2018 numerologically resolves to an 11. 11 is a master number, the number of Illumination. 2018 will be a significant year as the light illuminates the darkness.

The battle between dark and light is being won by the light. The catalyst in this is someone most people won't believe: President Trump. To understand this go to David Wilcock's site divinecosmos.com and read the summary of events that has occurred in 2017. The blog post is called "Stunning New Briefings: Mass Indictments, Targeted Arrests and Disclosure." It's a very positive development. As I said just after the election, President Trump is the kind of barbarian you need to demolish the old decrepit structures on the job site to make way for the new, shiny buildings. Trump is perfectly positioned for the job he is doing.

The planet has been governed by a corporate fascism for decades now. Corruption has been the norm, not the exception. That is all changing.

Almost all of this stuff is happening behind the scenes. However, in 2017 some of it is being reported by the mainstream press.

What has occurred so far is a sweeping up of a lot of dark actors. The process is ongoing. This is not only happening in the United States but also in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Europe, and Asia. President Trump has told world leaders that the US will no longer engage in "politics as usual," that we are "cleaning our swamp" and that other countries are responsible for cleaning up their own acts. When Trump went to Asia, for example, he told the Chinese that North Korea was their problem, and to handle it. Trump says a lot of histrionic bullshit but he has people in place to hold him back. He is an unlikely force for good (mostly).

Since the administration of Bush 41 (the old Bush) endemic corruption has been the rule in Washington DC, and all over the planet. The United States still has great influence around the world, because of our military presence. The US military has had it with "business as usual" and has been demanding a change from the civilian leadership. President Trump (whether he wants to or not) has been forced to accede. That is why there are so many military and ex-military in his administration.

While we are "cleaning our swamp," other countries are doing the same. The politics of corruption is gradually being swept away.  I don't want to go into this too much because there are already great summaries of these events. The Wilcock article has a lot of links that will explain this process in greater detail. Pay special attention to the posts of MegaAnon on 4chan.

2018 is the year when reporting of these events will begin to show up on the major media sites like the NYT, The Washington Post, and the network news shows. The NYT has already reported two stories that modestly disclose some of this stuff: the story about the hacking of the NSA and about the DoD department that admits the existence of UFOs and ETs. (Links in the Wilcock article). In 2018 this reporting will expand. People are going to be shocked at the level of corruption. This corruption is planet-wide and has been directed by the dark forces.

As I said last month, the battle between light and dark is no longer between nation-states. The light has now penetrated to the point where corrupt governmental structures are falling apart. The battle has now evolved to the hearts and minds of 7.5 billion individuals. What we decide, as a collective of individuals, will determine the scope of action for all of the actors, and how our societies will look going forward.

Much of this disclosure has been held back simply because the situation in the US is too polarized right now. We are very fragile both politically and economically. This has to go slow. There are over 4,800 sealed indictments of officials in place right now. Pedophile networks are being broken up. In 2018, as in 2017, corrupt politicians and officials will be resigning their offices. By the end of 2018 there will be no doubt by the public that a global battle is being fought. What will determine the result?

The hearts and minds of individuals all over the planet.

Metaphysics and Reality

Although the metaphysical and esoteric stuff I talk about month after month and year after year may sound like fluff and nonsense, it is actually the most important determinant for what actually happens in politics, the economy, and society in general.

The vibrational level of the collective consciousness determines the parameters of action of all of the actors on the stage. Some call this the power of co-creative consciousness. The battle is not about who is corrupt and which party do they belong to. It's about how many people can raise their own personal resonance to encompass more tolerance, compassion, and love. That's what the planet needs right now. Gaia has endured millennia of conflict and fighting and stupidity from humanity. It is now time to show compassion for each other and for the planet. The earth deserves this. We deserve it.

It's ALWAYS been about this.

In the "old" energy this was impossible. The balance between dark and light was in favor of the dark. The "fix" was in. Prophecy said that the world was going to be destroyed once again.

But it didn't happen. It didn't happen because of an entirely invisible phenomenon: the gradual raising of vibration of enough individuals changed the configuration space of human action. The set of possibilities, or potentials, changed. And it changed because of those reading this. You guys did it. The white hats on the scene now, who are cleaning up the mess, could never have gotten into action if it hadn't been for you guys who did your lightwork, who did your meditations, who cleaned up your karmic act. You guys changed a prophecy that had been written in stone since the last precession of the equinoxes 26,000 years ago. That's how profound this esoteric stuff is. So give yourselves a pat on the back. Then realize the battle is just beginning.

We have to continue the work. People are going to get awfully confused and frightened when revelations of corruption and despicable deeds are revealed. Pedophilia, trafficking in human beings and children, drug and arms smuggling to bad actors, all of this stuff is going to gradually come out (and a whole lot more). It's something that has been inevitable ever since we passed the marker on December 21, 2012. The significance of this marker esoterically is that the planet is in a 36-year window at the completion of the planet's 26,000-year wobble. The start of this window was approximately 1994 and it will end in 2030. 2012 was the middle of it. We made it past the marker. All of the most significant action will be over by 2030. So there are still 12 years to go!

Events have accelerated rapidly in 2017. This will continue in 2018 especially, and also in 2019. The 11 year of 2018, a year of Illumination, will see the beginning of significant disclosure in the mass media. "Conspiracy" sites will no longer seem so conspiratorial. The next 11 year, in 2027, will also be enormously significant. But the potentials of what will happen then is utterly dependent on what we do now.

Not everything is going to be revealed. Some dark actors will be allowed to resign or be arrested, but not physically abused. They will be allowed to go quietly into the night.

What to do with the dark actors will become a major problem.  We've talked about this in previous blog posts. When dark actors are exposed the demand will be for execution and retribution. "Let's give these scumbags a taste of their own medicine." Hopefully wiser heads will prevail. The collective must react with as much compassion as possible. To terminate those who have murdered puts us back in an old vibration. We become that which we despise. That is why those who meditate for peace and who act with tolerance and compassion in their lives are so important. This resonance then impacts the collective. The resonance of the collective consciousness will determine how far we go up the scale vibrationally. It's you guys who will determine what kind of society our children and their children will have for the next several thousand years.

The esoteric stuff is where the real action is. When you design a blueprint for a house it gets built by the skilled craftsmen in precisely that way. The blueprint is the template that defines the parameters of action and physical manifestation. That template comes from the thoughts of the designer. So too does the vibration of the collective consciousness determine the potentials of physical action for the planet. The collective consciousness is the quantum operator that determines which potential states have a chance to manifest. Behind all physical form is the invisible substrate of thought, intention, and feeling. These go directly into the planetary grids of subtle energy, which then interface with the consciousness of each individual.

The more people who clue into this the faster progress will be made. I have graphically illustrated these ideas in a movie you can see for free on sunrise-production.org, called "The Evolution of Consciousness."

This is nothing new. People have been talking about this for thousands of years. But now more people are tuning into this good vibe. Now it is crucial to understand because the energy has changed. The collective consciousness is the co-creator of our planetary reality.

Everyone plays his or her part. The heroes are always considered to be the men and women on the ground who are putting themselves on the front line in this battle. But everyone has a part to play. We are all in this together. The guys who meditate and do their lightwork in the background are just as important as the heroes who get all the medals and the fanfare.

2018 is a year of Illumination. Look for much more disclosure of the activities of the dark forces. Don't despair when some portray this as the end of the world.

It's not THE end of the world; it's the end of THEIR world: the world of darkness and corruption.

The battle is being won!

Either my meditations are getting more powerful or something is happening in the ethers surrounding out planet. Maybe it's both.

Metaphysically speaking, the planet passed a marker on Dec. 21, 2012. Even though I have been intensely interested in spiritual subjects for many years, a part of me has always been a skeptic. I have great sympathy for those who say, "Prove it!" However, there comes a time when you have to admit the existence of a phenomenon even when you can't explain it.

No one will ever be able to prove that there is life after death, or that consciousness exists independent of the physical body. Until someone invents an instrument that can measure subtle energy. That is coming at some point in the future, and it's going to blow the lid off. But those of us who have believed in metaphysical ideas have often come under ridicule from a materialistic culture. Some of us have been criticized by family members who don't understand why we believe in this "nonsense." We have had to be careful how we speak to others unless we wanted to get into an argument. But now, in December 2017, it is becoming more and more obvious that a shift is occurring in the mental, emotional, and spiritual planes on the earth. Frankly, some people are just going bonkers. Nutcases are becoming unbalanced and committing acts of violence.

The battleground has shifted dramatically. Previously, wars would break out periodically over the planet. The next generation would spend its time rebuilding and recovering. Then in the following generation another war would break out. These wars were fought between States. Emotions within the citizenry would be riled up, patriotic fervor promoted in the media, people would get all hot and bothered to defend the flag. But this is no longer happening to the degree that it did in the past.

This is now a battle between light and dark. It's a planetary battle.

Prophecy is coming true. The Bible talks about a battle at the end of the world between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Many indigenous cultures have similar prophecies. Past the 2012 marker, the paradigm of conflict and war has shifted. No longer is the battle merely between states and governments. This battle is now devolving to the population at large. Governments who wage war are often corrupt. In the new energy, institutions that lack integrity are beginning to fall apart and self-destruct. On a personal basis, people are having trouble with those areas of their lives that lack integrity.

The light is penetrating the darkness everywhere on the planet. Everyone is affected, not just governments. In the past the balance of light and dark was in favor of the dark, and the fix was in. If you had any spiritual awareness at all you stuck out. In past lives you were the shaman or the rainmaker or the lightworker and you lived apart from the villagers. They thought you were weird. They needed you sometimes, but for the most part you were a loner. I noticed this when I was growing up in the 1950s and 1960s. That was only 50 or 60 years ago.

Change has been rapid after the end of World War 2, even though it appears from the news that nothing at all has changed. That is an illusion. The "news" is becoming more and more divorced from a reality that is undergoing a gradual spiritual awakening. Each generation subsequent to 2102 will experience change even more rapidly.

Can you feel the change? Some people feel it more than others. My meditations are much more powerful now. When I allow myself to sink into negativity I feel it more intensely. The planet is undergoing an ascension, but the ascension isn't going to happen all at once. If it did, hardly anyone would be able to handle it. Awareness of spirit will increase gradually so that our institutions won't fall apart. If the process were to occur spontaneously our civilization would probably collapse and nobody wants that. Therefore the transition will be slow. The transition occurs first on the spiritual (consciousness) level and is then reflected into the physical universe and our institutions.

The process of light infusing the dark leads to greater awareness of God, and greater wisdom. The catalysts are old souls, who have had hundreds (or more) lifetimes on the planet. If you are an old soul your Akash is activating. Good shit and bad shit is appearing in your dreams and in your emotional body. Your linear, 3-dimensional brain is having a hard time coping. The rest of the planet just feels odd or uncomfortable, or senses that "something is happening." Those who have chosen the way of darkness are feeling very uncomfortable indeed. Before 2012, when the fix was in, the old methods of intimidation and violence worked very well to keep people in line. But now humanity is waking up. Violence and intimidation is being looked on less and less favorably.

Within the next ten years, the most corrupt governments on the planet will fall apart. Institutions like Big Pharma will collapse. There will probably be more instances of unbalanced persons going postal. All of this is a natural outcome of the battle between dark and light.

In the United States the election of Donald Trump was the very beginning of this battle reflected in politics. People took sides. Each side thought their side was in the light and that the other side was in the dark. The 2016 election was about light vs. dark, good vs. evil. Interestingly, one of the governments likely to collapse is the one here in the US. Congressional support is somewhere around 10% or 15%. The Congress is considered corrupt by almost everyone, no matter what side you are on. The two-party system of Democrat and Republican has gone as far as the dark can push it. Both parties are endemically dishonest from top to bottom. Such a structure lacks integrity and cannot stand. It must collapse. It is collapsing.

What will replace it? Greater cooperation, greater tolerance, greater compassion. How long will it take? Until the majority gets sick and tired of the old order. In the US, the false dichotomy of Democratic-Republican will gradually be seen by more and more people for what it is: a fraudulent system that allows authorities to manipulate the system for their benefit. This fraud has continued because most people still believe in democracy. However, "democracy" is a stale concept when the vast majority of people are disconnected from the operation of democracy. People no longer believe that the democratic process serves their interests; that's why the Congressional approval rating is so low. It's why Donald Trump got elected. The election of Trump was almost exclusively a backlash against the corrupt and dishonest political system in the US.

Power in the world has shifted from governments to what is being called the Deep State. The Deep State is a collection of corporations in the defense, high-tech, and intelligence sectors. As the years pass by it will become clear that the Deep State is a grouping of dark forces. The darkness on the planet, as it becomes penetrated by the light, will be forced to unite as it can. It has already been forced to do so. The operations of the Deep State will become exposed more and more. At some point this structure will also collapse. At that point there will be peace on earth (or at least tolerance on earth) and the human race will begin to cooperate and begin to realize its potential.

The "battle of dark and light" is a natural consequence of the duality. The duality exists to provide the impetus toward spiritual growth. Without the dark society would stagnate forever.

After 2012 the darkness has served its purpose. We made it past the marker. We evolved spiritually. There will not be world war, there will not be extinction events. We made it past the prophecy that foretold world destruction and another reset of life on the planet.

Now it's time to move forward. We are moving forward and it's being reflected in world events. Pay very little attention to the "news." It's ALL negative. It's one of the last bastions of the dark forces, who will, I predict, become more hysterical as their power erodes. It may appear that the Deep State is becoming more powerful. It's not. It's just organizing for its last gasp.

The way to judge progress is via your own spiritual and emotional state, not politics or the news. The battleground has shifted after we passed the marker. Consciousness and the co-creative power of consciousness will become more powerful. The Old Order will flail away using the old energy methods, but they must fail. More and more people will reject them, and  vibrationally they cannot advance in the new energy.

Expect more unbalance as the graph of consciousness gradually rises. It's a natural outcome of the general advance of human consciousness. On the other hand. Also expect deeper meditations and higher highs to your life. Eventually human consciousness is going to find balance at a higher level of resonance. The period before 2012 will be seen for what it was: The Age of Barbarism.

Last month we talked about how the increasing consciousness of humanity is leading to higher awareness and more light on the planet. We noted how this seems to be creating more unbalance instead of more togetherness. The recent shooting by that nutjob in Las Vegas is an example of this. It's natural that more light would lead to more imbalance in those who have chosen the dark side. The other side of this phenomenon is that more people are becoming balanced as well. We just don't notice them. The unbalanced persons make headlines because they do crazy things. Bringing more light into the world is a quiet process. Lightworkers don't demand banners and ribbons and awards. This month I'm going to talk about a new trend we're going to begin noticing in the next several decades.

Meditation, affirmations, and lightwork in general will become more effective now that we are past the marker. The result will be human beings that live longer. The new children will come in with higher awareness. Many of them will begin to remember who they were in past lives, because their Akash will be more accessible. Unlike the ludicrous new TV shows, which portray humans getting "powers" but still being mired in the old consciousness of fighting to solve problems, the new humans will simply become kinder, more compassionate, have more wisdom, and will live longer. You can't get "powers" and still have the low consciousness of confrontation. These new abilities only manifest with a higher consciousness. A higher conscious human is well beyond petty fighting and killing the "bad guys." That's a low consciousness attribute. The Marvel universe is fun, but it's ludicrous.

The new children who are old souls – beings who have had hundreds or thousands of lifetimes on the planet – will have activated Akashes. There have been over 5 billion "new" souls on the planet since 1930. This means that even the concept of past lives is irrelevant to most of the population of the planet. Simply because they have only had one lifetime, or two at most. These are the skeptics, the scoffers, the people who mock metaphysics and people who are spiritual. "Look at those idiots," they say. "Past lives! What a crock. You only go around once." I used to get mad at people like this. I had only contempt for them. But I realized that these people are telling the absolute truth. For them, past lives are a crock. That's because they haven't had any! (Or very few).

What is wisdom? Wisdom is understanding based on experience. Old souls have had a lot of experience. Because humanity is still in a lower-consciousness state, people can't see into their Akash – the record of their past lives. But there is a knowingness based on lifetime after lifetime of experience in every walk of life. Old souls know not to go there, or there, or there. If you ask an old soul, "Why do you know this?" most of them couldn't tell you. They just know. This isn't delusion, which is a state of false knowing that comes from the ego. True knowingness comes from the Akash and this attribute only appears in old souls. A large Akash means lots of experience and lots of wisdom. The number of old souls is not large compared to the general population. I said that just in case you've had a hard time here on earth!

Higher Consciousness and Aging

The new human will understand his or her connection to their Higher Self much better. More light on the planet will strengthen this connection. Those who do not choose to go to the light will live "normal" lives. They will get diseases and will live normal life spans. Those in the light will seem odd as they age less quickly. Eventually these people will be looked upon as strange. "How are you doing this?" they will ask. "Are you some kind of freak?"

This is down the road a little way, but some old souls even now may be aging less slowly. If you are such an old soul – especially one who does affirmations with pure intent – you may find yourself in this position someday.

How can you explain to an "old school" person why you don't seem to age as quickly? It may seem pretty lame to those who have no metaphysical understanding. Even if you gave a cogent explanation you would probably get laughed at. Of course you will! Most people on this planet have no experience on earth. They have no earth wisdom, or wisdom about human society. They are just starting out. What you say on a metaphysical level isn't real to them. It sounds stupid to them. These "young" souls will tell you this. And they are perfectly right from their own POV. Somebody famous once said, "Never assign to malice that which can adequately be explained by ignorance." I now understand this statement.

I'm not saying that aging more slowly is a big problem. I'm not saying it will become a big problem. But the potential is there.

In the old energy this problem simply manifested as a person who had a more enlightened POV. You awaken, your opinions change, you get more wisdom, your connection to Spirit increases, you begin to move away from family and friends. This is completely natural. The old crowd sees you as different. That's because you are different. In the old energy you just moved into a new circle and lived a normal life. You found new friends with a more enlightened worldview.

As this process of more light continues it will begin to affect the physical body in a positive way. You will literally begin to age more slowly. You will be healthier. You will (or your children will) live longer life spans. People will begin to notice something other than just a new way of thinking. As the light intensifies human beings will no longer simply join other groups and melt unnoticed into society. People will be able to see physical changes and will wonder what's going on.

If you watched the old "Highlander" series, about immortal humans who don't age, you know what I'm getting at. Some of the problems in that show will begin to slowly manifest in human societies, first in a small way and then in a larger way. Hopefully by the time human life spans are elongated, the light will be so strong that longer life spans will be a universal phenomenon. Almost everyone will be healthier and live longer so it won't be a big problem. Or maybe only to the holdouts who still cling to the dark energy. This is one of the aspects of the duality that will manifest itself in the coming generation. All I'm saying is, don't be surprised if you see it happen. It's a natural consequence of increasing light on the planet.

The Old Meme Structure

On TV I see a lot of ads for XBox and their silly war games. On TV the old memes are presented in show after show. The common theme is the old meme structure: fighting and war and conflict to solve problems. Men and women with guns or swords fight the "bad guys." This adolescent, tired old theme is going to be repeated over and over as those who embrace the darkness fight the new energy coming to the planet. This is old consciousness. It has no place in an enlightened society. It cannot survive in a milieu of increased light.

The darkness is stuck in the old meme structure. Those who embrace it will begin to really stand out in society like sore thumbs.

Why? Because the old energy has no new solutions. They can only do what they know: fight, strike back, beat up the enemy. Their meme structures cannot evolve. They are stuck in glory and heroism and tough-guy-ness. Guys who go over the edge like the Las Vegas shooter will be motivated to really make statements. It will appear that the darkness is winning. In reality the dark forces are simply becoming more and more unhinged and unglued. They will go out kicking and screaming. But they won't change their tactics because they cannot. Their tactics will remain the same as everyone else evolves. Such persons will stand out more and more.

What Is Hidden Must Come Forth

The dark side of the duality, to be successful, must operate in the dark. Their true intentions and their activities must be masked or cloaked. Increasing light on the planet means that these hidden intentions and actions will become known. It will appear that things are getting worse when their crimes are exposed.

Along with the phenomenon of longer life spans, disclosure will occur. By disclosure I mean the activities within the hidden special access programs, and other rocks under which the cockroaches live. Today, talking about this subject makes you a conspiracy theorist. In a few years this hidden knowledge will become something society must deal with.

The planet earth is not alone in the universe. When this becomes known for certain the entire weltanschauung of humanity will undergo a sea change. New points of view will be less criticized. As the truth comes out those who find themselves in the "conspiracy" camp will be able to come out and speak freely, or will have to acknowledge that some of their crazy theories were wrong. In other words, when we finally get the truth we'll have a lot less tension in society. The "hidden" part of humanity will have to come forth even if it does so kicking and screaming.

In the near future, those who embrace the dark will be forced to form into groups in order to survive. These groups will be noticed more and more by human societies. Then human society will have to deal with them.

What does this imply for lightworkers?

Nothing actually! We simply go about our business and spread light. Down the road if you age less slowly you may have to answer questions from those who might consider you odd. But by that time the phenomenon will have become much more widespread. The dark will have slipped further from power. A larger portion of humanity will have come together, so there will be more support than there is now.

In the short-term future look for greater tension in society as the light gets stronger. The big confrontation will occur years from now when the human race has to decide what to do with the perpetrators of crimes against humanity. If we get angry and decide to eliminate these guys we're in trouble, for that will place us further in the dark. It is part of the strategy of the dark forces to make society kill them – for killing is the road of darkness.

The road out is what happened in South Africa. A Truth and Reconciliation Commission to hear the testimony of criminals. And then, hopefully, the publishing of their crimes in a website called Revelations, complete with their names and photographs. That's a much more fitting (and terrible) punishment than execution!


The progress being made in the advancement of human consciousness is not showing up in current events. You won't hear about it on the news. What's happening is that the Akash of every single human on earth is being activated. This is bringing up negative emotions and leading to unbalanced behavior in some. Is this supposed to be progress? Yeah, it is.

The new paradigm isn't anything like I thought it would be. I thought we'd all advance into peace and love and there would finally be peace on earth. Well, there IS going to be peace on earth but it's going to take longer than we'd like. That's because the haters, the bullies, and the belligerent ones aren't going to suddenly see the light. The new energy coming in is making them MORE unbalanced, not less. Again, is this progress? It is. It's just not the kind of progress I thought.

The planet is apparently moving into an area of the galaxy with a different energy. This is affecting human consciousness in good and bad ways. The Akash is being activated. The Akash is the record of everything you have ever thought, emoted, said, and acted out on the planet in all of your lifetimes. This affects old souls first because we have the most experience and the most stored energy from our lifetimes on earth. For those who have yet to awaken spiritually there is a feeling of discomfort that is impossible to identify. Old souls understand about the Akash and karma and stored energy from past experiences. Young souls do not. There is discomfort and a feeling that something isn't right, but they don't know what it is. Everyone is feeling it. If you are human on the planet you are experiencing some kind  of wierdness.

The new energy is cleaning out souls. The first element in human consciousness affected by the higher vibration is the incompatible lower vibration. Everything negative you did in this life and in past lives is (or will be coming) to the surface for inspection. When the old soul feels these emotions he or she recognizes that past imprints are trying to clear. So we meditate, we visualize, we see our favorite counselor. Those who have not awakened are clueless. It is very easy to then get into victim consciousness, to blame others for negative personal feelings. This leads to unbalance and to more intolerance. Personally I have had to change my diet to cut out all refined sugar, sweets, sodas, doughnuts, cake, cookies, shakes, etc. I just cannot eat them anymore. My body begins to feel sluggish and my energy goes way down. I don't drink alcohol now, only water. Lots of water. This is a resonance effect in the physical from the infusion of new energy to the planet.

Your process may be different but all old souls are being affected right now.

I used to think that the new energy would simply result in a feeling of wellbeing and happiness. I would continue along as usual but I would feel better doing it. I forgot about a little thing called the Akash. I found out that I have been a con man and a criminal in some of my past lives. All of that energy is coming back to be released. I can either bemoan how I feel or get busy with the Holy Violet Flame. I use the HVS all the time. I send it all the crap that surfaces in my emotions. It's hard because when you are in that energy you don't feel like you can think positively anymore. I don't want to do it because it seems pointless and it is really hard.  It is hard. It isn't anything like I thought it would be. Now I see that this process was and is inevitable.

I was born in 1951. Until the year 2000 I always felt that the world was going to end in some kind of conflagration. I felt that I and the world would never make it to the new millennium. Once we made it through I thought it was all going to be happy happy after that. After 2012 I said, "Now we are really going to make some progress." Well, we are making progress but it doesn't look like progress. It looks like we are regressing. The forces of darkness, motivated by the old energy, don't want things to change. The old energy in our own Akash doesn't want anything to change. I am discovering what it means to be a lightworker. It means you use your light to transform all of your old energy. It's hard and I don't like it. But I have finally faced up to the truth. Before peace and love can manifest globally we have to use peace and love to transform the old energy into higher vibrational energy.

When I did the Interview With Spirit show the Guys told me that for millennia, the human race (with free choice) decided to explore all aspects of the darkness. We started off like Adam and Eve in Lemuria. Our DNA was operating at a much higher frequency. We lived a lot longer and were healthy. Then came the Great Experiment. We explored all avenues of the darkness. The efficiency of our DNA lessened. Our life spans shortened. Our knowledge of Spirit became less. The momentum toward the dark side became so great we were headed for an extinction event.

Then, at the last moment, we pulled it out.

Our "fall from grace" has been explained by evil forces at work. Yes, evil forces are at work. Dark conspiracies exist; they are valid. But all of this evil is a result of the energy of human consciousness, and of the decisions of human consciousness. It's simple Law of Attraction. If you are an old soul (If you are reading this you probably are)  you participated in this Great Dark Experiment. You and I (and many others) were responsible for the fall from grace. For millennia the human race has been exploring the dark; is it any wonder that we have attracted evil? David Icke even says that evil reptiles from another dimension are sucking our energy. This is a perfectly valid hypothesis. Does anyone really think the earth is alone in a multi-dimensional universe?

When we transform human consciousness these dark forces and conspiracies will go away. But they won't go away magically. They will release from our personal and collective lives only if we do our lightwork. That's how the universe works. You don't get to explore darkness for thousands of years then suddenly get a dispensation and everything goes away. The negative stuff gets released only if we do our inner work. There's an old saying: "Y'all made your own bed, now go sleep in it."

The good news is that human consciousness created this quagmire and human consciousness can get us out. But it requires us to work hard. Personally if I don't do my lightwork I feel rotten. Just like changing my diet to eliminate harmful foods, I also have to change my harmful thoughts and confront my Akash.

It's Always Darkest Just Before the Dawn

In the new energy it may get worse before it gets better. The light is going to win, that's almost certain now. BUT the new energy (higher vibration) is stirring things up. It's causing the dark forces to become desperate. The "Iran has nuclear weapons" scare (which will create war in the Middle East and WW III), the "North Korea is going to launch a nuclear attack" scare, and more. These are desperate attempts to collectively put people in fear. Look for more (and more pathetic) attempts to create fear in the future.

Fear is an emotion that places negative energy on the future time track. The key is not to go into fear, no matter what CNN and the mainstream news puts out. Don't buy into that nonsense. It's an attempt to get you (us) to create our own demise. The power of our collective, co-creative consciousness is so strong that we could do it. Some of us are going to do that, but old souls will not. It doesn't take very many old souls to negate the fear-based thinking of millions.

How do the dark forces operate? By putting human beings in fear. Then a narrative is placed on top of the fear. It's perfect Law of Attraction. Fear drives the narrative deeper into our consciousness; we begin to co-create it. Then it happens and we say, "See, the world is evil. There are powerful forces at work and we have no defense against them." The next step is to protect yourself from the evil. "Evil demons from another dimension are sucking your energy. You have to fight this and put up a protective wall of light." Or whatever. This is a time-worn and successful strategy to keep humans fighting and killing each other. It is a brilliant strategy to keep us co-creating a darker future.

On the radio today I heard about some goofball who is predicting the end of the world (again). More and more of this is going to happen. Some evil stuff will occur, it's almost guaranteed. Will that be enough to put the old souls in fear? No. Let the rest of the world spin in drama, that's OK. Lightworkers will spread their light onto the earth and the planetary grids. This will calm the masses. Our job is to keep meditating, keep healing, keep putting higher vibes into this wonderful planet we call Gaia. This work is almost invisible because we never see the positive stuff on the news. I don't worry about the news anymore. In the invisible substrate that programs human consciousness, one second spent by an old soul putting light into the planet is worth more than a million others spinning in drama.

I was a little upset when I realized that the planet wasn't going to suddenly "twig" all at once. I used to think that since thought is instantaneous, if enough of us postulated the good stuff, it would be enough to create a tipping point that would alter the parameters of human consciousness collectively. I understand now that a tipping point will occur but it probably won't happen for another generation or two. This has been the theme of the past few blog posts: human progress advances one grave at a time.

Fortunately there is a huge turnover of souls arriving and departing on the planet. Not every soul who incarnates is going to go to the light even though the new ones will have a higher vibration. Some of them will be turned by the dark. That's why human progress is generational.

The key is the old soul. We have lived so many lifetimes our energy is all over this planet, and in the planet's esoteric grids. When we change our consciousness we transform all of the energy (karma) we have put into the grids over thousands of lifetimes here. A good meditation by a lightworker can have an immense positive effect on the future. Think of it, as Lee Carroll, says, of planting seeds. These seeds are light deposited into the planetary grids. As more and more lightworkers do their work these seeds grow and flourish. Eventually the light subsumes the darkness and there is peace on earth.

Then we can get going building a real civilization on earth.

Peace on earth isn't even the beginning, it's just a prerequisite. To use a sports metaphor, peace on earth gets us into the dugout. We haven't even reached the on-deck circle yet, much less come up to bat. Human civilization has a long way to go, but we will get there. We are getting there.

A Message from the Guys

All endings are happy endings. This is the message we gave Ken when he did the Interview With Spirit show. It means that all beings on the planet, regardless of their life path and the actions they take, return to Source. Adolf Hitler, Joe Stalin, and Idi Amin all returned to Source. All of them are/were aspects of God in human form. Their actions on earth are understood when you have the mind of God. When you "die" you will understand the mind of God. You are God already but when you "die" you will know it. [Note: this last sentence is said from Ken's current level of consciousness. Some of you will be able to understand it's deeper meaning.]

All incarnated souls here are on a grand mission. When you return Home you again reunite with your Higher Self and the Creative Source. However, there is work to do in the physical universe. At any one time there is one planet in the galaxy that is given the gift of the duality. The duality is the knowledge of light and dark. It is necessary (in this galaxy) to have one planet at a time as a test planet. The last planet(s) to do this are in the Pleiades. They have given you the light codes and enhanced your DNA, in order to allow humanity to participate in this grand test. Ken has been trying to understand why this is necessary, but he will not be told yet. Not until he has advanced a little way in consciousness. (Sorry Ken!)

The message Ken wrote above is a good one. Lightworker, prepare yourselves, for your light will be needed in the coming years. The 36-year window of opportunity will end around the year 2030. This is the end of the period between the last 26,000-year cycle that began in 1992 (approximately) and the beginning of the new one. During this period the direction for the next 26,000-year cycle is established. Lightworker, did you think your birth was accidental? You are alive right now because you knew how important this period was for humanity and the planet.

Continue your important work. Gaia needs you, the galaxy needs you. All of you are infused with the consciousness of the Creative Source. Carry on dear ones, you are all magnificent. The light will win.


In previous blog posts we've talked about the duality and the physics of the duality. We've said that the darkness is not an entity, but a force, as in physics. F = ma is just a statement that any force is the product of mass and acceleration. The gravitational constant, G, is the measure of a force that acts downward to the surface of the earth. When the apple hit Isaac Newton on the head as he sat under the tree, it wasn't a diabolical act. It wasn't the result of an evil being with a conscious personality. The force of gravity, or any force in nature, is just a part of the physics of our four-dimensional world.

It often appears that evil is diabolical and conscious. Evil has been represented by Satan, the devil, Belial, or any number of conscious personalities. And in fact there are evil people; horrible people who do monstrous things. They exist today and have existed throughout history. But evil people are not inherently evil. "You are just being picky," you might say. "What's the difference between an evil entity and a force that is evil?"

There's a big difference.

We are made of light. Light represents all the positive emotions. It's divine, it's who we are. Light is the substrate that permeates the entire universe; all life, all objects, all energy. In our 3D universe darkness is merely a force, like the force of gravity. It's neutral. By neutral I mean that a being must freely choose to go down the dark path; it is not an inherent attractor to human consciousness. If evil exists (and it does) it has been created by humanity through free choice. We cannot choose not to be light, for light is everything that is wonderful. We are wonderful. Our bodies are based on the Phi ratio, a mathematical relation that represents perfect harmony, perfect harmonious growth and contraction from the infinitely small to the infinitely large (see the geometry section of my website, kjmaclean.com). Darkness is mere physics, created by the Central Source to manifest the duality that is necessary to evolve physical beings out of ignorance and into enlightenment.

Evolution is the basis upon which all life, all thought, all action, operates.

In the physical universe a civilization can't start in perfection; or, if it does, it will inevitably begin to find its own unique path. Why? Because perfection in the physical universe is impossible. Any physical system is a product of forces. Physical systems are always in motion, even a system where the forces are balanced, in a state of equilibrium. Therefore every system, society, or organization is constantly changing. Perfection is impossible for any length of time.  Therefore a system or a society, even a perfect one that starts in a Garden of Eden, will always evolve (or devolve).

In our non-physical Native State we are already perfect. We are God. We are in bliss all the time. We cannot help but exist in perfect harmony, for that is the basis of God consciousness. The physical universe is different. It was created (evolved) because the One needed (or wanted) experience. When things are perfect for too long human beings need some excitement to liven things up. That's the motivation from the Great Central Source (us) to create dimensions and universes. So we did that.

When a new civilization begins it may start with complete connection to Source. But it does not have knowledge. It is like a baby; pure, pristine, but without the information necessary to go on. If it were possible for a society to live in Paradise forever, it would be static (see my paper, The Geometry of Harmony). It wouldn't evolve because the people in it are like children. If they live in a Garden of Eden everything is provided for them. That's great, but how long will that last before people get bored?

You might disagree and say that a civilization that is totally innocent and connected to Source IS evolved. You could say that it has reached the pinnacle. But it hasn't. It has just begun. Paradise isn't a state to evolve to, it's a state to evolve from. Another word for Paradise is Static, which means forever in the same state. A static civilization or a person is lacking in movement, action, or change. For physical organisms this describes death.

Experience and the Duality

What is the difference between the grizzled war veteran who yearns for peace in the world and the innocent adolescent who wants peace?


The grizzled war veteran has seen it all. He's made every mistake you can make. He's killed people, destroyed property, and has seen what it does to people's lives. He or she will never make that mistake again. He or she will never kill again. He or she has learned a respect (and maybe even love) for life.

When the innocent is threatened he or she may react one way or the other. That person may fight and kill or maybe not. The experienced person who desires peace is a safe bet. He or she will only kill if it becomes life threatening, and maybe not even then. Such a person has evolved to a point where violence will not find him or her because that person has been through the mill and no longer feels the necessity to lash out. His or her vibration is a peaceful one, and will attract peaceful people. The innocent may need to experience what it is like to use violence to solve problems. Does it work or not?

The old soul has experience, has already been there and done that in past lives. The young soul (with little karmic experience) has not.

Experience can only be gained if there is a choice of action, a choice of paths to take. Experience requires the duality. Evolution results from experience and free choice.

The evolution of consciousness is based on experience. The connection to Source is an entirely separate issue! There are two "variables" for the evolution of human consciousness: a connection or disconnection to Source, and free choice to decide what actions to take.

1) A society or a person that turns away from the light will eventually destroy itself. A society or person that is connected to source will eventually evolve to a state of enlightenment.

2) A society that has no knowledge may also self-destruct, having no understanding of life. The total innocent, the person who is too naive, gets rolled over.

The duality – the straight-line polarity between dark and light – provides many paths for free choice.

An enlightened being has no free will in the sense that such a person will always make the "right" decision. He or she has evolved to the point where they know who they are and will always go to the light. Of course such a person has free will, but enlightenment results from so much experience that the choice will always be the one that more greatly enhances his or her feelings of self-worth, creativity, and happiness. In this sense free will is unnecessary, because that direction is always the light.

The system has been set up so that the duality provides an almost infinite set of choices. The duality provides the opportunity to find out what ethics means, what happiness really is, what integrity is, what misery and sadness is. It provides for experience. Experience is knowledge.

In summary, human consciousness evolves both on the spiritual level – connection to Source – and in knowledge. Without knowledge the innocent may make any number of mistakes that lead to personal and collective destruction. The experienced person KNOWS what to do and what not to do.

The Physics of Darkness

Physics just describes a set of "natural laws" that operate based on your level of knowledge and connection to Source. When consciousness evolves new physical laws are uncovered, leading to more enlightened choices and a more enlightened society.

Enlightenment comes from experience, and experience comes from the duality.

Evil is just a force, not a malevolent entity. Light is inherent. The power of consciousness is its ability to go away from the light. But no matter how many "evil" persons there are in the world, it does not enhance the darkness. Darkness is a built-in part of the physics of the duality. It does not itself grow, it can only be accessed. A person in the light cannot be overwhelmed by darkness. Only if the person is already leaning toward darkness can it have any influence on him or her.

How is darkness activated?  Mostly through the free will choice to fight evil. This leads into a simple Law of Attraction explanation for an increased vibration of darkness within a person or a society. You can read my site (kjmaclean.com) in the Law of Attraction section for an explanation, or buy my book The Vibrational Universe for a detailed explanation of how this works.

Example: Person A sees that the XYZ Corporation has a policy of firing all employees who try to unionize their employees. This person approaches company executives, who laugh in her face. She decides that the only solution is to fight them, using the idea that "these brutes only understand one thing: force." Well, that's probably true. Young souls are pretty clueless because they don't have much earth experience. They think it's perfectly OK to dump toxic waste into pristine rivers and lakes, log off pristine forests to make a pile of money, and in general wreak havoc on other people and the earth. Person A knows that doing this is bad because she's already done it. OK, in a past life, but Person A has got experience because she's guilty of doing the same thing that the evil Koch brothers are doing, or the evil XYZ Corporation.

Fighting the XYZ Corporation accesses the dark energy. Because "you have to fight fire with fire."  How do you enlighten a moron when the only thing that works is to beat them over the head or take them out?

So Person A is now using the dark energy, she thinks, for a positive purpose. She is going to stop those bastards. If this continues she may or may not be successful in getting a change in policy. But one thing is for sure: She will become more acclimatized to the dark energy. As Walt Kelly once said, "We have met the enemy and he is us." This is simple Law of Attraction: you become what you give your attention to. The solution, of course, is not to fight but to create something positive in the world. But you don't understand that until you have a whole lot of experience.

When many people in the world fight evil they access the physics of the duality and darkness becomes more prevalent. But the strength of darkness itself does not increase. More and more people just decide to go there. If you examine this idea and observe your world you will get some mind-blowing realizations. I will only say that in this world there are masters of human psychology.

"Politics is Karma"

The duality is neither good nor bad. It is simply a vehicle for physical, conscious evolution. Understanding this can lead to greater tolerance. Greater tolerance leads to a lesser reliance on force (dark energy) to solve problems.

Lee Carroll once said in a lecture, "politics is karma." That is exactly right. What is politics but bickering and arguing over who did what to whom, and who is right or wrong? Politicians simply represent the state of mass consciousness. They are placeholders for US. They represent where we are at vibrationally.

The Solution to Evil (or the "Soul"ution to Evil)

What's the solution to evil? Bashing and taking people out is only temporary. The one who bashes and the one who gets bashed simply have all that negative energy transferred into their Akash. Next lifetime they have karma to work out. As we talked about in an earlier post, if this goes on too long the civilization collapses under its own weight and you have to start over.

The only solution is what Jesus the Christ said: "Turn the other cheek." What he meant was, "don't use the dark forces to solve the problem of evil." Albert Einstein rephrased this when he said, "You can't solve problems with the same consciousness that created them."

We all know what happened to Christ, but that dude really attracted the dark side to him because he went out into society and started healing people and showing them that a human being could be connected to God. The authorities didn't like that! That was when the planet was mired in the old energy. Nowadays, even a little exercise of tolerance by billions of people can make a huge difference. Back then people were so dense it took a Master to come down and show the way. In the new energy you can do this quietly in your daily life.

I'll tell you one thing: I aint no saint (that rhymes!). My life path isn't to be another Christ. I just try to be the nicest person I can and exercise a little tolerance and compassion to others. That's good enough, even though I'm not always successful. I admire people who are angels, I really do, but that's not my life path. If you are like me you don't have to be a hero every day. But you can be just a little more tolerant, a little more compassionate. That will be enough to shift the balance even more to the light.

We have already done the heavy slogging, old soul. We made it past the marker and into the new energy. Even so, there are still a lot of young souls out there, there is still a lot of crap that is going to hit the fan. In the new energy the rocks are being lifted and the cockroaches are being exposed to the light of day. The balance has shifted now towards the light. The number of idiots (young souls) is huge. Since 1930 there has been a population increase of 5.5 billion. The entire population of the planet is only 7.34 billion. That means a lot of clueless people in the world with only a lifetime or two of earth experience. It means that a lot of mistakes are going to be made.

You and I have to understand that we have done just what they've done. You don't have to love the Koch brothers, and other idiots like them, but you can exercise a little tolerance and compassion. These guys are probably just clueless young souls who have boarded the train of experience, and are working their way through the physics of the duality.

If  we can work for positive change, and not fight fire with fire, we can make a contribution to the evolution of human consciousness.

That's the soul-ution.

Things Aren't Always What They Seem to Be

OK, so we made it past the December 21, 2012 marker. We didn't destroy ourselves in a nuclear holocaust, as was predicted, by the beginning of the millennium. Some spiritual leaders tell us that we have come into the clear. But it sure doesn't seem like it. There is more polarization today than ever. In the US, a huge split has occurred, dividing the country into two bi-polar camps: the Democrats-liberals-Clintonites and the Republicans-conservatives-Trumpites. All data that supports the other side is called "fake news." How is this any better than in the old energy? We were supposed to have undergone some kind of paradigm shift.

We live in an age of information, and disinformation. To hide a truth, it is only necessary to surround it with plausible (and sometimes implausible) lies. For example, the assassination of President Kennedy. The official explanation is that the "lone nut" Lee Harvey Oswald pulled the trigger. But that theory has been shot full of holes (pun intended). Some say that the president was shot with a gun installed in the back of the vehicle, others say a man with an umbrella strolled out and shot the president. Former New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison said anti-Communist and anti-Castro extremists in the CIA plotted the assassination of Kennedy to maintain tension with the Soviet Union and Cuba, and to prevent a United States withdrawal from Vietnam. The "three tramps" theory, in which three CIA agents were arrested and detained briefly at the scene, has some popularity. Dr. Steven Greer says that Kennedy was assassinated because he was going to expose the UFO coverup. Tony Gambino, the former big boss of the Gambino crime family, says it was a mafia hit done by one of their torpedoes who was placed in a storm drain, on the order of the Kennedy family. There are lots of other theories.

The fact that this issue will not go away shows that the truth has still not come out. Whenever the truth around an issue is known, that issue is defused. There is no longer any tension – created by a system of lies – surrounding the issue. There is a saying: the truth goes into the past, lies go into the future.

Lies always perpetuate into the future because they hide the truth. Lies invite investigation because something is misaligned. The more lies hiding a truth, the more energy and tension is created. More lies are necessary to counter these inquiries, which creates a more and more complex structure. This is where we're at now on the planet. Did the Russians interfere with the US election or is that just sour grapes from the loser? The truth has not yet come out because there is so much "spin" –  plausible truths – surrounding the issue on both sides. Eventually the entire structure will collapse and the underlying truth will come forward. When the truth is released people will recognize it. The issue goes away because the energy structure that propped up the controversy no longer exists and the tension around the issue dissipates. Exposure of the truth may lead to the investigation of OTHER issues, but the identification of the core information ("the truth") settles that particular issue.

The point is that "the truth" behind the Kennedy assassination, the Russian issue, or any other issue, isn't as important as that the light is now shining on the darkness. It's the light shining on the darkness that creates the need for more and more disinformation. A worldwide communication network in place makes it harder and harder to hide anything. So there are more lies hiding more uncomfortable truths.

The number of lies surrounding a subject is a good measure of how important that issue is. It is also a measure of how much light is shining into that area. As the balance of light and dark shifts in favor of the light, a lot of shocking stuff is going to come to the surface. In the old energy things were calmer because the dark was still more powerful. The fix was in, as the saying goes.

A higher level of consciousness is going to demand answers to the problems that plague mankind. A lot of rocks are going to be lifted and a lot of cockroaches are going to come out. In order to hide their activities, these cockroaches are going to spin out a lot of plausible truths. Trying to discover the truth is going to get more and more confusing.

As the light increases it causes more resistance from those hiding the truth. Therefore we should expect life on planet earth to get more confusing in the near future.

Is this progress? Some people might think that less chaos and confusion is more ideal. These individuals long for the past; for the "good old days." Well, so does the dark energy. The dark energy isn't a harmful entity, it's simply part of the duality. It's a force, as in physics. Gravity is a force, so is "the dark." You can either go with it or not. You don't say gravity is evil if you have to jump 100 feet from a burning building.

Those who have chosen the darkness will try to force things back to where they were. This is going to cause a lot of chaos. In order to avoid fear, we have to understand what is motivating the chaos: an increase in the light. It seems odd to say that the light is causing an increase in darkness; but it really isn't. In the new energy, the darkness is on the defensive. All it knows is the old methods – it cannot adapt. Therefore we are going to see some outrageous acts of stupidity and  harm caused by unbalanced people. Those who have chosen the dark side will become more and more unstable, leading to more and more irrational acts. This is an unfortunate aspect of the physics of the duality. It is why people will be forced into greater discernment. Among all the lies, what is the truth? This questions boils down to, What is the truth for you? In order to answer that question you need self-awareness. You have to know who you are before you can determine your truth.

Discernment is a function of self-awareness.

Many of us (including me) get sidetracked into finding THE truth. This normally occurs with an issue brought about by the darkness. "What is THE truth behind the Kennedy assassination?" This brought me into a thorough investigation of all the lies surrounding the president's death. It placed me squarely into the dark side. I am no closer to discovering THE truth than I was before I began, but I'm a lot more confused. I concluded it is better to be ignorant and in bliss, than knowledgeable and miserable. You may feel much differently of course. You may be the sort of person who can shine their light into the darkness and not be affected by it. Not me!

I'm writing this because we are all going to be forced to deal with more cockroaches, and more information-disinformation as the light shines more powerfully. Those on the dark side are going to react to the increase in vibration – because it encompasses the entire planet. Everyone is affected. The job of the lightworker in the near future is simple: hold the light. Don't succumb to fear. Understand the physics of the duality.

One of my favorite quotes comes from a baseball movie written by Ron Shelton called Bull Durham. One of the characters says, "Life is a simple place for those without self-awareness." Meaning, if you don't know yourself you simply accept everything. You don't question much. It's mom, the flag, and apple pie; the John and Mary of life. Discernment is very low. That's how it was when I grew up in the 1950s. Life was real simple: the president says A, you believe it, the priest says B, you believe it, the famous scientist says C, that's the way it is. Those were the good old days, right?

I can tell you that life was a lot simpler back then than it is now. The Cold War was on, the good guys and the bad guys were obvious. Information was printed in books and you had to go to the library to get them. You got "the news" from a printed newspaper delivered to your house once a day, and on the network news. There were only three networks back then. The amount of information was orders of magnitude lower than it is now.

Well, the dark energy is trying to go back there. While the light organizes for unity, the dark organizes for control. "The Russians did it," for example, is an attempt by the old forces to recreate the Cold War, and a much simpler time. A time when the dissemination of information was much easier to control.

There's nothing evil about this; it's just a reaction to the increase in light and in vibration. The consciousness of humanity is slowly changing as the old guard dies off and the new children come in. It's going to take a while.

The Physics of the Duality

The duality starts off at a 50-50 balance. Over the millennia we go back and forth into the dark and the light as Spirit tries to create a planetary consciousness that can graduate out of the duality. Civilizations rise and fall, some really beautiful stuff happens and some really awful stuff happens. Nothing much changes until, after thousands of years, the overall balance of the duality goes to the negative. Extinction events occur; Lemuria sinks into the ocean, Atlantis blows itself up, maybe this happens over and over. Finally, after fits and starts, civilization resets again. At the last moment, after billions of people are on the planet, we make it to the new millennium and past the markers of prophecy that said we were going to destroy ourselves again.

Now we are in a dilemma.

Those who have been here before – the old souls, the ones who hold the most light – have an Akash filled with the knowledge of failure. Many of these old souls have a lack of self esteem, because lifetime after lifetime they've been banished from the village for being "weird," or even burned at the stake.

Now the new energy comes in and what happens? These old souls have their Akash's activated. All that old crap comes to the surface. "Here we go again." Even some of the healers and the lightworkers and the shamans feel that it's pretty hopeless even though they still meditate and do their work for the planet. Many of them have physical problems from lifetimes where they have been the stake that was hammered down. Some channeller gets up on a stage and says that we should all celebrate because we passed the markers, that the energy has shifted. Many old souls resonate to this, but all old souls eventually look at the world from an activated Akash that tells them, "Don't believe in this happy-happy shit. If everything is so great why do I have body problems? Why is the world going to hell?"

I'm just talking from my experience folks. I will say that if you are an old soul and haven't experienced the reactivation of your Akash, you probably will! Either that or you are a powerful shaman or lightworker who can stay positive despite anything. If that's you, then you are doing what you came here for. You are the most important people on the planet. But if you're like me, I'm telling you that in your Akash are lifetimes where you were beaten down, but also lifetimes where you were perfectly healthy, when you did your thing and had a good time. All of those experiences are accessible. The bad experiences will activate in your Akash but also the good ones, IF you will allow it. The good experiences are far more powerful than the bad ones in the new energy.

Accessing your Akash to get the good stuff requires the ability to know yourself. It requires you to look inward and find your truth. Doing this will lead to greater discernment and the ability to stay out of fear.

So the physics of the duality is this: increasing Light activates your Akash. That activation brings up energy from past lives. Some of that energy is negative, from the millennia where the darkness was more powerful. An increase in light necessarily activates some of the negative aspects in your Akash, but it also allows you to access the good stuff. If you are one of the 5 billion souls that have only been coming to the planet since 1930, you don't have much to worry about. Your Akash doesn't have a very long track. You only have a couple of lifetimes of experience. It's the old soul that has more problems but who also holds more light. When the light hits your Akash it's going to be powerful. Understanding who you are – a divine aspect of the Creator – gives you powerful leverage.

Use affirmations. Instruct your cellular structure to be healthy. Tell your DNA (the multidimensional part in your MerKaBa) that you want the good stuff.

During the next decade the crap is going to hit the fan, driven by the increase in the light. Those old souls with discernment will not go into fear, and will be anchors of light and stability on the planet. That's you, old soul!

Human Progress

Human progress advances one grave at a time.

This is a modification of the famous quote by Max Planck, founder of quantum physics: “Science advances one funeral at a time.” Which is to say that human beings are resistant to new ideas and to change.

I used to think that if enough people woke up, a rapid change in consciousness would occur. I’ve given up on that idea! Human progress advances one grave at a time. Change occurs slowly, over generations. The old-timers die off and the new children come in. That doesn’t mean things don’t improve! It just happens slowly. It sucks, because aware people can see that the system is broken. It needs to be fixed ASAP!

The Current Paradigm of Knowledge

In physics, dark matter and dark energy comprise fully 95% of the universe. Current science only understands (at best) 5% of universal phenomena. To quote NASA:

It turns out that roughly 68% of the universe is dark energy. Dark matter makes up about 27%. The rest - everything on Earth, everything ever observed with all of our instruments, all normal matter - adds up to less than 5% of the universe. Come to think of it, maybe it shouldn't be called "normal" matter at all, since it is such a small fraction of the universe.[1]

Moreover, over 90% of human DNA is not understood. Less than 10% of our DNA is protein-encoded, that part of the human genome that programs the physical characteristics of individual human bodies. The other 90% must have a function, but it is not understood. Therefore medicine also understands only a small fraction of human biology.

We may conclude that our current knowledge of the universe, and of ourselves, is woefully insufficient. Why is it then, that new ideas are so often ridiculed, even though our understanding is so limited? The famous statement about the progress of an idea perfectly encapsulates this: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

What gets people to accept a new idea that was, a short time ago, strongly opposed? Like the automobile and the computer, the stubborn ones who will only accept the status quo must first die off.

This begs the question: Is science as we know it today at the pinnacle of knowledge? Perhaps ten percent is as good as it gets! The rest may be unknowable. If so, then the current fossil fuel economy is the pinnacle of evolution. Medicine is at its highest point. Communications and travel can’t get any better than they are now.

Most people under the Bell curve will accept the status quo without comment, or could care less. But these people are almost never change agents. They are the followers, not the leaders. It is the old souls and the introspective ones who come up with the new ideas that change society. If you are intuitive at all, you suspect that the current paradigm cannot possibly be the pinnacle of knowledge, or technology, or evolution.

The work of Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project shows us that exotic technologies have already been developed, but are hidden away. See the national security briefing by Greer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-heKCgFjlBA&feature=em-subs_digest

We also know that the Patent Office has issued over 5,000 Patent Secrecy Orders, suppressing new technology under the guise of national security.

It seems that we are not even close to the highest possible level of knowledge.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe Greer or not. In order to develop advanced technology that will save the planet (or, if you believe Greer, get already existing technology released) the mass consciousness must accept new ideas. If we want to advance we must not be satisfied with only ten percent!

Some New Ideas

Let’s say that the human race is always at its highest level of knowledge, corresponding to its current level of consciousness. We know that there are lower and higher levels of consciousness; we see it every day in life! Some people are with it, some are not. If you have ever talked to a macho-man about compassion and harmony, you have experienced this! Macho-man is at his highest level of awareness based on his own personal self-awareness.

In general, we can only know that which is reachable from our level of awareness, because we can’t know what we don’t know. So science is always at its highest level of knowing. The question is, are there levels of knowledge beyond what we don’t know? If there are, the only way to reach them is by raising our collective vibration via a change in consciousness. This opens up new levels of information.

However, the evolution of human consciousness is not guaranteed. The old generation dies off and the new generation comes in, but if there is no one on the planet to spread the light, to raise the collective vibration, the same old shit happens generation after generation. This is what has happened on planet earth for millennia.

That is why the 2012 marker is so important: we made it past all the prophecies that said we should have already destroyed ourselves in a nuclear war. World War III isn’t going to happen, despite the thrashings and flailings of those stuck in the old paradigm. When the new kids come in, they will be coming in to a planet that has evolved, and is evolving (slowly), to higher levels of consciousness. Eventually this generational shift will provide solutions to intractable problems that don’t have a solution at the current level of consciousness.

When new ideas are proposed they are often shot down by orthodox science. Reading Wikipedia is instructive. If you look up frontier science topics like electrogravitics and energy from the quantum vacuum, you will find ridicule backed by science.

Scientific pronouncements still have a big effect on the mass consciousness. However, science assumes that the materialist paradigm is the only paradigm and that the dimension we live in is the only dimension. But if the universe is multidimensional, our level of knowledge is dependent on what dimension we are in. At the third level, the level of materialism, we are trapped in a box. Consciousness – the change agent for advancement – is not even recognized, or if it is, is postulated to be dependent on matter. At this level, human beings are just meat bodies. Poverty, injustice, and conflict is the order of the day. A civilization at the third level is unaware of the higher vibrations, unaware that there ARE higher vibrations and a much higher level of human consciousness. That is why new ideas are ridiculed, and also why new ideas are so important! They postulate concepts beyond the box of 3-D.

The function of the old soul, from lifetime to lifetime, is to keep knowledge of the higher vibrations alive in the consciousness of society. An old soul is one interested in the spiritual and the esoteric. The old soul can think beyond the box of 3-D. If you are reading this, you are probably an old soul! The old soul is approximately one-half of one percent of the population.

For the past 5,000 years the old soul has been fighting the old energy in a sort of retrenching operation. Nothing much changed on the planet until the 2012 marker. Most people would say that nothing changed; that things are even worse now. But they aren’t. They’re better. The light is penetrating the darkness in ways it never has before. That’s why we are seeing so much horrible stuff coming forward. And some funny stuff too.[2]


String theory tells us that there are other dimensions, and that these dimensions are infolded within the fabric of spacetime. This is a scientific statement that we do live in a multidimensional universe. A multidimensional universe is one with a spectrum of vibrational differences. As one travels up the dimensions, new wisdom, and a new physics and a new medicine, make themselves available. The earth is slowly ascending to a higher vibration. This means that the discovery of heretofore unknown information is coming. The discovery of new technology that can literally create a paradise on earth and eliminate scarcity, poverty, and disease is coming (slowly). But only if we continue and expand our spiritual connection with Gaia and with our higher selves. Technological advancement is dependent on spiritual advancement!

The competition for scarce resources creates the evils mankind experiences. But this situation is wholly consciousness-dependent. Scarcity, competition, and conflict is unavoidable within the paradigm of a scarce fossil fuel economy, and fossil fuel science. Disease is inevitable within a paradigm of a materialist medicine.

The seeming inevitability of conflict, struggle, war, and disease has been blamed on “human nature.” But this belief is a distortion. The current paradigm is just a reflection of the current state of human consciousness and thought. In the past, humanity believed that consciousness proceeds from neurons firing in the brain. Within such a vibrational box, a low level of consciousness is inescapable and cannot be changed. Within that box “human nature” must always stay the same.

The idea that human nature is unchangeable is not natural law, but an imposed paradigm of thought. In less conspiratorial terms, it is a strongly held belief, a self-fulfilling prophecy. Before the 2012 marker, the resonant frequency of human civilization did not change even as scientific advancement completely altered the physical nature of human societies. The new children came into a planet that was always at the same level of consciousness. Therefore science and technology cannot be the basis for the true advancement of the human race.

Human Nature Is Not Fixed

Human nature is alterable. Human nature is dependent on human consciousness. Human consciousness is based in thought, and thoughts are changeable. Human consciousness has a physical component, but also a divine component. In order to change human consciousness we must discover that divine component within. In this way we advance the consciousness of humanity and proceed to higher dimensions, where new technology and information is available that will transform our societies. Our advancement as a species is dependent on how well we are able to access our spiritual/divine component.

When it is discovered that energy is abundant, the evils that result from scarcity will disappear. Let’s see what NASA says about this:

In this theory [the quantum theory of matter], "empty space" is actually full of temporary ("virtual") particles that continually form and then disappear. But when physicists tried to calculate how much energy this would give empty space, the answer came out wrong - wrong by a lot. The number came out 10120 times too big. That's a 1 with 120 zeros after it. It's hard to get an answer that bad. So the mystery continues.[3]

Some forward-thinking physicists don’t think this is wrong at all! If indeed there is anything close to 10120 joules of energy in every cubic centimeter of space, that’s enough energy to power the planet until the sun novas. For free! Compare this to the primitive internal combustion engine, coal-fired power plants, and even nuclear energy. It’s a complete paradigm shift. Unfortunately, research dollars in the sciences go almost exclusively into already established channels, thus supporting the status quo.

We will never know if such exciting technology exists unless there is a change in consciousness to a higher vibration. It will never happen at the level of materialism. Even if such technology exists within the “black” programs, as some like Dr. Steven Greer have asserted, it will never be released until human consciousness is ready to accept it. To do that more people with new ideas and higher expectations are necessary.

A “higher vibration” or a “rise in consciousness” just means an increase in tolerance and compassion. A lessening of competition and conflict and an increase in cooperation and harmony will result, which leads to higher creativity and intuition. It seems crazy to say that raising the vibration of mankind will open up a new physics and a new medicine. Sheldon Cooper would at once pronounce this as “hokum.” But it’s only hokum if you believe that ten percent knowledge is as good as it gets.

Drama and Consciousness

Consider that our galaxy has AT LEAST 100 billion stars, and could have as many as 400 billion. If most of those stars have planets, there are several hundred billion planets out there. Some of these planets must have intelligent life. (Nature wouldn’t create such a huge collection randomly, without a purpose. That idea is a materialistic one.) If all planets with life have an equal chance to graduate out of materialism, there are probably a lot of civilizations that don’t make it, and some that do.

The civilizations in the “Star Wars” franchise have galactic technology but not spiritual wisdom. Despite their advanced technology, they have just carried their materialistic nature out into space. They compete and fight with each other on an interstellar scale. BORING! In science fiction this scenario is called “space opera.” Space opera is drama. All conflict is drama, and indicates immaturity. Adolescents (and emotionally adolescent adults) thrive on drama. If you have ever had teenage children you know what I mean.

Drama has been occurring for millennia on this planet. Look at the Middle East. The Shia and Sunni conflict. The Serbs vs the Croats, the Hutu vs. the Tutsi, Darfur, The Hatfields vs. the McCoys, etc. etc. etc. Drama comes from the inability to forgive and to get over yourself. It’s a symbol of a consciousness based in materialism.

The spiritual component of the human being is what will create a new civilization. New technology is an offshoot of the rise in human consciousness, driven by the spiritual component. Discovery of the divine within, on a planetary basis, will lead to a “golden age” society where disease, poverty, injustice, and conflict are things of the past. We advance dimensionally (vibrationally) past the drama of “Star Wars.”

The demarcation line between a true civilization and a barbarism is cooperation and compassion. Jabba the Hut had interstellar technology, but he was still a degraded being of low consciousness.

The significant datum is consciousness. Where are we on the scale of cooperation and harmony? Where are we on the scale of compassion? These are divine qualities and will lead to a divine society as well as an inevitable advance in technology.

The problem for old souls and other spiritually oriented people is that we are a tiny fraction of the population. Very tiny. I don’t know the reason for this, but if you have woken up, it’s your job to keep your light shining! Your work has made the difference, lifetime after lifetime. And it will continue to make the difference.

[1] See “Dark matter, dark energy” at https://science.nasa.gov/astrophysics/focus-areas/what-is-dark-energy

[2] Here’s a video I found about CNN’s coverage of the Gulf War. This video could itself be fake, but it looks real. Look at the reporter’s hair. It’s not moving, even though the palm tree in the background is blowing in the wind. Notice the blue screen in the background. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LK9a8AT2b8&feature=youtu.be

[3] Ibid.

In the Beginning

The Bible tells us that at the beginning of the world, Adam and Eve were given fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and that was the beginning of human civilization. Of course this is just a metaphor, but there is an element of truth to it. The Bible story tells us several things. First, Adam and Eve are portrayed as homo sapiens, looking just like modern humans. That is unusual because at the beginning of the world there were several species of humans – Cro-Magnon,  Neanderthal, Home erectus, Homo habilus, etc.[1] Every other species on this planet has more than one variety, but there is only one type of human. Something happened (in a non-evolutionary fashion) to the human race to eliminate all of the other competing human species.

David Brin, the science fiction writer, has an excellent series of books he calls the “uplift series.” These books are brilliant, and describe a universe where evolving species on young planets (like earth) are given genetic enhancements by older, established species. This enables younger, promising races to evolve in consciousness, with the hope that they will eventually make it into galactic society. Moreover, creation stories from various cultures all describe “gods” coming to earth and giving humans a “divine spark.” Something like this must have happened on earth: one species of human (maybe the most promising one) was “uplifted” via genetic enhancement and had such an advantage over the others that it became dominant.

It is not understood how modern humans evolved from the apes. Geneticists now think that "the ancestor of great apes, including humans, underwent a dramatic genetic change. Small pieces of DNA replicated and spread across their resident chromosomes like dandelions across a lawn."[2] These duplication blocks of DNA, called core duplicons, are thought to be the basis for new genes and are thought to be a missing link in  human evolution. How and why these duplication blocks of DNA spread throughout the human genome is a complete mystery.

The idea that the human race could have been genetically manipulated violates the sacred academic assumption that the earth is alone in the universe and that we have evolved completely free from non-terrestrial influences. All right, then explain to us how this happened!

We live in a galaxy teeming with intelligent life and it would be absurd in my opinion to assume that this planet has not been visited by civilizations in our galactic neighborhood.

Over 90% of our DNA is unclassifiable. It is not protein-based but scientists cannot discover what it's doing in the human genome. According to Scientific American, "In 2000, when scientists of the Human Genome Project presented the first rough draft of the sequence of bases, or code letters, in human DNA, the initial results appeared to confirm that the vast majority of the sequence—perhaps 97 percent of its 3.2 billion bases—had no apparent function."[3] Now biologists are revising their idea of junk DNA by finding "previously hidden switches, signals and sign posts embedded like runes throughout the entire length of human DNA."[4]

How did these genetic signposts get into the human genome? Yeah, probably just by accident. It just happened randomly. Maybe. And maybe it’s time to expand our view of the universe and humanity's place in it.

The Duality

The Bible implies that when Adam and Eve tasted the forbidden fruit it opened up a can of worms: we were given the duality, the knowledge of good and evil. Most of these Bible stories are just metaphorical, as are the creation myths of the earth's cultures and civilizations. But they would not have survived over the millennia if there were not a kernel of truth in them. All right, let's assume the "Garden of Eden" story has some truth to it. What is that truth? What is the purpose of the duality?

The duality has two aspects: free choice and evolution. The duality inherently creates free choice because there are always at least two options for every action: You can either go to the light or the dark. Obviously all choices are nuanced, so there might be dozens of choices for every situation.

(1) The idea that free choice comes from the duality is something I never really granted any credence to, mainly because it seems stupid to have the option of choosing misery, injustice, cruelty, and all of the other evils that afflict mankind. But a 50-50 balance (the starting point) in consciousness  between light and dark means there is an inherent choice offered in every life situation. There is an equal chance to choose one or the other, or gradations between them. So choice is built-in to the duality. The Bible seems to imply that the duality was a gift from God and that free will or free choice is a God-like attribute. There must be some benefit to having the choice to choose light or dark. That brings us to the second purpose of the duality: evolution.

(2) The choice between good and evil provides a tension; an energy. Without the darkness there would be no impetus for improvement. The duality provides contrast  that allows  for learning. When you take the wrong road you get smacked in the face. Karma becomes activated; through many incarnations a species gradually gains in wisdom and understanding.  The duality provides lessons that, if learned, allow a civilization to transcend it and become spiritually aware.

Some argue that the Bible story of Adam and Eve provided a paradise for mankind; that we were already spiritually aware and that we descended into darkness BECAUSE of the duality. But here, mankind is in a state of innocence; completely inexperienced and without wisdom. In third density, this state of perfection isn't going to last very long! And so the duality is a way of evolving consciousness in learning and wisdom. It becomes a force for advancement and evolution to a divine state.

Regardless whether the human race started off as an uplifted species from the apes, or descended in consciousness from a state of innocent perfection, it is clear that humanity had to start over after the last Ice Age 18,000 years ago. Let's broaden our perspective and look at the evolution of planets from a galactic perspective. The universe is 13.5 billion years old. The planet earth is around 4 billion years old. Humanity appeared on the scene as homo sapiens a few hundred thousand years ago, which means there are probably a lot of much, much older graduate races out there. A young race like humanity is just beginning its journey (again?) and is not advanced in consciousness. The planet earth is sitting firmly in third density, which means it is mired in ignorance and materialism. Humans are clueless cavemen looking out at the lights in the sky; thinking that the earth is the center of the universe. Humanity has very little wisdom or spiritual understanding. If you are a graduate civilization how do you uplift  a species like that? You give it the "gift" of duality. You allow the species the opportunity to lift itself out of third density through its own conscious choices.

The Starting Point: The Divine

Ultimately everything in the physical universe is a creation of a universal intelligence. All incarnated beings on all planets and galaxies are aspects of the Creative Source. So the baseline, the origin, the starting point, of anything physical is consciousness. Although human consciousness has an obvious physical dependency, incarnated human consciousness returns to its higher state of physical independence after the death of the body.

For some reason the physical universe was created and aspects of the divinity incarnate into it. The object of the game is, apparently, to evolve physical structure  and physical consciousness to the starting point of the Divine. The very beginning of that process, the very first step, is experiencing the duality, and evolving out of it to higher states of awareness.

How many planets in our galaxy have intelligent life? Who knows, but I’d image there are millions. Do all planets with intelligent life achieve spiritual awareness? I’d imagine not. Here in third density, the duality doesn’t stop at the earth’s atmosphere. Some make it, some don’t. What would a planetary civilization that didn’t make it look like? It would probably have a strong resemblance to earth, with a lot of misery and conflict. Such a civilization wouldn’t have evolved to the point where beings recognized that they have a spark of the divine within them. They’d go on mindlessly fighting each other, and if they got out to space they’d probably be pretty aggressive and warlike. We’d get the Star Wars sce­­­nario.

Then there would be the civilizations that made it. These civilizations would “graduate” out of the stupidity of materialism and third density, and set themselves upon the path back to their divine origins. They would have transcended the duality, the basic tool of spiritual evolution. When that happens, graduate civilizations discover a multidimensional universe and multidimensional physics, which allows them to travel within their own universe and between other universes and dimensions.

And, perhaps, graduate civilizations would “seed” promising young planets (like earth) with the divine spark, and give them the opportunity to evolve out of materialism. That seed would include the duality and free choice. It couldn’t be any other way, really. A planet has to decide for itself whether to go to the light or not. To evolve out of materialism requires self-awareness, and you don’t get that by others doing it for you. The motherships aren't going to land on the White House lawn until AFTER we eliminate conflict and war and there is peace on earth. Transcending the duality (choosing the path toward the light) is the first and most important step. Duality creates contrast and allows free choice. It provides beings with experience, through karma and past lives, and a planetary civilization with the opportunity to advance. Therefore the duality is a gift, but disguised as a curse.

The duality is the spiritual testing ground that determines whether a planet makes the jump to higher awareness where all the good stuff is. If you don't make that jump then – even if you become technologically advanced – your civilization stays mired in conflict even on the interstellar level, a la Star Wars. And if you don't advance technologically your economy stays at the primitive fossil-fuel level, your civilization suffers resource depletion, and you basically die out, like a plant that doesn't get enough water.

This is where the planet earth is now. Are we headed for a Borg-like fascist planetary society with control at the top, and advanced technology devoid of any spiritual component? That is the path to eventual death as a species. Technological advancement without spiritual understanding leads to a sterile, soulless society that cannot advance past the third density.

The solution is to advance spiritually, but all uplifted civilizations don’t make it. Planet earth has the chance to do so. We avoided WW III and extinction events. We got our plane off the ground. Now it’s up to us to fly to a good place; a place where we can fulfill our potential and join a community of graduate civilizations at the multidimensional level.

We are sowing the seeds now, right after 2012, for the next several thousand years. Trans-humanism and dependence on technology as some kind of savior are dead-end paths. We must understand and develop our own consciousness and discover the divine within. If we do that an entirely new level of technology will be discovered; a multidimensional technology that works in cooperation with consciousness. A multidimensional physics will be discovered, disease will be a thing of the past, our cellular structure will be able to heal itself quickly and even grow new limbs.

Transcending the Duality

How do we transcend the duality? Here's a situation that comes up a lot on earth: a criminal goes on a rampage; killing people, destroying property, stealing. When the criminal is caught  the question becomes: What do we do with this dangerous lunatic? The standard solution is punishment and at the extreme, execution. But punishment and/or execution just places us back in the duality; it continues the karma created by the criminal and also attaches it to the punishers and to those who acquiesced in the punishment. Both sides of the situation are enveloped within the duality. The solution? forgiveness. Does this mean we let the psychopath back out on the streets? Nope. But a sane society makes it clear that a human being is valued and important, and acts on this principle. Criminals and psychopaths are created from karma (abuse from parents to children), which continues to the next incarnation, and the next, and the next, until forgiveness and tolerance finally breaks it. You don't have to love the unlovable to break karma. But you do have to have tolerance.

How is it possible to even show tolerance toward a murderer or a child molester? Isn't that itself an act of insanity? Here is where the master shrugs and says, "What kind of future do you want for yourselves and your children? There is only one path out of the duality. That path is love and tolerance." The master says, "Why do you think you have a divine spark inside you? It's your ticket out of misery and karma and short lifespans and disease and injustice. Either use it or lose it."

And that's the truth ladies and germs. It's hard, it's really hard. Because when a civilization is mired in the duality it makes sense vibrationally to have solutions that resonate to the duality. So, "an eye for an eye" makes sense. Punishment makes sense. "Why should we let criminals ruin our societies? We have to make the penalties for crime so harsh that no one will want to misbehave." Again the master shrugs. "I told you 2,000 years ago to turn the other cheek. I got killed for daring to mention the path out of the duality. I'm telling you, there's only one way out. There are thousands of justifications for not showing tolerance and love even when it makes sense to not do so. It's your choice."

That's the reality. As Red says in the Shawshank Redemption, "Get busy living or get busy dying." The duality represents death and karma. The way to "get busy living" is, at a minimum, to show tolerance even when the person you are dealing with is an asshole. Because love and tolerance sets up a vibration within you of love and tolerance, and then you don't meet up with any more assholes. And you break the cycle of karma.

There are probably thousands of civilizations on thousands of planets who didn't have the courage to find God inside. Those civilizations didn't make it. They are doomed to a continuation of their karma until, eventually, their civilization collapses and they have to begin again, or they just die out. We've seen it on earth over and over again with the rise and fall of empires. Now, we are approaching planetary consciousness. If that planetary consciousness is still mired in duality, we become just another civilization that didn't make it. We go out into space and fight wars and get into disputes and compete and never realize a fraction of our potential. Instead of transcending the duality and graduating to a higher level of consciousness we become like the Brooklyn Swami: "I told you guys to center yourselves, but you was too stupid to understand what I was talkin' about."


The duality inherently leads to free will and to a state of potential evolution to a higher state of consciousness. "Uplifted" races such as humanity have a seed, or a divine spark, of divinity inside, that enables them to transcend the duality, to choose love and tolerance over hatred and intolerance. It's a test, basically. A test of energy. There are thousands of perfectly legitimate justifications for remaining mired within the bubble of duality. In fact, that's the setup. The test is to see if we can go beyond the Brooklyn Swami and attain mastery. It's up to each and every one of us.

[1] For a list of the species of humans, go to http://humanorigins.si.edu/evidence/human-fossils/species

[2] Singer, Emily. (2014, 6 January). "A missing genetic link in human evolution. Mysterious episodes of genetic duplication in our great ape ancestors may have paved the way for human evolution." Quanta. Reprinted in Scientific American, https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/a-missing-genetic-link-in-human-evolution/

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For the past 5,000 years the human race has been operating on the principle of karma. Karma is an energy that pushes you into situations in order to resolve issues that crop up from lifetime to lifetime. On a planet where people routinely lived only 50 years or less (80 years within the last century) there is never enough time to learn anything or gain wisdom. Just when you begin to get enough experience and you are starting to figure things out, it’s time to take a dirt nap. The spiritual system that has evolved, then, is to resolve issues in previous lifetimes during the next lifetime. When a human being incarnates the next time around, he or she picks up the energy (karma) from all previous lifetimes. There is a proclivity, or a set-up (karma) that pushes you willy-nilly to meet people and to become involved in situations that give you the opportunity to resolve the karma from previous lives. Before the Shift the veil was so thick, and lifetimes have been so short, that karma was really the only system that gave any chance to bring light into the darkness of a civilization that descended from cavemen.

I gave an example of this in a previous blog post, about a guy who gets robbed by two footpads, so I won’t repeat it. All of the issues of karma come into play in this example, which is typical of situations people find themselves in, lifetime after lifetime. Almost always they don’t involve robbery, but they do involve issues that everyone faces: problems with the boss or a co-worker, problems with mother-in-law, sister, or brother, difficulties with women or men in relationships, problems with money; the list is practically endless.

Karma is a Spiritual System

Karma is a spiritual system because it gives all involved an opportunity to resolve these issues. Very often these issues are not resolved because spiritual awareness is so low, and more karma builds up (see the example of the robber). However, every so often a miracle occurs and someone will become self-aware and bring light into the situation. When this happens, the karma resolves for all beings involved, and can even resolve karma connected with the issue for  previous lifetimes. Thus progress is made, even if it is slow and painful. However, sometimes karma builds up to such a degree that an entire civilization is destroyed (such as in Atlantis) and the process has to start all over again. On a smaller scale, nations or empires rise and fall because of karmic buildup. When a nation collapses it has simply built up too much unresolved karma and the culture implodes.

The point is that karma is a spiritual system for advancement. It is often thought of as a curse for humanity. When something bad happens people sometimes say, “My karma brought me this.” Well yeah, but on a planet with such a low consciousness, how are you going to advance the species? On a planet where people think that fighting and violence is the only way to resolve issues, where a desire for power or influence is regarded as the highest attainment, and where most people believe themselves to be meat bodies, karma is the best spiritual system possible, particularly when free will is in operation. Karma is a spiritual system that can bootstrap a civilization up the ladder to greater awareness by offering the possibility to make enlightened decisions. On a planet with over 7 billion people, it happens billions of times every day. Therefore karma is not a negative, it’s a positive.

The importance of the Shift is that our civilization actually resolved enough karma over the past 5,000 years that we were able to make it past the threshold point of destruction. This only happened very recently, around 2012 during the completion of the 26,000-year precession of the equinoxes (which is what the Mayan Long Count calendar was all about).

The more people on the planet, the greater the opportunity for more positive life decisions to be made. Because light penetrates darkness it is more powerful. Therefore a relative handful of persons compared to the rest of the population have made (and are making) a huge impact on the planet’s spiritual balance.

Now we are headed off into unknown waters, but those dangers do not include a destruction of civilization. The balance of light and dark has shifted now in favor of the light. This doesn’t mean we are home free at all, but it does mean we have a much stronger potential to create peace on earth and to begin the process of actually building a planetary civilization that cooperates and recognizes its higher potential.

Old and New Souls

The Akash – the record of all thoughts, intent, and actions from all lifetimes – is, however, filled with the karma built up over the millennia. Fortunately, the population buildup has resulted in 5 billion or so “new” souls who only have a few lifetimes here. Therefore the karmic accumulation in the vast majority of souls is low, and can be changed rather quickly in comparison to “old” souls, who have hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes on the planet. And so, old soul, the clearing of your karma is the most important thing you can do, for the greatest source of the old energy is us! Old souls not only have more light to shine out into the world, but also more karma to clear.

It is almost certain that if you are reading this you are an old soul, for old souls are interested in esoteric and spiritual subjects. That’s because we’ve been here so many times we have a lot invested in how it turns out. In the higher vibration after the Shift, the Akash speaks to us: old feelings, thoughts, and intentions boil to the surface and we don’t know where they come from. It’s just old karma coming up to be cleared, like when you open that old closet door and junk comes spilling out into the hallway. You can either trip over that old stuff every time you want to go somewhere, or you clear it out of the way.

There is good news, however. The shift in the balance of consciousness has made it possible for individuals, and even cultures and nations, to completely eliminate karma as a method of spiritual advancement. This means that even after millennia of war, by using pure intent, we can clean up the Akash in our personal lives. If enough of us do this it will have a profound effect on the planet, for Gaia’s consciousness is tied to human consciousness. The Bible tells us that man was given dominion over the earth, which just means that the planet and the life upon it was set up to advance the human race and provide a system that would advance consciousness here. I’d imagine that this setup is common to many planets out there in the galaxy.

The key is raising awareness on a collective basis to the tipping point, where people recognize the stupidity of war and fighting. When the collective Akash of humanity is cleaned up enough it will change belief systems. Right now the vibration of the planet is still mired in conflict and war, but that is changing. Waiting for us in the planetary grids are laws of physics and medicine that will allow us to tap clean energy safely from the quantum vacuum, and medical breakthroughs that will completely eliminate disease. These templates of knowledge, however, can’t be accessed until the collective vibration reaches a certain threshold.

The keys to this new knowledge are vibrational ones. The “door” behind which these new discoveries wait is a vibrational door, because we live in a vibrational universe. ALL progress is dependent on advancing spiritual awareness of who we are. As long as humanity is mired in a paradigm of scarcity and unworthiness, and believes in the stupidity and denseness of materialism, we will struggle at a low level of knowledge, but as soon as we raise our vibration enough these discoveries will open to us. In other words, getting past a primitive, polluting, and inefficient fossil fuel economy is directly dependent on raising consciousness.

The spiritual system of karma was the best possible one during the old paradigm, but is outdated after the Shift. A person’s karma can now be fully resolved in this lifetime. How can this happen? First, by realizing that it’s possible. Second, by the use of affirmations and pure intention. Free will allows us to make these choices, but we will make them only if we begin to understand the power of consciousness and co-creation. This stuff used to be esoteric and almost nonsensical to many before the Shift; it was a pipedream in a world of low consciousness dominated by the foolishness of materialism. But we made it out and now it’s possible.

The Cycle of Birth and Death

What is an “old soul?” I have always thought of karma, and the Cycle of birth and death, as a very linear, straight-forward, one-way street. The explanation I’ve always heard is that you live a lifetime, time passes, you go back home, you try again the next time during the next incarnation. I’ve always thought of past lives like a string of Christmas lights wired in series; first you live lifetime A at time A, then you live lifetime B at time B, and over a long, long time you have a very experienced being that has had a ton of experiences. You could have 1,000 lifetimes on earth in this way, gaining experience, knowledge, and wisdom in each separate lifetime.

But this way of looking at spiritual evolution now seems a bit myopic to me. It is completely linear and time-based, which is the way we experience time on earth. However, the all-that-is isn’t linear; it’s dynamic, quantum mechanical, and inter-dimensional. Out of the physical universe there is no time, because Spirit sees everything at once. What is really happening, I believe, is that when you terminate your physical expression you go back to the One and reunite with all of the “pieces,” or aspects, of yourself (selves). You are actually living every lifetime all at once from the POV of your non-physical, Higher, self. In other words, when you come back from this lifetime you meet up with all of your Expressions that have been living lives on the earth timeline at the same time. One piece of you goes into lifetime A, the other into lifetime B, and so on. Because this is all happening at the same “time” from the non-physical POV, every single lifetime immediately affects every other one. “Past” “present” and “future” are irrelevant concepts. If you, in lifetime 233, have a breakthrough, that will affect all of your other lifetimes concurrently. If you have a breakthrough in lifetime 878 (the present lifetime, say), it affects all of your other “past” and “future” lives simultaneously, quantumly.

So an “old soul” isn’t a being who has lived many previous lifetimes one after the other on some linear timeline, it’s a being who IS living multiple lifetimes all at once. An old soul is “bigger,” meaning the old soul is capable of splitting off more and more of himself/herself to incarnate into the physical universe. As the planet evolves spiritually, more and more beings gain more and more experience and power. More and more are able to live multiple lifetimes at the same “time.” So when you have your life review, all the “pieces” of you come back together and you see how in lifetime 345 you did something really good, but how you messed up big-time in lifetime 27. When you go again, all 878 “pieces” of you go back onto the timeline simultaneously to try again. The system, in this way, is basically a “re-do” or a reboot of the entire timeline of your presence here on the planet.

The potentials for each lifetime are known because of the Akash, which is an experiential record of every soul that has/will ever come here. These experiences can be analyzed and “set-ups” can be constructed to maximize the spiritual potential of all souls who incarnate on the planet. Before the Shift this had to be done with Karma: there was so little awareness that for the common good you had to be “shoved” into situations in order to resolve them. But now, with awareness rising, it’s possible to vacate that karma and set up an entirely different paradigm, or configuration space, for the evolution of the planet and humanity. This is something really, really new and we gotta get used to the idea that life is dynamic and quantum mechanical, not linear. For old souls this is going to be a lot harder than for the young “kids.” (The age of your physical body has nothing to do with it.)

Right now there are a lot of “young souls” who aren’t experienced enough to split off too many times, so you have a lot of beings here for the first or second or third time. Newbies. That’s how the population rose from 2 billion in 1926 to over 7 billion in 2011. Lots of beings, apparently, wanted to come here during the denouement of this 26,000-year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes, but they don’t have a lot of experience on earth. So we got a huge population explosion, and a lot of people who aren’t quite with it yet. The advantage of this is that most of the planet has very little karma build-up.

You don’t get 5 billion more people by accident. Something this monumental isn’t a “coincidence.” The planet earth right now is apparently a pretty big deal.

This explains why the present lifetime after the Shift is so important. Because all souls on this planet are living their past lives concurrently, they are all inter-connected. The Shift has allowed us, in the present life, to make huge spiritual gains and affect all of our other lifetimes, both past and future ones.

In effect, every soul who isn’t a total Newbie (first-timer) is a collective, or group, consciousness. Old soul, there are more than one of “you” living concurrent lifetimes.

Joe Schmoe Has a Conversation with His Higher Self

Joe Schmoe comes back Home from lifetime 878 (the present for us) after doing nothing important his entire life. The few friends he had thought Joe was pretty much a nonentity, and Joe thought that about himself as well. In this lifetime Joe was taking a vacation. He didn’t give a crap about the Harmonic Convergence, or Y2K, or spiritual advancement, or metaphysics. Ten years before he “died,” one of his friends dragged Joe into a spiritual conference where somebody was channeling. Joe thought the whole thing was hilarious; all he saw was a self-promoting charlatan sitting in a chair, pretending to be a psychic. He could hardly prevent himself from laughing out loud, especially at all the dupes in the audience. After it was all over his friend said, “Wow, wasn’t that great?” and Joe said, “That was the biggest bunch of bullshit I’ve ever seen.” Anyway, ten years later, Joe takes a dirt nap. Just after he breathes his last breath he sees a whole bunch of people he is intimately familiar with but almost all of whom he has never seen before in his life. These people are all congratulating him on his life. Joe’s first thought is, “What the f---? I’m supposed to be dead!”

The conversation goes something like this:

“Who are all of you people?”

Joe recognizes the guy who was channeling at the meeting ten years ago. “It’s OK you thought it was stupid. You were taking some time off.”


“Hi Joe!” Joe sees a beautiful woman who strangely reminds him of his grandma Jessie.

“Are you... no, it can’t be! You’re supposed to be old!”

“Grandma” Jessie laughs. “Oh no, Joe, angels don’t get old.”

Joe is confused but his whole being is infused with a sense of love, joy, and well-being. When Joe was perplexed on earth he automatically reached for a beer, but he realizes for the first time that he doesn’t have a body anymore. Joe isn’t used to feeling this good. He’s used to thinking of himself as a zero. “Where am I?” he asks.

“You’re home, Joe.”

Joe looks around and feels a fantastic feeling of connection with everyone there. He can’t believe it. Joe didn’t have many friends when he was on earth, but there are so many people here patting him on the back he feels like a hero.

After he gets acclimated, Joe gradually gets to know everyone. Suddenly he understands that a lot of those present are HIM.

“So that’s what you meant about the Higher Self,” Joe says to that part of him that was the channeler.

“Yup, that’s it.”

“I don’t understand the purpose for my life,” Joe says, realizing how dense Joe Schmoe used to be.

“Oh, don’t worry Joe. You were there at that meeting so that another person in the audience felt comfortable, because she was just as skeptical as you. After you talked with her and joked around, she had an epiphany at that meeting.”

The Great Experiment

Joe gradually understands that all of the “pieces” of him are engaged in a gigantic planetary experiment, a test of free will the results of which have a profound effect on everything in the universe. As he gets to know all of his aspects Joe feels a sense of power and wisdom. As he integrates back with himself Joe feels like God, and understands how important he is to the rest of the universe. He understands that he is an old soul, original to the planet, and that by splitting himself off into so many pieces he is able to carry his light all down the timeline of the human race. Joe understands that there is a purpose for everything, that the universe is intelligent, and that nothing happens by accident.

Joe feels great love for himself and for all life everywhere. He is greatly admired for the work he has already done and at this point his feeling of self-respect is unlimited.

Joe sees that he is one soul of billions that are associated with the planet earth and that every incarnated being is part of a gigantic human family. He sees that earth is just one of quintillions of planets in the universe with intelligent life, and that each planet has its own family of souls, and that they are all engaged in a monumental universal experiment. Joe is so happy he would probably have crapped his pants if he were still human.

After a while he meets with a being who is responsible for meeting and greeting souls who “die” and sending off souls who are ready to be born again. Even though Joe is reveling in a feeling of power and joy, he begins to get excited about “going back in” for another try. All 878 of his physical Expressions (for Joe is fully re-integrated with himself now) are chomping at the bit, ready to see if they can raise the vibration of earth a little more and enhance the evolution of all life in the universe. Joe sees how magnificent the Creation is, and the memories of his troubles and sorrows on earth have been long forgotten. He understands how trivial they are, even though they seemed monumentally important when he was just Joe Schmoe.

Joe finally understands that what he used to think was an insignificant, rubbishing little life actually had immense importance because he made thousands of important decisions that had the potential to change the balance of light and dark on the planet.

Joe understands that misery and sorrow are all self-fulfilling prophecies, and that after the Shift on earth, when he comes back in again, he will remember a lot more about the between-lives area the next time around. He will be able to have a greater influence all along the timeline and enhance his own life and the lives of everyone on the planet. Joe looks forward to peace on earth and being part of the blossoming of the human race, which now has a chance to finally realize its true potential.

Joe begins the process of “splitting” again, and says goodbye to all of his aspects before incarnating in another human body.

But this time around it’s going to be a lot easier.

Over the next few years and decades, organizations, systems, and people who do not demonstrate integrity will have a harder and harder time of it. Even materialists understand that something is changing on the planet. There is a new energy here. That which in the old paradigm was the province of metaphysics is slowly becoming more manifest, and is becoming more and more a part of daily life.

That doesn’t mean that earth will turn into a planet of metaphysicians who all love new-age stuff. Even in the new paradigm there is going to be contention, because along with a more harmonious background energy will also come enhanced creativity. Creative people can be very insistent on their point of view! There are going to be more new ideas and new approaches, and that will lead to clashes: Whose way is right?

Fortunately, there will also be greater harmony. There will be more willingness to at least consider the other person’s point of view. We all know what happens in the old energy: Opposing viewpoints are fought for, people get emotional, people get insulted, there is a lot more acrimony than there should be: Because “everybody knows” there is only one right way to do anything! But in the new paradigm there will be a general acknowledgment that “more ideas are better.” There will be less insistence on “my way or the highway,” because this viewpoint is non-inclusive. Like it or not, more harmony leads to greater inclusiveness and acceptance, which can be summarized under the general heading of tolerance.

Paradoxically, more harmony means more creativity and more ideas, which leads to MORE diverging viewpoints. But more harmony also means a greater tolerance for different ideas. That’s the way it’s going to be in a couple of decades, and it’s going to be so generally accepted that conflict and “I’m right” will seem childish. There will be a Renaissance on earth. It may not always be peaceful but it will sure be exciting. The possibility for conflict and war will lessen as the years go by, even as more ideas circulate, because the old guys will die off and the new children will come in. It’s exactly what Max Planck meant when he said that old scientific theories only become accepted when their proponents leave the planet. Apparently the transition from the old paradigm to the new paradigm of thought must happen slowly.

Big Pharma

The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. The academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think it’s disgraceful.  — Arnold Seymour Relman (1923–2014), Harvard professor of medicine and former Editor-in-Chief of The New England Medical Journal [1]

Dr. Peter Gotzsche, who co-founded the Cochrane Collaboration (the world’s foremost body in assessing medical evidence), found in a separate analysis that 100,000 people in the United States die each year from the side effects of correctly used prescription drugs, noting that “it’s remarkable that nobody raises an eyebrow when we kill so many of our own citizens with drugs.” 1

Big Pharma is one of the first outfits that will experience problems doing things the old way. That portion of the pharmaceutical industry which makes products only to make money – even when there are serious side effects that harm people – will experience an implosion.

I have noticed on TV and in magazines an almost desperate effort by pharmaceutical companies to hawk their drugs. An advertisement for a quit-smoking drug had, as one of its side-effects (and I quote), “suicidal thoughts and actions.”

Think about that for a moment. If you or I promoted a product that could cause people to kill themselves, we would – rightly – be put in jail. Because such a person would clearly be a danger to society. How do pharmaceutical companies get away with this? Because that’s how the system works here in the US. Even on sports websites now, I’ve seen the lead ad be one for drugs.

Some of the pharma ads on TV are scary. I saw one ad where people are looking (rather crazily) up into the sky at skyscrapers, where the drug ad is positioned. The ad starts with, “if you have (blah blah condition), consider taking (drug).” The look on their faces is blank, as if the people in the commercial are hypnotized. It is totally discomfiting to a rational viewer. Then the list of side effects is shown, and that’s pretty scary too!

According to prescriptiondrugsProCon.org, the United States and New Zealand are the only two countries in the world that allow DTC (direct-to-consumer) advertising on TV for prescription drugs. Canada allows more limited advertising that are called “reminder” ads. The television airwaves (which are supposed to be public property) are being used by drug pushers here in the US.

(I just want to say I am not banging on all prescription drugs, only those advertised that cause serious side-effects. When I had a kidney stone last year, I thanked God for my Percocet!)

The point is that certain sections of Big Pharma clearly lack integrity. We’ve all heard of the problems with various prescription drugs. Amazingly, properly prescribed and used prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death in the United States, after cancer and heart disease. This is per Dr. Peter Gotzsche, Professor of Design and Research Analysis, University of Copenhagen. This appalling statistic is an example of how humanity has let itself become engulfed by a false medical paradigm. This is not an attack on doctors – who are great people often overwhelmed by this paradigm, and who are doing the best they can within it – but on the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical drugs can do wonderful things but sometimes they kill. To knowingly advertise a drug with serious side-effects (like suicide) is unsupportable in a sane society. Those who participate in systems that lack integrity will, as the years go by, become an endangered species.

What happens in organizations will also occur for individuals.

We often say in the metaphysical community that “consciousness is rising,” but what does that mean? It means more tolerance, more compassion, and more harmony. Institutions and individuals that already manifest integrity will continue without extraordinary difficulty, but those who do not – or which are based on a “dog eat dog” consciousness – will experience greater and greater difficulty. The “dog eat dog” people will complain (and are already complaining) that the world is getting “soft.” Well, they are right! The “macho” consciousness is going to have a difficult time of it because fighting and conflict – however it manifests – is vibrationally incompatible with greater harmony and tolerance.

In the political arena, institutions such as the US Congress, which spends 99% of its time in childish contention and blame, will either have to adapt or it is going to collapse internally. Interestingly, the Congressional job approval rating, according to RealClearPolitics.com, has risen to 20.8% (in the period 3/1 – 3/21) from around 14% before the election. This is still a horrible percentage however! Either Congress will manifest greater cooperation and tolerance or it will go by the wayside. That’s true of any political body. People are very tired of contention and they want solutions! Solutions can only occur when people actually listen to each other and work for the greater good. These are characteristics of greater tolerance and greater harmony. Look for it! In a group, the integrity of an organization is proportional to the level of cooperation it exhibits internally and with other groups.

100% Responsibility

Part of being a being of integrity is accepting responsibility for your actions. Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, a practitioner of the Hawaiian healing method of Ho’oponopono, says that taking 100% responsibility for anything you do is the only way to become free. That’s because, if something is unwanted in your life, you share the same “program” with anything or anyone that is causing your problem. A program is a way of looking at things. For example, in the sentence above, “But more harmony also means a greater tolerance for different ideas,” I originally wrote, “But more harmony also means a greater tolerance for competing ideas.” The latter statement came from an internal program of mine that says, “There is only one right idea on any subject, so all ideas must compete with each other and fight it out.” I’m beginning to understand that the manifestations in my life come from my “programs,” which is just another way of saying, my “belief systems.” I like the word program better because a program is an instruction set that dictates action.

According to Dr. Len, one way of dissolving unwanted programs and feelings is to take 100% responsibility for them.

In this vein, my friend Khurshid in Germany has written a profound statement: “To feel elated when in favorable circumstances is child's play, but creating that feeling in adverse circumstances is a heroic deed.” When you get fired from a job (which just happened to me) it is difficult to feel good about yourself. However, when I realized that the other person had nothing to do with my problem – that I was creating a program that caused the client’s reaction – I was able to very quickly step out of it. The program I was running (and which was responsible for the problem) immediately made me feel hugely upset, then feel angry indignation. My first reaction was to make myself right and blame my situation on the other person. But when I kicked in the  program of “take 100% responsibility,” I determined that the situation was an opportunity to open up my heart. It was a blessing, not a curse! It was an important life lesson. As soon as I realized that, I felt a wave of relief flood into me. I can honestly say now that I have no diminution of affinity for the client, and that’s because my situation had nothing to do with the client! As Chris Rock used to say on an old Saturday Night Live sketch, “It’s all about ME,” not about the other guy.

When you start living life in 100% responsibility you eventually reach a feeling of personal power. You understand that nothing happens to you unless you had a hand in causing it. At first (at least for me) there is petulance and indignation (“Look what that idiot did to me!”) but with practice the Responsibility Program kicks in. The important thing about this program is that it prevents your affinity for people, and for life, from diminishing. Taking 100% responsibility seems like a burden, but when you apply it to yourself honestly it can be very freeing.

So how can you tell if you have a “program?” If there is a situation in life that keeps coming up. Relationship issues, work issues, whatever the area of life, programs dictate states of being, and actions, that get you in trouble. The 100% responsibility program is a way to cut to the chase; it’s a relief program that allows you to look inside and recognize what it is inside you that keeps causing the problem. The Infinite is inside of every individual; we are all pieces or aspects of God, Spirit, the Creative Source.  Therefore, by looking inside we can contact any person or thing known to us on the planet.

Ho’oponopono works by clearing your negative feelings. It has nothing to do with the other guy. If you aren’t clear within yourself in an area of life you can’t be happy with yourself in that area. This has been brought home to me in crystal clear clarity – my negative emotions, which are self-generated (they don’t come from others, or from evil interdimensional beings) prevent me from seeing others, and situations, clearly. The Responsibility Program tells me to get to work on myself and clear the negative feelings. It’s hard work. Just when I think I’ve gotten things cleared up something else comes up! Well, too bad. All that means is that I still have more work to do. The great part is that my work doesn’t involve the participation of others. It’s something I can do within myself, so it’s something I can take 100% responsibility for. I don’t have to get permission from anyone except myself! Ho’oponopono is freeing and it’s clearing and the more you do it the better you feel.

If you are interested in this program of self-clearing and responsibility, check out these interviews with Dr. Len on YouTube:

16 minute Inner child meditation with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len:


You can find lots more interviews with this wonderful being on You Tube.

The Akash and the Old Soul

Why do negative emotions continue to come up? Perhaps you are a person who experiences happiness all the time or almost all the time. If so, congratulations, you can skip this section. But I’m not one of them! I have realized that negative emotions can come from your Akash, which is the complete record of all of your lifetimes on earth. Daily life can be a restimulator of your Akash. It seems that this junk is coming from nowhere, but it’s actually coming from an old energy paradigm. If you are an old soul you have LOTS of lifetimes on the planet, and many of them probably involved getting beaten down when you tried to show your light. If you are an old soul ALL of your Akash has been generated in the old energy, when the light was weaker and the dark stronger. Things didn’t always turn out well for the old soul, and all of those experiences have been imprinted and recorded. When you incarnate you pick them all back up again (karma), so it’s necessary to deal with them. The confusing bit is when you don’t realize that a lot of these negative emotions don’t come from the present life, but from the energy of previous lifetimes. You say, “I meditate, I live a clean life, where is all this garbage coming from?” It’s coming from your Akash, old soul.

This will seem preposterous to a being who has only had a few lifetimes on the planet, and for these beings, it is. Almost every negative emotion you experience, young soul, is probably coming from the present life. (There are over 5 billion new souls since around 1930 out of a population of 7.5 billion. That’s the vast majority of people on the planet.)

Since the Shift after 2012, the light is getting stronger – but your Akash, old soul, is still filled with the old energy. It keeps telling you that it’s not going to end well, because that’s what happened lifetime after lifetime, so why should it be any different this time around? (I talked about this in an earlier blog post, “The Vibrations of Doom.”) So you keep getting negative emotions coming up, courtesy of your previous life experience, even though the paradigm has shifted. (One of the consequences of the Shift is the readier accessibility of your Akash.)

How do you handle this? Using affirmations. You just keep thinking or saying, “My Akash is clearing and the balance of it is shifting to the light.” I’ve found this helps me a lot. It is actually possible, but it can be hard at first,

If you are metaphysical and call yourself a lightworker, well, nobody said it was going to be easy! There’s a lot of crap to clean out folks, but after the Shift it’s a lot easier to do it, you just have to be persistent. I spend a lot of my conscious moments nowadays clearing out my Akash, because crap just keeps coming up. But the reward are those moments where I feel a sense of personal power, a feeling of love, and an inexpressible feeling that all is well. That happened to me this morning before I went to work and got stuck in more crap. According to Lee Carroll, it gets easier. You just gotta be persistent.

Young souls don’t have this problem. They have only been here a few lifetimes, and their Akash hasn’t got anywhere near the negative stuff that an old soul has. If you have friends who are young souls and you envy their seemingly easy and uncomplicated lives, remember that these people are just figuring things out. Old souls have so much experience we don’t need to make the mistakes our young friends will make. Our problem is clearing our Akash. But if you look at time not as a linear, straight line that only flows one way, but as a circle, in which the future, the present, and the past are connected, you can literally clear the past and the future from the present by your meditations, visualizations, and affirmations. The energy goes round in a circle to the past and to the potentials that lie in your future directly from the present moment. So a clearing in the present affects both past and future.



[1] Walia, Arjun. (2017, March 1). Peer reviewed 'science' losing credibility due to fraudulent research. Collective Evolution. Accessed at https://www.sott.net/article/344085-Peer-reviewed-science-losing-credibility-due-to-fraudulent-research