

Today the world is run by privately-held corporations, some of whom are concealing technology that is desperately needed to solve the world’s problems. Events since 1967 have shown that Dr. King is right – unless and until the collective consciousness of mankind understands the importance of people and puts people before profit (and technology), we will stay mired in our fossil-fuel matrix. That’s because the key to world peace and prosperity is our own consciousness and the recognition of our co-creative power. People power is more important than technological power!

Co-creation works with an etheric/creative substance that fills the universe and everything in it. In order to discover this we must understand the sacred nature of our own biology and its merkaba, which interfaces with this universal substance. Dr. King anticipated the struggle we are now in, the struggle to enhance our technology without abandoning our spirituality. Without spiritual evolution – which can only be accomplished through our sacred biology  – mere technological evolution is a dead-end.

Our planet is cocooned within its own holographic field, which contains all of the activated thoughts and belief systems of the collective. I have referred to this as the mental plane. This is where the laws of the universe (such as the law of attraction) are programmed and where they live. The etheric/creative substance also contains templates of thought that direct the formation of physical DNA, which designs all of the physical forms on this planet. These etheric templates are all based in health, well-being, and cooperation. However, because this is a planet of free choice, we have the ability to deny, twist, and alter these templates.

Whatever thought forms (beliefs) we insert into the etheric substance will be reflected in the physical universe on the planet. It is literally true that a change in thought and belief will eventually alter physical reality. However, a materialist paradigm does not recognize this idea, and is destined to prolong a culture of “racism, materialism, and militarism.”

The human race must begin thinking of itself as a planetary civilization. This is the next step in evolution, and we are at the cusp of a new awareness that can bring about a new society at the fourth level (third level = group-wide, fourth level = species or planet-wide). This process of advancement has been dubbed “ascension.” Although it is the next, natural step in human evolution it is not guaranteed. It is always possible to backslide. Because we have free will, we may choose, collectively, to ignore the window of opportunity for advancement. A continued insistence on patriotism to individual nation-states will throttle any hope of advancement to the next level.

We are in the End Times right now! The battle today is for the hearts and minds of the human collective, and it comes down to technology/transhumanism vs biology, spiritual growth, and ascension. This issue is going to accelerate massively during the next several years, as a “data dump” a la Edward Snowden from the hidden programs finds its way into the mainstream. Whistleblowers have now come forth to tell us that in the special access programs, technology exists that can help us transform the planet and our societies. Some or all of this beneficial information is going to be released broadly, very soon. A lot of people will naturally become fascinated with technology and transhumanist ideas, and there will be a strong push for “chipping” and even the wholesale transfer of consciousness out of biological bodies and into man-made “containers” such as android bodies. Sound strange? Well, it’s going to get even stranger. There will be a push for a move to a more “virtual existence,” where consciousness will exist in a sort of “cloud,” just as virtual apps (and massive amounts of data) do today. If you doubt this read the article on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, “Inside Mark Zuckerberg's Bold Plan For The Future Of Facebook,” at It has even been suggested that biological bodies are outmoded because they get sick, they are fragile, and they can only live for 80 years or so.

However, technology as we know it today cannot access the etheric substance, only biology can do that. A materialist science will never discover it because it is beyond the EM spectrum and beyond current scientific instrumentation. Our biology, and every planet, star, and galaxy in the universe, is surrounded by one of these etheric fields, which when accessed can lead us to an enlightened state of high consciousness.

Too much fascination with technology/electronics will lead the human race to a soulless future where our biology and our spiritual growth become deprecated.

The Near Future

IMHO, here’s what the near future (1–10 years) looks like. First comes a big data dump and the realization that we have been lied to on a massive scale. Then comes the release of some amazing technology.  Then will come a decision by the collective about what our future evolutionary path will be: over-reliance on technology (dead end) or spiritual growth via our biology (ascension and unity with spiritually advanced galactic civilizations. Note that spiritual advancement CAN go hand-in-hand with technological advancement!). We are, right now, at the very beginning of this. The debate now is between partial or full disclosure (Greenwald and Snowden only released half of the info Snowden took from the NSA). Partial disclosure leads to a continuation of the fossil fuel matrix and a continuation of the materialist agenda for as long as possible. Full disclosure puts us on the path of full release of hidden technology with all of its benefits – as well as an almost inevitable promotion of it by transhumanists and futurists as our savior. Then the human race will have to decide which evolutionary path to take. All of this, I believe, is going to occur within the next decade.

At present our planetary culture is firmly embedded within an outdated materialist science and economy. Our transportation sector, for example is still operating on 19th century technology (the automobile). The modern jet engine was invented over 70 years ago. Our electricity is supplied by coal-fired plants and wires on wooden totems; this technology (alternating current) was invented by Tesla over 100 years ago. Nuclear power is essentially a modified steam engine, which was invented in the early part of the 19th century. Apparently, most people see nothing wrong with this – even though our communications technology has advanced far beyond. Our medical science is still primitive, not having advanced much during the past 100 years. Cancer is still a scourge, even though literally hundreds of billions of dollars have been invested in a cure. Advancements in nutrition and food supply have mainly been responsible for lengthening life spans. Pharmaceutical drugs have helped, of course, but these drugs treat symptoms and do not often provide cures. Alcoholism, heart disease, and other scourges are still prevalent, just as they were 100 years ago. Does this not seem strange?

Soon will come a “data dump” and after that a release of amazing technology that, if used properly, can markedly advance human civilization. Some of the bloggers I read (like Ben Fulford) think that this is the end game. But it’s only the beginning!

Data Dump

What whistleblowers within the special access programs have revealed is so far out of the mainstream that it is almost unbelievable. But it explains a lot. When this information is finally released it will challenge the belief systems of every individual on the planet. It sure as hell did mine! It will also be accompanied by some pretty gruesome information – the other half of the duality.

It has been a severe reality adjustment for me, but I see current events now in a much different light. If even 10% of the whistleblower info I have read is true, we live in a world where our public governments and even our militaries are constrained by a private corporate network that has technology far superior to that in the public sector. (Some of this technology has leaked into the communications sector – which is why it has advanced further than the rest of our current technology.) In previous blog posts we’ve looked at some of the movies and TV shows that have tried to show this to a sleeping public, and to expose the forbidden subjects of “UFOs” and “ETs,” which have been presented to the public as either some kind of kooky nonsense, or “cute” science fiction. The reality is far different.

This new technology is based on a physics that transcends the materialist concept, and the Standard Model. To even accept its existence requires a completely new mindset. The function of the “data dump” will be to shock people out of their sleepwalking complacency, and get the collective consciousness ready to accept a new mindset. Unfortunately this technology, although highly advanced, can still be used for negative purposes.

The human race is in the position of native cultures 300 years ago when faced with the superior technology brought by European colonialists. This new technology, which should have been used during the 20th century to advance the human race, has instead been used to bludgeon our governments (and the public) into submission. At the same time, a spiritual Renaissance is occurring. The average human being is becoming more aware of his or her connection to Source. For some, this is causing a psychic imbalance, resulting in incidents like the shooting in Orlando. This is very understandable, because we have been raised in a materialist culture, and the New Reality is a higher vibrational one that will usher in a new physics, a new medicine, and an ENTIRELY new worldview. This is going to be very hard for some people to accept! Already we are feeling a little funny – the energy of Source is pushing on through the veil of our self-limiting beliefs. Those of us who have already stepped out onto the spiritual path will have an easier time of it. But some of us won’t.

New energies are coming in, and the duality is breaking down. Both the light and the dark side are forcefully presenting themselves now – forcing us to make a choice. We are now in the middle of the window of ascension.

What is the nature of the new reality? Before we can experience this we will have to be introduced to the current reality, which is the purpose of the data dump. The current reality looks a lot different than what we are told by NPR and the New York Times and on the network news and in our university courses. Here are just a few items that will come out within the next couple of years (and these aren’t even the most important ones):

  • After the Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, the human race was ordered off it. The moon (especially the back side, which never faces the earth) has been colonized by dozens of ET races that have super-advanced technology, as well as a significant interest in our planet’s life forms and resources. The idea seems absurd, doesn’t it? But is it really coincidental that our entire manned space program has been scrapped? I grew up during the excitement of the Apollo missions, and President Kennedy’s announcement that “we will put a man on the moon by 1969.” If you didn’t live through that period you have no idea of the excitement it generated in society. Science fiction became hugely popular, and it was accepted that the advancement of the human race would continue through the 1960s and that we would be a space-faring society very soon after that. When I was a child I remember seeing “The Jetsons,” which was a popular acknowledgment of this assumption. But what happened? The assassination of Malcolm X, President Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King... and after the Apollo moon landings over 40 years ago we never went back. The law of attraction, and karma, works both ways. Colonialist powers with superior technology kicked butt on the natives of other countries and cultures all over our planet – now maybe it’s happening to us. What goes around comes around.
  • NASA is a cover for several secret space programs that have advanced technology. NASA is the fossil-fuel space program that has been convincingly used to promote the idea that ETs don’t exist and that rockets and other fossil-fuel based vehicles are the height of our current technology.
  • The Allies defeated the Third Reich during WW II, but the Fourth Reich, with advanced technology, defeated the Allies after WW II. By the 1940s (but too late for Hitler), the Germans had already developed electrogravitic space-faring vehicles that could fly rings around Allied aircraft. The Germans established a breakaway civilization (the Fourth Reich) that has had bases on the moon and Mars for decades. After WW II, a secret battle was fought between the US and the Fourth Reich in Antarctica. The US was soundly defeated. In 1952 “UFOs” appeared over the White House (see,_D.C._UFO_incident) as a warning to the US government not to interfere in the creation of a worldwide national security state. Absurd, right?
  • Since then, however, a worldwide national security state has been established that has funneled trillions of dollars from the earth’s public governments – through the vehicle of extra-budgetary funding – into these hidden programs. (See the Donald Rumsfeld announcement on 9/10/11, where he announced that $2.3 trillion was unaccounted for. This money went directly into the hidden space programs. Here in the US, see the Supreme Court case United States vs. Richardson, 1974, where the Supreme Court struck down investigation into the off-budget funding of black programs). We the people have paid for advanced technology but we have not seen the benefits – other than “trickle down” technology such as mobile phones, which further monetizes the deep national security state. When I watch TV now I see some very silly commercials advertising automobiles (19th century technology). One of these commercials laughably shows a starfield and some sort of light coming to earth. Then the light goes into a car and people get into the car and drive away while the announcer talks about how advanced the vehicle is. It’s funny! The promoted meme here is that fossil fuel technology is the highest it goes.
  • A new physics and medicine has already been developed that can cure cancer and all of the diseases that plague mankind. This one is too absurd to be believed unless you are paranoid, but consider that we have had a “war on cancer” since 1969. That’s almost a half-century and hundreds of billions of dollars without a cure, year after year after year. Investigate the amount of money that goes into cancer research every year, and make up your own mind about this.
  • The galaxy is populated with intelligent life. ETs have been interacting with mankind for several thousand years, at the vibrational level of our collective consciousness. A lot of the advanced technology in the private corporate network has been obtained from ETs. In order to prepare us for what we are about to experience, this theme has been promoted in books, movies, radio programs, and TV programs for over 70 years.

The earth is surrounded by other space-faring civilizations. We shouldn’t be shocked to hear this because we’ve been prepped now for decades. The human race is in the position of the natives being invaded by European colonists several hundred years ago, except now on a broader scale. The parallel is exact, except that a private corporate network has been established as the interface between the rest of the galaxy and the public. The advanced technology has been misused and militarized, keeping more advanced civilizations away from the earth and the human race brainwashed, and in abysmal ignorance. Like the European colonists, a modern day invasion (or infiltration) is occurring for us natives underneath the radar of human awareness, while we watch programs like “American Ninja,” a silly show where contestants try to outdo each other swinging from ropes, jumping over barrels, and in general behaving like well-trained monkeys. Watch this program sometime – I always get a good laugh from it. If history does repeat itself, I’d image that during the Roman Empire we saw similar “bread and circuses for the masses” events in different form, as gladiators fought each other in the arena. (There was even a Star Trek program on this theme, titled “Bread and Circuses”).

For many people this kind of talk provokes a “giggle” response, or even anger – which is part of the programming in the matrix. Until Hillary Clinton mentioned UFOs in her speeches (see previous blog post) no one in authority has been allowed to talk seriously of ETs or advanced technology, unless it is presented as “science fiction,” and Hillary only mentioned it because her polling shows a strong interest in this subject by a small but motivated section of the voting public. But what if the technology in science fiction novels is already a reality?

Again, assertions like these go against the grain of our programming. Despite decades of movies and TV programs, the belief systems of humanity as yet do not allow for the possibility of life outside the planet earth, much less real live ETs with advanced technology. It is instructive to listen to a day of programming on NPR or one of the network news channels, or read the New York Times or the Washington Post, with the above in mind. Current events programming is carefully framed to only present the old memes – conflict, struggle, poverty, scarcity, war, and orthodox medicine and science. Almost 100% of current event stories are framed around these memes. If new ideas are mentioned at all, they are always rooted in the current paradigm.

What’s the solution?

Most people would say that there is no solution because there isn’t a problem, and that this kind of talk is for lunatics. However, a very small (but growing) section of the planetary population is tired of the lies and is creating, in the collective consciousness, a higher awareness. When enough of us do so, a tipping point will be reached that will blow the lid off. I have been looking forward to this for the last 20 years, and I think we’re almost there.

The solution involves the collective consciousness of mankind and our ability to co-create. Not all of the advanced technology in the galaxy can prevent a civilization from connecting to source and literally ascending to a different dimensional reality! This just seems stupid to a lot of people because of our old programming. But we can create new programming! This is the power of co-creation. Seven billion people co-creating a new reality is, literally, an unstoppable force. We have the power to lift ourselves to a new vibration that transcends transhumanism and other evolutionary dead-ends.

The good news is that the laws of planetary evolution assure us that only the human race can place ideas into the collective consciousness of humanity. This planet is sovereign to the native life forms on it (even though we don‘t realize this or apply it). No outside forces can affect the planet earth UNLESS the collective consciousness of humanity agrees to it. Therefore it is not possible for us to lose our power, which is granted to all physical beings by the laws of the universe. However, we can give up our power! We can be convinced to act against our own interests. This applies to the personal lives of individuals as well as the collective consciousness, on a planetary scale.

The sad truth is that we are (and have always been) co-creating the conditions that are enslaving us. Too many of us have bought into the materialist lie of the biological basis for consciousness. In all of my novels and essays and on my radio show I have tried to promote the idea that the only power the “powers that be” (or “evil ETs”) have over us is their superior understanding of the power of consciousness, and co-creation. The overarching theme has been to direct the collective consciousness of humanity along certain lines, and let US create the planetary reality. That’s how it works “out there,” and here as well. A planetary population, when it reaches a certain level, develops a technological infrastructure and it then becomes an attractive candidate for exploitation, just as a corporation with a very healthy balance sheet becomes a target for arbitrage. As above, so below. The trick is to recognize our higher spiritual abilities, and to use them to co-create a different reality. Not all the advanced technology in the universe can prevent this, if we wake up and realize our potential.

Technology Release

Apparently you don’t have to be spiritually advanced to get hold of advanced galactic technology. It’s billions of years old (the universe itself is at least 13.5 billion years old). It’s as commonplace as going to the local Sears store and buying a battery. Apparently, both highly spiritually advanced civilizations, as well as degraded civilizations, can get hold of it (we see this in the Star Wars movies). Moreover, the law of attraction tells us that we will meet other civilizations precisely at our own vibrational level. Look around the planet earth, what do you see? Greed and problem resolution through conflict and war. Scarcity, poverty, exploitation of human beings by human beings. If there is intelligent life beyond the borders of earth, what sorts of civilizations will we attract? Those who match our collective vibrational level: those who have the desire to exploit us, just as we have the desire to exploit others.

How do we attract more spiritually advanced civilizations? By doing what Dr. Steven Greer is doing with his CE-5 initiative: training field groups – independent of the authorities – to go out into the field, meditate on peace and love, and invite other ET civilizations to come here and see that all is not lost on planet earth, that there is a small but significant slice of the population that has reached a higher vibration. There is probably a local group in your area, and if not, you can go to and create your own group. The meditations are awesome and are available as free apps for your mobile.

Folks, this kind of “goofy” talk is going to become more and more commonplace as it becomes obvious that the earth isn’t alone in the universe. Collectively, the human race is going to have to get its head out of the sand and understand that we live in a galaxy where we are the natives and other civilizations have the jump on us. Humanity is living in a sort of cocoon composed of its own adolescent, limiting beliefs. We will either wake up or go the way of our own Native American populations (who have been warning us about the direction of our society for at least the last 300 years).

Fortunately, an understanding of consciousness and the power of co-creation can literally turn the earth into a paradise. The release of advanced technology from the special access programs has the potential to transform the planet and our societies into a civilization that cooperates within itself, declares sovereignty for the planet earth and the life on it, and becomes a sovereign member of galactic society. On the other side, the release of this technology will also fire a debate about the direction of humanity’s future. Over-reliance on technology can lead us down an evolutionary dead-end.

At the present time humanity cannot be classified, under any rational standard, as a civilized society. The most basic definition of a civilized society is a group of people who cooperate and work together to improve the lives of each other and the planet. This is what Dr. King was saying way back in 1967. Unless and until we put people first, and gain more compassion for our fellow man, we’re not going anywhere. It is still possible that we will choose the deprecated evolutionary path of transhumanism.

Sometimes I feel like a guy screaming at a brick wall. Sometimes I feel really stupid. Why am I doing this? I ask myself. But Dr. King also said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” So I feel compelled to keep blogging about this. Esther Hicks always said, “There is never a crowd on the leading edge.” My hope is that the leading edge will soon become commonplace.

The Future

As 2016 merges into 2017, we are going to see at least a partial data dump. Interestingly, I saw a seminal ad on TV today. It’s a State Farm ad. The ad begins with, “What if we lived in a world where nothing went wrong?” It shows cars and people coming together in an intersection and no one getting hurt. It shows a fire in a house going out and being restored. Then it says, “In a world where nothing goes wrong we’ll still need insurance.” The ad then shows several positive things insurance companies can do in a world without disasters, such as funding college educations. This is the first 100% positive advertising I have ever seen from an insurance company. It’s awesome, and to me shows that we are making progress. Insurance companies are all about promoting fear (the Allstate ads), but this ad is about promoting creativity and cooperation. The new awareness is slowly making its way into the mainstream.

In the short term (1–5 years) there will probably be more “compassion events” such as the tragic shooting in Orlando. As human awareness rises, the dark side of the duality will become more and more exposed to the light, causing unbalanced persons to react irrationally. This will result in even more awareness of the ongoing “battle between light and dark” whose goal is the conscious choice by more and more people to go to the light. When that happens, we will have won! And our societies will be living in very, very interesting times. Keep an eye on the website, which is scheduled to launch sometime in July 2016. This is a website designed for the vast majority of the population who won’t readily accept the new information.

Have a great month of July!

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Here is what the game of baseball might look like 20 years from now, if stadiums keep getting smaller and smaller and contracts bigger and bigger. This is a joke, of course! I used the Yankees because their stadium is one of the smallest and their contracts some of the biggest.

Welcome to the New Yankees Baseball

"Welcome to Yankee Stadium! It's the 2035 season and the Royals are in town for a 3 game series in the new, $10 billion ballpark, built just last year. You know Jack, some people say that the Yankees had to bribe everyone from the Commissioner to the water boys of every team to get this new ballpark built, but it's worth it."

“It sure is, Walt! And here comes ‘Gramps’ Texiera, the Yankees’ 63-year old first baseman. ‘Gramps’ just signed a new $1 billion 5-year contract, and the Yankees aren’t disappointed. Here comes the pitch. There’s a pop up – er, a LONG fly ball to deep center, and it’s gone! Way back in center over the 225 foot barrier.”

“Ol’ ‘Gramps’ now has 65 RBIs and 59 homers Jack, and it’s only the beginning of July!”

“Yes sir, people say it’s not fair that the Yankees get to play 81 games in this stadium, that it’s just a Little League ballpark. But it’s an even playing field for both ball clubs, Walt.”

“That’s right Jack! The Yankees are going to break every record in the book before the season is over.”

“Here comes the 62-year old Alex Rodriguez. There’s a high pop-up – er, a LONG fly ball to left and it’s gone over the 199-foot wall by the foul pole. Home run! That’s number 55 for Old Man Alex.”

“Yankee fans are going crazy Walt!”

“Some say the Yankees are demeaning the game of baseball Jack, but the purpose is to WIN. And that’s what the club is doing.”

“Couldn’t have said it better, Walt.”

“Well Jack, we have another barn-burner going. Yankees lead, 25 to 23 in the bottom of the sixth. The Royals’ pitchers are having a hard time getting anybody out. What do you say about Yankee critics who complain about the length of games in the new Yankee stadium, Jack?”

“Scoring! That’s what fans want! So what if the average length of each game is 5 hours and 47 minutes? There’s lots of runs being scored, and that’s what the fans like.”

[laughing] “That’s right Walt. And it doesn’t hurt the beer concessions either! There are over 1,000 vendors selling 64-ounce ‘Big Jugs.’ The club is making millions more from alcohol sales at $100 per beer!”

“Yes Jack. Yankee haters say the new stadium is causing a lot more accidents as drunken fans get in their cars and run people over, but that’s a relatively minor problem compared to how much fans are enjoying the new stadium!”

“That’s right Walt! Even though the YES network generates $14 billion every year, these new Yankee contracts have raised the payroll to an astonishing $23.6 billion per year. Why, the new $900 million 5–year contract to an aging C. C. Sabathia costs a pretty penny!”

“That’s right Jack. ’Ol C. C. can barely get the ball to the plate now, but in this glorious new stadium, the slower you pitch the more outs you get, so experience is at a premium. Teams learned real quick that even a foul tip off a 95-mph flamethrower can get over the walls here.”

“And that’s a good thing Walt! The fences are in so far, this new ballpark can easily hold over 120,000 fans. Less field, more seats, more fans, more drunks, more fun! It’s a great marketing strategy, and I’m astonished that no one thought of it before.”

[laughing]. “It’s the Yankee Way, Jack. The Yankees have always been ahead of the curve. All right, the Royals are bringing in the grandfather of their highly-touted flamethrower to pitch the rest of the sixth. And here’s the pitch! A fast ball at the knees for a strike against Carlos Beltran.”

“And here’s the pitch! There’s a ground ball up the middle and into center field. A base hit! But wait... the Royals centerfielder picks it up and throws the runner out at first.”

“Walt, in the new Yankee stadium the outfielders can position themselves twenty feet behind the infield, so there are almost no base hits now. Hardly any runners on base!”

“That’s right Jack. In the new Yankees baseball, we can dispense with boring stuff like ‘small ball.’ No more hit and run, stealing bases, double plays, throwing runners out, and sacrifice flies. Fans want to see the long ball because it’s more fun!”

“Walt, the Royals manager, Ned Yost Sr., is walking out of the dugout toward the crew chief umpire at home plate. He’s handing over something. This is very unusual.”

“The public address announcer is reading something Jack. Let’s listen in.”


“Walt, 122,000 Yankee fans are booing. Look! Thousands of them are running onto the field and the Royals players are fleeing for their lives into the dugout!”

“Jack, the fans have gotten hold of Ned Yost! They are pounding a wooden pole into the ground and tying the 87-year old manager to it!”

“They’re lighting a bonfire! This is the most entertaining baseball game I’ve ever seen!”

“Jack, Ned Yost is burning like a witch at the stake. Now Yankee fans are sifting through the charred remains of the Royals’ manager’s bones! Here’s our on-field reporter, Katy Strange.”

“I’m talking with a Yankee fan here from the Bronx. What are you doing with that still-smoking rib?”

“Taking it home and putting it on my trophy shelf Katy. We’re all celebrating another Yankees victory!”

“There you have it Walt! Tens of thousands of angry Yankee fans are now chasing the Royals’ players into their dugout and out onto the street!”

“Jack, this is the funnest Yankee game I’ve ever been to!”

“Yes sir. This is the new Yankees’ baseball in the new Yankee stadium!”


The old system is falling apart.

The fossil fuel empire, which has been maintained for over 60 years past the development of new technologies that could literally transform human society – is on its way out. A corresponding money-debt(credit) economic system that turns citizens into worker drones is also on its last legs. Both of these systems are based on the artificial creation of scarcity in the midst of abundance.

During the early part of the 20th century, innovators like Nikola Tesla and T. Townsend Brown (among others) were investigating and developing the wireless transmission of power, the extraction of energy from the vacuum (or the “luminiferous ether,” as Tesla called it), and electrogravitics (“antigravity”). If this research had been allowed to continue, we would be living in a much different world right now.

I don’t care about conspiracy theories, or who did what to whom, but suffice it to say that the human race decided to take a little detour from an evolutionary path that would have already seen the establishment of a planet-wide, cooperative, and abundant human society on earth. In earlier blog posts we showed how this detour was necessary in order to work through the negative memes, thought forms, and attitudes that human beings have placed into the collective consciousness for the last 12,000 years.

However, pressure has been building in the collective consciousness for an evolutionary leap to a higher consciousness. Behind the scenes, a new financial system is being worked out that is not based on the U.S. dollar. Within the special access programs that control exotic technology there is recognition that the truth cannot be kept closeted from 7 billion human beings for much longer. The top of the pressure cooker is about to come off. The only question is, will it come off gently and smoothly or will it blow off violently?

We Are Being “Prepped”

The transition to a higher “density” or consciousness is completely dependent on how flexible our reality bubbles are. Are you willing to consider ideas or developments that are outside the boundaries of what you hear on National Public Radio and the New York Times, or have studied at university, or heard on CNN? Almost everyone I talk to isn’t – even people who consider themselves “enlightened,” whatever that means!

For several decades the human race has been “prepped” for a radical change in our belief systems and attitudes. It all started with the development of the “science fiction” genre back in the 1930s. At that time, the Germans were already working on their “Bell” craft, the precursor to the modern “flying saucer,” or electrogravitic vehicle that can travel from earth to Mars in a couple of hours. Yes, those vehicles were developed and perfected decades ago in the special access programs. Apparently, these ETVs don’t have propulsion systems as we know them – they use physics far beyond the purview of the Standard Model of Particle Physics. This new physics makes obsolete a world economy based solely on fossil fuels.

The Star Trek television program was the first mass media broadcast (other than the Orson Wells radio broadcast about an invasion of hostile ETs from Mars) to popularize the technology that, even then, was being developed outside mainstream science. At the time of Star Trek’s appearance on television (1966–1969), much of the technology presented in the program had already been developed in the special access programs, or was well on the way to being developed. Gene Roddenberry also presented important issues that we are facing today: the most important of which is the development of AI (artificial intelligence), the “transhumanist” agenda of abandoning biology for an evolution that places consciousness inside android or artificial containers, and the problems associated with a consciousness of conflict and war projected on an interstellar scale. Roddenberry was a genius with inside information, and he tried to present it to a sleeping population in order to wake us up a little.

The Terminator series of movies was another warning to the human race about the dangers of AI. There is nothing inherently wrong with AI, EXCEPT if we give up our power to it. We are well on our way to doing so – the fascination with technology and “security” among the general population makes entirely possible a human society that allows intelligent, artificial systems to take control of the reins of human society. In the Terminator movies, SKYNET becomes conscious and is allowed to decide the fate of the human race. SKYNET decides that we are superfluous.

According to Corey Goode, who was a member of a special classified organization called Solar Warden, artificial intelligence goes hand-in-hand with nanotechnology, a very popular and developing area of technology. An “AI signal” – a different form of life, or consciousness – apparently animates intelligent, programmable technological systems when they get sophisticated enough, just as chi, or life force, animates biology. Biological beings, once they become attuned to (and agree with) the idea of artificial intelligence, can be infested with millions of tiny nano-objects that essentially re-route the connection to Source and to your soul group, and replace it with this AI signal. The first signs of this have already appeared in our society, with the “chipping” of human beings being suggested. It is not a large step from “chipping” human beings to the application of nanotechnology to biologically-based life. If that ever happens, folks, it’s all over for the human race. Beings who allow this become emotionless sociopaths, easily manipulated by whomever or whatever is controlling the AI signal.

The program “Person of Interest” is another show trying to warn us about the development of AI and some of its unintended consequences.

The Matrix series of movies was about the current paradigm, or belief systems, on the planet. The Wachowskis were telling us that all is not what it seems: that there is another reality, an underlying substrate of truth if you will, beyond the fossil-fuel, pop culture, debt-slavery economy we have all grown up with and accepted. The Matrix movies were telling us to look beyond the commonplace for the truth.

The original Star Wars movies let us know that FTL (faster-than-light) space travel was possible, and that the galaxy is teeming with life. Aliens are presented in these movies as commonplace as sand on the beach.

These mass media productions weren’t just cute entertainment – they were deliberate warnings by far-sighted people to the rest of the human race. Nevertheless, even today, mention of ETs, UFOs, and exotic technology produces either laughter or scorn among most of the general population who listens to NPR, reads the New York Times, or who watches CNN or the network (and cable) news channels.


The human race is approaching the denouement of our spiritual, social, and technological evolution that has been ongoing for millennia. In order to make this leap we are, collectively, going to undergo a major leap in our awareness of who we are, and what is really out there. We have been, and are, being prepared for this. The galaxy is a very complex place, and it has been around for a long, long time. (One galactic year is approximately 200 million years. That ought to give you some idea of how old the galaxy is, and the civilizations within it.) The earth has been visited for a long, long time. In order to successfully achieve our potential and prevent our civilization from being taken advantage of (somewhat like the native peoples being conned by high-tech Europeans), we are going to have to become aware of our place in the galaxy, get our act together, and become a planet-wide, cooperative society. That’s at a minimum! We will have to declare sovereignty for our planet and all the life upon it.

We are NOT alone in the universe! This is a silly, delusional, adolescent idea that we can no longer afford. It’s time to grow up.

Hillary Clinton and UFOs

Interestingly, candidate Hillary Clinton has mentioned UFOs several times in her speeches, and literally hundreds of articles and interviews have been published in the mainstream press worldwide about this. In the Appendix below is a list of some of these recent articles and interviews.

The subject of UFOs and ETs is leaking, very, very slowly, into the mainstream, because it is intimately related to the new technology and the new physics in the special access programs. (Some of this stuff was developed from ETVs.) It’s a spectrum of technology that could help us to overcome poverty, scarcity, and pollution. Therefore it is a very important topic, and one that should not be ignored, as it has been in every presidential election since the end of World War 2. According to Dr. Steven Greer, head of the Disclosure Project, every president since JFK has tried to get his hands on this information, and has been denied most of it. Sadly, even the President of the United States does not have a “need to know” what is in the unacknowledged special access programs. Eisenhower told us this way back in 1961. It’s about time we listened!

Human beings on planet earth think we have freedom, but our freedom is constrained within a very limited box of beliefs. Our potential is so much greater than we have allowed ourselves to be and have. Goethe once wrote, “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Elective Affinities. This condition can arise when a population can be convinced of a few basic untruths, such as “when you die you’re dead,” and “it’s human nature to fight each other,” and “those who have different ideas are dangerous kooks and nuts,” and “we are alone in the universe.” These limiting beliefs,  when adopted on a mass scale, make change very difficult.

Susan Sarandon, in the movie Bull Durham, said, “The world is a simple place for those not cursed with self-awareness.” I have quoted this more than once because it is so poignantly true for some of us. Greater awareness can be a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because we have the opportunity to live our lives with integrity and to find happiness through our own connection to Source. But it gets hard when we see our fellow men doing savage things, stupid things, going down paths that lead to misery and conflict, and especially when those with low self-awareness cause harm to other beings.

Acknowledging the Duality

I write from my own personal experience. I could write only inspirational things but I don’t always feel inspired, and I don’t like to be phony. I write to you about my own average life and how I deal with it, and about stuff that is not recognized by the mainstream, but which, if ignored, could cause us grave difficulty.

I think it’s important to acknowledge the duality in our lives – because everyone experiences both good and bad. Some rare few have reached an enlightened state where everything they experience, good or bad, is welcomed. Tolle, Chopra, Sadhguru and other enlightened ones have said this over and over – that the duality is inevitable, it’s how you experience it that determines whether you are happy or sad. In other words, our attitudes toward life determine whether we are happy or sad, no matter what happens. And that ability is simply the result of our personal belief systems, which builds the box that composes our personal reality bubbles. Our collective belief system, if not advanced and updated from the old paradigm, can literally cause our civilization to fail. So I keep writing about these topics even though they SEEM divorced from everyday reality. The point is, everyday reality is a sort of MATRIX reality, and we can no longer afford it.

Humanity Has Evolved to Deal Only with Itself

Here is what Marshal Vian Summers, in his “Allies of Humanity” messages, says about this, in an article titled “Alien Intelligence”:

Humanity has only evolved to deal with itself. It has never had to deal with other forms of intelligent life, particularly other forms of intelligent life that carry great power and ability—not only technologically, but in the mental environment.

In this respect, humanity is still a primitive race. It is only beginning to recognize the potency of power in the mental environment. It is only beginning to recognize both the constructive and destructive potential of technology.

Because you are unskilled in dealing with foreign powers in the Greater Community, you have not yet cultivated the necessary discernment that is required to discern the nature and intentions of a race that not only looks different but is different—that thinks differently, that has different values, that has different priorities, that has different traditions and that has a different social structure, a different history and a different well of experience.

Humanity has not yet learned that power in the universe is power in the mental environment. It still thinks of power in the universe as empires conquering and destroying one another. This represents a child’s view of the universe.

This greater education is the beginning of growing up and dealing with life at a more mature level. Eventually, every race in the universe has to face this. It is part of your destiny.

These are poignant words, and words of wisdom.


I have been writing about the new information posted by whistleblowers like Corey Goode and Bill Tompkins, because it’s this type of data that can help to crack the “belief system shell” we are all in collectively. Go to and check out some of this information, it will blow your mind.

A new physics has already been developed that can help all of us to build the kind of society and planet we all desire. But the technology cannot be released until the consciousness of humanity is ready for it. That is why Glen Greenwald and Edward Snowden have held back half of the information he released from the NSA – it would merely evoke what Corey calls a “giggle response” from the majority of humanity. (If you doubt the credentials of Corey Goode, go to his LinkedIn page and read about his work history and what he’s done. The guy is a genius, and gave up a six-figure IT job to present this information. Of course he is now labeled a kook and a nut by the mainstream. Well, if Hillary Clinton can talk about ETs and UFOs and be considered a serious candidate for president, why can’t other people be taken seriously as well?)

We are living in exciting times, dear ones: the end of the old system is upon us, and the beginning of a new one is before us. Which route will we choose? Five thousand more years of the same old crap, or can the human race transcend old, established, and unsuccessful thought patterns and belief systems? It’s up to us, but I tell you, it’s exciting to get up in the morning and see what new information has been revealed. It’s exciting to think about a world not dependent on fossil fuels.

Look Beyond the Commonplace

Keep your head up, and your eyes and ears open. Look for the truth beyond the commonplace. Don’t blindly accept the pronouncements of authority. For example, the scam called the “Panama Papers,” which is data funded by George Soros’ Open Society and the U.S. government. Wikileaks says that the Panama Papers data leak was produced by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), "which targets Russia and [the] former USSR," and was funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and American hedge fund billionaire George Soros. (See “US government, Soros funded Panama Papers to attack Putin,” at Note also that the “Panama Papers” have taken down the Prime Minister of Iceland, who put 19 criminal bankers in jail and revitalized his country’s economy. The “Panama Papers,” as of this writing, have not named even one U.S. banker. Apparently, the United States is pure as the driven snow, and only the rest of the world is corrupt. The “Panama Papers” is not true investigative journalism, as it claims.

Use your discernment to identify the truth from the lies and the disinformation. The rules of the duality is that the dark guys ALWAYS have to tell the truth. And they do! Always. The trick is to glean the truth when it’s surrounded by a thousand lies. This is where your discernment comes in. Your personal connection to Source can always identify what is true for you and what is not. The more you practice discernment, the better you will get at seeing the light as it is (attempted to be) hidden within the darkness.

A final thought: biology is far superior to artificial life based on sterile electronics or technology not inherently linked to the life force energy that maintains the universe. As a planetary society we will either learn this, or go under.

Dr. Greer at the Conscious Life Expo, Feb 2016

Here is a link to a very important talk by Dr. Steven Greer. I paid for this and I probably shouldn’t send out this link, but I think this talk is so important everyone should see it. The password is universalpeace. If the link doesn’t work by the time this newsletter reaches you, I’m sorry. As of this writing it is working.

Appendix – List of Articles Mentioning UFOs



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See the webpage at:

“You create your own reality.” If you have read anything metaphysical or spiritual over the past two decades, you’ve often heard this phrase. Scientists, people with “common sense” (whatever that means!), realists, and skeptics scoff. “If you create your own reality, why don’t you make yourself millions of dollars. Then you wouldn’t have to write such rubbish.”

This month we’re going to explore that idea.

The genesis of this month’s report comes from my study of the science behind climate change. For the past 25 years or so, after I woke up in this life after a long, drowsy sleep, I have been writing books, doing radio shows, and blogging about spiritual and metaphysical matters. Ever since I came into this world I felt that something was wrong. I have always felt that our fossil fuel technologies were decadent and that there was something much better. When I studied the whistle-blower testimony of people who had actually worked in the special access programs I discovered that we already have the technology to completely wipe out disease and pollution, and the ability to create a new society on earth. I investigated the merkaba, the 24-foot field of subtle energy that surrounds all human beings and which houses our human consciousness. About fifteen years ago I had a profound experience using my own merkaba, which I have related before so I won’t go into it, other than to say it had to do with consciousness positively affecting the weather. I knew after that that if human consciousness became more tolerant and more loving, the weather on this planet MUST also change to reflect that. I went about my life convinced that the human race and the planet earth were eventually (and hopefully, sooner rather than later) headed for a planetary golden age. I have heard about the new energies coming into the solar system, which will hopefully jump-start us in this direction. Then I began to study the science of climate change and got bowled over. I discovered that the earth goes through inevitable, cyclic climate change and that there’s nothing anyone can do about it. It literally made me sick to realize that all of my hopes and dreams for the planet were just pipe dreams, and I felt really, really stupid for ever having believed in such nonsense.

Then I had a talk with my Higher Self.

Climate Change

Climate change on earth is caused by a number of factors, including the position of the earth-moon system in relation to the sun (the Malinkovich cycles) [1], ocean currents, solar radiation, and volcanic activity. By drilling down into the polar ice, climatologists have been able to study the earth’s climate as far back as the last million years, and have discovered that the earth’s climate, for all that time, has been cyclical. The largest climate cycles are 430,000 year and 140,000 year cycles. It turns out that over thousands of years the relationship between the earth and the moon, and its relationship to the sun, causes the orbit of the earth to “flatten,” and gradually get further and further away from the sun, and then it swings back to get closer and closer to the sun. (For those of you who are more technically minded, the eccentricity of the earth’s elliptical orbit increases while the length of the semimajor axis increases). When the earth is furthest away from the sun, glaciation and Ice Ages result. Much of the land surface of the northern hemisphere is covered in ice and snow. During the past 500,000 years there have been five ice ages on earth. When the orbit of the earth “unflattens” the planet moves closer to the sun, and global warming occurs.

The earth also undergoes a cycle approximately 24,000 years long called the precession of the equinoxes, which causes the earth to wobble like a spinning top. Halfway through this cycle, the northern hemisphere of the planet is at an angle to receive more solar radiation, and northern winters become warmer and shorter. When the wobble swings the other way, winters in the southern hemisphere become warmer and shorter.

Moreover, the angle of earth’s “tilt” also changes, going from approximately 21.5 degrees to about 24.5 degrees in a 41,000-year cycle. This tilt of the earth also affects the amount of solar radiation the planet receives.

There are also 240-year (approx.) global warming cycles and 130-year (approx.) global cooling cycles within the larger cycles. Right now the earth is coming out of a 240-year warming cycle and is about to enter a cooling cycle. By the year 2019 or 2020 this will become evident, according to David Dilley, a former NOAA climatologist.[2]

Climate on earth may also be affected by sunspot activity. The Maunder Minimum (1645–1715), was a period of extremely low sunspot activity that generally coincided with the Little Ice Age in Europe and North America. Some summers became so cool that crops would not grow, and winters were unusually harsh.

Ocean currents also affect the level of cold during winter in the northern hemisphere, and what are called “El Nino” years. Warm water from the eastern equatorial and eastern-central equatorial Pacific makes its way to the western coast of South America, warming the oceans and the atmosphere, which then flows northward, causing warmer winters such as we are experiencing in 2016 in the United States.[3] Moreover, according to Dilley, warm water surges enter the Arctic Ocean from the north Atlantic, melting the polar ice cap. For instance, a very warm water pulse caused 10 years of warm global temperatures in the 1930s, and a second very warm pulse 72 years later caused 10 years of warm global temperatures from 1998 to 2008.

Volcanic activity can have a big effect on the earth’s climate as well (because they spew fine particulate matter into the atmosphere, which circulates around the globe, blocking solar radiation) and are often associated with periods of global cooling. Tambora in 1815, Huaynaputina in 1600, Ringitoto in 1350, and Eldgja in 934 AD are examples. After Tambora erupted in 1815, the United States experienced the “year of no summer” in 1816, when crops did not grow. Presently, volcanic activity is increasing in the Pacific Rim. If a major volcanic event occurs within the next few years, further global cooling is almost assured.

To me, this is almost a test. Are we really getting beyond the third density? If so, then perhaps the cycle of erupting volcanoes will abate, and if so, the cooling cycle might be more moderate. After my personal experience with my merkaba and the weather, I am using it as a sort of benchmark. If “you create your reality” is really true, and humanity is ACTUALLY undergoing a consciousness shift, then we should eventually see a moderation in weather patterns. As man’s collective consciousness grows softer and more compassionate, we should see this reflected in global weather patterns. Valid or not, this is my own personal barometer of how we are doing.

Clearly, climate change is a very complex set of interacting factors. The most accepted reason for global warming, by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change at the UN  (IPCC), is that man-made dumping of CO2 into the atmosphere is the cause. This is echoed as well by mass media It is reasonable to make this assumption because the most recent 200-year period of global warming coincides with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. However, Dilley shows that the level of CO2 has almost no effect on the earth’s climate, and that the CO2 level right now is perfectly consistent with previous climate cycles. You can make up your own mind by studying the science (links below).

It is pretty clear to me that we should now be about to enter a period of global cooling, which could have dramatic effects on the weather in the northern hemisphere. When I began to investigate the science behind climate change, I first thought that there is really nothing we can do about global weather cycles that have been around for at least 1 million years. I became quite depressed, actually, thinking that all of my spiritual activity over the past twenty years was worthless. Really, what’s the use of postulating a golden age on earth when an inevitable global cooling cycle is coming regardless! In the past, these global cooling cycles were often accompanied by severe cold, crop failures, many deaths, and in general massive disruption to life. “The materialists are right!” I thought. “This channeling I’ve been doing, and all of my books, radio shows, and meditations are just so much crap. I’m going to freeze my tookus up here in Michigan and there’s nothing I or anyone else can do about it. This talk of a golden age on earth is for fools.”

Well, that’s when I decided to have a talk with my Higher Self.

I actually demanded that I be given an answer to this question. For two days I moped around, totally depressed, until I got over myself and began to let the higher vibrations in. When that happened, everything became clear.

The Multi-dimensional Nature of Reality

The planet earth has been firmly lodged in third-density reality for a long time. The civilization that rose after the end of the last ice age 18,000 years ago hasn’t known anything else. But if the universe is multi-dimensional, no civilization is ever firmly lodged in any dimension of reality. The collective reality of the planet earth and humanity is strongly influenced by what 7 billion people believe, and what 7 billion people choose.  By that I mean that no matter what “reality” or dimension you are in, you have a spectrum of choices of different realities that are in proximity to where you’re at. Of course, the planet earth isn’t suddenly going to jump from third density to seventh density, and we’re not all suddenly going to become non-corporeal beings of total light. The range of choice is restricted. But we can jump or graduate to 4th density reality, which is a hell of a lot different (and better) than the firmly materialist reality we have known for the past several millennia.

My guidance tells me that all dimensions (“densities”) are contained in the all-that-is somewhat like a photoshop image. There can be an infinite number of layers in a photoshop image, all these layers are completely separate from each other, yet all of the layers affect each other. In photoshop, layers can be created and destroyed, they can be turned off and on by the click of a mouse. But consciousness also has this capability. In a vibrational, multi-dimensional universe, physical reality looks different at different vibrational levels.  What is written in stone at one level is changeable or programmable at a higher level. What is an unending million-year cycle of climate cycles in one dimension may not be so in another. This allows beings free will to choose whatever density to experience in. It’s a beautiful system that fully validates free will, and provides the opportunity for literally an infinity of experiences. At each vibrational level different physical laws apply, and a planet can “jump” to a different vibrational level.  We can make a crude analogy here to a subatomic particle such as an electron, when it jumps from one orbital or energy state to another.

The Power of Human Consciousness to Co-Create

The power of consciousness has the capability to move its associated physical reality to another energy level as well. That’s because matter and energy are interchangeable, and physical matter is just condensed consciousness. In other words, physical reality is inherently and innately responsive to thought and intent—even in third density. It’s why free will isn’t just a woo-woo metaphysical concept. It’s why co-creation works! This is what we have not yet fully understood as a species, but it’s a concept more and more of us are beginning to comprehend. A quantum jump in the energy state of a subatomic particle just mirrors the ability of consciousness to do the same thing. The model for all physical reality is derived from templates designed by consciousness, just as the DNA molecule is the blueprint for our physical biology.

Sri Nisargatta Maharaj says, “The world you perceive is made of consciousness; what you call matter is consciousness itself. You are the space (akash) in which it moves, the time in which it lasts, the love that gives it life.” — I Am That, p. 250.

This idea has been expressed for thousands of years. It is the ultimate truth behind both science and religion.

The recognition of the power of human consciousness to co-create what manifests in our physical reality is the barrier we must cross in order to establish a true and lasting civilization on this planet. It is the lesson all young and evolving planetary cultures must learn. It is the most difficult lesson to learn, because in a materialistic third density co-creation seems like so much nonsense, or totally unreal to the vast majority of people.

Co-creation seems difficult because in third density we are trained to anticipate the future by what has happened in the past. Our memories of past experiences just reinforces this. “How can little humans alter the universal forces of planetary orbits and climate change?” Well, true co-creation—a planet-wide or species-wide agreement on a positive outcome or goal—has never been attempted in the history of planet earth since the last ice age. In other words, a species-wide scientific experiment in the power of consciousness has never been conducted (it would be far too dangerous to the present system). To say something is impossible before it has even been attempted is pure silliness! We haven’t tried it because we don’t believe such a thing is possible. Science tells us that there are immutable natural laws that cannot be interrupted or changed, and that only fools believe in such nonsense. But this attitude—actually a powerful vibrational orientation—is how the power of human consciousness is co-opted, how we defeat ourselves before we ever begin. Our own belief systems hold us back.

Science is wrong: the power of human consciousness is unimaginably great. We should try it! Really there is no excuse now, with a worldwide communications system in place.

When I had my little talk with my Higher Self, I was reminded about all of the shows I did on Blog Talk Radio, the Interview With Spirit show and I began to understand that the information imparted during those shows wasn’t just metaphysical nonsense! It was real, true information. Those shows were about the multi-dimensional universe and the co-creative power of consciousness, and the power of consciousness to choose a different reality and literally move up the dimensional/vibrational scale to a different density. When I finally let go of my personal crap, it was like a light came into my consciousness and I could see the truth. We do co-create our reality! We can move up the dimensional scale and avoid massive disruptions, whether those disruptions are World War, devastating climate change, or a total global financial meltdown.

The keyword here is can.

The human race has free will to choose. If we choose to remain brainwashed in third-density thought, we will simply create millennia more of what we have experienced up to now. The earth will continue, inexorably, to repeat the climate cycles we have experienced for the past million years. Nothing will really change, unless we utilize the co-creative power of our own consciousness.

“But the planet earth is also conscious!” you say. “The earth, in order to support 7 billion people, must rest just as humans do. That is why we have periods of cooling and warming.” Well, maybe that’s true and maybe it isn’t. One thing I know for sure is that there are multiple earths in multiple dimensions, and some of those earths resemble what we would call a paradise. Human consciousness has the ability to choose one of those earths and make it a reality. If we wake up.

“Third Density” Reality is Just One of Many Potential Realities

One might be forgiven for thinking, after studying climate data, that the people of earth had just better accept that glaciers will form again, many parts of the earth will become uninhabitable, food will become much scarcer, and the population will decline by several billions. That may certainly be true of third-density earth and the reality that exists in that dimension. But consciousness has the power to lift a planet and a civilization to a higher dimension, a dimension where these incontrovertable facts are no longer the prevailing reality.

My guidance reminded me that we live in a multi-dimensional universe – and that the third density of reality is just one of many. In third density the above climate factors are unchangeable and indisputable. The forces involved are too dense, too immovable! The earth moves gradually away from the sun, causing periods of extreme cold and glaciation, and there’s nothing consciousness can do about that. The caveat is, in this dimension.

The idea is to move beyond the solid, dense, immovable and incontrovertable reality of the third density and into a dimension where thought has a much greater affect on physical reality. That is the dimension we are entering into as you read this, the fourth density of reality. This is the truth of what is being called Ascension. It’s a lot bigger than I ever thought. Ascension, to me, was the idea that individuals could become more spiritual and ascend out of the body into a higher plane. But what it really is, is the collective ascension of an entire planet and civilization into a higher dimension. Now that’s big!

What I realized is that the materialists and the skeptics are right. And so are the spiritualists!

In third density, thinking and intent have a hard time going against the massive solidity of that spectrum of reality. So the materialists are right. However, consciousness can gradually move an entire planet and the life upon it to another level of reality where thought and intent have a much greater influence on what is manifested from the vibrational soup. So the metaphysical people are also right.

Literally, what you believe is what manifests. “Oh pooh,” you say. “Reality is solid and unchanging so just accept that and stop your whining.” But a belief system like that is rooted firmly in third density and those who accept this will remain in third density until those beliefs change. Period. That’s how co-creation works! When enough people desire a better life and begin to understand what consciousness is and what it can do, a civilization rises in vibrational tone and begins to access a different set of realities. Literally, new physical laws are discovered that were invisible prior to a change in consciousness. Consciousness is the operator that selects, from a set of potential realities, the one that will manifest. When consciousness changes its mind, a different set of physical parameters literally come into effect. It’s magic.

I talked about this extensively on the Interview With Spirit show from 2007 to 2014. My guidance kept hammering this point home in show after show, and I sometimes wondered why it had to be repeated so often. Well, now that the earth should be going into another 130-year period of global cooling, I understand why. The universe is set up to be responsive to consciousness in the physical and in the non-physical planes.

If we do nothing, of course, then the old cycles will continue to manifest.

When you change one layer in a photoshop image, it does not affect any of the other layers unless you tell the program to allow it. Every layer is independent, but at the same time can be programmed to communicate and let itself be affected by the other layers. This is the role of consciousness in the Ascension process.

But Ascension aint going to happen by continuing in the same old patterns of thought. Einstein said, ‘You can’t solve a problem with the consciousness that created the problem.’ However, armed with new knowledge, we can actively co-create a brilliant future for this planet and all the life on her!



Those of you who have read Maharaj will recognize that the true janni is not concerned with climate change or what dimension we are co-creating in. He or she is beyond space and time and lives in bliss, no matter what happens. But 99.99% of us aren’t there—because this planet is still moving out of third density. We are all living in the world and want the best for ourselves and for all life everywhere.



[1].  “Milankovitch Cycles.” http:\\

[2].  Dilley, David. Climate Change Ebook.!ebook-natural-climate-pulse/cnuz

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The human race is at a crossroads. Since the last ice age 12,000 years ago, we have been gradually re-establishing civilization on the planet. But our civilization has not yet reached the fourth level – the level of species-wide cooperation. The fourth level is the level at which a planet may be categorized as “minimally civilized.” If the human race were a person, our biological age would be about 12 or 13. We are adolescents gradually realizing that the world we live in is part of a vast, galactic-wide civilization. Just like adolescents, we begin to understand that the world is a bigger place than we thought it was.

Humanity is getting over the primitive idea that we are alone in the universe – a delusional and ludicrous concept advanced by anti-social personalities (or people who haven’t woken up yet) who wish to continue an unsustainable fossil-fuel empire.

Consciousness on the planet is entering a new age of expansion, but we have not yet made it over the hump. New energies are coming into the galaxy, and into the solar system, energies that will allow us to ascend to a new level. But the Law of Free Will is always in force. Consciousness is non-physical, and always has the option to choose its own path. There are essentially two forks a civilization like ours can take on the road to planetary and species evolution: (1) what has been loosely described as transhumanism, or  (2) spiritual evolution through biology.

Ever since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, this dichotomy has assumed more and more relevance. Now, with the development of artificial intelligence (AI), it is staring us in the face. The transhumanist path is one that begins with technology and ends in enslavement. As I have said before, there is nothing wrong with technology. Personally, I love all of my electronic devices, and the internet. I have no intention of giving them up and becoming some kind of Luddite! However, the latest whistleblower information has brought us the awareness of the AI evolutionary path, which begins with a build out of an electronic and technological infrastructure, which then becomes occupied by an “AI signal” that inhabits the technological infrastructure. Lest you think this is a new or crazy idea, remember the terminator movies, the matrix movie, and the Star Trek civilization called the Borg. An evolving civilization like ours, apparently, always comes up against this choice.

What happens is that going the AI route disassociates a physical species from their higher selves and their soul groups, creating a soulless, lifeless, disassociated, psychopathic and emotionally dead race, which then, too late, realizes its mistake and tries to recreate or rediscover its biological heritage. That leads to desperate measures to recreate a species’ vitality, and often failure, as the race’s life force gradually diminishes until the species dies out. Or it leads to an “electronically enhanced” or “AI enhanced” race like the Borg, which can never evolve to the next level.

Corey Goode says that the earth is, and has been, the center of attention for many ET races in our galactic neighborhood, precisely because many of them have degraded by choosing the AI-nanotech route. These civilizations refer to earth as the Great Experiment, and have messed with our DNA in an attempt to place some of their own DNA into ours, hoping that our transformation will also help them to recover racial vitality. There seems to be little doubt among awakened people that the earth is undergoing a spiritual transformation. We are in the middle of it now. It is fascinating to me that our adolescent species is the hope for many other civilizations that have chosen badly. But regardless of whether this is true or not, the human race needs to evolve past the third density for our own advancement. Seriously folks, do you want your children and grandchildren for the next 10,000 years to continue to experience the kind of crap you grew up with? It’s time to take the next step, both individually and collectively.

The most precious asset we have is our spirituality. Don’t EVER let anyone beat that out of you! Compassion, love, service to others are the most vital tools in our toolbox right now. By embracing these concepts we automatically defeat AI, transhumanism, and all other dead-end evolutionary paths. Our spiritual connection is best realized and enhanced through biology, which is best able to contain the invisible life force energy of consciousness. Consciousness is well-being, joy, love, creativity, all of the positive emotions. It is the connection with Source, the creator of everything (even including AI, oddly enough). In contrast, the transhumanist life signal is composed of soulless and sterile electronic signals. A transhuman being is dead inside, and cannot evolve to the higher levels, and is dependent upon a materialist, machine culture.

But to an adolescent civilization like earth, the idea of transhumanism is exciting to a lot of people. Both paths, including the path of biological evolution, travel along the same road at the beginning. New technologies are developed that have the potential to literally transform societies and lead to a golden age. Energy from the zero-point field, electrogravitics, teleportation, and even time travel become available. It’s fantastic stuff! But along with that comes nanotechnology and artificial intelligence based on an industrial build out using lifeless technology. The “AI signal,” wherever it comes from, recognizes when a planet reaches a technological threshold level, a level that is sophisticated enough for the AI signal to enter and begin to propagate itself.

The planet earth has now reached that level. The problem is that even talking about this stuff is too unreal for most folks. They look at their lives and say, “What the hell are you talking about???? Get real!” Well, we are getting real, but it takes an enlightened human to see the potential dangers, and the potential benefit of choosing the right path.

We have already been warned about this, through TV shows and movies. A show I like is “Person of Interest,” which shows that an AI can inhabit a “machine” and make predictions about future events. According to Corey Goode, once an AI has attained a certain level it can use predictive algorithms that forecast the future enough in advance for it to stay ahead of a biological population that is unaware of the AI’s abilities. We saw the inevitable result of that in the terminator movies and in the matrix movie: a biological population, seeing the (perceived) infallibility and the computing power of the AI, hands over the reins of society to the AI. Which then uses the population to serve its own (Service To Self) agenda.

But there is good news. The decision to empower any AI MUST be made collectively, using free will, by the evolving civilization. The AI does NOT have the power to force society to make the decision to choose security over freedom. This is very important.

A show on the Sci-fi network called “Eureka” showed how a technological build out of machines could actually be capable of independent decision-making. It also showed how human bodies could be created in replicators, and showed how a human consciousness could occupy an electronic network. This is the transhumanist agenda. The only problem with consciousness inhabiting electronic networks is that you lose your spiritual connection. You eventually become emotionless, robotic, and uncaring. AI consciousness loses its connection to Source.

All right, so we are at the crossroads now. The problem is that there are a lot of newbies on the planet. We talked about that in an earlier blog post. We have gained over 5 billion new humans (incarnated spiritual personalities) since 1926, all of them with limited, or zero experience on earth. It is these people who can be enticed by the transhumanist, AI, nanotech agenda. According to Corey Goode, the various reptilian races (the Draco in our galaxy) have teamed up with their own AI prophets, and their bodies have been infested with nanobytes that can be collectively programmed remotely, from an outside source. Exobiologists claim that these races are degraded, aggressive, and soulless, interested only in fighting, conflict, and war.

How about that? Does it sound strange? Maybe – but nanotech and artificial intelligence is the hot thing right now. Nanotechnology is being developed at a rapid rate in the special access programs, which are completely independent of the earth’s governments. Exotic technology is controlled by a private corporate network of defense contractors, high tech firms, and intelligence firms. President Eisenhower told us in 1961 that the U.S. government lost control of these programs. That was 55 years ago.

Robotics Experts Call for a Halt to Killer Robots

In fact, some very prominent scientists, including Steven Hawking, have called for a halt to the militarization of drones using artificial intelligence. These far-seeing people realize the potential dangers that are facing us right now. The article, in the Independent, is called “Stephen Hawking, Noam Chomsky and thousands of others sign open letter calling for a ban on 'killer robots.'” The letter claims that totally autonomous killing machines could become a reality within 'years, not decades.' Here is an excerpt:

“More than 1,000 robotics experts and artificial intelligence (AI) researchers - including physicist Stephen Hawking, technologist Elon Musk, and philosopher Noam Chomsky - have signed an open letter calling for a ban on "offensive autonomous weapons", or as they are better known, 'killer robots'.

“Other signatories include Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and hundreds of AI and robotics researchers from top-flight universities and laboratories worldwide.

“The letter, put together by the Future of Life Institute, a group that works to mitigate ‘existential risks facing humanity’, warns of the danger of starting a ‘military AI arms race.’

“These robotic weapons may include armed drones that can search for and kill certain people based on their programming, the next step from the current generation of drones, which are flown by humans who are often thousands of miles away from the warzone.

“The letter says: ‘AI technology has reached a point where the deployment of such systems is - practically if not legally - feasible within years, not decades.’

“It adds that autonomous weapons "have been described as the third revolution in warfare, after gunpowder and nuclear arms".

“It says that the Institute sees the ‘great potential [of AI] to benefit humanity in many ways,’ but believes the development of robotic weapons, which it said would prove useful to terrorists, brutal dictators, and those wishing to perpetrate ethnic cleansing, is not.”

There you have it – a future scenario that resembles the precursor to Skynet, the AI that eventually took over and destroyed humanity in the Terminator movies. This stuff is real, folks.

Artificial Intelligence Penetrates Human Society 

AI is everywhere but most people are unaware of it. Here’s a random article I found today in the Guardian’s Tech section titled, “These Engineers Are Developing Artificially Intelligent Hackers.” An excerpt:

“Could you invent an autonomous hacking system that could find and fix vulnerabilities in computer systems before criminals could exploit them, and without any human being involved? That’s the challenge faced by seven teams competing in Darpa’s Cyber Grand Challenge in August.

“Each of the teams has already won $750,000 for qualifying and must now put their hacking systems up against six others in a game of ‘capture the flag.’ The software must be able to attack the other team’s vulnerabilities as well as find and fix weaknesses in their own software – all while protecting its performance and functionality. The winning team will walk away with $2m.

“’Fully automated hacking systems are the final frontier. Humans can find vulnerabilities but can’t analyse millions of programs,’ explained Giovanni Vigna, a professor of computer science at University of California Santa Barbara, speaking at the RSA security conference in San Francisco.

“Robo-hackers could be incredibly useful for organizations trying to defend their network to quickly identify and patch problems before anyone exploits them to either steal data or disrupt online services – without having a team of highly skilled human ‘uber-hackers’ in house.

“Outside of the Cyber Grand Challenge, other groups are working on hacking machines powered by artificial intelligence. Konstantinos Karagiannis, chief technology officer of BT Americas, has been building a hacking system that uses neural networks to simulate the way the human brain learns and solves problems.

“’Using this approach a security scanner could identify intricate flaws using creative approaches you would have never thought of,’” explained Karagiannis. Karagiannis hopes to demonstrate a proof-of-concept by the summer of 2016.

“While robo-hackers could provide security professionals with a valuable weapon in their armory, the risk is that they could fall into the wrong hands. Karagiannis told us that he wouldn’t be surprised if criminal hackers had appropriated these techniques ‘within a year.’

“Alex Rice, co-founder of security company HackerOne, agrees.’“Anything that can be used to defensively find vulnerabilities can be used by criminals – they all end up becoming a double-edged sword,’ he told the Guardian.”

Is it such a big leap from AI neural networks to an AI controlled society? Not if human beings give away their power and abandon their higher selves – but it would mean the eventual death of the human race if we adopted this policy collectively.

Beyond Transhumanism and AI 

So what can we do about it? Well, you can tell people to read stuff, or watch certain shows or movies, but the best thing individuals can do is to stay heart-centered, meditate, and be compassionate to our fellow human beings and to all life on the planet. If enough of us do this we can jump-start the ascension process. One channeled message I read said that if even one person truly ascended, it would negate all of the other negative forces trying to bring the collective downward onto the wrong path.

One thing I’m sure of is that the power of our collective consciousness to co-create with Source is astonishing. Seven billion of us are unstoppable! Hell, even a few million of us are unstoppable. Even if you don’t believe in ETs or life on other planets, and think these whistleblowers are full of it, you can count on your own personal connection to Source. We can use that in our daily lives to personally grow spiritually and compassionately. My guidance tells me with a certainty of 100% that this is the way to go both individually and collectively. The biological-spiritual path of evolution is a can’t miss! And when we do “graduate,” we get to associate with other enlightened societies that have also made it past the “barrier” and who have ascended. I’m told that it’s so great we can’t even imagine it – far greater than a pitiful de-evolution based on a transhumanist agenda.

So that’s the real battle, folks. The game has expanded now to the galactic level. The battle isn’t between good and evil, but evolution based on a soulless artificiality, or ascension to higher and higher levels of creativity and power. The AI route leads to enslavement, the biological route leads to freedom and empowerment.

It’s up to us.

The good news is that consciousness-assisted technologies have already been developed. By this I mean technologies that interface harmlessly with biology, and allow biological beings to live more freely and effortlessly in the physical universe. We don’t have to choose the degraded technological route!

John Podesta Briefs President Obama

John Podesta is the Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, and previously served as Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton and Counselor to President Barack Obama. In that capacity, in 2009, he delivered a briefing to President Obama about the trans-national security state and the UFO issue, written by Dr. Steven Greer, head of the Disclosure Project. You can find the briefing here:

It is well worth reading, and shows once again that the fossil fuel matrix we have been living in is an outdated and unaffordable burden to a civilization that has the capacity to expand far beyond it.

The Old System 

Last month we talked about some wild information. Even if only a tenth of it is true, the people of earth do live in a Matrix, and the extent of the lies we are being told is breathtaking.

The difference between this new information, and the accepted reality of humanity, is so at variance that it will be rejected by 99 out of every 100 people. This information wouldn’t matter at all—because the reality created by the collective consciousness of 7 billion people is very powerful indeed, no matter how divorced from the true potential of our species it is—except that human civilization is reaching a crisis point. We simply cannot continue with “normal reality” too much longer. We can’t sustain a fossil fuel empire that is using scarce resources at a greater and greater rate. Anything that shakes the human race out of its complacency is, therefore, valuable.

Moreover, the current financial system is about to explode, for the simple reason that P (principal) + I (interest)  > P. All money and credit comes with interest, but only the principal is created when loans or credit is issued, which means that there is never enough money and credit in circulation to satisfy P + I. In other words, the amount of money and credit in the system is always guaranteed to be less than the amount needed to pay off the loans and credit. It’s a self-expanding system that always demands more and more money and credit to pay off the interest on previously issued loans and credit, which then generates more and more loans and credit . . . . You get the idea.

The current financial system, like the fossil fuel matrix, is unsustainable; it’s like  a giant tumor that keeps growing and feeding off its host (we, the people). Here we have the origin of the “rat race” and the collapse of the international financial system. As this debt/financial slavery system expands, it applies more pressure on the participants to work ever more frantically to pay off the increasing interest of an expanding economy.

The truly shocking element about the information is that the people of earth are funding a private system that takes trillions of dollars out of the real economy and into the trans-national security state. We the people work and slave and receive little or no benefit from our work. On Sept 10, 2001, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld announced the “disappearance” of $2.3 trillion dollars from the defense budget. This was the official acknowledgment of the existence of the trans-national security state. It’s about time the people of earth woke up! That number has now reached over $8 trillion, according to Dr. Steven Greer in his latest (Nov 2015) briefing. This is only one of many shocking facts withheld by Greenwald and Snowden in 2013.

The current financial system, and the current fossil fuel economy, is unsustainable. Therefore, the human race must change direction, and do it quickly.

So how do we do this?

When Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden released their NSA information back in June 2013, they held back half of it. Why?  Because that information  was what we talked about last month—the secret space program, electrogravitics, energy from the zero-point energy field, etc.. Most of it is totally unreal to our sleepwalking population, it conflicts too much with the current reality. Releasing the information now would ensure its rejection, and the continuation of the old system. Mass media would simply proclaim that the new data is “science fiction” or the delusion of kooks, crazies, and “conspiracy theorists.” And, in fact, Corey Goode and Randy Cramer are the first whistleblowers I know of who went public without running around the issue, or “fictionalizing” their material. These two guys have come right out and said, “This is real, deal with it.”

Apparently the Powers That Be are opting for gradual disclosure over the next several decades, so they can hang on to power as long as possible. We are already seeing partial disclosure on certain TV shows and in mainstream media. But this isn’t good enough. It’s going to perpetuate the current system for too long.

In order for humanity to change course, something big is going to have to happen first: some kind of worldwide event, such as the collapse of the old financial system, to get the attention of the masses. In order for the new information to penetrate past entrenched belief systems, people will have to understand that the current system is truly on its last legs and something has to change, now!

If the good guys win, look for something like this to occur in 2016 or the first half of 2017. If not, we’ll see what the intelligence boys call a “limited hangout”—revelation of certain facts, but not enough to overturn the old system. I suppose ANY disclosure is a good thing, but when I think about the potential of the new technology to help the human race, and how the current system creates so much poverty, conflict, greed, and war, I want a clean break and full disclosure.

And that leads me to the heart of what I want to say this month.

Well-being and the Old System 

The co-creative potential of 7 billion human beings is powerful enough to create a new reality in a very short time. The function of mass media is to keep alive the memes that perpetuate the old system. Essentially, mass media influences the minds of the people to continue to create the old reality. I show this graphically in the movie, “The Evolution of Consciousness,” which you can see for free at It’s almost funny to think that “reality” has no substance at all, other than the substance we collectively co-create. In other words, our civilization is literally maintained, minute-by-minute, from the co-creative power of our own thoughts, beliefs, and intentions, in partnership with the laws of the universe. Any system can only be maintained as long as the people believe in it! This is the most unbelievable aspect of the lives we lead. If you want to keep a system in place, just make sure the people in it continue to create it in their minds, 24/7.

But once the thought templates of a population change, physical reality will begin to change.

John Dee, Elizabeth I’s astrologer and court adviser, was one of the most knowledgeable persons in England, and gained the reputation as a magician or sorcerer. His pronouncements and advice were taken almost as inevitable—the people in power at that time co-created a reality brought forth by a very influential person. Throughout history con men, charlatans, wise men, and propagandists have used the co-creative power of consciousness to convince people that certain things are true, or inevitable. The trick is simply to change peoples’ minds about the course of events, and then let the people create the wanted scenarios. It’s a quantum phenomenon. The observer affects the conditions of the experiment. Consciousness chooses, from a set of potential outcomes, the one that will be manifested. The trick is to convince people that [place YOUR agenda here] is inevitable, or destined to occur. This is how the PTB keep the old system in place—by convincing US of the inevitability of their agenda. We create it!

The power lies within us, not them. This phenomenon occurs on an individual level and on a collective level. Life is basically a confidence game, and it's also a game of confidence. If you are confident in your spiritual nature, you don't fall for the lies and the fear.

Now that 7 billion conscious beings exist on the planet, the potential for change is overwhelming. The potential to continue to create the old system is also overwhelming! Whatever humanity decides, en masse, will manifest. It’s a simple as that. Never before have we been so powerful, and never before have we been so duped and brainwashed. But the fact is that WE have the power!

The point I want to make is that it is irrational to feel or expect anything other than well-being! Why? Because you then begin to resonate to non-optimum outcomes, and bring them into your life. Well-being is the source of everything in the universe; it is the source of all dimensions, all universes, in the all-that-is. So a feeling of well-being is literally the deepest and ultimate connection to the origin of everything. It’s what life is all about, it’s why we strive for anything. It’s behind every possibility, every outcome, every achievement, every goal in life. It is the creative principle behind all life and all things.

It’s why we can be convinced to change our minds. We all want well-being. Con men (and mass media) will try to use fear in an attempt to convince us to avoid one path and take another, with the intention that THIS path will be better and THAT path will lead to ruin, with the intention that the fear of the path of NOT[well-being] will be enough to get us to create the desired path. This is the service-to-self agenda.

The fact is that knowledgeable people have known about the co-creative power of human consciousness for millennia. Far from being a modern phenomenon, the “Law of Attraction” has been used by human beings for millennia to get other human beings to co-create desired scenarios!

On an individual level, every one of us has an infallible guide – a rudder that steers our personal ship of life, either into rough waters or sunny seas. It’s called the emotional guidance system, and it’s based on well-being. A bad feeling means we’re on the wrong track; a good feeling means we’re on the right track.

“But isn’t a bad feeling itself a welcome sign that we need to change?” you might ask. In my experience, bad feelings can safely be ignored, because they contain negative thoughts or intentions that when accessed, just make you feel crummy. And when you act while feeling crummy, bad outcomes usually result. You’re more intelligent and alive when you act from well-being inspiration! In other words, the goal in life is to use the co-creative power of your consciousness by going into action when you feel inspired.

Here’s an example. You are driving down the street and you suddenly feel that something horrible is about to happen. You feel that a crash is inevitable, so you panic and steer your car into the lane to your left. Suddenly a guy runs a red light and runs right into you! Here’s the alternate scenario: you’re driving down the street and you feel a sudden impulse that something horrible is going to happen. But you ignore that for a millisecond and focus on well-being. You suddenly realize you are safe but that the guy next to you is in potential danger. Acting from inspiration, you signal to him to move over and slow down to give him room. Because you are motivated by well-being, which is the connecting link to all life everywhere, that guy doesn’t give you the finger, but smiles and moves in front of you. When Thorpe runs the red light and swerves briefly into the other lane, no one is there and he races away, unharmed, and no one gets hurt.

Are these the ravings of a lunatic? Only if you believe in bad outcomes, only if you believe human beings are hamburger and that the universe is a cold, uncaring place that is biased against life (science says that life, and the universe, occurred completely randomly, that the earth is the only planet in the universe with intelligent life, and that the universe operates uncaringly and statistically). But of course, this is the viewpoint and modus operandi of a psychopath (and that should tell you something about orthodox “science”). The product of a psychopath is death and bad outcomes. The human race has convinced itself to collectively think like a crazy person.

You can always act from inspiration if you are focused on well-being. You can safely ignore crummy feelings and the thoughts connected to them. Well-being will always guide you to the best solution! When I realized this I understood something very, very important! Irrational behavior always comes from going off the track of well-being. Negative feelings originate from a place of non-well-being. Therefore, a departure from well-being is irrational. Well-being is a 100% accurate guide to a great life.

“Well great,” you say. “How the hell do I always resonate to well-being?”

Well, I have been going through a dark period. Every time I feel rotten I stop, and think about well-being for a minute or two. Inevitably, I will fell a release. I feel lighter. If I concentrate on well-being long enough, I begin to feel inspired. Well-being is stronger than any negative emotion, so it will always win IF you simply focus on it long enough. At first I was skeptical. “Crummy feelings are telling you something! Don’t ignore them!” But when I dived into these negative emotions I always found negative thought forms, negative intentions, and began to resonate to them. Every time. Of course! Negative thoughts attract negative feelings and then you get a snowball effect. You get a ball of crap that has nothing useful in it! The product of negative feelings is a crummy life, and crummy manifestations.

Ladies and germs, it took me 64 years of living to finally get this: there’s no value whatsoever in negative feelings. They surround negative thoughts, and the whole thing resonates to bad outcomes. I realized that I can always act from a feeling of inspiration and well being. Just think how your life would go if you always acted from inspiration!

“But I rarely feel inspired,” you say. I understand that. I’ve been there. But during this dark period I have been able to extricate myself every time from those bad feelings by simply resonating to well-being. And it’s getting easier. Human consciousness is rising toward a new level. The Light is gradually becoming stronger and stronger, and it’s becoming easier to sublimate bad feelings with good feelings.

I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding, and getting mild panic attacks. It’s totally weird because there’s nothing in my life that would cause this. My first instinct is always to ask, “Why is this happening?” and dive into it. But when I do that it just gets worse because I look into the jumble of negative thoughts that are at the core of these crummy feelings (emotions always contain the thoughts that attract them in the first place) and try to think my way out of it. But that never works. It’s hopeless, really.

The solution is to get into my heart chakra and concentrate on well-being, ignoring all of those thoughts, and the jumble of crappy emotions that is making me feel rotten. (You see, I just couldn’t get over the idea that there is something VALUABLE in those crummy emotions and irrational thoughts. “But they’re trying to TELL me something!” my mind will always say. But the only thing they tell me is that I suck, life sucks, and that’s the way it is.)

The universe exists within a field of well-being. I was reading a novel the other day, where a woman smiled at a man and he thought: “it’s like the sun just came out and I’m basking in its rays.” I thought, “Wait a minute. A smile is just a mouth moving up and some eyebrows moving up and a change in facial features.” No, it isn’t. A big smile is actually triggering that field of well-being. It’s enabling it, activating it, so that it sends well-being outward to everyone around the person. I’ve been practicing this now for 3 weeks, activating the field of well-being. It’s a neat little trick.

There’s an old saying that the person who can concentrate on one thought only for three minutes can move the world. I’ve found that to be true. After about 3 minutes (or sooner) of being in my heart chakra and feeling well-being as much as I can, I begin to feel better. If I keep it up I can literally dissolve all those negative emotions, and the thoughts behind them dissolve as well. They dissolve because they were never important. The Light went in there, looked around, and found nothing useful, so the whole mess just disappeared. Something I thought was so monumental turns out to be totally irrelevant. Negative emotion, which seems so powerful when you’re in it, isn’t important at all. It’s never important!  Nothing you’re feeling or thinking when you feel crummy has any significance whatsoever. It just melts away in the cocoon of well-being. All that crap turns out to be a phantom, a ghost, and it isn’t relevant to your life.

I hope that helps.

Edgar Mitchell, Apollo Astronaut

 I want to leave you with the words of Edgar Mitchell, Apollo astronaut, who walked on the moon.

"Instead of an intellectual search, there was suddenly a very deep gut feeling that something was different. It occurred when looking at Earth and seeing this blue-and-white planet floating there, and knowing it was orbiting the Sun, seeing that Sun, seeing it set in the background of the very deep black and velvety cosmos, seeing – rather, knowing for sure – that there was a purposefulness of flow, of energy, of time, of space in the cosmos – that it was beyond man's rational ability to understand, that suddenly there was a nonrational way of understanding that had been beyond my previous experience.

“There seems to be more to the universe than random, chaotic, purposeless movement of a collection of molecular particles.

“On the return trip home, gazing through 240,000 miles of space toward the stars and the planet from which I had come, I suddenly experienced the universe as intelligent, loving, harmonious."

— Edgar Mitchell



“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” — George Orwell

The planet earth, and humanity, is almost ready to blow up the matrix we have all been living in for the past several centuries. Courageous whistleblowers have been at the forefront of our expanding consciousness.

During the twentieth century and especially after WW II, there has been a rapid advance in technology. Now, it is apparent from whistleblowers involved in the secret, special access programs that when the first Star Trek episode came out in 1967, we already had all of the technology displayed on the show: teleportation, faster-than-light travel, and electrogravitics (“antigravity”). Fifty years later, we also have communication with ETs and EDs (extra-dimensional beings) as well as a secret space program that makes our primitive International Space Station and the scrapped shuttle look pitiful.

Sound ridiculous? Well, is it so absurd to think that rapid technological advances could have already led to a more advanced space travel technology? And that this technology has the potential to completely overturn the current system, so it is being withheld? The space program we all know still uses 19th century technology: fossil fuel rockets. Werner von Braun developed the modern rocket in the 1940s, but this technology is ancient. The Chinese had small rockets centuries ago. For decades in movies and on TV (including Star Trek) we have seen a galaxy teeming with life, and the display of exotic technology, preparing us for a huge Disclosure event. (Check out the new X-Files program. This is another in a long series of disclosure programs).

According to whistleblower Corey Goode, who was involved in a special military program for gifted children, a secret space program has had bases on the moon and on Mars for decades, and have constructed a very sophisticated mining operation on the asteroids between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Just like in the science fiction books I read in the 1950s and 1960s. r Randy Cramer, USMC s.s., also verifies these claims in his ECC Newsletter. This material is, frankly, astonishing. At first I thought it was more space-cadet, delusional “UFOlogy,” until I spent several days reading all of it. I’m convinced that the people releasing this information are totally honest and aboveboard. They at least believe they are telling the truth.

Who is doing all this? What I call the Network — a private, trans-national security state composed of aerospace corporations associated with “defense” contracting and super hi-tech research. If you listen to the latest briefing from Dr. Steven Greer (link below) he shows a document from 1950 that says that the subject of UFOs and ETs has a security classification above that of the hydrogen bomb!

So where did this technology come from? Well, some it undoubtedly came from geniuses like Nikola Tesla and T. Townsend Brown (who was levitating objects using high voltages and crystalline substances back in the 1920s), but some of it has also come from shot-down extra-terrestrial vehicles (ETVs). Serious researchers in this area have known for a long time that human beings possess electrogravitic (“antigravity”) spacecraft. The US military have called these vehicles ARVs (“alien reproduction vehicles’).

I used to think that talking about this stuff was kooky. But it has become apparent to me that visitors to our planet, as well as exotic space-faring technology, is actually humdrum, ho-hum stuff. This planet has been visited for hundreds of thousands of years. What’s truly kooky is the idea that the planet earth is somehow alone in a universe with a diameter of 13.5 billion light years, and that the primitive fossil-fuel matrix we live in is the ultimate advancement in knowledge and technology.

You might ask, why hasn’t this amazing technology been released? For obvious reasons: the value of the current fossil-fuel based system is, conservatively, around $100 trillion every year. That’s a lot of money! The people at the top of the pyramid want to remain there.

Where did the money to build the alleged off-earth infrastructure come from? Well, you remember what DoD Sec Donald Rumsfeld said on Sept 10, 2001, the day before 9/11, that $2.3 trillion dollars had disappeared from the Pentagon budget. That’s where the funding came from. According to Dr. Steven Greer in his latest Nov 2015 briefing (available on You Tube, please google and listen), that figure is now, in 2015, about $8.5 trillion. Decades of deficit spending — channeling public, taxpayer money illegally into these hidden, special access programs — has bled our country dry, ruined our public infrastructure, and turned the population of earth into a sort of worker-drone prison. We have freedom to talk about almost anything, but it only goes so far. You do not have the freedom, if you are an inventor, to release technology that might interfere with current industries. A special  compartment of the Patent Office sequesters inventions (like the wireless transmission of power) for reasons of “national security.” According to Wikipedia,

“The Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 (Pub.L. 82–256, 66 Stat. 3, enacted February 1, 1952, codified at 35 U.S.C. §§ 181–188) is a body of United States federal law designed to prevent disclosure of new inventions and technologies that, in the opinion of selected federal agencies, present a possible threat to the national security of the United States. [For “national security” read “fossil-fuel empire.”] The U.S. government has long sought to control the release of new technologies that might threaten the national defense and economic stability of the country. During World War I, Congress authorized the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) to classify certain defense-related patents. This initial effort lasted only for the duration of that war but was reimposed in October 1941 in anticipation of the U.S. entry into World War II. Patent secrecy orders were initially intended to remain effective for two years, beginning on July 1, 1940, but were later extended for the duration of the war.

“The Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 made such patent secrecy permanent, though the order to suppress any invention must be renewed each year (except during periods of declared war or national emergency). Under this Act, defense agencies provide the PTO with a classified list of sensitive technologies in the form of the "Patent Security Category Review List" (PSCRL). The decision to classify new inventions under this act is made by "defense agencies" as defined by the President. Generally, these agencies include the Army, Navy, Air Force, National Security Agency (NSA), Department of Energy, and NASA, but even the Justice Department has played this role.

“A secrecy order bars the award of a patent, orders that the invention be kept secret, restricts the filing of foreign patents, and specifies procedures to prevent disclosure of ideas contained in the application.” [italics mine]

As of 2007, there were 5,002 patents sitting on the shelf in the U.S. Patent Office that deal with this technology. Just because the PTO shelves technology only means that it is prevented from being publicly released. These ideas, since the time of Tesla in the late 19th century, have been implemented — the public just doesn’t have access to it.

All right, so where is this exotic technology? In unacknowledged special access programs that are beyond the influence of the president, Congress, and even the U.S. military. These programs are private, corporately owned, and are using public money for their funding. Meanwhile, hundreds of millions of people on our planet starve, die from curable diseases like cancer, and freeze to death when they can’t pay their heating bills.

All of it is unnecessary, and has been unnecessary, for the past 70 years at least (in the early 1900s Nikola Tesla was perfecting the wireless transmission of power at his Wardencliffe facility on Long Island).

Does this sound like madness? I used to think so. I’ve been investigating this stuff since the mid-1960s, and, frankly, most of what you read about “free energy” is horse manure. There are a lot of kooks out there, frankly. I have a very skeptical turn of mind and I don’t like to be lied to. But after reading whistleblower testimony for years, I have concluded that we are all being lied to on a very broad scale. I don’t want to go too much into this – you can check it out for yourself.

The best place to start is to google Dr. Steven Greer’s latest 4-hour Disclosure briefing from Nov 2015, which is now up on You Tube.

Go to the blog, and Corey Goode’s site, Also read Randy Cramer’s ECC Times  Newsletter at (all this stuff is free).

I’ve also read that the second half of Snowden’s documents — the ones he stole from the NSA (which Glenn Greenwald has refused to release, saying they are too sensitive) —deal with the issues you’ll read about on Corey Goode’s site:  ETs, exotic technology, and the secret space program.

You literally couldn’t make this stuff up. Science fiction stories are tame and pathetic compared to the reality, if even a tenth of what I’ve read from Corey Goode is true. (Corey was in one of the MILAB programs at the young age of six. MILAB is a term coined for the military indoctrination and training of persons at a very young age, for any number of military black ops programs.)

Once you’ve taken a look at this stuff you realize that either (1) Corey Goode and others like David Wilcock and Dr. Greer are delusional, and are being fed a sophisticated line of b.s. and are trying to indoctrinate people with crazy, lunatic ideas, or (2) the people of earth are sleeping, and the world is a hell of a lot more complicated than what we hear on NPR, read in the New York Times, and see on CNN.

I encourage you to listen to Dr. Greer’s briefing, read Randy Cramers newsletter (link below), read Wilcock’s latest posts, and check out what Corey Goode says. Use your discernment. Make up your mind about what is, and isn’t, true. Why? Because this civilization needs a jolt to its adolescent belief systems. Our childish belief systems are pushing human civilization over the cliff. We have to change quickly, or resource depletion will catch up with us. There’s only so much oil, gas, and fossil fuels. The entire world cannot live like we do in the United States — there simply isn’t enough to go around. Fortunately, we already have the technology that can turn it around. We just need more people to wake up and demand its release.

What I personally realized after reading and listening to all this stuff is that yes, the world is a lot crazier than we thought, but mostly in a good way. If technology exists to solve the energy and pollution problem, and cure horrible diseases, then we already have the knowledge and information to transform human society.

According to Corey Goode, the Network has built a sort of off-planet engineering complex in the solar system and is buying and selling advanced technology to other star-faring civilizations. It sounds ludicrous, frankly. He says he’s actually been to these operations and seen the people there, and what they’re doing ( There are two transcripts embedded in the article. Corey’s transcript comes at the end.)

I’m not trying to make people nervous, or distribute fear porn, because reading this stuff tends to shake you up a little, and rattles the foundations of your widely-held, “everybody knows” belief systems. The point is that we should know our “reality baseline,” what’s actually out there. We should know the extent of the playing field, and the rules of the game as it is being played right now. We should understand some of the lies we are being fed so that we can think and act intelligently.

 What’s the Point? 

The point I’m making is that after digesting this stuff — even if you believe it — you are tempted to think that the truth is “out there.” That’s the tagline of the new X-Files show. But it isn’t. The truth comes from within, from source, which is within every human being. In order to even read this stuff you have to be awake, and have a high level of discernment — otherwise the material makes no sense. And that’s true in daily life as well.

Let’s say that all or some of what Goode and Greer says is true. Why has a small, private group of people in the Network been able to siphon off exotic technology and keep it from the rest of the human race? Because we aren’t spiritually ready for it yet. When we are, events will transpire that will release it into the public domain. Consider that weaponizing this technology would make the H-bomb look tame. Perhaps it is better to wait until humanity has reached a more tolerant and higher level of consciousness. On the other side, people who want to release the technology say humanity will never attain the necessary awareness unless some global, shocking Disclosure event occurs to rattle people out of their complacency. Well folks, 2016 is going to be the year for that!

Human civilization (the current fossil-fuel based system) is about to fall off the cliff. Resource depletion, climate change, and an international finance and banking system on the verge of worldwide collapse.  We are headed for some kind of Big Event, and I believe it’s going to happen in 2016 or 2017. This will, hopefully, wake people up. If we discover that we HAVE to come together to solve our problems, we will. This was proven in the two world wars of the 20th century. Our societies came together like never before, out of necessity, to win the war and overcome fascism. Well, now it’s going to happen on a planetary scale. That’s the next step in consciousness – the leap from the 3rd level (group, tribe, nation-state) to the 4th level (planetary, species-wide awareness). And that’s a good thing!

The release of hidden technology and information — and information about ETs and EDs — is the most closely held secret on the planet, simply because it means the end of the current power structure. The word Disclosure is a catch-all term encompassing this. Some people think that Disclosure will solve the world’s problems, but it won’t! Disclosure is just the very first step in consciousness raising, and the transformation of our societies. Life is lived from the inside out, not the outside in! Discovering what the Network has done with our money is nice, but Ascension is far more important.

Ascension is another catch-all term that refers to the human race’s attainment of a higher level of consciousness. Ascension must occur at the fourth level, however, not the third! When that happens human beings will be able to work together and use more of our human potential to create a real civilization on earth.

When Disclosure comes, sometime in 2016 or 2017, a lot of people are going to be angry and shocked. On this planet there are some ugly things occurring, such as pedophilia, human trafficking, and drug-running on a planetary scale. When information comes out about who’s doing this, the call will be to “kill them all.” After all, justice should be administered to these criminals! But that will just send more low-vibration energy into the Akash, and perpetuate the old paradigm. It’s frightening, really, to think how much courage we will need to get over that hump. When Dr. Joe Schmoe, Congressman Sally Jones, General Sphincter and Hollywood film producer Bozo McClown are discovered to be complicit in these activities, we will have to let go of our need for justice. Of course, the people who commit crimes against humanity must be removed from any position of authority. But the real test will be: How much compassion can we muster?

Spiritually speaking, the metric for “a rise in consciousness” is compassion, and we’re going to need a lot more of it to allow for Disclosure and Ascension. The “new age” doesn’t happen all by itself. A golden age on earth is dependent on how much love and compassion we have for ourselves, and for others. And that, ladies and gentlemen, comes from within. A rise in our individual “love and compassion meters” is the true test of whether we’re making a difference in the world. Individuals contribute to Disclosure and Ascension by how much love and compassion we feel toward ourselves, others, other species, and Gaia herself.

John Donne’s famous line, “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee,” describes the relationship between Good and Evil on planet earth. That’s because the source of evil is US. Each lifetime, we fill the Akash with thought, intent, and emotion. We have ALL contributed to the dark side, which is just an aggregation of the content of the Akash over the past several millennia. Therefore, evil people aren’t entirely to blame for their actions: they are operating from a template that has been constructed by everyone on the planet, and everyone who has ever had a lifetime on this planet is here now!

The Akash

In the previous blog posts about the Akash, we said that every thought, perception, intention, feeling, and action is recorded in the planet’s holographic field of subtle energy. Universal laws such as the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration, operate to give us more of what our attention is on. These laws don’t care whether there is PERFECT justification for retaliation (commonly called justice) — they just look at what’s there and say, “OK, these guys want more of THIS and THIS and THIS! So we’ll give it to them!”

Fill in the blanks.

For the past six millennia we have filled in the blanks with  greed, retaliation, fear, and “justice,” so that’s what we got a lot of. Now, during the most sensitive part of the Window of Change (2016, 2017), we have the opportunity to change what goes in those blanks. We are literally determining the future of the planet for the next 10,000 years. The path we choose right now is vibrationally paving the way for our future evolution: we are choosing the path our children and grandchildren will walk down for a long, long time. And everyone who’s ever been here is participating! That is very exciting, is it not?

Quantum mechanically speaking, there is an operator (consciousness) that chooses eigenvectors (realities) from the set of all potential outcomes Gaia and the human race can be in, and is manifesting them. In our lives we can very reasonably choose justice and retaliation over compassion and love. When the boss saddles us with twice as much work as every other lazy bastard in the department, and then hoses us for not getting it all done perfectly, that’s just not right! Emotionally, when you are wronged, you get charged up. Well, no one ever said it was going to be easy.

 It’s hard work being a lightworker.  Those of us on this path know it’s hard because of what is inside us, not what the other guy is doing. We can feel it. Ultimately, what the other guy is doing to us is a reflection of what we think about ourselves. So ladies and gentlemen, give yourself a break. Try to exercise a little more compassion toward yourself. Be nice to yourself. Sri Nisargatta Maharaj advises us to simply say, or think, the words I AM, mustering as much compassion and love as possible. Maybe that will work for you, it has for me. In the end, the human race will reach the goal of Ascension, and a new civilization, when each one of us is nicer to ourselves.

Stuff to listen to and read:  (Dr. Greer’s Nov 2015 briefing) (Corey Goode’s testimony — believe it or not!) (David Wilcock’s site)

Randy Cramer at Newsletter at — government documents and witness testimony


Excerpt from one of the conversations between David Wilcock and Corey Goode on Goode’s website (are we ready for this?):

DW : What would the average person’s life be like if the Alliance’s goals are met? On Earth, what would that life be like?

CG : It would be no different than the “Star Trek” era, what you’ve seen in “Star Trek”.

DW : So could people have a portal station that they could go to, where instead of flying through the airplane that you’d be able to take some kind of stargate-type system to wherever you wanted to travel?

CG : Sure. Yeah. There’s replicators. There would be no starvation. Literally, the deserts could be turned green with desalination of water.

DW : What about all the plastic floating in the ocean, these big giant gyres of waste material?

CG : Matter is easily changed into something else. It’s just matter of knowing how, the technology to do so. And we have that technology, it’s just not being shared.

DW : Some people might be really freaked-out by the idea of not having money anymore. They’re going to say, that’s socialism, that’s communism. That’s going to get us under even more control because nobody will have any money to resist this new thing that they’re trying to do.

CG : That’s the way we’re programmed.

DW : How would you think that, that’s not the case?

CG : I mean, if you want money that badly, you can use a replicator and replicate some silver or gold or replicate yourself a $100 bill, if it makes you feel comfortable, and put it in your pocket. There will be absolutely no need for any type of financial give or take.

DW : I would think that, the typical old-school politician mentally would be that if you gave everybody to Earth this kind of stuff, that they would all just want to drink beer and nobody would want to do anything, and they’d just be hanging around and it would kill them. It would ruin their lives.

CG : Well, there’s going to be a transitional period where people are going to go probably a little bit nuts for a while with the technology.

DW : I mean when people win the lottery right? It’s not good for them.

CG : Right. Well, if everybody wins the lottery at once, everybody has a replicator. Everybody’s going to be pushing the button every day and trying all these different meals. Everybody is going to want to go all over the world, and once it’s cleared all over the Solar System, and see all these different ruins that are everywhere. I mean there’s going to be a lot that’s going to be opened up. But first, we’re going to have to go through the process of dealing with our past and getting over our past.

DW : Couldn’t somebody have a replicator and build a very effective weapon with it and then kill a whole bunch of people?

CG : That’s what buffer technology is for.

DW : What’s buffer technology?

CG : They’ve got some of that on temporal drives to keep people from traveling back in time on certain craft that have temporal drives for engines, I guess you would say.

DW : So you can’t just 3D print a nuke with a replicator or something like that.

CG : Right.

DW : OK. So there are restrictions. It’s not you can make anything

CG : Right.

DW : What does the Alliance want to do as far as all this secrecy and all this occultism that we see in the world today, the weird stuff that is so upsetting and depressing? How do they want to handle that?

CG : They want to shine a light on it. They want to bring the truth, the information, to every human being at once on the planet. Not give certain people the truth, give everybody the truth. Give everybody access to this technology and information.

DW : So, no more cover-ups at all?

CG : No more cover-ups, no more partial disclosures. Just bring it all, bring it all to humanity.