In my lifetime I have been exposed to many doomsday scenarios. During the Cold War we lived under the threat of nuclear annihilation. The Cuban Missile Crisis almost plunged us into World War III. Over the years, events in the Middle East nearly did the same. The worldwide electronic and computer infrastructure was supposed to collapse during Y2K. 9/11 was supposed by many to be the beginning of the end. When the Deepwater Horizon oil platform exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, some said it was the beginning of an extinction event. A meteor was supposed to hit the earth and destroy all life on the planet. The poles were supposed to shift, creating calamities such as floods and tectonic events. The world was supposed to end on December 21, 2012. But none of this ever occurred.

Now, I look back on these very fearful events and laugh. "Oh, they were just conspiracy theories! We all totally overreacted." But were they? If something doesn't happen, there's no way to determine the probability that it might have happened; we just know that it didn't happen. For us on the safe timeline, we never know what the potentials were. We assume that events either happen or they don't, like an on-off switch. But what if the universe operates quantum mechanically? In quantum mechanics a system can have multiple states that all exist at the same place and the same time, superposed upon each other in a "soup" of probability. Whatever manifests is just one of many possible states, but many other states may still coexist alongside the manifested one. There may only be one timeline with many possible outcomes, or many timelines that manifest all probabilities. Either way we only know the timeline we're on and the manifestations that did occur.

What determines which of those potentials or timelines is manifested? A materialistic science says it is random, that certain events occurred because the system just shifted, and that everything else is a conspiracy theory. But this explanation ignores the variable of consciousness. Consciousness is the quantum mechanical operator that selects, from among the many different potentials, which one finally becomes real. Metaphysically this is called co-creation. Co-creation is the conscious selection of a future outcome.

Using this idea, the human race did not select World War III from among the probabilities for the planet. But we did select 9/11, Fukishima, and all the other events that did happen. If consciousness is the quantum operator, we could make a list of everything that did and didn't happen over the years, using the current news of the day as a database, to determine the "state" of human consciousness at that time. We could get an idea of the balance of light and dark on the planet at any period of history.

Let's say that human consciousness is the selection operator, determining, through the balance of our beliefs and expectations, which of the potential outcomes that are possible actually comes true. What happens when an outcome manifests? Do all of the other probabilities immediately vanish to zero? Is it winner-takes-all? My guess is no, because we live in a vibrational universe. When you drop a stone into a pond you get ripples, but those ripples don't vanish immediately. The effect of the stone dropping into the water continues until the ripples gradually fade away. Perhaps the same is true with consciousness and manifestation. Like the stone dropped into the pond, the ripples hit the edge of the water and come back, interfering with the ripples still going outward, which also sets up further disturbances called interference patterns. The event is in the past, but the effect of that moment of impact continues through time.

Similar to the pond, the earth is a closed system, a self-enclosed sphere travelling through space. If the potential for two events to occur (say, conflict leading to a world war, or conflict that is contained locally) are both high, the one that does not occur may still have a ripple effect, even though the other one manifested – because the potentials were high for it to have happened. In this case, you would still be able to detect the feeling or the vibration of the probability that didn't manifest. The potential for it to occur in the future, then, is still there. Therefore there could still be strong vibrational remnants from the unmanifested potential. Sensitives, or just people in general who are sensitive to energy, may pick up on these ripples.

Let's say that on December 21, 2012, we passed an energetic marker that makes impossible the potential for World War III, or any extinction event. The vibrational ripple effect of that doomsday scenario, however, is still with us, because that probability has been in the minds of billions of people. In other words, the potential that didn't manifest is carried forward in time.

Some people can feel that we have gone past the marker, but there is still a prevalent feeling of doom from the old vibration in the minds of many – even though there is no longer a chance of doom. But because of the co-creative power of human consciousness, the vast majority of humans still postulate a doomsday scenario! In other words, we passed the marker but people are still co-creating disaster. They can still feel the remnants of the old vibration even though it has been superseded by a new reality. A “doomsday” scenario has manifested after the U.S.  election. I know a lot of people who seriously think we are doomed now that Trump is president. They talk about a breakdown in society with a sense of inevitability.

That is why it's so important for aware and awake people to keep a positive attitude. When your friends moan and groan about Trump, or the state of the country, inject something positive without making people wrong. "Well, I think that we're headed for a positive future in the long run." You can do this without negating another's personal beliefs. This will be very important in negating the negative ripple effects from the old potentials. The more human  consciousness can project a positive future, the easier it's going to be to transition out of the old paradigm of thought.

There are still negative potentials! Not catastrophic or extinction events, but things like a financial collapse, or a civil war, or a coup d'etat. We can negate these things IF we postulate a benign future and not one filled with turmoil. I don't know about you but I've had enough turmoil in my life! (Don't look now, but some people are forecasting another cataclysm (surprise!). The latest is a gigantic solar flash that will (supposedly) generate a huge EMP that will take down the electrical grid all over the planet. Supposedly the sun does this every so often, because of the different rotational rates of the solar equator, the mid-latitude regions, and the poles. Well, we can begin to co-create that now, lol! Or we can co-create something else.)

Most people don't understand esoteric stuff like this. Most people (even if you could get them to understand) might not even care, and that's OK. But people like us, who understand the importance of metaphysics and consciousness to manifest events on the timeline, have the responsibility to smooth the waters and create a future of peace and prosperity for everyone. There's never a crowd on the leading edge, as Esther Hicks used to say. If you are an old soul (one who has had many lifetimes or expressions on earth) you will feel the power and the validity of this statement.

The Field

Sensitives can FEEL that the energy on the planet has changed. It's been turning me inside out, I can tell you that. It's to the point where I literally cannot think negative thoughts without feeling uncomfortable. That's because this new energy, which Lee Carroll calls "The Field," is a harmonizing energy. It's an energy of peace, cooperation, and coming together. Those individuals and organizations who don't go with the flow will find their organizational and cellular chemistry failing. It's cooperation, literally, or you begin to fall apart. This tendency is going to strengthen over the years and the decades. The balance between light and dark on the planet is gradually going to increase in favor of the light.

Therefore, it's gradually going to get easier and easier to be compassionate and to shine your light. It's going to become more accepted. The tough guys, the fighters, they are going to have a harder and harder time of it. We will begin to see the dark spots showing up against the white as the vibrational background becomes brighter and brighter. The dark side doesn't know how to change and doesn't want to change; they are stuck with the same methods they have always used in the old energy: coercion, intimidation, force; and their tools, fear and anger. These are the fermions and the bosons of the dark side; but these people and groups are going to stick out more and more; they will be seen to be less and less in the mainstream and more and more outlandish! And more harmful. That's just the opposite of what it was when I was growing up in the 1950s, and I am grateful for that.

What is The Field? It's a term that represents a cooperative, esoteric background energy. In quantum field theory, every subatomic particle is just an excitation of an underlying quantum field. Well, The Field is the basic substrate that underlies all vibration, from which all quantum fields arise. Because it is created by the great central source it is love-based and operates harmoniously. You’d think that the immediate effects of The Field will be to quickly turn the earth into a paradise, but what’s going to happen (as we are already seeing) is a battle between light and dark, a battle that was forecast by the indigenous on our planet. When the light penetrates the darkness the cockroaches come out and are exposed. It’s going to seem like the planet is going to hell for a time. There will be greater contrast and a greater expression of intolerance as those who want the old system fight to keep it; but at the same time we’re going to see more tolerance as well expressed by the forces of light. Enlightened ones, shine your light! By doing this you help to transform old potentials and create a brighter future for everyone.


The earth has an approximate 26,000 year cycle called the precession of the equinoxes. It's the time it takes the earth's wobble to complete one full cycle. Everything I’ve read says that this cycle has tremendous esoteric significance. The end of the last 26,000 year period was, according to the Mayan Long Count calendar, on December 21, 2012, which is 5 Long Counts of approximately 5,126 years. Apparently, at the end of each of these 26,000 year cycles there is a window of several years duration with the potential for massive change. We are in one of those periods now.

The Precession of the Equinoxes

Source: NASA, Mysid - Vectorized by Mysid in Inkscape after a NASA Earth Observatory image in Milutin Milankovitch Precession.

It is a time of shift, where consciousness on the planet has the potential for a quantum leap in evolution. Within the window of that shift many potential futures or probable outcomes present themselves. Human consciousness gets to choose what will happen until the next precession, whether we are ready or not! If we want 26,000 more years of madness, then OK, so be it. But if you are an old soul who is tired of coming back to the planet and struggling, lifetime after lifetime, it's time to step up, as they say in sports. Old souls in particular must choose a positive future, in harmony with The Field, because most of the population is clueless. They are living their lives and are working on their brands and doing all the things that human beings do, and that's fine. But with great knowledge comes great responsibility. Only a relative handful of old souls compared to the rest of the population can make all the difference in which potential future humanity chooses. Are you an old soul? Well, if you are interested in esoteric subjects and have an innate feeling of understanding about the planet, you probably are. Your past life experiences, recorded in your Akash, “leak” into your consciousness and sya to you, “You have been here before.”

  Old Souls and Co-Creation

Because we are only 4 years from the Dec. 21, 2012 marker there are still potentials for darker outcomes hanging around in human consciousness. It's our job to apply the co-creative abilities of consciousness and use its quantum operator function to select the appropriate outcomes from the soup of possibility, thus negating potential negative outcomes that, although not cataclysmic, can still be uncomfortable if they manifest. Human consciousness, through individual choices, is doing this all the time, whether we recognize it or not. Keeping to the same belief systems keeps the quantum operator selecting the same old same old, decade after decade. Change means changing what we think and what we expect and what we anticipate – and that can be hard work! But that new expectation will create a new future.

Those of us who can feel the shift past the Dec. 21, 2012 marker are also feeling the release of our past life karma. If you are an old soul – one  who has been on the planet lifetime after lifetime – you are having the hardest time because you've been burned at the stake, executed, and in general spat upon when you've dared to shine your light during the previous cycle. During the previous Long Count the balance on the planet between dark and light was in favor of the dark. But now it's tilting slowly toward the light. Enough brave souls made miraculous decisions to overcome the darkness and embrace the light, despite the danger. Thank you!

If you are an old soul you have more karma but also more wisdom. That's because you've been around so long you know how earth works. You have an innate wisdom of what to do, and what not to do. You understand the power of co-creation, and your connection to the great central source. There is power there! The power to change the future, and to make the present a much pleasanter place. Even if you are not an old soul– and it makes no difference to the planet, or human consciousness – you can use the power of co-creation to choose the brightest possible outcome for humanity and the planet. We are at the beginning of a new 26,000 year cycle! Let’s start things off on the good foot.

The nature of the duality is opposites. Contrast is simply part and parcel of living in a physical universe. We get hungry, we feel full, night gives way to day, injustice coexists alongside justice, and feeling bad is seemingly inevitable at some point after feeling good. I get my life to a really good point but it never stays that way. That probably happens to almost everyone unless you are some kind of master.

I am 65 years old now, and getting tired of the rollercoaster ride.

I have taken endless seminars, read books by the dozens, employed a host of meditation and other self-help techniques – but nothing seems to change the duality for me. Bad always follows good, which is then followed by good again and then, eventually, bad. This led me to a re-examination of the idea of karma.

Karma has been defined as “what goes around comes around,” but that is much too simplistic. When we consider that many of us have had multiple lifetimes on earth, karma becomes very complex. Moreover, the veil of duality obscures the previous lifetime(s), so we are always coming in “cold” – ignorant of what we have done in our past lives. We have to live for decades before we discover what our karma even is – unless we get a really good astrology or numerology reading, or go to a psychic who isn’t a fake. I studied numerology when I was in my early 40s, in an attempt to understand why I kept going up and down the rollercoaster of duality and karma. A good numerology reading will tell you, in a general sense, what your karma in past lives has been. For example, my reading told me that I had a karmic lesson in the area of responsibility and family, and another in the area of inner awareness and spirituality. This was spot-on, and gave me a general idea of what I had to work on. However, even a good reading cannot tell you exactly what you did in previous lives. If you knew that, you would have a much better idea of how to handle your personal karma.

My astrological sign in Scorpio. Scorpios often have a volatile temperament and feel things very strongly; we have high highs and low lows. My former podcast host on the Interview With Spirit Show, Amanda Goldston, is just like me. And so in my life I have suffered from suicidal depression, but have also experienced the most exquisite joy. But I look around at my friends and family members, who all are on a more even keel than me. I asked myself, “Why am I so up and down all the time?” The first thing I did was remove any physical reasons for my ups and downs. I went to see doctors and alternative health practitioners; I took care of the physical reasons for any ups and downs (for me this involved, finally, going on a high fat, low carb, and no sugar diet, which has put me physically in a good place). That was great, but I was still experiencing emotional ups and downs; so what was the reason for that?

I eventually discovered that ups and downs is simply a part of life in the duality. It took me a long time to finally come to grips with that. “But that isn’t the way it’s supposed to be!” I would say. “The idea that you have to experience ups and downs is nonsense. I should be able to feel great ALL the time!” And so I embarked on a spiritual quest to find the magic bullet that would allow me to always be in the light.

I took seminars, meditation courses and energy healing courses, all designed to put me in the light. After all, light transforms darkness, I thought; so the more light I am the less darkness I will experience. However, after 20 years of this I was STILL experiencing ups and downs. I was stumped! I concluded that life in the duality means that you take the good with the bad (as billions of other people have concluded, I suppose).

Then one night last month I had a horrible nightmare. I was trapped in a massive war where people were killing each other left and right. I was spotted and a whole bunch of fire came my way. I knew that I would be dead very soon unless I started killing a lot of people. However, as death and destruction rained down on me and I began to fire back, I realized that my situation was hopeless. I simply couldn’t kill enough people to get myself out of the situation. That’s when I woke up with the word “love” resonating in my consciousness. The first thing I did was re-live the nightmare and put love into the situation. I had to do this because I was still resonating to the horrible feelings of war and death and hopelessness. I did this for about 10 minutes until a quote from Albert Einstein came into my head: “You can’t solve problems with the same consciousness that created them.” Then I had a realization, and all of the bad feelings associated with the dream disappeared.

I understood that behind my “downs,” behind every negative emotion I experience, is a lesson. Sometimes this appears as an energetic “jewel” or packet of information, but it is always BEHIND the negative emotion.  I understood the reason for my experience of the duality, and why the downs occurred: I needed to look behind the downs for the lesson. To do that I had to embrace the negative.

Suddenly I understood: By trying to be in the light and ignoring the darkness, I was avoiding the lessons, the jewels, that the duality was presenting to me. It was just an excuse to avoid the lessons I had to learn! The negative is just a signpost telling me that there is something important behind it.

For the past three weeks I have been embracing my negative emotions, throwing love on them, and looking “behind” them. It’s been great! I’m realizing that the duality isn’t evil, it isn’t a punishment, it just IS.

Throughout my life negative emotions continued to pop up. I understand now that if the lesson isn’t learned, it will simply repeat. I learned that I must embrace the duality if I am ever going to make any real progress. So the answer for me is not to try to be in the light all the time, but to embrace my personal darkness and then infuse it with light. I’m sure many people have realized this over the years, but it’s new for me in a very powerful way. I understood that the darkness isn’t evil. It’s just there, perhaps as a result of my karma from past lifetimes. By trying to avoid the unpleasantness I was ignoring the lessons. Now I infuse my negative feelings with love and look for the lesson. It seems to be working. And I also understand that I needed my seminars, my meditations, my energy healing courses, so that I could get myself to the point where I was aware and strong enough to confront the duality. It’s pretty cool.

The duality has a purpose: to get you to see your karma. At this point in the development of human consciousness it’s possible to simply look behind the negative emotion and transform it. You don’t have to do 3-year amends projects, or embark on grueling or expensive self-help programs. You can use the inherent power of your own consciousness, your power of thought and intent, to quickly move past the karma.

On a less personal level, I understand much better how karma works.

How Karma Works

Person A and person B, or group A and group B, or nation A and nation B, come into confrontation somehow. Their desires are different. Eventually the situation escalates into conflict. Over millennia a very powerful vibrational meme gets developed: the resolution of problems via fighting and war. Fast forward, say, to the beginning of the scientific revolution. Human consciousness is beginning to understand more about the world and the universe we live in; we’re beginning to understand more about ourselves. The population is increasing; hundreds of millions more beings are coming onto the planet. One day Joe Schmoe goes to the bank and takes out some money. On the way home he is surrounded by footpads who try to rob him. Joe is carrying a weapon. He now has a choice: to kill these bastards or to take the peaceful path. The only problem is that the peaceful path makes Joe a lot poorer. He gets madder and madder as the footpads approach him with the obvious intention of robbing him. He thinks, “Why should I let these worthless parasites take what is honestly mine?” So Joe gets into a fight, kills two of the robbers, and gets killed himself.

Upon his ascension out of the body, Joe and the two robbers see what really happened. The footpads were there to allow Joe to make an incredibly important choice: between love and hate. To transcend the duality and the wheel of karma. All three of them see that Joe’s decision put more negative energy into the human consciousness grid. All three of them see what could have happened: a rise in the vibe of the entire species, if Joe had chosen differently. (Note that the opposite is also true: the two footpads could have made the decision not to rob Joe! That is the opposite side of karma, and perfectly represents the duality: the “bad guys” also get a powerful chance to overcome their karma and add good vibes to the human consciousness grid, as well as letting Joe off the hook. In other words, both sides of the duality have an equal opportunity to raise the collective consciousness, not just the “good guys”!) Joe and the two robbers don’t get angry at themselves, because the veil was there to obscure the truth. They all vow to do better next time. Thus, when Joe and the two robbers come back during their next lifetime, they will be presented again with similar choices between love and hate. Perhaps this time Joe will be the footpad and the two robbers will be the good guys. That’s karma.

In order to advance the species, enough people have to make the incredibly hard decision to allow themselves to be robbed and take the peaceful path, or to decide not to commit the crime even though it is their karma. Tolerance and love has to create a strong enough morphogenic field to overcome millennia of intolerance. That’s how the duality works. In order to get to a higher vibe, there must be good guys and bad guys, who both have the choice to (hopefully) make a decision based in love, and raise the vibe of the entire planet.

Karma on a National Scale

Here’s an example of karma on a national scale. During the Revolutionary War for U.S. independence, the colonists were divided between those who were loyal to the British government (Loyalists, or Tories) and those who favored independence (rebels). You might think that after Yorktown (the last battle of the war)  everyone settled up, peace was reestablished, and the country was united. But that’s not what happened at all.  During and after the war many Loyalists were killed and about 60,000 or so of the 300,000 Loyalists were driven out of the country, and their homes and property were seized. The nature of that civil conflict was aptly summarized by Thomas Jefferson when he said, “Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading.” At the founding of our country we didn’t choose the path of tolerance, so the lesson repeated. One hundred years after that we had the Civil War. Apparently we still didn’t learn the lesson because one hundred years later, that karma is coming back to haunt the United States in obvious ways: our country is bankrupt, corruption in government is rampant, the people are under terrible stress. Hillary vs Trump is just a reflection of that old conflict between the Loyalists and the rebels, the North and the South. The lesson always repeats. That’s why tolerance is so important now after the election of Trump.


The masters who came down to the planet were so important. In order to give the species a chance, somebody has to start the vibe. People like the Buddha, and Jesus the Christ, came to earth to start a powerful vibration of love in human consciousness. If enough people (like Gandhi, who, when confronted by his killer, instantly forgave him) pick up on that and apply it, the morphogenic field of love becomes more and more powerful. Only a relatively small handful of people have to do this for the human race to begin advancing, because hate is just a lower harmonic of love, and is subsumed within it.

The reason why it takes so long for a species to advance is because it’s so hard to make these decisions. It’s almost impossible to find love in a vibe that supports so much hatred. It’s almost a miracle when it happens. But the lesson repeats and repeats and repeats, because life is a far grander play than we see behind the tawdry, ignorant veil of materialism. Karma isn’t about getting robbed or keeping your money. It isn’t even about “what goes around comes around.” It’s about love versus hate, and what kind of society we want to have on this planet.

You can break it down very simply: the hallmark of fascism and tyranny and misery is intolerance. Hatred manifests itself in intolerance and leads to all of the ills in human society. Love manifests itself in compassion and tolerance. That’s human history, that’s the fundamental human expression of the duality for the past 5,000 years.

Situations change because the lesson must repeat. It must repeat because life is benign, because life wants to move forward to a higher state. Beyond the materialism of the duality is the One consciousness, which wants to experience and advance itself in understanding. Behind the duality is love.

As I said already, it’s not about Trump vs Hillary, it’s about tolerance vs intolerance, no matter which side you are on.

When we execute psychopaths and psychotics who cause death and destruction, for example, we take them out of the world so they can’t cause more trouble, and allow everyone else to live in peace. We think we’re doing the world a favor, and it does work for a time. But it’s the wrong decision because it reinforces the consciousness that causes psychopaths and psychotics to come into existence: intolerance and hatred. Warped people are simply people who haven’t been shown tolerance or compassion.

The lesson repeats century after century because the physical aspect of life is only one part of it. The other part is beyond the veil and programs physical action. It’s the spiritual aspect and it transcends the material world.

The “bad guys” come back, over and over again, until we finally get it. As Walt Kelley once said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” That precisely describes the wheel of karma: One lifetime you are the good guy, the next lifetime you are the bad guy. Karma continues because we haven’t yet learned the lesson. The lesson is, when do we exercise tolerance and compassion?

This is why Jesus the Christ said, “Turn the other cheek.” I totally get that now. Why? Because there is no other solution than tolerance and love. There just isn’t. That nightmare I had illustrated the point vividly for me, in unmistakable terms: You can’t kill enough bad guys, you can’t fight hard enough to overcome the situation; and even if you do, it’s only temporary. You can be a tough guy and carry a gun and kill the bad guys, but you’ll just come back the next time as a victim. The lesson will repeat over and over and over and over on the broadest scale: the wheel of karma will continue, and you’ll still be on it. You can’t solve problems with the same consciousness that caused them.

To transcend the duality we have to learn the lesson. To learn the lesson we have to dissolve the negative vibe that holds it together. The only way to dissolve the negative vibe is through love and tolerance.

I used to hate that saying, “Turn the other cheek.” To me it meant give up and roll over. “Why should we reward criminals and punish honest people?” I would think. “That just adds more injustice to the world. Besides, nice guys finish last. Just look what happened to that guy who got robbed!” But things are not always what they seem. It’s perfectly reasonable to not reward criminals and to punish honest guys! If we do, the law of attraction says we will get more criminality.

However, by smashing and executing the criminals we create more criminality because we strengthen the vibration of hatred and intolerance. The lesson repeats. The only way to ensure zero criminality is to always take the path of tolerance. It’s really, really hard; especially in a world where it often appears that crime does pay. The only reason we have made it this far is that enough people performed little miracles of tolerance in their daily lives. They strengthened the vibe of love enough so that the human race is finally able to BEGIN to confront the evil we have created on this planet. We still have a long way to go.

The real action is beyond the veil of duality. The duality is just there to help us see past the overt materialism of our world. The duality presents us with non-optimum situations so we can see the real purpose behind the situation. That purpose is always benign because consciousness is pure love.

I don’t understand why this is, frankly. I don’t understand why places like earth exist; I’m not that aware yet. I don’t understand why we have to go through this nonsense in the physical universe – the suffering, the injustice, the misery. Consciousness is pure love, we don’t need physical bodies, really. When we release attachment to the body we find the One consciousness, and pure joy. But apparently we decided to play the game of “Physical Universe,” and now it’s a really, really big deal. We made it that way, I guess, by our accumulated karma, so now we have to release that karma. The only way to do that is through tolerance and love. That’s what enlightened people throughout history have been telling us.

It took me long enough, but I’m finally listening.

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It is clear now that the new Trump administration has a heavy military flavor. Some people think that Trump is assembling a bunch of reactionaries who want to impose overt fascism, in some sort of coup d’etat. The positive interpretation is that the corruption in our nation’s capital has reached such an extreme that military action may be necessary to clean up the mess.  There are two potential timelines, and we the people will collectively determine which road we go down. No one knows what the future will bring. However, we can influence what will manifest in the future by understanding the power of our own co-creative consciousness.  One thing is certain: Trump’s election is making people think about the future.

Corruption Is Endemic

It is clear that our political process no longer works. When my snowblower broke down, it had to be taken apart and a new carburetor installed – the old one was simply unusable. When a political system breaks down, you have to clean house and start over. CBS News reported that the Congressional approval rating in November 2015 was 11%. An average of all polling data between October 28 and December 20, 2016 shows the Congressional approval rate at 14.2%,[1] slightly up after the election. However, when 86 people out of 100 don’t approve of what their elected officials are doing, representative democracy no longer exists. The system is corrupt, it is rigged, and we all know it.

240 years ago we faced the same problem: an unresponsive government ruled by special interests. Remember that our country was established during the Revolutionary War. Our founding fathers were armed combatants, determined to overthrow an established government that did not represent the common good. Today, we face the same problem. Our government is controlled by a private corporate elite, but the solution back then is not the solution we need today.

Although America’s War of Independence was a military conflict, the revolution itself was grounded in ideas (not dogma or ideology). Read the Federalist Papers, a collection of essays by those who built the philosophical foundation for the new country back in the 18th century. The founders of this country were idealists; but in the 1760s and 1770s we were still mired in the old consciousness. It was important to have a philosophical underpinning for the new country, but it was also necessary to take to the streets. Fortunately, in 2016, violent revolution is no longer necessary. We now have an almost instantaneous worldwide communication network where ideas can be transmitted around the world almost instantaneously; in this environment violent revolution will be harmful, not helpful. The final battle between good and evil is being fought in the mental plane; in our hearts and minds. It is a battle of ideas, not armaments and soldiers. The ideas we choose will determine the timeline and the manifestations that occur on that timeline.

The election of Donald Trump – like him or hate him – was a wakeup call to the entire nation, just as the Boston Tea Party was three centuries ago, on December 16, 1773. If you recall your history, the Americans threw 342 chests of excellent British tea into Boston Harbor. The British Parliament, outraged by the destruction of British property, then enacted the Coercive Acts in 1774. The Coercive Acts closed Boston to merchant shipping, established formal British military rule in Massachusetts, made British officials immune to criminal prosecution in America, and required colonists to quarter British troops. The colonists subsequently called the first Continental Congress to consider a united American resistance to the British.[2]  Today, the passage of the Patriot Acts, the Military Commissions Act, the Homegrown Terrorist Protection Act, the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act of 2016 (which essentially creates a U.S. Ministry of Truth) and many others, have essentially gutted our constitution. Historically the parallels are never exact, but history tends to repeat itself if the lesson isn’t learned. Well, the lesson is again up for review, but this time we cannot fail!

Who Is to Blame?

Before we blame Trump or the Republicans (if you are a Hillary supporter) or Clinton and the Democrats (if you are a Trump supporter) for the mess we’re in, consider the idea that these actors were placed on the political stage by the decisions we have all made. We the people have caused the problems our country faces. Our collective consciousness determines what is possible and what isn’t, just as the condition of the soil determines what can and cannot grow.[3] We have voted into Congress and the White House, decade after decade, people who were less and less concerned with the common good than with their own political and personal good; who abandoned their responsibility to the nation. When President Eisenhower told us to beware the military-industrial complex in January 1961, we didn’t listen. When JFK was assassinated in 1963 we did nothing. As our country has become further corrupted we have continued to vote for representatives from the same two parties, over and over again, trying to get different results. As a result, during the past 70 years, a private, trans-national security state has developed. Their unacknowledged special access programs have been out of the purview of our elected officials since Eisenhower’s warning. We the people have allowed that by choosing security over freedom; consumerism over idealism. Now, the situation is totally out of control. This planet is now a corporate fascism run by an unelected planet-wide security state. Public governments and their – our – elected officials are almost completely out of the loop. We are living in a Matrix of lies and deceit, and the heart of it is here in the United States.

On the surface, it is perfectly reasonable to conclude that the election of Trump is a continuation of the inevitable march into darkness – and many people have already so concluded.  But things are not always as they seem. When the truth comes out people are going to be shocked. Our nation is going to be turned upside down, and the Trump election was just the beginning. Now, discernment is more important than ever. Some mainstream press outlets, in a desperate attempt to save the old order, have come up with a list of “fake news” sites from a group calling itself PropOrNot, most of which are guilty only of expressing alternative opinions, and some of which are on the leading edge exposing corruption.  (Yes, there ARE fake news sites, but “fake news” is rapidly becoming a symbol for “information I don’t agree with.” Please use your own discretion).

One of the best ways to get a point across is to constantly repeat it. However, just because something is repeated over and over doesn’t mean it’s true. Repetition is an accepted tenet in advertising and in propaganda. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister, said,

“It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. What after all are a square and a circle? They are mere words and words can be molded until they clothe ideas in disguise.”[4]

Goebbels also said,

“Not every item of news should be published. Rather must those who control news policies endeavor to make every item of news serve a certain purpose.”[5]

In journalism this technique is called framing. (I have always wondered what the little phrase at the top of the New York Times meant: “All the news that’s fit to print.”) If you watch or listen to the news with discernment, you can tell if framing is occurring: do the stories have a similar theme, or do they make you think a certain way?

And finally,

“Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred.”[6]

This last quote is illuminating because politics today (at least in the US) is mostly emotional rabble-rousing and argumentation against someone or something; rational debate and tolerance for opposing viewpoints is almost totally lacking. Moreover, as in the second quote, there is a disturbing trend toward propagandizing the news, even in traditional, professional outlets, making it very difficult to discern truth from disinformation.[7] For example, on November 24th the Washington Post published a story – "Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say" – that has been the basis for ridiculous claims that Russian hackers interfered with the U.S. election. The Post has since distanced itself from that story with an editorial comment appended to the article, which you can read here:

However, the idea that “the Russians” tried to undermine the U.S. election has made it into the public consciousness. It has been repeated by other news outlets and is now accepted as factual. This is a good example of Goebbels’ first and third quotes above.

What about Trump?

Donald Trump has made things worse with his crudity, but I believe that Trump himself is just a passing character on the stage, a bit character, a man who can and will be swept aside if he goes too far. The intelligence I read says that Trump right now is backed by white hats in the military and intelligence sectors, but that could change if he doesn’t do what history has placed him in the White House to do – act as a true change agent for the common good. As I said in a previous blog post, Trump is the smelly, ugly guy with the wrecking ball who is here to help knock down the decrepit old structure so the bright new shiny building can be erected. He is only a precursor to real change, not the end result. If he screws up he may be quickly removed.

This opinion, of course, presupposes a positive outcome. But what’s the point of living at all if you believe events will inevitably take us into the dumpster? What’s the point of nattering and thus creating potential negative outcomes?  All of our complaining (and inspiration) goes directly into the planetary consciousness, thus shaping the collective consciousness, and our collective future.

We either believe in the ascension process or not. Ascension is the idea that the human race can finally cease our petty squabbling and work together on a planet-wide basis. Being negative just brings about negative outcomes. Personally, I have an unshakeable belief that we are headed toward a positive future. It may get ugly for a while as the filth gets cleaned up, but when light penetrates darkness some horrible stuff is going to be uncovered. Are we in the light enough to confront it and hold to our spiritual beliefs? I think we are / will be.

2016–2019 are going to be whirlwind years for change here in the US and on the planet. The momentum has just begun in 2016 with the election of Donald Trump.

The Second Revolution

In the US we have now reached a level of tension and polarity that, historically, could only be resolved by a revolution. We’re either going to embrace the Constitution and the Bill of Rights – the ideas laid down by the founding fathers – or we’re going to go down as a nation. That is what the old order is hoping. Get ready folks: Soon, names are going to be named, and butts are going to get kicked. And some of those butts belong to people that will shock us.

Personally I think Trump is just a temporary catalyst to get the changes underway. The rats nest in Washington DC needs cleaning up, and we are on our way to that. My guess is that we are going to have a peaceful revolution, backed by white hats in the military and intelligence community who are going to obey their oaths to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States. But chicken littles, “experts,” and press outlets – both mainstream and alternative – are going spread chaos, fear, and anger as fast as they can in an attempt to keep people fighting each other, as Goebbels’ third quote above advises. A good “straw man” is always helpful to stir up the emotions! The point is that despite perfectly good reasons for it, contention is contention, no matter what opinions you hold, and contention creates negative energy.

Problem resolution through conflict and fighting is the paradigm of the old order, and insanity is doing the same things over and over, expecting different results. We can’t solve problems with the same consciousness that created them in the first place. Therefore, we can’t just talk about peace, tolerance, and love, we have to demonstrate it. We have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk in our lives, every day.

(In the near future, if I am right, the names of those who have committed crimes against humanity will become known. Well, the only solution to that is tolerance even though it is perfectly reasonable to put these guys up in front of a firing squad. At that time the feeling will be, as King Steven said to his executioners about 100 discovered traitors, “I want them all out of this world before nightfall.”[8] But to kill those who have killed is to immerse ourselves in the consciousness of the old paradigm for another 5,000 years. The solution to injustice is not more hatred! My suggestion is to create a website called Revelations that has a pic, a name underneath, and a list of crimes committed. Getting outted in front of 7.5 billion people is punishment enough! That is down the road a little way though. We are still in the beginning stages of an ascent to fourth-level consciousness [planetary consciousness]).

The Final Battle

The battle between good and evil is here, right now, and it’s in the hearts and minds of the people. Either we raise our consciousness to the next level or we will sink back into the darkness. Donald Trump is just a symbol of the coming battle. It was never Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton, or even freedom versus fascism; it’s love versus hate. It’s ALWAYS been love vs. hate. If hate prevails during this 2016–2019 window, expect war, poverty, injustice, crime, scarcity, and violence to continue during the current millennium, for we will have burned our future path into the collective consciousness. Our civilization will collapse and it will be OUR fault, not evil bankers, politicians, or David Icke’s alien masters. We are writing the script; the actors on the stage can only say the lines and do the things we write into the script. It’s called co-creation. Every planetary society is sovereign IF the people stop fighting each other and pull together!

The benevolent ETs aren’t going to land on the White House lawn; the angels aren’t going to come down from the skies and save us. We’re going to have to do this ourselves. Tolerance and compassion are the keys to a spiritual victory, and action when required. In our daily lives we are always presented with choices: get mad at people or try to understand them. Millions of these choices are made every day in this country and around the world, and every single one of them counts. Collectively, they have a profound effect on the mass consciousness and are tallied up on the board, energetically. Winning those battles will give us the victory.

All of the significant action is on the mental plane now. There is an invisible, holographic, programmable field of subtle energy that surrounds our planet, containing the thoughts, beliefs, and choices of 7.5 billion people. It dynamically interacts with every person on the planet. It’s what makes co-creation work. It’s real, not new-age bullshit. Our thoughts and actions create and maintain it.

The human energy grid stores all thoughts and, through the law of attraction, influences our individual thoughts and actions. Some guy in New Delhi is contributing to the collective consciousness just as much as someone in Berlin or Chicago or Beijing. Distance is irrelevant. This invisible grid of energy is consciousness-based; it’s like the script to a stage play, and determines what the actors think, say, and do on stage. We are writing that script, we have been writing it for 5,000 years. Now, as awareness increases, we are finally becoming aware of our co-creative power. It’s time we understood that our spirituality is the most important factor in whether we make it to a new civilization. In this crucial period, the decisions we make every day are counted in the ledger, and determine the balance. Make your decisions for a bright new world! It’s easy to say, “Choose compassion over anger,” but it’s the most important thing we do in our lives.


Suggested reading:

The latest from David Wilcock:

ENDGAME: Disclosure and the Final Defeat of the Cabal

[1], “Congressional Job Approval,”

[2], “This day in history, December 16, 1773”.

[3] Is this idea so strange? It makes some people uncomfortable because it says that human beings have complete control, through the mechanism of co-creation, for the condition of their lives. I have a movie called “The Evolution of Consciousness,” available for free viewing at, which illustrates this concept. In order for our civilization to advance we must cross the barrier of  materialism and recognize the power of consciousness and thought.

[4] Quoted in Garth Jowett and Victoria O'Donnell, Propaganda and Persuasion, p.230.

[5] Life Magazine, Mar 29, 1948, “Goebbels’ Diaries,” entry for March 14, 1943. Also quoted in William Safire, Safire’s Political Dictionary, p. 581.

[6] From  “Goebbels’ Principles of Propaganda,” #18,

[7] Here’s another example of how the news is being propagandized. This is just one of many, I don’t want to bore you with this.


[8] Quote from  an Ellis Peters novel about the English Civil War in the 12th century, One Corpse Too Many.

For most people in the US, this election was a shocker. No one really expected Donald Trump to win. Trump is looked on by the majority as an attention-seeker, a TV personality, a buffoon, almost a cartoon character. However, an interesting fact emerged from the exit polling: 60% of voters on both sides felt that their candidate was not a good one. In other words, 60% of the people who voted for Hillary thought she wasn’t a good candidate, and 60% of the people who voted for Trump didn’t think he was a good candidate! But Trump won because everyone felt that a radical change was needed.

In essence, Hillary was the candidate of the old system. Trump is a change-activator. He’s a temporary solution. You are looking at a property and you see a really nice piece of land. But the property itself is falling apart. The first guy you call is the wrecker – who comes in with a big crane and destroys the place with one of those huge wrecking balls. It’s dirty, it’s messy, and it makes a lot of noise and destruction. But you have to get rid of the decrepit structure before you can rebuild that nice, shiny new property. Trump is the wrecker. He’s only there for a short time, and everybody can’t wait until he’s done so they can get to work building something meaningful. Almost all of my friends are appalled that Hillary didn’t win – especially the women, who see Trump as some kind of barbaric rapist who hates women. In the last post I talked about “historical forces.” I believe Trump is a necessary part of the energetic shift to a new consciousness. He represents the action component of the collective decision to reach a higher consciousness.

Of course this will seem ludicrous and absurd to most people, who regard Trump as a major step backward. One African American guy even said it was a return to the Jim Crow days. It’s perfectly understandable why people think this. However, things are not always as they seem! Hillary was the step backward, even though she appeared to represent a step forward: the first woman president. But Hillary represented the status quo, the same old two-party dictatorship that has ruled America for the past century, the old decrepit house. If we are going to truly make a shift forward, we have to remove the corrupt political system that exists. Ladies and germs, you don’t have a democracy when the Congressional approval rate is around 10% – 13%! How can we say we have representative democracy when 9 out of 10 people don’t approve of what their representatives are doing? The simple answer is that we can’t. We need a barbarian at the gates of DC to knock down a few of those gates so we can reset to a system that works better and represents people instead of corporations.

The Clinton campaign blew it for the Democrats. Hillary and her crew forced out Bernie Sanders, who was the true alternative to Trump. If Bernie would have gotten the nomination he might have won. But the old order had to assert its authority and Bernie was swept aside, just as Hillary was swept aside. Still, my intuition tells me that Trump, in the long run, is the stronger, and necessary, personality who will force change. Bernie is too nice a guy.

I wouldn't be surprised if Trump didn't finish his term. If The Donald goes overboard, or pisses off too many people, an impeachment vote might succeed in the Congress.

I didn’t vote for either Hillary or Trump; I voted third party. However, Trump is the kind of bloke who has a chance to make a big dent in the endemic corruption that is Washington DC. Like a bull, Trump doesn’t seem very bright – but once he sets his mind on something he will go after it fearlessly. We need someone fearless right now in Washington who will represent the people of the United States, not the corporate network and the special interests that run this planet. Trump will not be intimidated by threats. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if some “lone nut” took a shot at The Donald. He represents (like the wrecking ball) a serious threat to the Matrix of lies and corruption that has been established on the planet.

The Republicans won both the House and the Senate so if Trump has an agenda he will likely be able to push it through if he can mend fences with the rest of the party. The problem is that although Trump ran as a Republican he is a maverick (and a former Democrat). He alienated many of the party big-wigs in his run to the presidency. All of this speaks to a chaotic period for the new president.

This is fitting because the US right now is in a chaotic situation. I’m speaking more in a mathematical sense: In a chaotic situation the number of possible outcomes increases very rapidly as the old system breaks down. Look for a lot of uncertainty and even bewildering changes during the next year or two in the US as the old order falls apart and a new international system of finance comes on board. Keep in mind that chaos is necessary to advance to a higher level, and that chaos leads to a situation of flux as the old rules become outdated and new rules are written into the public consciousness. During periods like these the system has an opportunity to advance to a higher level. Pay no attention to Chicken Littles in the media who predict disaster (they ALWAYS predict disaster).

Unlike almost everyone I see this election as a step forward: a firm and determined choice to leave the old order behind. The problem is that we have not decided on a course for the future. Right now Donald Trump is a perfect representation of the collective consciousness of the US: a guy who knows that something is very wrong but isn’t quite sure how to set about changing it. Trump is a person of action who will sweep with a very large broom. That broom may sweep out some of the good with the bad, but history will eventually see this election as the first step toward a true change in consciousness (for the better).


Seminal Events in History

I have always been fascinated by history, and what appears to be historical forces that seemingly change the course of events.

The Mongol Empire, for example, was the largest contiguous land empire in world history. Back in the 13th century it had literally overrun all of Asia and was on the verge of conquering Europe as well, when their khan (Great Khan Ögedei) died in 1241. The western Mongol army withdrew from Central Europe the next year to choose a successor. What would have happened if the Mongols had completed their conquest? They would have controlled most of the continent of Asia and Europe as well. World history may have changed on this one event.

In 1066, William of Normandy invaded England and won the Battle of Hastings. The infusion of Norman blood with the native Saxons created a new race that established the British Empire throughout the world, and encoded democratic principles in all of its colonies. The American Constitution was based on these principles.

Led by a young British MP named William Wilberforce, the Slavery Abolition Act or Emancipation Act of 1833 led to the legal abolishment of slavery throughout the British empire, and eventually throughout the world. This was an important step toward equality for all races and cultures.

The signing of the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights created a document that led to the establishment of a country that affected the entire history of the twentieth century.

Obviously there are many other events as well. Were these events merely coincidence, or were they part of some grand divine plan? Is there really such a thing as “historical forces” that guide human evolution?

Here is a more concrete example. I have been reading an interesting historical fiction book about the French Revolution, titled Master at Arms, by Rafael Sabatini. In it he describes the attempt in 1793 by the Comte de Puisaye and French emigres in England, with English help, to reestablish the king of France and the monarchy, during the Reign of Terror. The narrative is a sympathetic portrait of Puisaye, who is determined not to allow the sanscoulottes to further (in his estimation) damage France, and an indictment of Colonel d’Hervilly, the leader of the French emigres, who is portrayed as supercilious and incompetent. The story shows how d’Hervilly, with no battle experience, intrigued to place himself at the head of the combined Royalist forces, and destroyed the Royalists’ effort almost single-handedly.

Here is how Sabatini narrates it:

At Portsmouth [England] a fleet under Sir John Warren was rapidly fitting out, and the supply ships were loading the materiel, which comprised 24,000 muskets, clothing and footgear for 60,000 men, and a vast store of food and ammunition. Puisaye might flatter himself that all this was the miracle wrought by his energy, vision, and intelligence, and persuasive powers. His satisfaction, however, was darkened by the jealousies and intrigues that seldom fail to poison any Gallic enterprise. At every step these came to create obstacles for him and to add to the difficulties inseparable from so Herculean  labor as his. The vain and pompous d’Hervilly perceived here his chance to magnify himself. Endowed with few talents save the talent of intrigue, and endowed with this one to excess, he so shrewdly exercised it as to obtain, despite the fact that he held only a colonel’s rank, the chief command of the actual emigre contingents. In view of the support he had won, the four generals commanding the four brigades made no protest beyond relinquishing their commands, since it was impossible that they should serve under a man of inferior rank. Of those nobles who had raised the other regiments, La Chatre, Dresneay, and Hector adopted the same course. Nor did it end there. Every colonel in the service retired rather than submit to one whose rank was not superior to their own, with the result that the regiments were left under the command of lieutenant-colonels, who were not of the same authority over either officers or men.

The story goes on to show how the arrogant d’Hervilly, at every turn, almost single-handedly ruined the chances of the Royalists, and how the Royalists’ own arrogance and contempt for the Chouans – the peasant Bretton guerilla army who would do most of the fighting – lost the battle before it ever began.

All of Sabatini’s stories are engaging, and I found myself (as the author intended) getting very angry at d’Hervilly and the other Royalist officers as their laziness, incompetence, and hauteur toward their troops ruined the effort of Puisaye and thousands of his loyal followers.

This story got me thinking: Why are there antisocial persons like d’Hervilly in the world? Are people like d’Hervilly part of some historical force that is placed to alter history? When I say antisocial I don’t mean people who lack life experience or intelligence, but those who consciously work to destroy those around them. We’ve all met at least one in our lives.

If we look for a metaphysical explanation we might find an answer, because it doesn’t seem that Spirit would ever create a useless person, despite Henry Kissingers’s categorization of the elderly as “useless eaters.”  The great masters and spiritual leaders have always told us that each person is a valuable and divine aspect of a higher consciousness, and that from Spirit’s POV, all incarnated beings are of equal importance.

While I was contemplating the deviousness of d’Hervilly, I was shown a ... vision, I’d suppose you’d call it.

The Vision

The One consciousness, of which we are but physical aspects, divides itself into “good guys” and “bad guys” in order to play a game. To the good guys – those who are aware of Spirit – the actions of the bad guys are despicable, as they destroy families, groups, and causes. But from the viewpoint of Spirit, perhaps, the bad guys are necessary, and in fact, sometimes play important roles. Men like d”Hervilly are sometimes in place to break up movements that do not lead to an evolution toward the light.

The mission of the Royalists after the French Revolution was to reestablish the old, rigid caste system whereby the aristocrats lived in splendor on the backs of the other 99% of the population. Thus d’Hervilly (according to the vision) was there to ensure that Puisaye’s reestablishment of the monarchy failed. The “bad guys” were actually the good guys, from Spirit’s POV. I was also shown that in order to play the part of “bad guy,” a being must by definition have minimal awareness of self and the dynamics of life, and must be selfishly self-centered. How else could a divine aspect of the Creator perform such a role? It would be a defilement of their own integrity.

From this POV, to perform the role of “bad guy” is an immense sacrifice and a sacred duty. Consider the being (the vision said) who incarnated as d’Hervilly, just before he entered the body. He is going through his life mission and is being shown the potentials of what might happen in his life. The potentials exist for the Revolution and the breakup of a stifling caste system that has no potential for evolvement toward the light, and the inevitable attempt to reestablish it. The being known as d’Hervilly says, “All right, if the potentials are manifested I will intrigue and destroy the movement to reestablish my group, becoming a traitor to it and ensuring that I am reviled.”

Now that’s an unenviable life assignment! That would be a heavy assignment even for an old soul, but a very important one that appears on the surface to be of the dark, but is actually working for the light Thus the saying, “Things are not always as they seem.”

In Master at Arms, another dilemma is presented. The Vicomtesse Ballenger, herself a Royalist and the wife of the second in command, falls in love with General Hoche of the enemy Republican army, surreptitiously sending him the Royalist battle plans. She is regarded by the Royalists, after their defeat, as a traitor and a harlot. However, we know that love is the Om, the fundamental vibration of the universe.

Is it possible for love to act falsely? Can love cause evil actions? As I contemplated this I realized that love might cause one to change course; and to a political faction, or someone with a cause, such an action might be regarded as a betrayal. But the fundamental intention of love is always to uplift and support. Love, it seems, is an emotion that transcends the duality.

The next vision I was given was the earth, the human race, as a gigantic circuit board. I was told, “The resistors in the circuit board diminish and stop the flow of electricity to certain areas. These are the bad guys. They are necessary in order to redirect the flow of energy in a different direction, like a dam that redirects water for irrigation.”

“Are the resistors evil because they do not allow a free flow of energy?” I was asked. “All of the components are necessary for proper functioning of the electronic device. Without the resistors there would be chaos.” As with all of these visions from Spirit I have had over the decades, it came with complete, 100% certainty and a completely loving, positive feeling.

A part of me says that this is absurd, because antisocial people like d’Hervilly maim and kill and torture without mercy, and seemingly at random. There cannot be an enlightened purpose for activities like this. I simply don’t believe that all of these “bad guys” are necessary. But of course I don’t see the whole picture.


Interestingly, the defeat of the Royalists paved the way for the dictator and militarist Napoleon, who further shook up French society. After Napoleon was finally defeated in 1815, the Bourbons were restored to the throne, with the brother of executed King Louis XVI becoming King Louis XVIII. On the surface it appeared that nothing had changed – but appearances can be deceiving! The old France – the rigid France where the supremacy of the aristocracy was unquestioned, by all social strata – was dead forever. This was, I was told, an advance because it allowed a little more light to penetrate into the planet.

In a previous vision I saw the purpose for both world wars in the 20th century, which was  the opening of communication lines, and greater understanding, between cultures and nations of the world. The two world wars allowed a LOT more light to penetrate through the veil. My reaction to this was shock and anger. “You are telling me that 40 million people were killed in WW II and 20 million in WW I just for that?” The answer was, “Every single being was shown the potentials before they incarnated, and agreed to it.” Oh really, I said. You are saying that 60 million people had to suffer just so that more light could come into the planet? And what about all the other wars in the 20th century? The answer I got was a feeling of incredible love and understanding. “YES,” was the reply.

Again, I think this explanation is not only absurd but contemptible. However, Spirit never argues with me. When I become too intellectual or too angry I just get a big smile and a hug and no more explanations (probably because my vibe becomes incompatible with the higher vibrations of Spirit).

When something like this happens to you it simply overpowers you with love and total certainty that everything is perfect, and that the world is evolving exactly as it should. It completely negates my intellect, knocks out all arguments, and I experience literally 100% certainty that everything is perfect. I can’t explain it rationally because it makes no sense intellectually. It isn’t FACTUAL! But the reality of the communication from Spirit is so powerful it cannot be denied, even though, when it’s over, my humanness DOES deny it. That is the curse of being me – with increased self awareness comes greater perception, both of the good and the bad. As I grow in self awareness I can see more of the bad and where it is coming from. Sometimes it’s terrifying. And, frankly, I no longer believe in the necessity for suffering: it seems evil and pointless. But again, I am just an average Joe with no claim to any superior understanding of life or people.

I think that the visions come to remind me that Spirit does exist, that all of us are playing an incredible, amazing, magnificent game here on earth, and that death is completely illusory. Part of that game is that the vast majority of us remain clueless (“the veil”). Sometimes life on earth makes little sense to me. I know that in our non-physical state we are perfect and filled with joy and love, so why do we need a physical universe where there is so much suffering? The answer always comes back, that not one of us down here would miss this for all the gold in the world.

My father always used to say to me, “Kenny, what if the answer to everything is that there is no answer?” I think my father was very wise, because the older I get the less I know. Maybe there is no answer, maybe there is no Theory of Everything, except that the world is perfect, that all of us are perfect, and that these lives we lead have incredible purpose, even if  many of us don’t know what that purpose is.

The Elephant and the Fly

Here is a humorous story told by my friend Khurshid Ali, who lives in Germany.

One day an elephant was searching for a way to cross a swollen river and discovered a sturdy bridge. Just then a fly alighted on his back. “Dear elephant,” the fly said, “Would you carry me on your back across the water? My wing is broken and I can barely fly.”

The elephant said, “Sure.”

Just as the elephant was about to take the first step, the fly said, “I am very worried about this bridge. Our combined weight may collapse it.”

The elephant smiled and began to walk.

“Look out for that loose board!” the fly advised as the elephant took his first steps, but the elephant, unperturbed, kept going.

“Do you see that rock up ahead?” the fly said anxiously. “Don’t trip on it!”

The elephant did not reply, but kept going very calmly.

In a similar fashion the elephant and the fly successfully negotiated the bridge, the fly pointing out obstacles for the elephant to avoid. After they reached the other side the fly said, “Whew! That was a harrowing journey! But with my help we made it.”

The elephant flopped his ears in amusement.

The fly pulled out his business card and said, “If you ever need any more advice, my number is on the card.”

“Thank you,” the elephant said gravely, trying not to laugh.

In the story, the fly represents the ego and the elephant represents life.

I thought this story hilarious because that is just how my own ego works.

What if we lived in a multi-dimensional universe?

What would such a place be like?

A multiverse would contain multiple universes and dimensions, and would allow communication and travel within them and between them (obviously). That’s a real stretch from current scientific belief, which states that the earth is the only planet with intelligent life, and only one universe exists – the one we see with our telescopes or are able to detect with current instruments.

A multiverse would have to have some sort of barrier or threshold – something that denied primitive, aggressive, immature, or barbaric races from access to it. That barrier would be a barrier of knowledge and physics, as well as spiritual advancement (consciousness).  A multiverse with many dimensions would separate the wheat from the chaff and prevent crazy beings from hip-hopping around, destroying everything in existence. Beings with lower awareness would only perceive one universe and would be contained there.

What would a multiverse barrier be? Well, the sound barrier is around 750 mph. Once you break through the sound barrier you hear a pop and then you are travelling faster than can be traced by hearing. In a multiverse, the access point might be the light barrier. Our physics tells us that the speed of light is constant in all frames of reference – no matter what your velocity in your frame of reference, all reference frames measure the speed of light the same. Our physics  regards the speed of light as unattainable. The Special Theory of Relativity says that as you approach the speed of light time contracts, length dilates, and mass increases. This is a direct consequence of the immutability of the measurement of the speed of light in all reference frames.

But we know that the Milky Way galaxy is 100,000 light years in diameter, which means that it takes light 100,000 years to go from one end to the other at the speed of light. To say hi to your friend at the other end of the galaxy and get a reply would take 200,000 years. This physics is clearly absurd and unworkable in a multiverse.

There are hundreds of billions of galaxies just in this universe, and the number of stars is at least 1022, an almost uncountable number. The number of planets is even greater than that. Unless the designer of the universe is a moron, there would have to be a way to quickly access the galaxies, stars, and planets in the universe. And there must also be a way to access universes at higher or lower dimensions or vibrations. Therefore the barrier of light must be crossed before a civilization has access to the multiverse. Moreover, in order to access the multiverse you would need advanced physics, and an advanced consciousness. Without an advanced consciousness your vibe wouldn’t be high enough to access the stars, much less go to other dimensions. You couldn’t comprehend the physics, much less develop it. That is where we are now on planet earth.

Let’s leave out the possibility of temporal travel. Whistleblowers from the secret space programs and other black programs have discussed temporal travel and say that it exists. There must be rules regulating travel in time so that paradoxes and temporal discontinuities don’t wreck the fabric of existence. However, for the moment, let’s talk about communicating and traveling in a multiverse. To access a galaxy on the other side of the universe, some sort of wormhole or “spacetime folding” must exist. But this physics is at a level far beyond the physics in a fossil-fuel matrix. Such a physics is beyond the light barrier, and even the conceptualization of it is beyond a spiritual threshold that cannot be crossed without a shift in consciousness.

In a multiverse it would be possible to phase out of 3-dimensional space and into another location or dimension. To a person trapped within the barrier, this manifestation and de-manifestation would appear to be magic. A being from a higher dimension or location could communicate with a being in a lower dimension even though that higher being would not be fully materialized. A person communicated to in this way might conceive the idea of angels and demons. A burning bush or a cloud might appear, and a voice out of it giving instructions to the inhabitants, who would write them down and declare that they came from God (or perhaps a demon). Entire religions or occult beliefs might be created around this phenomenon. A person who had such an experience might be deemed crazy, and placed in a mental institution.

When a civilization advances in knowledge far enough, an entire genre called “science fiction” might appear. The concepts in this genre would be presented as something unrealized – things that might be attained someday – fictional because of course we are the only planet with intelligent life in the universe, and fossil fuel technology is as high as it gets – even though the concepts presented might already be a reality. A multiverse would be billions of years old, and so would have a continuum of civilizations at various levels of knowledge and spiritual advancement, and advanced technology beyond the imagination of a fossil fuel civilization.

Some planets would be at a very low level of development, and some would be at a very high level. In a previous blog post we talked about one galactic year being around 225 million terrestrial years, and how a civilization at a higher level of vibration would experience time much differently than a civilization at a lower level of vibration. To a very young civilization with a primitive physics, one galactic year would be an incomprehensible period of time, even though the universe itself might be at least 13.5 billion years old according to their own science, with civilizations highly advanced spiritually.

In a multiverse, communication and travel would be possible within universes and between universes and dimensions. A planet like earth, which is just starting out, would be at a very low level of knowledge and advancement compared to other civilizations. In fact, on such a planet the belief might exist that they were the only planet with intelligent life in the entire universe! On this planet, people would also believe that when you die you are dead, which would lead to a frantic competition for scarce resources. Resources would be scarce because fossil fuel technology is as high as it gets, and a fossil-fuel physics would be incapable of extracting energy from the vacuum. Such advanced concepts would be pilloried as laughable “perpetual motion machines,” or “science fiction delusion,” and the people who promoted them regarded as lunatics.

The people on such a planet wouldn’t be able to get along because, as James Stewart said to Clarence the angel, all of their ideas would be “screwy.” On such a planet the inhabitants would be easily led. Billions of people could live out their lives in a sort of “matrix” of false beliefs, even though technology existed from the multiverse that could solve all of their problems.

However, the inhabitants of such a planet would still possess enormous co-creative power. To get beyond the barrier, they would have to understand themselves as incarnated aspects of a divine consciousness that created and maintains the multiverse. Unless and until they did so, the inhabitants would continue to struggle, sweat, and live lives that were much more difficult than they should be.

In a multiverse billions of years old, medical technology would exist to cure all diseases at all dimensional levels, even primitive and dense levels such as existed on a struggling, “new” planet with a very young race.

However, civilizations would exist that wished to take advantage of such a young planet – civilizations that have gotten their hands on galactic technology, but who have not advanced past a primitive, confrontational consciousness. The inhabitants of such a young planet would therefore be very vulnerable to psychological manipulation, and could be easily subjugated, just as Europeans with superior technology conquered indigenous races on earth.

Within the matrix or cocoon of consciousness and belief of a very young civilization, the above discussion and its concepts would be officially rejected as the ravings of mentally unstable persons. Such people would be described as kooks or nuts, because “everybody knows” that human nature is savage and barbaric, and being tough and aggressive is the only way to advance in life. Being a good fighter would be highly admired whereas cooperation, tolerance, and love would be regarded as weak, soft, and “sissified.” The military would be highly regarded, and criticism of the military, or war, would be met with ridicule and contempt.

On a planet with these belief systems, it would be possible for breakaway civilizations to plunder the planet’s economic wealth, building infrastructures on the other planets and moons of the solar system, while the inhabitants believed that the resulting scarcity is “just the way it is, that’s life.” An entire culture or civilization could be built off-planet while the inhabitants lived their entire lives within this planetary matrix, with only a few outliers being any the wiser. Even tangential mention of these ideas would, of course, be regarded as insane by the inhabitants in their matrix.

A corporate network would be a very efficient way of organizing and controlling society within the planetary matrix. By definition a corporation is a separate and independent legal entity, and the people running them would be greatly shielded from prosecution. Therefore a group of allied corporations could act independently and with much freedom from the governments within the matrix. By giving technology to this corporate network, the planetary matrix could not only be maintained, but the network could release dribbles of technology to fund the corporations who manufactured it. Those corporations would effectively use slave labor in their manufacturing facilities (and place netting on the roofs of their buildings to prevent workers from jumping off), thus increasing their profits, and new versions of this technology would come out every so often, accompanied by commercial advertising that claimed remarkable new innovations in the latest electronic devices.

Fossil fuel technology would be maintained by showing primitive fossil fuel travelling carriages, accompanied by commercial advertising showing these vehicles to be the latest and greatest, pointing out features like “blind side” technology, self-guided parking, and hatchback doors that opened with a remote control! The inhabitants within the matrix would be very pleased, knowing that they all had the very latest and greatest technology. The inhabitants would even be encouraged to buy vehicles with remote starters, with apps that could control the vehicle  by anyone in the world through the planetary internet. This appalling feature would be promoted with idea of how cool it is, and commercial advertising would show people with IQs of 90 and the emotional intelligence of children, being very pleased with a new development that would allow anyone on the planet to steal or even remotely control their vehicle, even when it was in motion. Vehicles could be locked, unlocked, or even started from a remote desert island while the inhabitants were on vacation.

Keeping the population occupied would be a masterful way to keep the system in place. Academia would promote the “one world” idea, ridiculing even the suggestion of life from other planets, or higher technology. Religions would also promote the “we are alone” idea, in order to glorify their deities. The primary fossil-fuel space organization on the planet would promote the idea that “someday, we might find microbial life on Mars.” Popular movies would be made, showing how a fossil fuel astronaut landed on another planet in the solar system, and claimed that he was the first human on Mars. The inhabitants would chuckle with glee, knowing that rocket technology was as high as it gets, and hope one day to travel on a rocket vehicle to another planet.

Psychological counseling would be based on talking about ones problems. An artificial compartmentalization of the psyche would be promoted, suggesting that a person had an ego and an id and a subconscious mind, all of which could affect him or her, willy-nilly. Inhabitants who desired to help their fellow human beings would eagerly study various counseling systems, convinced that they were getting the latest and greatest advances in mental health.

A medical system would be promoted that managed disease, with just enough cures to give the inhabitants hope. Diseases like cancer and heart disease would be extensively researched, but decade after decade there would be no cures. People would be encouraged to “stand up” to these diseases, or “fight” them, thus making the inhabitants very happy that they were contributing to a system that was doing all it could to bring health to the population.

When the inhabitants began to get tired of struggling and dying, decade after decade, disclosure of the new technology would be very gradual, keeping the system in place for as long as possible. Those who came forward, suggesting that the people of the planet were being lied to and robbed blind, would be ridiculed as “conspiracy theorists” even as the primary nation on earth had a deteriorating infrastructure and a $20 Trillion debt. “What are you on about?” would be the hue and cry to those who went public. “That’s crazy talk! Shut up and stop whining.”

Distracting the masses would be easy, as professional sports like the “NFL” would promote tough guy concepts, working hand-in-hand with the military, showing fighter planes, soldiers, and flags of the nation before sporting contests, promoting the idea that “fighting for freedom” was the highest calling. The military would be seen as fighting for democratic principles as it conducted brushfire wars in various countries with resources that the corporate network desired for its own use. Persons who protested in any way would be seen as “unpatriotic,” malignant malcontents who do not have their heads on right. Respected public figures such as Supreme Court judges would pillory such people, calling them misguided and stupid. “Just play football dumbass, and keep your mouth shut” would be the cry.

During presidential debates, staged entertainment would be provided. Questions would be carefully chosen, ensuring that nothing of substance was debated. One candidate might be criticized because her husband seduced a woman while still married to the candidate, while the other was criticized because he used locker room language. The inhabitants would be very pleased with this controversy, discussing it at work and which showed that they truly lived in a democracy. Meanwhile the corporate network would ensure that the leaders of the public governments were at least 35 security clearances below need-to-know level, ensuring that no one in the public governments or the fossil fuel militaries rocked the boat, and locking them out of advanced technology.

The inhabitants of such a planet would be entertained by shows depicting human beings as emotionally and intellectually attenuated, or showing them competing with each other in singing contests, or contests of physical strength, or clapping with glee when they won prizes on shows that promoted products from the corporate network. Entertainment that promoted spiritual subjects would be rigorously censured, even though a few might make it to the airwaves. Programs that exposed the matrix would be shuttled off to little-watched channels and networks, and would be roundly jeered for daring to suggest that all was not well.

Civilizations outside the planetary matrix – spiritually advanced civilizations that have already advanced past the barrier – would not be able to interfere overtly. Only that help could be offered that the level of consciousness of the inhabitants had graduated to. Those who looked on would see a population completely ignorant of their power of co-creation, and their complete ignorance of the mental plane. They would see a planet surrounded by a holographic field of subtle energy that maintained all of the ecosystems on the planet, and sustained life. They would see that within this subtle field of energy exists all of the knowledge necessary to graduate to a level of abundance, prosperity, and creative brilliance. They would see that the mechanism necessary to trigger this wonderful data dump for the inhabitants is simply a collective decision to change the direction of their thinking – but the inhabitants, mired in self-defeating beliefs, might never have the intelligence to make this decision. They would shake their heads, wanting to appear on the television sets of the inhabitants and tell them all about it, but they wouldn’t be able to. That’s because free will is the prime directive for all incarnated consciousness, and the inhabitants must make this decision on their own. As a saying goes on the planet, “either use it or lose it.”

The question always is, will the inhabitants of the matrix be able to see past the bullshit that hits their fans every single day?

On this particular planet – which exists in an area of the galaxy devastated by war for millions of years – non-terrestrial races have inserted their DNA into the inhabitants of this very young race, hoping that the inhabitants will discover their spiritual birthright and elevate multiple star systems, many of whose civilizations have degraded to the point where they have lost their spiritual integrity, and knowing they cannot advance without help. This is known as the Great Experiment, and is a very important initiative within this sector of the galaxy. These non-terrestrial races are awed by the emotional range of the inhabitants and their spiritual potential, even as some of them try to take advantage of the inhabitants. On this planet there is a story which illustrates this concept. A scorpion asks an otter whether he can ride on his back to cross the river. “I can help you navigate while you swim as fast as you can.” The otter agrees, but halfway across the scorpion stings the otter and they both go under. Just before they draw their last breaths, the otter asks the scorpion why he stung him. “We will both die now.”  The scorpion replies, “Because I am a scorpion. It’s my nature. ”

The inhabitants within the matrix believe similarly, thinking that “human nature” is savage and barbaric and cannot be changed. Spiritually advanced races see the cosmic irony in this situation, the inhabitants being just a collective decision away from recognizing their incredible co-creative power with the divine consciousness – which fills the multiverse – and is present in every dark nook and cranny, and exists under every rock and in every hermetically sealed prison, whether natural or artificial.

Another irony is that the most recent breakaway civilization, originating from the nation called “Germany,” still operates on a primitive, low level of consciousness and cannot survive the coming energetic shift, despite their advanced technology. Their modus operandi is a top-down, controlling, spiritually dead civilization that resembles the dictatorships of the planet, all of which, without exception throughout the planet’s history, have failed.

This tiny little planet, which the inhabitants have called earth, has been battered for millions of years. Ever since the first vestiges of intelligent life appeared on it, it has been a battleground. The little planet was the focus for the Great Experiment long before the human race was seeded upon it; it has seen planets explode near it, an artificial moon placed in orbit around it, and its solar system infested with races that have agendas on the planet.

But perhaps the little planet that could can graduate, despite the odds against it. From the Great Central Sun, new energies are being released into the universe that travel through every galaxy and every star to every solar system with intelligent life. Perhaps it will be enough. But the inhabitants of the little planet must still make the collective decision to realize their co-creative potential.

The entire sector of this galaxy is waiting with bated breath to see what the inhabitants of the little planet will do.

... just as the biosphere stands above the world of nonliving matter, so an “abstract kingdom” rises above the biosphere. The denizens of this kingdom? Ideas.

 — James Gleick


This month we’re going to talk about memes and the mental plane, which is where all thought exists. This is a difficult subject because it is entirely esoteric, but in my 65 years on the planet I have never found a rational explanation for why human beings have fought and killed each other for the past 5,000 years. There is no orthodox, psychological explanation for psychosis, anti-social behavior, or why human groups so often disintegrate – or at least none that provide solutions. My conclusion is that we have to look beyond orthodoxy for an explanation and a solution. Science is useless here because science only understands 5% of the universe. The other 95% – dark matter and dark energy – lie within the purview of meta-physics. Moreover, accepted explanations for human behavior begin with the assumption that consciousness comes from the brain – a primitive and backward idea that itself is part of the problem. So let us render to Caesar, er, Science, the things that are Science’s, and proceed.

A meme is defined as a cultural element – a fad, a fashion, or more important, a belief –  that is passed from one person to another through mass media, tradition, or by word of mouth (internet, social media).  They are important because a meme is often broadly accepted by a lot of people, so they have force. Originally meme was defined by Richard Dawkins as something transmitted through genes, but the concept has been expanded to include the transmission of cultural ideas.  Memes can be regarded as cultural analogues to genes because they self-replicate and mutate.

Memes are essentially thoughts.  A meme inspires action. For example, the recent Pokemon Go game inspired millions of people to play, and it became a very powerful fad for a while, with an almost hypnotically attractive force on some people.  But the most influential memes are not those that generate the latest fad or fashion, but the ones that are so broadly accepted that they become an “everyone knows.”

Memes become powerful vibrationally when more and more people accept and adopt them. They then begin to entrain thought to them. All this happens invisibly, but the effect exists. When something goes viral it seems to have a momentum all its own, but the origin of that momentum is vibrational, and exists in the mental plane.

Here are some examples of memes: “You only go around once in life.”  “There’s only so much to go around.” “You have to fight to get what you want.” “It’s very important to have lots of followers on social media.” “The more money and bling you have the more successful you are.” “If someone insults you, you have to insult them back or you are a coward.” “You have no say in where you are born.” “The earth is the only planet with intelligent life in the universe.” “The world is filled with stupid people.” There are hundreds more. Memes are data – information – that we accept, sometimes unknowingly, into our personal databases. They program our actions and our attitudes toward people and life, and contribute to our happiness or unhappiness.  Many of these memes are uninspected.

We don’t see memes, we see the result of a meme, as in lots of people playing Pokemon Go, or a blog post or multimedia presentation going viral, or somebody at work or in a group working for themselves instead of the common good.

Human beings are being bombarded with memes every day in mass media, on the internet, and on social media.

Memes travel within an etheric substance; a subtle medium that yet has a powerful effect on our consciousness even though we can’t see it. I’m calling this the “mental plane,” because it suggests Mind, the creator of thought. The Hindus called this the Akash or Akasha – an ethereal fluid that permeates the cosmos. In Vedantic Hinduism, Akasha means the basis and the essence of all things in the material world. Within the mental plane is the recording of all thoughts and actions of humanity. So we are surrounded by a field of thought that contains powerful memes, which also entrain thought and action to them.

The point is that memes are the living vibrational products of consciousness, and so affect consciousness. They live in an etheric, invisible substance that surrounds us.

We’re sitting in the middle of something invisible but yet powerful enough to influence our attitudes and our actions. The media used to communicate memes are physical – TV, internet, radio, social media, etc. – but memes have a life independent of these physical media. Just as we look beyond the physical to find consciousness, the animating principle, so too must we look beyond the physical media to find the memes that influence our lives. When I twigged on this it really hit me: that there exists an entire reality, invisible to the five human senses, that can have a powerful effect on our attitudes and thoughts.

We don’t question the existence of the air, even though it is invisible. We can see the effects of the air as it rustles the leaves on the trees, or becomes violent in a storm. We accept quantum mechanical explanations for the behavior of matter and energy, even though this process is completely invisible. IMHO it is not such a stretch to accept the existence of the mental plane and the sometimes violent memes that dwell there. We’ve all seen people explode, inexplicably, into verbal or physical violence, just like a violent atmospheric storm. Some memes are vibrationally very powerful thought patterns and have affected the human race for millennia.

You know the old saying, “Don’t shit where you eat.” Well, we have been, unwittingly, mentally defecating in our own mass consciousness for thousands of years! It’s time to clean up our mess. The responsibility for our collective actions is on us – not on evil interdimensional beings, or any outside force. We control what goes into the mental plane because the thoughts and intentions of human beings are all recorded in the Akash – a living realm of thought that interfaces with our minds and our consciousness.

Memes are also data and information. Historically speaking, those who have understood how to use the mental plane, and the power of thought and consciousness, have had a big advantage over the general population. Understanding how memes can be created and transmitted, it would be possible to have great influence over those who are unaware. That’s all I’ll say about that!

As more and more people awaken spiritually, the mental plane will be recognized as an important aspect of existence. We’ll all of us be watching our thoughts much more closely as the earth ascends into a higher level of existence. Thought will be recognized as an important determinant of our moods, attitude, and happiness (or unhappiness). Those with self-awareness already understand how important it is to keep their thoughts in the positive range. If I allow my Irish temper to get the better of me, I always pay for it with a reduced emotional state.

Memes are like Data in a Computer Program

Memes are stored within the planetary Akash. They are coherent collections of thoughts that operate like a procedure or a method in a computer program, influencing minds (through the law of attraction and the law of vibration) attuned to them. A subroutine, method, or function in a computer program performs a specific task and might also return several variables (information) that in turn are passed on to the calling procedure. In the mental plane, a meme or collection of memes might also return other ideas that affect how we think about the world and our lives. For example, embedded in an advertisement for an automobile might be the following memes: “Fossil fuel technology is as high as it gets.”  “Buying this car will make you look cool to your friends,” or, “Buying this car will show that you have made it.” Most of us are able to recognize the latter two embedded memes, but what about something more subtle? For example, an image of an American flag might suggest the memes of patriotism, loyalty to the government, love for the military, and criticism of anyone who doesn’t agree with the above. Embedded in this image might be the meme, “my country, right or wrong,” or “people who protest insult the flag.” This meme might be transmitted in any number of movies, TV shows, political commentary, advertisements, and on social media.

This was demonstrated in the actions of football player Colin Kaepernick from the San Francisco 49ers, who refused to stand for the national anthem, sparking a national debate. Even though his actions were defended by veterans who helped #VeteransforKaepernick trend on Twitter in August, hundreds of people on sports boards (mostly from Facebook, curiously) pilloried Kaepernick and anyone who dared to actually exercise their Constitutional right to free speech because they “insulted the flag.” This debate has continued into September as athletes have kneeled or sat during the playing of the national anthem, and they have been pilloried as spoiled brats and disloyal Americans. Well, free speech doesn’t mean shit if you can’t express your opinion publicly, where it matters.

The power of memes is such that they can cloud our judgment and defeat all rational thought.

Meme Triggers

The flag is an example of what I call a “meme trigger,” and might suggest an entire complex or package of beliefs. Jung referred to such images as archetypes – images or ideas that  represent a concept. Another meme trigger is the drug dealer on popular TV crime shows, reinforcing the idea of scummy, useless users who deserve to be thrown in jail, and justifying the War on Drugs that has filled American prisons with persons guilty only of drug use. We are always shown the “evil” distributor on the street, but where do these distributors get their drugs from? The mega-criminals who manufacture and distribute these harmful drugs on a world-wide scale are never shown, only their agents are shown. “Drug dealer” is a meme trigger that suggests many other ideas. Another personal meme trigger I’ve noticed is when I am watching the news or reading a political article, I will sometimes get irrationally angry. Once I discovered meme triggers I stepped back, looking for the trigger. What I found was “human nature is disgusting.” This blew me away because I don’t believe this at all – just the opposite in fact! Yet somehow the news, or politics, acts for me as a catalyst for some meme trigger in mass consciousness. This meme trigger also gets me when I’m driving. Yesterday a woman tried to pass me on a curvy two-lane road (visibility maybe 100 feet ahead) over the double line. I got really angry and recognized it, so I took a step back and tried to find the trigger. During that process I forgot all about my anger and calmed down. I look at meme triggers as catalysts that, like one of those amazing firecracker displays, explosively shoot off dozens of other contrails.

You can probably come up with much better examples than I have here, or examples which apply to you personally. These powerful triggers exist, invisibly, in the mental plane (the mass consciousness) and affect us every day.

The Subtlety of Framing

A population subjected to a bombardment of information could be subtly influenced to think or behave in a certain way. In journalism this is called “framing.” A newspaper like the New York Times (“all the news that’s fit to print”), for example, might publish a set of stories that individually are completely accurate and valid, yet as a whole might suggest a certain way of looking at the world. I read this newspaper Monday – Saturday for over 20 years before I realized one day that the NYT was – either knowingly or unknowingly – presenting me with a set of memes – a way of viewing the world. Of course the NYT isn’t the only media outlet to do this, and there are plenty of movies, TV shows, and news sources who do the same thing. All I’m suggesting is that a person become aware of the memes they might be unconsciously accepting into their personal databases. To do that it is helpful to be aware of the mental plane, and the effect of memes and meme triggers.

Meme triggers like the American flag, or the flag of any nation, can be images but also exist more subtly on the mental plane. Here we are getting into esoterica that may not have relevance to 99% of the population, but which nevertheless may have an effect on the way people think.

For example, when I read the NYT it presented international affairs exclusively as a struggle between nations for resources and influence. The actors changed, but the meme structure – the framing – of these stories was the same over two decades. The same goes for NPR. Although NPR has fantastic alternative programming, their coverage of international affairs is not much different from what you hear on the BBC World Service, or the network news channels. The underlying meme structure is always that of struggle and contention. You might say, “That’s because, you dummy, the world IS that way. The news is supposed to REPORT what’s happening.”

Sure, but why does the vast majority of this reporting only include stories about contention and struggle? There is a lot more good than bad happening in the world, so why isn’t this being reported on, except for the occasional “good news” story in the Lifestyle section?  Well, the human race has been conditioned to accept a lot of “everyone knows” memes that keep us acting, generation after generation, along certain programmed lines. You know, like the meme that says, “Bad news sells. Nobody wants to pay for good news.”

I’m not saying there’s some grand conspiracy to control the human race. If there is a conspiracy, it’s a conspiracy of 7 billion, because we are all contributing to the planet’s meme structure in the mental plane, through our own mental defecation. I’m saying, let’s become more aware of what’s going on within our personal databases. Let’s maybe do a little filtering, and create some new database tables! In that way we can change the overall program in mass consciousness.

Being aware of the mental plane and its potential effect on our minds can help. Whenever I find myself reacting emotionally to something in a negative way – and when I can recognize it’s happening – I try to take a step back and find the meme trigger. The American flag, the drug dealer, and stupid drivers are meme triggers for me, for you there might be different ones. For me, just being aware of meme triggers and their effects keeps my thoughts in better alignment.


Gleick, James. 2011, May. What defines a meme? Smithsonian Magazine.


Last month we talked about time and vibration, and detailed how increasing speed or internal oscillation within cellular structure can change how time is perceived. The entire Ascension discussion is based on the idea that the fabric of spacetime (at least in our solar system) is undergoing an energetic shift. If this is so then the vibratory rate of our own cellular structure is undergoing a change. This change may not only be affecting the earth and the solar system, but the entire galaxy.

This month we are going to talk about meta-phenomena, and the development of the scientific method. The scientific method has been enormously successful in its investigation of the physical universe, but purely scientific explanations for how the universe works have too many holes in them. These holes may be filled by considering esoteric ideas that are usually outside the domain of science.

The Puzzle of the Milky Way Galaxy

Look at this picture of the Milky Way galaxy in the visible light spectrum.


Milky Way galaxy
Milky Way galaxy

At the center of the galaxy there is a massive source of energy. The spiral arms of our galaxy clearly emanate from the center. Amazingly, all of the stars in the spiral arms rotate in unison, as if they were sitting on an energetic plate, which allows the galaxy to keep its beautiful spiral formation. In solar systems, the orbital velocity of planets and the moons orbiting them decline with distance, so the various planets and moons are in different positions all the time relative to each other. But in the galaxy, the orbital velocities of stars somehow increase with distance from the center. This is called the galaxy rotation problem because it is not explainable by current theory, which postulates an unknown “dark matter” to account for missing galactic mass.

There must be some kind of energetic connection between all of the hundreds of millions of stars in the Milky Way, which holds them together. This energetic connection cannot be described by science in terms of known phenomena. There must be some sort of unknown meta-phenomena at work here.

By meta-phenomena I mean something at a greater level of abstraction that causes or influences something at a lower level. The word meta comes from a Greek word that means beyond. So meta-physics would be something at a greater level of abstraction that causes or influences physical objects and forces. That’s just the opposite of science, which says that, for example, consciousness (or anything esoteric) is a product of the interactions of matter and energy. But these purely materialistic explanations can only take us so far.

Do Meta-phenomena Influence Physical Processes?

Underlying cosmological theories is the assumption that dead matter and energy somehow magically came together to form planets, stars, and galaxies. According to the Hubble Space telescope website, “a star and its planets form out of a collapsing cloud of dust and gas within a larger cloud called a nebula.” The process of star and planet formation is described as completely passive, random interactions between matter and energy that form the beautiful and complex objects and systems we see in our telescopes. If you think the earth formed from a random interaction of material substance, I have a great used car I’d like to sell you! The number of physical systems that must work together to form a habitable planet are simply too numerous and complex for that.

The problem with physical cosmological theories is that they cannot, ever, mention esoteric ideas or other meta-phenomena, for these ideas cannot be tested. But purely physical theories fail to explain the universe around us.

There is a big problem with the assumption that the universe is only composed of cold, dead matter. On 1 December 2014, at the Planck 2014 meeting in Ferrara, Italy, astronomers reported that the universe is composed of 4.9% atomic matter (visible matter), 26.6% dark matter, and 68.5% dark energy, which means that current physical cosmological theories can only account for less than 5% of the universe. Clearly, something is missing in our understanding!

Dark energy is an unknown form of energy which is hypothesized to permeate all of space. Dark matter is an unidentified type of matter that does not emit or interact with electromagnetic radiation, such as light, and is thus invisible to the entire electromagnetic spectrum. What if “dark matter” and “dark energy” are placeholders for more esoteric meta-phenomena?

MIlky Way halo in visible light
MIlky Way halo in visible light

The galaxy is alive. All living things are enclosed within a merkaba, itself a field of subtle energy that programs the physical structure. Above we see the Milky Way’s galactic “halo” in visible light. Like the merkaba of the human being, our galaxy has an inner and an outer sphere (see the movie, “The Evolution of Consciousness” at What if this halo reflects an underlying template in subtle energy? Perhaps dark matter and dark energy are as yet undiscovered meta-phenomena that have physical counterparts.

The merkaba is said by the ancients to be an ascension vehicle – a vehicle of light that allows a being to communicate and even travel throughout the universe and between dimensions. The templates of subtle energy (their geometry and function) within a merkaba are entirely unknown, and will remain so until we advance past the materialist stage.

Apparently the galaxy itself has programmable pathways between the stars that allows communication and travel. You can get from one end of the galaxy to the other, or anywhere in between, by following these pathways. This would only be logical – when you build a road system you do so to allow traffic to flow on it. I have talked about this stuff in my novels “The End of the Universe” and “Beyond the Beginning.”

Of course this sounds ludicrous to a population that believes fossil fuel technology is as high as it gets, and believes that there MIGHT be microbial life somewhere in the solar system, and that extraterrestrials and UFOs is a subject for laughter and ridicule. Fortunately, whistleblowers within the secretive black programs have been coming forth with a much different scenario. If you do even a little investigating you discover that the military has been retrieving crashed UFOs and dealing with non-terrestrials for at least the past 70 years. Therefore, somewhere on earth, some form of galactic-level technology exists.

Is it so bizarre to assume the possibility of higher technology that allows travel between the stars in a galaxy that is 100,000 light-years in diameter and contains over 200 million stars? Why would such a collection of stars exist if it took 100,000 years just to say “Hi” to somebody on the other end of town?

For now we will have to regard the above statements as being without scientific merit, but I imagine that our science is still very primitive compared to what is out there in the galaxy.

Science vs Natural Philosophy

Before the current paradigm of science became almost Godlike in its popular acceptance (along with a materialist underpinning), scientific questions were addressed as a part of meta-physics, and was known as natural philosophy. Natural philosophy was the philosophical study of nature and the physical universe that was dominant before the development of modern science. The word science (scientia in Latin) just means "knowledge." The great scientists of the 17th and 18th centuries used observation and experiment to advance mankind’s knowledge of the physical universe. They came up with a way to codify their investigations, which they called the scientific method. By the end of the 18th century, the scientific method became so successful that it began to supersede natural philosophy. In order to distinguish it from philosophy, which is non-experimental, the scientific method began to be called "science."

So science and philosophy began to diverge over 200 years ago.

Unfortunately the scientific method, like a bully on the playground, has muscled out of existence esoteric concepts like spirituality, ESP, remote viewing, subtle energy, and other meta-phenomena, and by the middle of the 20th century had relegated these subjects to the status of irrelevance. “Prove it!” became the cry of science. Even consciousness itself is also thought by science to be based in physical matter and energy, and human beings have been degraded to mere electromagnetic sponges that react, in a stimulus-response manner, to environmental factors. Thus the history of the 20th century and its endless wars and killing, which originated in distortions of a very successful experimental method that was incorrectly applied to consciousness and spirituality. When you believe your fellow human beings are just meat bodies, it’s easy to justify a philosophy of separation and “me first and to hell with everyone else.” Problem resolution via conflict and war is a natural outcome of such a philosophy, but this is not science’s fault! Science should be seen for what it is – a way to investigate the physical universe, and not a substitute for meta-phenomena, or an explanation for consciousness and self-awareness.

Despite the success of the scientific method for over 400 years, more and more people today are heading in the other direction, rejecting a materialist philosophy that relegates them to “useless eater” status. In my blog posts I try to place the scientific method where it belongs: as a wonderful tool for investigating the physical universe. But it is a gross error to apply this experimental philosophy to consciousness.

The “new age” movement is a recognition of meta-phenomena by ordinary people like you and me, who yet have no scientific proof. It is a recognition by human beings that there are higher spiritual realms that science is not yet equipped to investigate.

We are Entering the Meta Era

Popularly, meta-physics refers to non-physical causes, or causes at a higher level of abstraction than gross matter. For example, metaphysical or energy healing like Reiki, which channels subtle energy from the source field, is used by many people to enhance the physical well-being of the body.

Subtle energy would be another example of a meta-phenomenon: something that when accessed by consciousness can actually cause changes in physical structure. Last month we talked about the end of the 25,920-year cycle known as the precession of the equinoxes. David Wilcock gives a brilliant explanation of how cultures throughout the world have known about the shift we experienced in 2012, including the founding fathers of the United States. This shift is supposed to bring us into a higher density of existence, as the fundamental vibration or oscillation of atomic structure increases.

With the shift will gradually come a different experience of time and an awareness of subtle energy, as well as an awareness of a benevolent, esoteric “field” of information that programs everything in the universe. The current mysteries of dark matter and dark energy will be explained. The scientific method will still be with us, but it will assume its proper place as an investigative tool for purely physical phenomena.

Can Light Reprogram DNA?

Let’s get back to our previous discussion. We showed the galaxy’s inner and outer halo, which may correspond physically to a meta-halo within the realm of subtle energy. If the Ascension process is real, then there is a meta- and also a corresponding physical component for everything. Meta-phenomena would not be subject to physical constraints like the inverse-square law and the light barrier, but would exist at a higher level of abstraction. Imagine waves of subtle energy (information) pouring forth from the galactic center, almost instantly reaching every star and spilling into each solar system and planet. These meta-waves would then influence and program physical phenomena. Lest you think this concept absurd, consider the amazing work of Russian scientist Dr. Peter Gariev, who founded the field of Wave Genetics. When I googled “light enhances DNA” I discovered his website. Dr. Gariev conducted the following experiment:

“A control group of rats was injected [with] lethal doses of a poison called alloxan which destroys the pancreas. As a result, all the rats in the control group died from diabetes in 3-4 days. Then the same lethal dose of alloxan was injected to another group of rats. And when the rats reached the critical condition, they were exposed to light images/waves coming from a quantum bio-computer. Those light images/waves were created beforehand when the bio-computer read information from the pancreas surgically removed from healthy newborn rats of the same species as those used in the alloxan experiments.

“One can explain the results of the experiment using the following analogy. The pancreas gland contains DNA-movies with information about healthy condition of the pancreas in its genetic apparatus. And this video morphogenic information programmed the stem cells of sick rats to regenerate their pancreas gland. Combined statistics for all 3 series of experiments is as follows. Altogether, around 90% of all the rats had their pancreas gland restored and their health recovered.”

Dr. Gariev is of course pilloried here in the US, where his experiments are regarded as fake. Other discoveries by Russian scientists, such as torsion fields, are as well contemptuously dismissed. (Go look up “torsion fields” on Wikipedia – the home of orthodoxy – to see what I mean.) However, legitimate scientific research outside the boundaries of orthodoxy is actually conducted outside of this country! If even part of Dr. Gariev’s experiment is true, it shows how meta-phenomena can actually alter physical structure. This is dangerous information folks, for it threatens the entire structure of the fossil fuel, materialist paradigm. But it’s exciting stuff!

We said earlier that every star in the galaxy is probably connected by some meta-phenomenon, for every star in it unexplainably moves in unison. It is possible, then, that information can travel between the stars at a level of abstraction higher than a purely physical phenomenon such as light. We saw in Gariev’s experiment how light carries information that can alter cellular structure. If this information comes from the level of subtle energy, or the aether, and is present at every point in the galaxy, then its propagation may be instantaneous. If this field of information is holographic, it contains at every point in spacetime, all of the higher physical laws. It could then be used to reprogram physical structure.

We are out on a big limb here. Metaphysicians and spiritual people are as well, because there is as yet no proof for the existence of meta-phenomena. But the explanations of physical cosmology for the creation of the universe simply don’t hold up. Neither do religious theories that God suddenly created the universe with a wave of some magic wand. However, if the Ascension process is real – and I’m convinced it is – we are going to see amazing new discoveries within the next two generations that will completely alter our perception and understanding of the universe, and of the nature of time.

It is clear that humanity has not yet reached the proper level of consciousness to handle these concepts – or advanced technology based on these ideas – which are presently consigned to the scrap bin of “science fiction” or “fantasy.” Apparently the system is set up so that only when you graduate to a higher level of awareness can you access this information, and thank God for that! An advanced consciousness-assisted physics can only be discovered when mankind finally reaches a proper understanding of what consciousness IS. As long as we subscribe to the “man is meat” theory, we will continue to struggle, sweat, and compete with each other within a primitive fossil fuel matrix of scarcity.


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“It’s always darkest just before the dawn.” This proverb, which has been around for centuries and is first attributed to Thomas Fuller (in his travelogue, A Pisgah-Sight Of Palestine And The Confines Thereof)  in 1650, reminds us that dark always gives way to light. The system is arranged so that the darker it gets, the more impetus there is for change. The crappier you feel, the more you don’t want to. The darker the times the more obvious it is that something is wrong. So the worse it gets the more obvious change is needed. When you hit rock bottom there is a corresponding ramping up of energy. It’s desperate energy, yes, but that energetic impetus comes from the light within you, from the source field itself.

The state of this country is the lowest it has been since 1776. The President of the United States is about 35 security clearances below the need-to-know level within the Compartmentalized Intelligence Programs, or “black” programs. The president is little more than a puppet with almost no power to change the direction of events. Unauthorized and rogue special access programs intimidate public governments with exotic technology that protects a primitive and outdated fossil-fuel empire, all the while sequestering this technology that could help solve the world’s problems. The Federation of American Scientists estimates that over 5,200 patents have been withheld by Patent Secrecy Orders since the 1950s. The reason given is “national security,” but this is just a code word that means, “protect the fossil-fuel matrix at all costs.”

The people who run these compartmentalized programs are entirely unknown. The saying is that those who really know keep silent (they have to!) and are invisible. So if you see somebody on the news or read about some power broker on the internet, that guy is probably expendable.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are siphoned off every year into the black programs – with no Congressional oversight – while the country goes further and further into debt. The middle class is disappearing and the currency continues to be debased. Most of the population is sleepwalking, living in a Matrix that is reinforced by mass media. The Matrix is accepted by the vast majority of people as the only reality.

The rabbit hole is so deep I’m not even going to go into it. For those who are interested, you can go to,, and to read up on the current situation (especially the cosmic disclosure program transcripts, which are free and available every week at What you learn is that much of the history and the current events we all learned at university and through the mass media is fiction. The X-factor is extraterrestrial contact, and the galactic technology arising from this contact, which has modernly been ongoing since the 1930s. There is ample evidence of ET contact with humanity throughout our history, but I’m only concerned with what has happened since WW II. The point is this: Without including the ET factor, the true history of our planet diverges radically from the accepted history. That bubble is about to burst because the suppression of truth can only go on for so long.

The ET factor been suppressed for so long by using compartmentalization. Whistleblower testimony makes it clear that even teams working alongside each other in the restricted programs have no idea what the other team is doing. Compartmentalization is how the Manhattan Project, which ran for 8 years from 1936–1944 and employed 130,000 people, never had a leak. And, of course, intimidation of those who promote ideas outside the mainstream.What goes on beyond the Matrix is almost invisible. And it’s almost too incredible and fantastic to be believed, really, unless you understand that we are not alone in the universe. It is clear now that the human race has and is being visited by ET races, and that within the hidden programs, some very exotic technology has either been given to us, or has been reverse-engineered. The descriptions of this technology are no different than what you read in SF books or see in movies.

In the United States of America, we have truly hit rock bottom. We are in our darkest hour. Our country is infested with a cancer that has taken over the body politic.

But the dawn is coming.

We have passed through the December 21, 2012 marker. The entire solar system is now entering an energetically enhanced section of the galaxy. This is causing imbalance in those who are not in perfect balance – which means just about everybody. Moreover, free will is always a factor. The potentials are all for an ascension into a golden age here on earth, but that is not assured. There is still an energetic “hangover” from before the shift, somewhat like the ripples that continue to expand and bounce off the sides of a pool when a rock is thrown into it.

The first step in handling anything is gaining the ability to face it. But even before that, you have to recognize that a situation exists. The situation is not obvious, however. The disclosure of what it happening beyond the Matrix is far less important than humanity’s spiritual development.

Science and Consciousness

Matter and energy are unresponsive and uncooperative to our intent, and seem to have laws of their own. Anyone who has ever worked on a car or tried to do home repair knows this: if something can go wrong it usually will. The nut gets stuck on the bolt, the roof rack you ordered doesn’t fit and it can’t be modified, the plastic bushing cracks when you put it on the axle. Physical objects are dumb and lifeless, that’s just the way it is. Or is it?

The idea that matter and energy could be responsive to consciousness seems totally absurd, except perhaps for “spoon benders” or the occasional master who incarnates every thousand years or so. We just accept – because it seems so obvious – that matter and energy are completely separate from our consciousness, our will, and our intent. I have to laugh here because when I work on stuff around the house I use at least one swear word every minute!

Physical laws have been studied in great detail by scientists and mathematicians over the past several centuries. Mechanics, electrodynamics, and the material sciences have all been rigorously developed from experiment – it is impossible to question these results. As a result, we stress, heat, twist, and explode matter and energy because that’s the only way we know how to manipulate it..

I’ve been taking an online physics course to review what I learned a long time ago in college, and so I’ve been thinking about science and its relationship to consciousness. Being a writer who occasionally brings in science into my blogging, I can’t afford to be an airhead.  I’ve been going over my math and learning about mechanics, electrodynamics, relativity, and chaos theory. The course I’m taking is a college-level course and not an in-depth study required for serious PhDs, but nonetheless it outlines all of the concepts behind the formalism, and shows how the principles of these basic subjects are derived. It has been a fascinating adventure for me.

The formalism of science is based on the idea that the laws of the universe are written in the behavior of matter and energy. Through study and experiment, scientists seek to discover the underlying principles that have created the universe. The assumption of science is that these physical laws are unvarying and will never change because they are based on principles that apply everywhere. We study matter and energy as if it were separate from us, and at this level of consciousness, it is.

But what if physics itself is connected to consciousness? Then there would be other levels of physics waiting for us that may make current assumptions and observations obsolete. My suggestion is that the laws of physics respond to these assumptions!  There is broad agreement about the current formalism in science – but at a higher level of consciousness these assumptions will change. If consciousness is somehow connected to physics – to matter and energy – then there might be such a thing as consciousness-assisted physics. At this higher level, matter and energy may become cooperative with consciousness, like a guy at the help desk who cheerfully volunteers information that makes your life easier.

This idea seems absurd because we don’t have a clue what consciousness is. We define consciousness as coming forth from matter, so we look to matter to define who we are. This is backwards.

When a civilization is as dense as ours, we default to a “basic system” that gives us the ability to survive, somewhat like learning disabled children who need special education, which gives them the most basic curriculum designed to enable them to get along at a low, but acceptable, level. By dense I mean, how do we define ourselves? Are we electromagnetic sponges walking around in meat bodies, who only live once? Or are we pieces of God with an unimaginably powerful spiritual heritage? My contention is that our spiritual heritage also comes with a sophisticated knowledge base that we have barely begun to tap into. In this higher knowledge base is consciousness-assisted physics.

All inspiration, I would argue, is a tapping into this higher knowledge base. After the shift we now have a greater ability to do this.

Consciousness-assisted physics would originate at a level beyond the EM spectrum and within a “higher vibrational” realm that we might call subtle energy, which would contain a sort of Platonic set of information systems that program the physical fields, potentials, atomic particles, and physical objects of current physics. This “etheric” information system would be totally unavailable to conventional thinking, and would underlie the current laws of physics. This higher physics would lie at a “graduate” level of consciousness in comparison to current physics at the “undergraduate” level. To reach this level we would need to go beyond conventional thinking. We would need to utilize our intuition.

Does this seem nutty? Look about the world. We are still using technologies that are almost a century or more old (internal combustion engine, jet engine, steam engine [nuclear reactor]). Our societies are still organized around scarcity and competition, and problem resolution between nations still revolves around conflict, violence, and war. Our  religions, politics, and economies reflect the same meme structure that underlies our science.

The response to this is, of course, that the present situation exists because it’s the true reality, and anyone who questions it is delusional. But if the present situation on earth is as good as it gets, then we have already reached the penultimate goal of evolution, and we shouldn’t question the status quo. Is this believable? It sure isn’t to me. More and more people are realizing that something is wrong with our current worldview. More and more people are looking past the current reality to a higher level that has not yet manifested.


I’m not talking about faith. Faith is often used by those with agendas. Intuition is an aspect of consciousness that goes beyond the body and into the realm of metaphysical or spiritual understanding. It is an ability, a siddhi, accessible to everyone, and reaches into these subtle information systems.  Intuition is also a force that allows us to pull society up to a higher level by its own bootstraps, by consciously reaching into this invisible information system. At the present time there may be no supporting factual evidence to back up our intuitive understanding other than a very powerful FEELING that something is true even if it cannot be explained in detail. But you know, there is never a crowd on the leading edge. When you create something you are going out on a limb because there is no physical evidence (yet) of your creation! You rely on intuition that it’s going to work out.

Intuition is different than delusion. Delusion is a theetie-weetie idea that by ignoring a train coming at you, you can wish it away. Intuition is a definite feeling of knowing that comes from the higher self, from the next level. It’s something you can grab on to. It’s inspiration – sometimes informed information. It’s an “aha!” moment. It’s very far away from delusion, or even faith. It’s like something you glimpse with your peripheral vision. You know something is there, but you can’t yet pin it down.

Intuition is the starting point of the creative process. From there you do the work necessary to advance your concept. There is no better feeling than being on the creative path, whether that path is in business, the arts, in tech, or anywhere. I have spent the latter part of my life doing this and it has made me very happy. It doesn’t matter if your creation finds wide acceptance or not because whenever you acknowledge your intuition you go to the other side, you touch your Higher Self, you reach past what people call the veil. When you are inspired you place higher vibrations directly into the planetary grids. You contribute directly to the push toward graduate status for our planet. We all know that doing spiritual work can be frustrating: you are creating something that is far from showing up in the real world. But if you didn’t do it, the doorway to higher awareness would NEVER open. Kudos to all of you on the spiritual path.

If the fundamental nature of matter and energy changes as our consciousness changes, then greater insight into who we are may allow us to look inside the structure of matter and perhaps even alter it. Perhaps the inherent nature of matter and energy is cooperative and benevolent. Wouldn’t that be a kick?

To get to the next level of science and physics we have to have a better understanding of consciousness. Our current understanding of consciousness is primitive and materialistic, based on the observation of matter and energy. Thought is assumed to be the result of electrochemical interactions within the brain. It is remarkable, really, how far we have advanced with this limited understanding of who we are. A human being, at this level, is assumed to be a mere electromagnetic sponge for incoming signals, and consciousness is assumed to be a stimulus-response reaction to these signals. This level of understanding relegates human beings to the status of biological robots, and is insufficient to take us to the next level. Therefore an  advancement in science must originate in a proper understanding of consciousness. Guess what new-agers: you have been right all along!

I believe that planetary evolution proceeds roughly along the same lines as has happened here on earth. Societies that don’t make it to the next level abandon their spirituality, and become dependent on lower-level physics and technology. The battle we are fighting here in the End Times is spiritual. It’s a battle between materialistic ignorance and an unprovable, invisible, metaphysical idea that a human being is a piece of God and that the very substance of the universe itself responds to an enlightened consciousness.

That’s why intuition is so important.

As I took my physics course I understood that the formalism presented – the math and the physics – will eventually be superseded at the graduate level. It would be possible then for a being to see directly into the essence of material structure and manipulate its internal structure. Of course this is a long way away yet, but if our society continues to increase its vibration, people with new abilities are going to show up. Children are going to be born with abilities their parents do not have. The ethical dilemmas associated with this issue are already being explored in movies: Are these new beings dangerous to “normals”? Fortunately these new abilities cannot show up in our biology until the consciousness of the planet is ready. Therefore, many of the dilemmas shown in these movies can’t occur in a higher consciousness.


In Hinduism, extraordinary abilities are called siddhis. Siddhis are spiritual, paranormal, supernatural, or seemingly magical powers or abilities that are the products of spiritual advancement through sādhanās such as meditation and yoga.

Here are some siddhis:

  • Being undisturbed by hunger, thirst, and other bodily appetites
  • Hearing things far away
  • Seeing things far away
  • Moving the body wherever thought goes (teleportation/astral projection)
  • Assuming any form desired
  • Entering the bodies of others
  • Perceiving objects while blindfolded
  • Walking on water

Siddhis are defined as new abilities that show up after an advance in consciousness through the practice of yoga or meditation, but they may also appear at higher levels of consciousness. There are a lot more siddhis than the ones listed above! The X-Men and Fantastic Four franchise of movies (and others) show humans with siddhis, where each member of the team has a particular power. Many of these powers are gimmicky, such as the ability to project fire, or the ability to levitate objects. Siddhis are mostly mere parlor tricks at this level of consciousness. In the Fantastic Four and the X-Men movies, the team uses their powers to fight criminals and there is a lot of destruction of property.

Throughout history a few humans have had special abilities. In a story attributed to the Buddha and found in the book "BUDDHISM: It's Essence and Development" by Edward Conze (pp. 104–105), the Buddha meets an ascetic who is sitting by the bank of a river one day. This ascetic had practiced austerities for 25 years. The Buddha asked him what he had received for all his labor. The ascetic proudly replied that now, at last, he could cross the river by walking on the water. The Buddha pointed out that this gain was insignificant for all the years of labor, since he could cross the river using a ferry for one penny!

Apparently the Buddha considered this siddhi a form of entertainment!

I admit that the ability to project fire or levitate objects is pretty cool, but it currently has no application in the world, unless you want to be an entertainer or run a circus show.

A more advanced consciousness, however, should see useful abilities manifesting in succeeding generations, and the gradual disappearance of crime altogether. Crime is product of scarcity and a consciousness of struggle and contention. During the advance to the graduate level, the elements of a new physics (and a new medicine) should show up as well.

After the Shift

Three hundred years ago the aristocrats of the day in Britain (the Upper Ten Thousand) did nothing useful. They spent their lives gambling, engaging in sport, going to parties with themselves and having affairs with each other, while the rest of the population worked their tushies off. In India a rigid caste system survived for centuries. Societies all over the globe were much more rigid. A society that is rising in vibration will have less and less class division – and less crime. It will also have a better balance between the sexes. Backward societies will subjugate women, enlightened societies will allow full expression. We have come a long way, but there is still a long way to go.

As we rise higher and higher in awareness and consciousness, the duality gets less and less because there isn’t as much need for it. At the level of Spirit, there is no duality at all, and awareness is at the God consciousness level. Even at the graduate level there can be plenty of contention, but without crime or violence.

Spiritually speaking, the human race is like a three-day-old baby so we have to cut ourselves a little slack. We are only three years after the December 21, 2012 shift. By shift I mean we are on a track – potentially – to graduate status. Despite what you see on the news, there is no longer a potential for World War III, or an extinction event for humanity or the planet. All conflicts are now local or regional, not planetary, and will gradually become more and more isolated as the years go by.

The shift occurred completely on the mental plane, in the programmable realm of subtle energy. It was completely invisible to 99.99% of the people on the planet, but it was a real shift. On my radio show and in a previous blog post I described my own experience of this shift – it was realer than “real life.” It happened.

However, our success is still not guaranteed because of a little thing called free will. There is a lot of work to do to prepare the planet vibrationally for the new children and the new energy.

If you see a child who suddenly remembers his or her past lives, don’t freak out. If you see a child suddenly manifest a new siddhi, don’t criticize him or her. The veil is thinning as the vibration on earth slowly rises, and the Akash – the planetary recording system on the mental plane – is becoming more and more available. As the decades pass, the subtle energy information systems hidden within the planet’s invisible holographic field will become available. People will be able to download abilities just as Carrie-Ann Ross did in the Matrix movie, where she learned how to fly a helicopter in a couple of seconds.

Moreover, intuition is going to play a more and more important role in life. It is an ability all of us have but don’t use enough. As the vibration of the planet rises we’ll find it easier to trust our intuition, which is just a doorway into the Higher Self.

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“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it”

—Albert Einstein 

This quote doesn’t mean that all absurd ideas are hopeful, but maybe there is hope for this one! This month we are going to discuss time and “higher vibrations.”

We experience time as flowing inexorably, unchanging. But Einstein, when he developed his Special Theory of Relativity, showed that a man who traveled on a spaceship going close to the speed of light would, when he came back to earth, find that much more time had passed on the planet than had passed in his spaceship.  When this result first came out in 1905 people were very upset and shocked, for good reason! Because at first glance it is counter-intuitive.

This result is shown mathematically by the Lorentz factor. Named after the Dutch scientist Hendrik Lorentz, it modifies the classical equations of motion developed by Newton, and shows that time dilates or slows down as one gets closer and closer to the speed of light. Newton was the guy who discovered gravity and developed the descriptions of moving objects we all learned in high school: if the car is travelling at 60 mph and the train is travelling at 40 mph, how long will it take the car to catch up with the train? That kind of stuff, which bores a lot of people but is absolutely vital to know if you want to build a bridge or a car or a cell phone. Anyway, the Lorentz factor is a simple addition to Newton’s formulations that demonstrates that for velocities that get closer and closer to the speed of light, time is not only measured differently, but experienced differently.

Time in Physics

If you don’t understand or hate maths, you can skip over the equations and just read the text.

The Lorentz factor is

The Lorentz factor

where v represents the velocity (the speed) and c is the speed of light. When v gets closer and closer to c,  gets closer and closer to 1, and everything under the square root sign gets smaller and smaller, which means the entire expression gets larger and larger.  How does this relate to time?

Let’s say Pete, a 30-year-old astronaut, goes on a 5-year mission and travels at 95% the speed of light. When he comes back his clock has measured 5 years, and he is biologically 5 years older (35). But he discovers that his friend Joe on earth, who was born on the same day, has aged 11 years more than he has. Joe is now 46! This is because of the Lorentz factor.  Pete subjectively experiences 5 years of time, but Pete’s 5 years are “slower” relative to Joe. In the equation below, just plug in 5 years for Pete’s time, and .95c for Pete’s velocity.

Pete and Joe's timeso t(Joe) = 16.

This says that Joe on earth measures 16 years while Pete only measures 5 years! That’s a difference of 11 years. This is called the relativistic time dilation effect: Pete’s time dilates or slows down relative to Joe’s time. All atoms in Pete’s spaceship (including Pete) are experiencing time more slowly relative to Joe.

The important concept here is that faster motion slows down time and actually affects biology, and aging—at least theoretically.

Theoretically, if Pete’s spaceship was travelling very very close to the speed of light, time would slow down so much for him that he could experience the entire evolution of the universe! Time would speed up outside his spaceship to the point where he could see the universe evolve like a movie. This concept was explored brilliantly in Poul Anderson’s SF novel, Tau Zero.

So fast motion has something to do with the experience of time.

Time in Biology

The relativistic nature of time is just a curiosity for 99.99% of the population. However, the flexible nature of time has also been recognized in biology. In a recent article in Scientific American, “Small Animals Live in a Slow Motion World,” Irish and British scientists discovered that the perception of time changes as body mass changes. This is what the article says:

One ‘dog year’ supposedly equals seven human years. But does one year feel like seven years to a dog? Evidence suggests that distinct species do indeed experience passing time on different scales. A recent study in Animal Behavior reveals that body mass and metabolic rate determine how animals of different species perceive time.


The scientists who ran the new study gathered data from previous experiments on the rate at which visual information is processed in 34 vertebrates, including lizards, birds, fish and mammals. The scientists hypothesized that the ability to detect incoming sights at a high rate would be advantageous for animals that must perform the equivalent of bullet dodging—responding to visual stimuli very quickly to catch elusive prey or escape predators, for instance. These animals tend to be lighter and have faster metabolisms. The data bore out the hypothesis: species that perceived time at the finest resolutions tended to be smaller and have faster metabolisms.

These findings show that differences in how a mouse and an elephant sense time are not arbitrary but rather are finely tuned by interactions with their surroundings. A link between time perception, body structure and physiology suggests that different nervous systems have developed to balance pressures from the natural environment with energy conservation. Rapid perception might be essential for a hawk but would waste a whale's precious energy. As for Fido, a year really does seem longer to him than it does to you, but probably not by a factor of seven. Dogs can take in visual information at least 25 percent faster than humans—just enough to make a television show look like a series of flickering images (Reas, 2016).

Apparently, different life forms on planet earth experience time differently!

Vibration and Oscillation

Vibration and oscillation (periodic, back and forth movement) are important concepts, because things in nature move back and forth. Even atoms vibrate internally. A bobblehead, a pendulum, and a weight suspended from a string are examples of simple harmonic oscillators. When you shove the pendulum or the bobblehead to the right, it comes back and then goes to the left, and then back again, over and over. A weight suspended from a string vibrates up and down.


Images from http://www.physicsclas

These vibrating objects, unlike Pete’s spaceship, don’t move in space, they just vibrate back in forth in position. However, in both cases, there is movement. Here’s a fascinating idea: what if an increase in stationary movement (vibration, oscillation) acts just the same, time-wise, as the Lorentz factor does to very fast moving objects? In that case an increase or decrease in the rate of vibration would affect how an organism experiences time.

Oscillators occur in the physical world, but also in biological life. They are called biological oscillators. We know that cells themselves vibrate or oscillate: they wiggle! Oscillations can take place in a biological system in a multitude of ways. Positive feedback loops, on their own or in combination with negative feedback, are a common feature of oscillating biological systems. Genetic oscillators form the basis of circadian clocks, which determine the biological rhythms of an organism.

Interestingly, the great American scientist, Royal Raymond Rife, discovered by experiment that the body’s organs have natural resonant frequencies. He also showed that invaders which cause illness and disease also have resonant frequencies, and could be destroyed by properly targeted vibrations. Rife showed that in all cases, the natural frequencies of the body’s organs are higher than any harmful invaders.

Biological Oscillators

What is a biological oscillator? According to an article titled “Biological Oscillators,”

“Periodic fluctuations in biological processes are found at all levels of life and are frequently the result of changes to gene expression. These rhythms play key roles in a variety of important processes, including circadian regulation, metabolism, embryo development, neuron firing, and cardiac rhythms” (Doyle III, 2014). So here is the relationship between vibration and the metabolic rate in the Animal Behavior article.

There are also oscillators in the brain. According to Wikipedia, “The term ‘brain (or neural) oscillations’ refers to the rhythmic and/or repetitive electrical activity generated spontaneously and in response to stimuli by neural tissue in the central nervous system. The importance of brain oscillations in sensory-cognitive processes has become increasingly evident.”

This suggests that there is indeed a connection between the vibration rate of biological oscillators, and perception and awareness.

The Schumann Resonance

The Schumann Resonance is a naturally occurring series of standing waves in the earth’s ionosphere, generating a resonance. Ingrid Dickenson, in a fascinating article titled “The Schumann Resonance,” states that

Although the existence of the Schumann Resonance is an established scientific fact, there are very few scientists who are aware of the importance of this frequency as a tuning fork for Life. I propose that it ...acts as [a] background frequency and influenc[es] biological oscillators within the mammalian brain.

At the time when Schumann published his research results in the journal Technische Physik, Dr Ankermueller, a physician, immediately made the connection between the Schumann resonance and the alpha rhythm of brainwaves. He found the thought of the earth having the same natural resonance as the brain very exciting and contacted Professor Schumann, who in turn asked a doctorate candidate to look into this phenomenon. This candidate was Herbert König who became Schumann's successor at Munich University. König demonstrated a correlation between Schumann Resonances and brain rhythms. He compared human EEG recordings with natural electromagnetic fields of the environment (1979) and found that the main frequency produced by Schumann oscillations is very close to the frequency of alpha rhythms (Dickenson, 1993).

So the earth’s natural resonance is tied to the body’s own oscillators. The two vibrations are a close match!

It has already been discovered that taking a human being out of the earth’s magnetic field can cause physiological imbalance. Creating an artificial Schumann Resonance within space stations or spacecraft is a good way to keep human beings as healthy as possible in space. Anything that would increase the earth’s natural resonance is bound to have an effect on our biology and thus our perception and awareness.


There seems to be a physics and a biological basis for a different perception and experience of time. This suggests that time is not fixed, but alterable. If the various life forms on earth experience time differently, how would “higher vibrational” beings experience time relative to us? We are assuming that there is intelligent life outside the earth, and we are rejecting the nutty hypothesis that earth is the only planet in a universe 13.5 billion light years in diameter with trillions of galaxies and trillions and trillions of stars. So let’s assume that there are beings more advanced than we are out there in the galaxy, who have civilizations that may be millions of years older and more advanced than we are, and who possess bodies or containers for consciousness that are on a higher vibratory level than we are.

A being with a “higher vibration” would perceive time much differently than a being with a lower vibration. In other words, one year for a higher vibrational being might be 100 years or 1,000 years or 10,000 years for the lower vibrational being. Or perhaps, one year for a very high-vibrational being might be one revolution of their solar system around the center of the galaxy—200 million years. (This is analogous to our planetary year where the earth revolves once about the sun each year.) If we carry this analogy to its most far-reaching conclusion, a non-physical being with an infinitely high vibration could perceive the entirety of time all at once. Such a non-physical being would experience the entire history of the universe as occurring NOW, in the moment. If you have ever listened to a genuine channeled message you can feel the energy of the channeled being coming through. It feels timeless. (Go to for some ass-kicking, genuine messages from spirit. They are free mp3 audios).

Is Low or High Vibration Better?

A human being (a “lower vibrational” being) who experiences 10,000 years for every one year of a “higher vibrational” being is gaining a LOT more experience! Consider that if one lifetime on earth is 80 years, then in 10,000 years we would have lived about 125 lifetimes. According to Corey Goode, who claims to have had meetings with a higher vibrational inner earth being, they live for hundreds of their years. Which means that we have thousands of lifetimes of experience for every one of their lifetimes.

This may be the origin of the idea that the earth is a prison planet: that we are being “reeducated.” What better way to do that than to allow the reprobates to work out their karma very quickly in the “raw meat of 3D” (as my brother says), gaining a tremendous amount of experience in a very short time? And learning lots of lessons in the process. Maybe there is something to that.

Lee Carroll, my favorite channeler, says that events on earth are a “test of energy.” Perhaps the earth is just one of many young planets who are entering a window of opportunity where life gets to decide where it wants to go: do we advance to a higher spiritual plane or do we stay mired in the duality where conflict and war are the key elements in resolving problems? Experiencing time more rapidly—shorter lifetimes—is a good way to test the spiritual progress of a planet. When a scientist does genetic experiments, she uses animals or insects with short lifespans, to quickly test whether mutations will show up in ensuing generations. Perhaps that is what is happening on earth.

Or maybe places like earth are simply environments where masters of incarnation get to experience widely and very intensely. It would be ironic, wouldn’t it, if the dummies mired in third density are actually the true masters? Kinda makes me puffed up in my own conceit just to think about it!

At any rate, an overall rise in vibration of a system may cause a corresponding rise in the oscillation of atomic structure and in cellular structure, as well as greater cognitive and perceptual awareness.

The Google Earth Effect

It would seem that the ultimate goal of evolution is a raising of vibration such that you begin to experience all events at the same time, or become aware of everything at the same time. Some have called this “God consciousness.” If the frequency or rate of vibration of the physical container is very low, personal awareness is also low, and at the same time the amount of experience in the physical universe is very high. If the frequency or rate of vibration of the physical container is very high, personal awareness is also very high, but the amount of experience is very low. So it seems that the amount of experience is inversely proportional to the level of consciousness.

A higher vibrational being is thus more “detached” from physical experience compared to a lower vibrational being. It’s like on Google Earth when you zoom in and zoom out on the earth. The more you zoom out the more you are aware of, the more you see (the big picture). When you zoom in to an area you get to street level with all the people moving about and the cars racing around, and you are interacting directly. You experience at a much more intense level – better watch out or that car will run you down, or that guy with the gun will put a cap in you, or a zillion other things can happen. Lower vibrational reality seems to be a physical experience reality, a learning reality, whereas the higher vibrational reality is a more serene and knowledgeable reality.

A non-physical consciousness would be at the God consciousness level, and would be able to see everything in all universes, but would not be able to directly experience anything (Spirit, angels, etc.). A low vibrational being gets to experience brutal and exciting places like earth, but may not be aware of much besides the daily grind of life (human).  The “veil” might just be a vibrational deficiency.

Marrying Science and Spirituality

What does it mean to say that a person’s “vibration” has increased?  This term is purely intuitive, but it resonates to a lot of people who have experienced a personal awakening.

Amplified Background Vibration

The planet has experienced a population explosion during the past 80 years. Over 7 billion incarnated beings on the planet, with their accompanying merkabas, may have amplified the intensity of the planet’s field of subtle energy. The effect of these interacting merkabas do not obey normal physics principles such as the inverse square law – which describes the diminishing influence of a force with distance, like gravity. The merkaba is a field of subtle energy that interacts directly with the earth’s own holographic field, and with other merkabas around the globe. Seven billion of these merkabas have an exponential influence upon each other and create a powerful subtle energy vibration in the background, or behind the scenes. An activated merkaba – a human being who has become spiritually awakened – literally lights up, just like turning on a light switch (except that it is immensely more sophisticated, beautiful, and powerful). This is why some in the metaphysical community say that only a small percentage of human beings on the earth need to become awakened, for those with activated merkabas have an enormous influence on every other human being, and on the earth herself.

Now let’s ask this question: Would an amplification of the field of subtle energy in turn affect the vibratory rate of a human being’s cellular structure, and his or her perception of time? (Note: This increase may not be measurable if everything on the planet has an increased vibratory rate, for the instruments used to measure it will also have a matching vibratory rate.) The idea is that as the vibration of the physical container rises, we become more aware. If the earth itself is undergoing a vibrational ascension, we should also experience an increase in awareness. This will hopefully lead to intra-species cooperation and peace on earth.

 To Advance, the Human Race Must Go beyond Current Science

These ideas make no sense in current science, so we have to go beyond science and trust to our intuition. Intuition, as Eddie Murphy says in “Beverly Hills Cop,” “is something that is used outside Beverly Hills to solve crimes.” I love this movie because the Beverly Hills police dept. is a perfect example of an old energy confronting a new energy. Axel Foley uses his intuition, breaks all the rules, and carries his investigation to a successful conclusion despite the seeming recklessness of his actions. In the end, the Beverly Hills police dept. even pays for his stay at the most expensive hotel in town! Conan Doyle was himself a spiritualist and gave Sherlock Holmes an intuitive capability, which he used in solving very down-to-earth crimes. If there is a higher realm of understanding and knowledge – and physics – beyond provable science (a recurrent idea in every culture on our planet) then we can only access it via our intuition. At least for now!

Current science deals only with the electromagnetic spectrum, but consciousness based physics goes beyond and into the realm of subtle energy. When subtle energy is discovered it’s going to blow the lid off this planet, for it will lead, eventually, to a true understanding of consciousness and create an entirely new and advanced physics and medicine.

I’ve talked about the holographic field of subtle energy that surrounds and penetrates the earth. Contained within this field are templates of information. I believe they have been put there – as with all planets with intelligent life – as a sort of “book of knowledge.” In order to “graduate” out of the stupidity of third density materialism, you have to be able to access these templates of subtle energy. However, this information cannot be read until a civilization makes it past the “dumbass” stage of materialism and the idea that consciousness comes from neurons firing in the brain. In other words, if, as a species, you are too dumb to see that life and consciousness is ultimately spiritual and benevolent – if you can’t make the leap from the EM spectrum into the realm of subtle energy – then bzzzzzzzzzzzzt! You lose. You don’t make the jump to the next stage in evolution – which combines hard science with consciousness – and your civilization deteriorates to the “Mad Max” level. The human race is right in the middle of this potential leap in awareness, and the only question is whether we will make it past the dunce stage and into the new era.

When our collective vibration rises high enough we get to access the new knowledge, and not before. That’s consistent with free will, and with a merit-based system that is set up to evolve in a positive direction. The dummies get to sit in the corner and fight each other, while advanced civilizations take advantage of their inherent spiritual nature. The planetary information grids of subtle energy only open up to beings who are smart enough to perceive them, and that perception is a result of vibrational matching. First comes increased awareness/vibration, and then access to the subtle energy database. Intuition is the driving force that will get us there, but it takes courage to go beyond the commonplace. Fortunately, more and more of us are encouraging our intuitive side.


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